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佛山去那间医院看不孕最好广州天河3度宫颈糜烂多少钱天河区长安医院修复处女膜怎么样好不好 Britain has fallen behind Germany and France in Beijing’s estimation, China warned, in unusually blunt language, before its premier visits the UK.中国总理访问英国之前,中国以异常直率的措辞警告称,按照北京方面的估计,英国已落后于德国和法国。China’s ambassador to the UK complained that visa restrictions and delays in expanding Heathrow airport had hurt Britain’s competitiveness while a freeze in relations after David Cameron met the Dalai Lama had left Britain at a disadvantage to its European rivals.中国驻英国大使抱怨称,签限制和伦敦希思罗机场扩建工程的延误,损害了英国的竞争力,而在戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)会晤达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama)之后两国关系冻结,使英国相对于它的欧洲竞争对手处于劣势。“Before I came here, we used to say, when we talked about Europe: ‘Britain, France and Germany’, Liu Xiaoming told journalists.“在我来这里之前,我们过去在谈到欧洲时会说:‘英国、法国、德国,”刘晓明告诉记者。“But unfortunately many opportunities were missed in the past year or so – and we all know the reason behind it – people now start talking about ‘Germany, France and Britain’.”“但不幸的是,过去一年左右时间里,很多机会都被错过了——而我们都知道这一切背后的原因——现在人们开始说‘德国、法国和英国’。”Li Keqiang, the Chinese premier, arrives in London on Monday at the start of a three-day trip. This is the first by a Chinese premier to the UK since 2011, before Mr Cameron’s meeting with the Dalai Lama sparked anger in Beijing and put relations on hold for 18 months.中国总理李克强将于周一抵达伦敦,对英国展开三天访问。这是自2011年以来中国总理首次访问英国。上一次中国总理访英之后,卡梅伦会晤达赖喇嘛引起北京方面愤怒,导致两国关系被搁置了18个月。The trip is meant to cement the full restoration of diplomatic ties after Mr Cameron visited China last year.卡梅伦去年访问中国后,英中全面恢复外交关系,李克强此行意在巩固这一成果。But trade data show the UK still performing substantially worse than France and Germany in its exports to China. Britain’s exports to the fast-growing market were worth .1bn last year, compared with Germany’s .4bn and France’s .bn.但贸易数据显示,英国在对华出口方面仍远逊于法国和德国。去年,英国对快速增长的中国市场的出口达到101亿美元,而德国和法国对华出口分别达到734亿美元和190亿美元。China has often complained about restrictive British visa rules, comparing the UK unfavourably with the Schengen border-free zone covering most of the rest of the EU. Mr Liu said: “Visa restrictions are eroding Britain’s strength.”中国经常抱怨英国的苛刻签规则,称英国的制度不如覆盖欧盟大部分国家的申根(Schengen)区。刘晓明表示:“签限制正在削弱英国的优势。”Ministers are expected to announce a liberalisation of visas to Chinese tourists on Monday.预计英国大臣将在周一宣布对中国游客放宽签。Another worry is the lack of capacity at Heathrow, with a consultation on whether to build a third runway not due to report until after next year’s election. Mr Liu said: “We do expect, maybe even pray, that Heathrow airport will have a third runway.” China Investment Corporation, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, has a 10 per cent stake in the consortium that owns Heathrow.另一个令人担心的地方是希思罗机场的承载力,围绕要不要建造第三条跑道的意见征询工作要到明年大选后才会发表报告。刘晓明表示:“我们确实期望,也许甚至祈祷,希思罗机场将有第三条跑道。”中国的主权财富基金中投公司(CIC)在拥有希思罗机场的企业集团中持有10%股份。Both countries are keen to build business. Mr Cameron last year led what Britain said was the biggest trade delegation ever to visit China. Mr Li will reciprocate next week with a similarly large group of business delegates, 200 in all, although they are not part of the premier’s official entourage.两国都希望发展商业关系。卡梅伦去年率领号称英国史上最大规模的贸易代表团访问中国。李克强本周将带领类似规模的商界代表(200人)回访,尽管这些人不是中国总理官方随行人员的一部分。Mr Liu said bn of deals will be signed between the two countries during the visit, although he was unclear on the status or timescale of the spending.刘晓明表示,李克强访英期间,两国将签署总值300亿美元的协议,尽管他不清楚这些出的具体情况或时间表。One deal is authorisation for China Construction Bank to clear renminbi trading, enhancing London’s lead over European rivals in a race to be the continent’s main centre for the Chinese currency.其中一份协议将是授权中国建设(CCB)在伦敦清算人民币交易,在成为欧洲主要人民币中心的竞赛中使伦敦进一步领先于欧洲竞争对手。Other planned investment from Chinese sources has been slow to materialise. Beyond some much hyped UK property projects with long timetables backed by private sector Chinese tycoons, Beijing’s plans for major state investments in British infrastructure are proceeding slowly.中国其他对英投资计划迄今落实得较慢。除了一些大肆吹嘘的英国房地产项目(这些具有漫长时间表的项目由中国私营部门富豪参与出资)以外,中国国有部门对英国基础设施的重大投资计划进展缓慢。George Osborne, the chancellor, has announced that two Chinese state-owned companies would take up to 40 per cent in the planned #163;16bn Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in Somerset. But industry executives say it could be the end of the year before the companies confirm that investment.英国财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)宣布,两家中国国有企业将在160亿英镑的萨默塞特郡欣克利角核电厂项目中持有最高达40%的股份。但业内高管称,这两家公司可能要到今年底才能确认这笔投资。Mr Li’s suggestion that China could invest in the UK’s HS2 high-speed rail network met a cool response as London says the project will be entirely taxpayer funded.李克强曾提议,中国可以投资于英国的HS2高铁网络,但英方对此反应冷淡。伦敦方面称,该项目的建设资金将完全来自纳税人。Mr Cameron’s focus on Chinese trade has seen the British government do all it can to ensure Mr Li is given a warm welcome, including arranging a meeting with the Queen. Mr Liu described reports that Mr Li had threatened to call off the trip if he was not allowed to meet the Queen as a “misunderstanding”, adding: “Chinese diplomacy is more subtle than that.”卡梅伦对英中贸易的重视意味着,英国政府将竭尽所能确保李克强得到高规格欢迎,包括安排他与女王会晤。此前媒体报道称,中方曾威胁,如果李克强不能见女王,他将取消访英行程。刘晓明形容这样的媒体报道是“误解”。他补充说:“中国的外交做法要更加细腻一些。”A Downing Street official said: “We are focused on how the relationship can benefit both the Chinese and British people. That’s about building a strong economic partnership between our two countries that delivers growth, reform and innovation.”英国首相府一名官员表示:“我们专注于让英中关系造福于中英两国人民。这意味着在我们两国之间构建牢固的经济伙伴关系,带来增长、改革和创新。” /201406/306065Earlier this year, the best company at surveying the rich in China announced that more than 60% of the people it surveyed had aly immigrated to another country, or were considering doing so.今年早些时候,在调查中国富豪方面最有发言权的胡润百富公司(Hurun Report)宣布,它所调查的中国富豪中有超过60%的人已经移民到其他国家,或者正在考虑移民。The question for the Hurun Report, which publishes an annual China rich list, was why? Was pollution driving people abroad, weariness over China’s political crackdowns, or something else entirely?胡润百富公司每年都会公布中国富豪排行榜,它所面临的问题就是要探寻上述现象背后的。究竟是环境污染、对于中国政治高压的厌倦还是完全由于其它方面的因素驱使富人们要离开中国呢?It turns out the questions also nagged Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of Hurun. At the time, his best guess was that pollution and the desire to park some assets abroad were driving rich Chinese to the ed States, Canada, and Australia—the top three destinations for those leaving China.其实,这些问题也在困扰着胡润百富公司的创始人胡润。他猜测可能性最大的原因是,环境污染和希望把部分资产配置在海外的想法正在驱使中国有钱人移民到美国、加拿大和澳大利亚这三个中国移民首选的目的国。But to find out for sure, he conducted a follow-up survey that is being released today, and Fortune got exclusive early access. Hurun teamed with Visas Consulting Group to ask 141 wealthy Chinese questions about emigration and where they’re moving their money. The researchers discovered that three factors drove emigration from China, with each factor accounting for 20% of the responses:但为了找到确切,胡润展开了一项跟踪调查,此项调查的结果将于今天公布,《财富》亦获得了这份调查结果的独家预览版。胡润百富公司联合汇加顾问集团(Visas Consulting Group)向141位中国富豪征询了一系列关于移民和财富转移目的地的问题。研究人员发现,主要有三大因素驱使富豪们移民国外,且每个因素在答复响应中都占据了20%的比重。People moved because they wanted better options for their children’s education; they were distressed about the growing pollution problems plaguing China’s cities; and they were concerned about food safety in the country, which in the latest scare involved tainted dog treats.富人们离开中国是因为他们希望子女能够接受更好教育;困扰着很多中国城市且日益严重的污染问题让他们苦恼不已;他们也对中国的食品安全问题感到忧心忡忡,新近爆发的食品安全恐慌甚至涉及遭到污染的宠物零食。“Again and again, when talking to people on an individual basis, those are the issues they raise,” says Hoogewerf.胡润说:“在针对个体的调查过程中,这些问题都是他们所反复提及的。”Maybe most surprising, two-thirds of those emigrating, or considering doing so, are also considering giving up their Chinese nationality.也许最令人惊讶的是,在那些正在移民或正考虑移民的富豪中,有三分之二的人也正在考虑放弃自己的中国国籍。As I wrote in March, just as Beijing was coming out of the throes of a smoggy winter, those who can avoid China’s pollution and food scares are doing so. It’s troublesome for the Chinese government because experts conclude that big improvements to the air remain at least a decade away, not to say anything about China’s food safety or its education system.正如我在三月份的一篇文章中所写到的,就像北京正在摆脱冬季雾霾的笼罩一样,那些有能力避开中国环境污染和食品安全恐慌的人们也在做着相同的事情。中国政府对这个问题感到颇为棘手,因为有专家推断,中国的空气质量出现显著改善至少需要十年时间,而解决食品安全或教育体制问题更不知要等到何年何月。The Hurun survey produced other interesting results. As a percentage of their total wealth, rich Chinese invest on average 16% abroad. The most popular investment choice is real estate and the U.S. is the overwhelming favorite destination. Los Angeles ranks as the most popular city to buy real estate, followed by San Francisco and New York. Vancouver ranked as the third most popular city. Detached villas were the preferred type of housing, followed by apartments and townhouses.胡润的这份调查报告还得出了其它一些有意思的结论。中国富豪海外投资占总资产的平均比重为16%。房地产是最受欢迎的投资选择,作为移民首选国家的美国在受青睐程度上远远超出了其它国家。洛杉矶成为了最受欢迎的海外置业城市,紧随其后的是旧金山和纽约。温哥华在最受欢迎的移民城市中排在第三位。独立别墅是中国富豪移民们最偏爱的住宅类型,其次是公寓和连栋别墅。Those surveyed all had assets worth more than million and on average were worth million.所有被调查对象的资产价值都超过了100万美元,平均财富价值达到了700万美元。The top destinations for rich emigrating from China are as follows:中国富豪们的首选移民目的地如下图所示(从上至下依次为美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、欧洲、新西兰、新加坡、香港和日本): /201406/304913天河区长安医院检查男性不育

中山附属第三医院看男科广州治不孕公立医院 Officials at Avon Lake Municipal Utilities west of Cleveland said Wednesday that the valves at the plant are caked in ice. Although they are still able to draw water, the rate is below typical demands — which means several surrounding cities could be hit by a veritable drought. In a message on the city of Avon#39;s official website, officials called on residents to hold off on doing anything that uses a lot of water.受北极寒流南下影响,美国大部分地区本周遭遇近20年来最严寒天气。据美国媒体1月9日报道,由于供水管道被冻住,俄亥俄州数万居民遭遇“水荒”。为此,政府建议居民不要洗衣洗澡,就连冲厕所的次数也要尽量减少。Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen sent out an emergency messages to locals asking them to hold off on laundry, baths and showers, according to Cleveland.com. ;We even ask people to refrain from flushing toilets as often as they used to until this can be resolved,; Jensen said. The plant website said it provides water to over 200,000 people living in a 680-square-mile area made up of seven counties — including Lorain, Cuyahoga, Medina, Erie, Huron, Ashland and Wayne.当天,埃文湖市政府网站上出现了一则温馨提醒,呼吁市民暂停一切耗水量大的事情。市长布莱恩·延森更给出具体建议,要求市民不要洗衣、不要洗澡,“我们甚至要求人们在情况好转前尽量减少冲厕所的次数”。 /201401/272510番禺妇幼保健院看不孕不育怎么样好不好

广州长安不孕不育做结扎手术多少钱McDonald`s Corp CEO Don Thompson, the head of the world`s biggest restaurant chain, who for much of his two years at the helm has been battling to spark sales growth in the ed States and Europe, got battered by headline-grabbing bad news in late July.作为全球最大的跨国连锁餐厅麦当劳的首席执行官,唐#8226;汤普森上任两年来一直在为提升麦当劳在美国与欧洲的销售业绩而不懈努力,而今年七月末他却因各种备受关注的丑闻头条“四处受挫”。In the final days of the month, its China business was hit with a food-safety scare involving a key supplier; the chain got ensnared in the West`s sanctions standoff with Russia; burger flippers at U.S. restaurants claimed an incremental win from the National Labor Relations Board in their fight to hold McDonald`s responsible for the actions of franchisees; and, a Texas jury slapped the company with a million verdict. Add to all that its results showed second-quarter profit dropped more than expected.7月末,麦当劳中国业务首先因主要供应商曝出食品安全问题而受到影响;随后,因俄美关系紧张,麦当劳成为俄罗斯反制裁目标;同时,美国餐厅麦当劳员工取得胜利,美国国家劳资关系委员会认定,如果存在侵犯雇员权利的行为,可以寻求追究麦当劳、而不仅是具体麦当劳餐厅的责任。;紧接着,麦当劳德克萨斯一家餐厅造成顾客伤亡,麦当劳被判决赔偿2700万美元。这一切最终导致今年第二季度,麦当劳的利润跌幅高于市场预期。McDonald`s was caught up in the latest China food safety scare after a July 20 television expose showed workers allegedly mishandling meat at Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd, a factory owned by OSI Group LLC, a major supplier to the chain.7月20日,麦当劳首先卷入中国食品安全丑闻,电视媒体曝出其主要供应商OSI集团旗下的上海福喜食品有限公司工人承认使用过期、劣质原料加工生产肉制品。When the story broke, McDonald`s China business had been rebounding from the double whammy of a food safety scare and a bird flu outbreak that crushed sales in 2013.此时,麦当劳在中国的业务才刚刚从2013年的食品安全问题与禽流感的双重打击下恢复元气。McDonald`s roughly 2,000 restaurants in China suffered meat shortages after it ended its relationship with OSI China.而随着与OSI(中国)终止供应关系,麦当劳在中国的大约2000多家餐厅都面临肉类供应短缺的问题。;They`re under siege on three continents,; said Howard Penney, restaurant analyst at Hedgeye Risk Management, an investment research firm.来自从事投资研究的对冲基金风险管理公司的餐饮行业分析师霍华德#8226;彭尼称:“麦当劳在三块大陆上受困。”To be sure, the company`s famous name and the ubiquity of its restaurants worldwide help to fuel the media storm, said Penney: ;McDonald`s is a pawn in many instances around the world. It`s an easy target.;毋庸置疑,麦当劳极高的知名度以及遍布世界各地的分店是引发媒体高度关注的主要原因,彭尼说:“在全球很多事件中,麦当劳都‘中’,因为它很容易成为目标。”Such upheavals are not uncommon for McDonald`s and other global power houses, including Coca-Cola Co and Wal-Mart Stores Inc, experts said, though perhaps not quite so many in such a short period.在一些专家看来,可口可乐、沃尔玛等跨国企业也会遇到类似麻烦,只是麦当劳所遭遇的负面新闻集中在相对较短的时间内。Investors, analysts and franchisees are clamoring for the company to stop trying to be ;all things to all people;. They want it to simplify its unwieldy and point to the success of rivals, which have won passionate fans by selling just a few items.一些投资者、分析师和门店认为认为,麦当劳应该停止尝试迎合所有消费者的口味,为菜单“瘦身”,仿效一些竞争对手的做法,用特色产品吸引“死忠”消费者。 /201408/318556 广东人民医院治多囊医生广东长安医院通输卵管怎么样好不好



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