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上海仁济医院祛痣多少钱上海市曙光医院口腔科奥巴马19日在弗吉尼亚州费尔法克斯市乔治·梅森大学发表时长20分钟的演讲,为推动众议院通过医改法案争取公众持。 Obama rallies for health care reformUS President, Barack Obama, has been at Capitol Hill for a final push on health care reform as Democrats in the House of Representatives try to nail down the votes needed to pass the overhaul. The roll call is scheduled for Sunday. Seizing the opportunity, Obama reiterated his appeal Let's get it done. The political battle over health care reform has consumed the US Congress for more than 9 months. The overhaul has also become President Obama's top domestic priority. 201003/99322上海曙光医院西院纹眉多少钱 Speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Iraq’s foreign minister says his country is headed in the right direction.伊拉克外交部长霍希亚尔.兹巴里在纽约向外交关系委员会成员演讲时表示,伊拉克在向正确方向发展。Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari spoke without notes to members of the private group. He described his country in upbeat terms, saying that although corruption and mismanagement remain endemic, the country is on the “right path” toward a stable democracy.伊拉克外交部长兹巴里在纽约向民间组织外交关系委员会成员发表演讲时没有使用讲稿。他用乐观语气来形容伊拉克。他说,尽管伊拉克仍然充斥着腐败和管理不善,但是伊拉克以正确的步伐 ,迈向一个稳定的民主国家。“Iraqi leaders came together, through our own initiative, to form a broad national unity government. Still it’s not complete, but it’s established: Iraq has its structure. It has its constitution. It has its way of resolving its own difficulties or internal problems," he said. "There may be delays. It’s not easy. It’s not tidy but really, when we compare ourselves to our neighborhood, we are in a stronger position.”兹巴里说:“经由我们自己的倡议,伊拉克领导人团结一致, 组成了一个基础广泛的全国团结政府。这个政府还不完整,但是已经建立。伊拉克有自己的结构,自己的宪法,用自己的方式来解决自身的困境或内部问题。这当中可能出现拖延,而且困难重重不够严谨,但是,跟邻近地区相比,我们更为强大。”Zebari says that, although U.S. forces are to leave Iraq at the end of the year, he believes there is a continuing need for U.S. military training. He cites recent incursions by Iran and Turkey into Iraq’s territory, including air strikes by Turkey, in attacks against Kurdish militants. He says he is concerned that the Iran-Turkey actions may indicate an attempt to assert more power in the region once American troops withdraw.伊拉克外长兹巴里说,尽管美国部队在年底时撤离伊拉克,伊拉克继续需要美国提供军事训练。他指出,最近伊朗和土耳其为了打击库尔德激进分子而进入伊拉克领土,土耳其还使用空袭。兹巴里说,伊朗和土耳其的行动可能意味着,这两个国家试图在美国部队撤离之后在这个地区显示更大的势力。对此他感到关注。“That is another reason that the Iraqi government needs this continued support at least to be able to deter this regional intervention,” he noted.兹巴里说:“伊拉克政府需要美国继续持的另外一个理由是,至少让伊拉克有能力遏制区域性的干涉。”Some observers contend that Iraq will be in danger of falling apart once American troops leave. Zebari says he disagrees, saying that Iraqis are committed to resisting sectarian conflict.一些观察人士认为,一旦美军撤离,伊拉克就有崩溃的危险。兹巴里说,他不同意这种看法。他认为,伊拉克人致力于抵抗宗派冲突。He adds that he believes that Iraq’s example that led to the popular democratic uprisings in the Arab world - and helped end what he called a “taboo” against asking for international help.Look at Libya, for instance. They have publicly, openly welcomed the NATO American support to save lives. In fact, not only has there been air attacks on Tripoli and other places, I can tell you there has been special forces, European forces, fighting on the ground to defeat Gadhafi,” he stated.兹巴里说:“比如在利比亚,他们公开欢迎北约和美国人的协助来挽救利比亚人的生命。事实上,北约不仅对的黎波里和其他地方进行空袭,我还可以告诉你,特别部队,欧洲部队一直在地面作战,以击败卡扎菲。”Zebari says he thinks the democracy movement will inevitably succeed in Syria, too, although he says the repressive government of Bashar al-Assad remains very strong.201109/154984Obama Builds Diverse Coalition in Victory奥巴马扩大了民主党的选民基础In the aftermath of Tuesday's U.S. presidential election, many Democrats believe Barack Obama's convincing victory could set the stage for a political realignment that could benefit the party for years to come. 这次美国总统大选的结果,让许多民主党人相信巴拉克.奥巴马令人信的胜利,将导致美国政治舞台上出现新的整合,并将让民主党受益许多年。President-elect Obama won 52 percent of the popular vote, the largest share for a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson won in 1964. 总统当选人奥巴马赢得了百分之52的普选票数,民主党自从1964年的林登.约翰逊之后,再没获得过这么大的胜利。But more importantly, Obama expanded Democratic support among key voter groups including Hispanic-Americans, women, young people and suburbanites. 但更重要的是,奥巴马拓展了持民主党的关键选民族群,包括拉美裔、女性、年轻人以及居住在郊区的人。Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg has been examining who voted for Obama in the election and why. 民主党民调专家斯坦利.格林伯格考察了在大选中投票给奥巴马的人,并且提出原因。"Latino, African-American, Asian, the diverse country that is increasingly diverse from the lowest ages up, and which helped give us this new politics," he said. "It is not an identity politics. It is a new diverse country that is rallying the kind of message and leadership that Obama represented and the Democratic Party has represented in these elections." “拉美裔、非洲裔、亚裔,从新生儿到老人,我们国家日趋多元化,而这中情况促成了这片新政局。这并不是操弄族群认同的政治。这是一个新的多元国家,团结在奥巴马以及民主党在这些选举当中所代表的讯息与领导之下。”Tom DeFrank, who has covered U.S. elections for decades and is the Washington bureau chief of the New York Daily News, says Republicans should take note of Obama's winning coalition."He really expanded the map for the Democrats, and that is something that Republicans, who are licking their wounds, have got to really think about hard between now and 2012," he said.The makeup of the U.S. electorate has dramatically changed over the past several decades. 过去几十年来,美国的选民结构有戏剧性的变化。In the 1976 presidential election, about 90 percent of those who voted were white. In this year's election, only about 74 percent were white, an indication of the growing strength of minority voters. 在1976年的总统大选当中,有大约百分之90的投票者是白人。在今年的选举当中,白人的比率只剩下百分之74,这显示出少数族裔选民的成长。Exit polls show Obama won roughly two-thirds of the Hispanic vote, a growing force with the U.S. electorate. 对投票后选民的调查显示,奥巴马赢得大约三分之二的拉美裔选票。拉美裔是美国选民结构当中一股正在增强的力量。Obama also scored huge victory margins with African-American voters and Asian-Americans.Norman Ornstein, political scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, told VOA's Press Conference USA program that Obama's success with minority voters bodes well for the Democratic Party in the future.  诺曼.奥恩斯坦是在华盛顿的“美国企业研究所”的政治学者。奥恩斯坦在美国之音的“美国记者会”节目上说,奥巴马在少数族裔当中的成功,预告了民主党的美好未来。"Hispanics have moved up to be about eight percent [of the electorate] and Asian-Americans about six percent," he said. "And it turns out that all three groups [including African-Americans] are voting very substantially for Democrats. If that continues, given what we know about our population trends, we are going to have a problem for Republicans. And it is a problem that, let's face it, on the Hispanic front was exacerbated by some of the rhetoric on the immigration issue." 他说:“拉美裔选民目前已经上升到选民总数的百分之八,亚裔也上升到百分之六。这次选举的结果是,包括非洲裔、拉美裔和亚裔在内的三个少数族裔,大多数投的都是民主党的票。如果这个趋势继续下去的话,再加上我们已知的美国人口构成的走向,共和党将来肯定会有问题的。对拉美裔来讲,坦率地说,共和党在移民问题上的立场,是一大问题。”Ornstein says that Obama also overwhelmingly won younger voters, giving the Democrats another advantage as they look ahead to future elections. 奥恩斯坦表示,绝大多数年青选民,也把票投给了奥巴马;这样一来,民主党的前景就很可观。"But these younger voters voted en masse for Barack Obama," he said. "And if you are looking to the future, if you capture younger voters and you can hold them at all, there is a chance that you will capture them for a lifetime. That is the best way to build an enduring majority party."Some Democrats see Obama's sweeping victory as a left of center political mandate for the party, given the party's expanded majorities in Congress as well. 这次奥巴马大胜、而且民主党在国会里的多数党地位也更加牢固,一些民主党人认为,民主党下一步的政策方向应该是中间偏左。"I think it is a mandate that the political class in this country has an obligation to young people in this country to stop fighting over stuff that might have been a big issue 25 years ago, but it isn't any more," he said. "There are a lot of things that have to be done here." 民主党全国委员会主席迪恩说:“全国上下的政界人士都应该意识到,25年前争执不休的一些问题,对现在的年轻人来说,已经不是问题了,也不应该再争了。眼下要做的事有很多。”Predictably, most Republicans scoff at the notion that Obama and the Democrats have won a political mandate."What has changed since 2004 is not the national philosophy, but the national mood," said Mike Duncan, chairman of the Republican National Committee. "President-elect Obama leads a center-left party. But he now must govern a center-right nation." 邓肯是共和党全国委员会的主席。他说:“2004年以后,我们所目睹的变化不是美国社会思想的变化,而是人们情绪上的一种变化。新当选的总统奥巴马所领导的是一个中间偏左的政党,他面临的挑战是,必须要领导一个中间偏右的国家。”Obama also did better with white voters, religious voters, especially Catholics, and suburban voters than Democrat John Kerry did four years ago. He also demonstrated an ability to attract support from upscale college-educated voters. 和民主党2004年推举出来的总统候选人约翰·克里相比,奥巴马这次在白人选民、信奉宗教的选民、尤其是天主教徒、以及那些住在大城市周围的选民当中,都获得了更多的选票。与此同时,受过高等教育的阶层,这次也都大力持奥巴马。Winning over moderate suburbanites helped Obama win southern states like Florida, Virginia and North Carolina, and competitive states in the Midwest like Ohio and Indiana. 奥巴马在大城市周围那些温和派选民当中的持率,这次帮助他赢得了美国南部和中西部一些关键州的选票,这其中包括佛罗里达、维吉尼亚、北卡罗来纳、俄亥俄、以及印第安纳。200811/55627宝山区祛疤手术价格

上海市第八人民医院做红色胎记手术价格China abroad 中国的海外投资Welcome, bienvenue, willkommen欢迎,欢迎,热烈欢迎America needs to worry about the contrast between its attitude to China and Europe’s美国需要考虑下他自己和欧洲对待中国的态度有何不同Jun 30th 2011 | from the print editionIN EUROPE, the red carpet. In America, a red mist. This week’s tour of European capitals by Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, underlined the stark transatlantic difference in responses to China’s economic clout. European leaders, caught up in the euro area’s crisis, want China to buy more of their debt; American politicians worry that it owns too much of theirs. For European politicians the value of the yuan is one worry among many; it sometimes feels like Americans can think of little else. In Europe, Chinese firms are broadly welcome; in America, they are often viewed with suspicion.在欧洲,是红地毯,在美国,是蒙蒙的红雾。中国国务院总理温家宝在这周的欧洲首都之行上,凸显了大西洋彼岸的国家对中国经济实力增强的不同反应。欧洲各国的领导人,被欧元区危机弄得焦头烂额,迫切希望中国购买他们的债券,美国的政客则担心中国蚕食他们的利益;对于欧洲的政客,人民币的价值只是他们担心的一个方面,而在美国却盯着此不放;在欧洲,中国的公司受到广泛的欢迎,在美国,他们却经常被视作动机不纯。Europe’s receptiveness to China is born partly of weakness. Delegations from peripheral euro-zone countries have been flying into Beijing to seek buyers of their debt. Fixers working for Chinese companies report a steady stream of inquiries from cash-strapped European firms. But even among Europe’s stronger economies, the political bias is to promote investment from China, not deter it.欧洲对中国的接纳部分是因为欧洲经济的疲软。欧元区的小国代表团已经飞往北京去寻找债券购买人了,为中国公司工作的调停者已经从那些现金流不足的欧洲公司那里整理出一份详细的咨询报告。甚至是那些强大的经济体,政治的偏见都没能够抑制从中国来的投资。201107/143055上海妇幼保健医院整形美容 Reaction to President Barack Obama's speech on the Middle East has prompted some initial mixed reactions in Egypt. While plans for economic and development aid are being welcomed, hopes for a more consistent stand on regional unrest and a new approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict were largely dashed.奥巴马总统就中东局势发表的演说在埃及引起了褒贬不一的反应。奥巴马的经济和开发援助计划受到欢迎,然而人们期待美国对地区动乱表现出一致的立场,在以、巴冲突问题上采取新的作法,在他们看来这些希望大都落空。The promise of aid, in the form of debt relief and loan guarantees, is helping allay some fears in Egypt and Tunisia. Popular uprisings in the two nations succeeded in toppling the old governments, but at a cost. 以免除债务和贷款保的方式提供援助的承诺,有助于消除埃及和突尼斯的一些忧虑。两国的民间起义成功地推翻了旧政权,却也付出了代价。"The economic situation has become very dire, particularly on the financial front. There is a big financing gap and this needs to be closed right away. So I think any amount of money and any opportunity to have access to cash would help this situation immensely," said Magda Kandil, director of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies.埃及经济研究中心主任坎迪尔说:“经济情势变得非常可怕,特别是在财务方面。现在出现了一个急须弥补的财务裂痕。因此我认为任何数额的金钱,以及任何可以获得现金的途径,都是非常有帮助的。”Both Tunisia and Egypt have been hard hit by a drop in tourist revenue. In Egypt, remittance earnings are down after more than a million of its workers fled the conflict in neighboring Libya. General uncertainty has kept foreign investment at bay and led to hoarding of key commodities at home - all elements that put the chances of a peaceful transition at risk. 突尼斯和埃及两国都遭受到观光收益下跌的打击。由于一百多万埃及劳工逃避利比亚内战,使埃及外汇收入大幅滑落。一般情势的不确定,使国外投资裹足不前,主要商品囤积仓库。所有促使政权和平转移的因素,都在飘摇不定。Economist Kandil says that the way the economic assistance has been structured will help. "I think the beauty about the debt forgiveness is that it starts in the form of debt swap, which means that the money will not be just loose cash that the government can do whatever it wants to do with it," he said.坎迪尔说,经济援助方式的设定,将有助于目前的情势。他说,“我认为债务减免的妙处是把减免的债务用作发展项目基金。这笔钱政府不可以随便动用。”201105/137358上海第九医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

上海龙华医院修眉手术价格These are of course recessionary times and many of us don't have that much spare cash lying around. But if you are cash poor but gold rich, now buy me the time to cash in. We went down to a very busy pawnbroker to find out what happens to your gold when you bring it here. Hi.(Hello.)Nathan Finch is a council member for Britain's National Association of Pawnbrokers and he is also the boss here at Pickwick. Had you been doing this five years ago, you would've probably got half the amount of money you will get today.Jane Longhurst's getting 170 pounds or around 270 dollars for just under 30 grams of scrap gold. They are broken bits that are sitting. You'd throw them in the bin. But if you can get a little bit of cashback on them. Then it goes towards my grandchildren. So this is just what you brought in today.(Yeah.) Wow, business really is booming.(Yes, it is.) So how do you work out the value of that? So we would take a file and gently scratch the surface.What? If it's fake, it goes... it vanishes. That's just the, that's just the beginning. Then you apply an alkaline solution to it and depending on the reaction of that solution, you will get a different reaction as to whether it's gold or not gold and a different reaction as to the carat. (Okay.) They don't quite stay in brown. And the lower the carat, the more that the brown staying is evident. So now we have this bag, what would you do? Sell it onto the persons that are gonna melt it down?Well, this bag is a process bars. And it is effectively then moved securely to a bullion dealer who would then melt it down. And it would be turned back into bars of gold as it once was. And what should customers be careful of if they're wanting to sell their gold?I think one of the most important thing is that where you're buying from someone who could be a member of a trade association, a trade body. I think they should be busy. It shows that if invented. If you just send your gold straight off in an envelope, you'll be pretty much in a difficult position as far as being able to up the price and barter. Well, if you are face to face, you can get a much fair price in my opinion for that gold.We've probably spent about an hour inside that shop. And during that time, they had over a dozen customers, more than twice the amount they normally have. One business on the British high street that's doing pretty well right now.Diana Magnay, CNN, Dartford, England. 11/89171 Climate-change talks气候变化会谈Wilted greenery凋零的青葱The UNrsquo;s latest round of climate-change talks open in Durban. Even avoiding deadlock would be an achievement联合国最新一轮气候变化会谈在德班开幕,这次会谈只要不走进死胡同就算不错了THOUSANDS of anxious environmentalists, hard-eyed negotiators and bemused journalists gathered in Durban this week for the UNrsquo;s annual climate-change circus. Saving the planet, the main item on its agenda two years ago, in Copenhagen, was not uppermost in their minds. Saving the circus was: the failure in Copenhagen to forge a binding agreement to mitigate the worldrsquo;s carbon emissions could yet lead to a breakdown of the whole UN process in Durban.本周无数焦虑的环保人士、针锋相对的谈判代表和迷茫的记者在德班聚集,参加联合国一年一度热闹的气候变化会谈。对于他们来说,最重要的不是两年前在哥本哈根议事日程上的主要议题;;拯救我们的地球,而是拯救这一次的会谈。因为哥本哈根会谈没能打造出有约束力的协议来减少世界二氧化碳排放量,这有可能导致本次联合国在德班的整个会议进程土崩瓦解。To avoid that, negotiators have until December 9th to reach three goals. Least dauntingly, they must nail down the details of initiatives agreed on in Cancuacute;n last year, chiefly the Green Climate Fund. This aims to help poor countries curb their emissions and adapt to global warming. It is supposed to be stocked with some of the 0 billion that rich countries have promised poor ones by 2020.为了避免这种情况,截至到12月9日谈判代表必须要达到三个目标。还不那么让人失望的是,他们必须确定去年坎昆通过的新方案的细节,其中最主要的绿色气候基金。这项基金的目的在于帮助经济落后的国家控制二氧化碳排放量以及适应全球变暖。按照富裕国家对贫穷国家的承诺,到2020年,这项基金应该能达到1000亿之多。Little actual cash will be proffered in Durban: progress will be limited to working out the details of the fundrsquo;s design, including the relative powers of donors and recipients, and to its possible role in wooing investment. Even this is contentious, as America wants a bigger role for the private sector. But such spats should prove surmountable. Alongside progress on another promised institution, to sp green technology to poor countries, the fund is Durbanrsquo;s likeliest success.德班会谈会提供更少的现金,此次取得的进步仅限于制定出这笔资金计划用途的细节,包括捐赠国和受赠国的相对实力对比,以及它在吸引投资中可能起到的作用。美国想在;私有部门;中起到更大的作用,尽管这使这笔款项还存在争议,但是这样的小吵小闹还是可以平息的。加上另外一个前途光明的机构所取得的进步,他们会一起把绿色技术延伸到经济落后国家。这项资金的建立是德班会谈最有可能取得的成功。 Much trickier will be reconciling the demands of developing countries for an extension of the UNrsquo;s Kyoto protocol with the determination of most developed ones to bin it. The worldrsquo;s only binding agreement to curb emissions has been a colossal failure. Since it was negotiated in 1997 global emissions have risen by over a quarter, mostly in developing countries. The treaty does not curb their emissions, which are now 58% of the total; China alone is responsible for 23%. The second-biggest polluter, America, (with 20%) is also free to emit, as it has not ratified the treaty.协调发展中国家的要求,使它们同意大多数发达国家都会拒绝的《京都议定书》的附加条件会变得更加困难。世界上仅有的对控制排放量有约束力的协议经历了重大的失败,因为它是在1997年协商出来的,这个时候(二氧化碳)全球排放量增长已超过四分之一,而且主要集中在发展中国家。这个协议并没有限制它们的排放量,如今其排放总量占世界总量的58%,中国自己就占23%,紧随其后的第二大污染源是美国(排放量占20%)。由于美国并未签署协议,因此它的二氧化碳排放是免费的。Developed countries that did ratify Kyoto feel cheated. Japan and Russia have rejected a second round of emission-cutting under its aegis, after their current commitments expire at the end of 2012. Canada, which will hugely overshoot its Kyoto target, is reported to be considering quitting the treaty altogether. ;Kyoto is the past,; said its environment minister, Peter Kent, before setting out for Durban.签署《京都议定书》的发达国家觉得吃亏了。日本和俄罗斯拒绝到2012年底他们的现行义务到期后在;减排;的赞助下进行第二轮减排。据报道即将大幅超过京都排放量限定目标的加拿大;将考虑彻底放弃这一协定;。加拿大环境保护部官员皮特bull;肯特在去德班之前就说;《京都议定书》已经是过去时了;。165135上海耳软骨隆鼻手术上海华山医院祛痣多少钱



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