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上海复旦大学附属华东医院抽脂多少钱宝山区绣眉多少钱Vitamin D is gaining interest as a nutrient that may be of greater importance to health beyond bones and teeth.维生素D越来越引起人们的注意,它对于牙齿和骨骼的加固具有重要的作用,We make Vitamin D in our skin through exposure to the sun;我们通过晒太阳来吸收维生素Dhowever, most people do not obtain adequate sun exposure consistently throughout the year但是大多数人由于季节原因,due to seasonal effects and the use of sunscreen lotions.以及涂抹防晒霜无法获得足量的阳光In addition, the ability to manufacture Vitamin D decreases with age.除此之外,随着年龄的增长,身体制造维生素D的能力也在降低,Recent studies suggest that a supplement of Vitamin D最近的研究表明,在RDA规定范围内的维生素D补充剂within the range of the RDA may be beneficial for most adults.或许对大多数成年人来说都有好处So when are vitamin supplements advisable?那么什么时候适合用维生素补充液呢?Vitamin B12 supplements are advisable for individuals over 50 who have trouble absorbing this vitamin naturally.维生素B12补充液适用于50岁以上的人,因为他们在吸收这种维生素上有困难,Folic acid supplements may be advisable to women who may become pregnant or are pregnant而叶酸则适合准备怀或期妇女in order to decrease the likelihood of having a baby with neural tube defects.以降低出生的婴儿患有神经管缺陷的可能性,Vitamin D supplementation can be advisable to individuals who do not get enough exposure to the sun维生素D补充剂对于那些不经常晒太阳的人and who do not get enough Vitamin D through fortified products.以及那些不能从加强型食物中获取足量的维生素D的人十分适合Herbal supplements are different than vitamin or mineral supplements草药补充剂与维生素或矿物质补充液不同,because there are no known requirements for herbal compounds to maintain health.因为草药补充剂,在保健康方面草药成分并不需要达到一定的标准That means there is no RDA for herbal ingredients.这就意味着,草药补充剂没有RDAHerbal supplements are mixtures of compounds derived from plants and algae,草药补充剂是从植物和藻类提取出的化合物,but some supplements may also contain ingredients from animal sources,但是一些补充剂可能还会含有一些来自于动物的成分for example, fish oil or pancreatic extracts.例如鱼油和胰腺提取物Our understanding of herbal supplements is derived from the traditional medicine practices of many civilizations.我们对于草药补充剂的了解完全来自于几个世纪以来人们在中草药方面的积累的常识,In these cultures, healers used naturally occurring products to treat ailments.在一些文化中人们用一些自然中的植物来治疗疾病Out of these practices, modern medicine arose.而现代医学也就产生于此And many pharmaceutical medicines used today were originally isolated from plants.现在我们采用的一些医学疗法和药品以前都来源于植物,However, unlike vitamin and mineral supplements or pharmaceutical drugs,但是与维生素和矿物质补充剂或者药品不同的是,the active component in these products may not be known.这些产品中的成分还不能完全确定,In addition, there are many compounds present in a given herbal supplement.除此之外,在一种草药补充剂中会含有多种成分Therefore, it is possible for these ingredients to have side effects因此这些成分有可能有副作用and interact with other supplements and medications.或者和其他成分或药品相互作用Before using any supplement,在用任何一种补充剂之前,it is very important to discuss with your physician which supplements you are considering最好和医生探讨一下到底应该用哪种补充剂,so that you can be sure that there will be no interactions with other medications or conditions.以保它不会与其他的药品产生不良反应All dietary supplements sold in the ed States must comply with strict labeling laws.美国市场上所有在售的营养补充剂都必须严格遵守标签法,On the front panel,在正面标签the label must include a statement of identity indicating the composition of the product and the net quantity of contents.必须包含产品成分表,以及产品净重For example, the number of tablets in the bottle.例如每盒中含有多少片If the manufacturer includes a statement that the product will have an effect on the body,如果生产商声明产品对身体有某些副作用the label must have the following statement:那么标签上必须出现以下声明;This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.;本声明并未得到食品和药品的评估,This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.;本产品并不用于疾病的诊断,治疗和预防;201512/414872上海做韩式开眼角哪家好 But what about someone outside? What do she see?但车厢外的人呢?她会看见什么状况?From her perspective,with the train moving forward.从她的角度来看 由于火车往前行驶the beam of light needs to travel a little bit further before it reaches the man at the front.前面的人需要多一点时间才能看到光束On the other hand,the light moving towards the man at the back.而另一方面 往后移动的火光has a slightly shorter distance to go,since he is moving towards it.需要移动的距离较短 因为后面的人朝着火光移动So,she sees the light reach the man at the back before it hits the chap at the front.因此她先看见火光传往后面的人 再传到前面的人What that means is that an event on a moving train.有意思的是 行进列车上发生的事takes place simultaneously if youre on the train.若同在列车上就觉得是同时发生But at different times when youre standing on the platform.但若在月台上就会觉得有时间差Stop a moment.and think about the implication of that.稍待片刻 想想这件事有何含义It means that we cant say if the events really happen at the same time or not.这表示我们无法确定 事情是否真的同时发生Reality itself depends on where you are.现实本身取决于人的所在位置201601/422376But knowing that these overweight children are但是要了解到这些超重的孩子very likely to become obese adults adds another level极有可能成为肥胖的成人,这又增加了问题的to the problem. The risk of adult obesity at every age严重性,在每一个年龄区间,成人肥胖的风险interval is significantly greater if the child is将会极度增大,如果这个孩子本身overweight and if the child has a parent that is obese.超重并且他父母中有一个也属于肥胖的话Looking at the table you can see that 1 to 2 year olds看看这个图表,您会发现1到2岁大的孩子with no obese parents only had an 8 percent chance他们父母不肥胖的话,他们成年后患上肥胖of becoming obese in adulthood.But an overweight的几率只有8%,但是,一个超重的10 to 14 year-old with obese parents had a 7910到14岁有肥胖父母的孩子,成年后患percent chance of becoming obese in adulthood.肥胖的几率则高达79%This cycle clearly needs to be stopped before it starts这个现象显然在发生之前就应该被阻止Yes, something drastic needs to be done but not just的确,应该采取一些强有力的措施,但绝不仅because of the rise of obesity.You may be thinking,是由于肥胖的增加,您可能想well, my child isnt overweight.But weight is not好吧,我的孩子体重正常,但是,体重并不是the only measure of health.It is important for both健康的唯一标尺,对于正常体重normal weight and overweight children to get和超重的孩子而言,摄入推荐的the recommended nutrients and the fact of the matter营养素十分重要,事实是is that most children are not meeting all of大多数孩子并没有得到所有the recommendations.Only two percent of kids推荐的营养素,只有2%的孩子meet all food guide pyramid recommendations.达到了食物指南金字塔推荐的标准16 percent do not meet any.40 percent meet16%的没有得到推荐中的任何东西 40%only one.And more than 84 percent of kids eat只得到了一项,超过84%的孩子摄入too much fat while 91 percent on children eat过量脂肪 91%的孩子摄入too much saturated fat.Less than 15 percent of过量饱和脂肪,不足15%的children get enough fruits.Less than twenty percent孩子吃足够多的水果,不足20%的get enough vegetables.And less than 30 percent get吃足够多的蔬菜,不足30%的饮用enough milk.Can you guess what our children do足量的牛奶,您知道我们的孩子在哪方面get enough of.While fruit, vegetable and milk摄入量足够吗?他们的水果,蔬菜和牛奶的recommendations are frequently far from being met摄入量通常远低于推荐水平soft drink consumption is soaring.Looking at而他们软饮料的饮用量却在蹿升,看看this data you can see that soft drinks make up a这组数据,您会发现许多各个年龄段的儿童fair share of total calories each day for many children他们饮用的软饮料占据每日总卡路里量的份额of all ages.Not only are children being fed too much是基本相等的,孩子们不仅被灌入了太多pop but the majority of their snacks come from汽水,他们零食中的大部分也都是一些cookies, desserts, potato chips, salty snacks and candy饼干,甜品,薯片,咸味零食以及糖果16 percent of snacks are fruits but only one percent of他们零食中有16%是水果,但是只有1%是snacks are veggies.It shouldnt be surprising that蔬菜,这也就难怪多数孩子most children eat only half the recommended 5 daily只摄入了针对水果和蔬菜的5项每日servings of fruits and vegetables. Plus, the vegetables备餐推荐中的一半,另外,他们所吃的that they are eating are not the highest in nutrient蔬菜在营养质量方面并非是最佳的quality.The most common vegetables eaten孩子们最常吃的蔬菜是by children are French fries, catsup, and pizza sauce.炸薯条,番茄酱,披萨酱Children have especially low intakes of nutrient他们摄入的富含营养素的深绿色蔬菜和rich dark green leafy and deep yellow veggies.As you can see this多叶蔬菜少之又少,你可以看到这就是is an overview of how to ;my pyramid;.如何大致上去解读;我的金字塔;Locate the moderation description in the middle of看一看左边中间对适中的描述the left side.It explains that moderation is它解释道,在金字塔上,适中是由将represented on the pyramid by narrowing of each从底到顶的每一个食物组food group from the bottom to the top.The wider进行窄化来代表的,更宽的base stands for foods with little or no added fats塔基代表没有或几乎没有添加脂肪或糖的or sugars.These should be selected more often.食物,应当经常选择这些食物The narrower top area stands for foods containing更窄的顶部区域代表那些含有更多more added sugar and solid fats.These should be添加糖和脂肪的食物,应当尽量少地selected less often.For example, brown rice would选择这些食物,比如说,糙米应该be at the base of the grain group while a donut是在谷物组的底层而炸面圈应该是在would be at the tip.For the vegetable group spinach最上端,在蔬菜组中,菠菜应该是在would be at the base while French fries would be最底层而炸薯条应该是在at the top.For the fruits an apple would be at the最上层,对水果组而言,一个苹果应该是在base while a slice of apple pie would be at the tip.底层而一份苹果馅饼则应该是在最上端201503/367017上海注射丰胸的价格

黄浦区妇幼保健医院绣眉手术价格九院治疗痘痘多少钱 Psychedelic technology;The PC is the LSD of the 1990s;-Timothy Leary201508/393390上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院激光祛痘多少钱

徐汇区人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。201506/378376 Its only 3:30 on the first day,才到第一天的三点半but the kids are aly struggling to keep up.但是孩子们已经有些跟不上节奏了Its going all right so far, I just dont know if I can do...到目前为止还好,但是我不知道我能不能...I dont know if I could do this all the time, like people in China do.能不能像中国学生那样一直保持这样They get up so early and theyve got so much stuff to do all the time.他们起得好早,整天忙个不停Im tired, I want to go home.我累了,我想回家Its time for the other Bohunt students to head home to their families, game consoles and computers.其他航特的学生该回家了,回到家人,游戏机和电脑旁边But in the Chinese school, theres another meal before heading back to the classroom.但在中式学校,加餐之后还要回到教室After a long day of lessons, the kids are expected to knuckle down to two hours of self-study在一天的课程结束后,孩子们还要认真上两个小时自习its supposed to be a time to revisit what they have learned during the day.来温习一下他们今天所学习到的知识If you havent finished your homework, then do your homework.如果没写完作业的就先写作业If you have finished, you can a book,写完作业了就看看书but please be quiet.但是...请务必...保持安静You know, I actually might have learnt something in chemistry.你知道吗,我好像学了点化学呢Is it smaller? Sorry!是小于吗?不好意思Kiera, I learnt something in Chemistry.凯拉,我今天学了点化学Rosie, youre covering the whole sheet.罗茜,你把整张纸挡住了Congratulations, darling!祝贺你,亲爱的Nice laugh, where you get... Oh.笑得好,你从哪里...Are we not allowed to talk?我们不能讲话是吗Teenagers in China,they spend most of their time and effort on study.在中国,学生们的主要工作就是学习Even if they are not at a school,他们就算不在学校theyre on their way to extra classes,也是在补课班which means that they...seldom have time for their hobbies.就是说,他们很少有时间来发展兴趣爱好Their life is mostly school life.学习就是他们生活的全部But at Bohunt, Miss Li is beginning to realise the scale of the task facing her team of Chinese teachers.但是在航特,李老师开始意识到她的中国教师团队任务繁重He thinks Im fit?他觉得我身材好Like most guys do. 男生们都这样认识Do you?你觉得呢Let me think. Hm, yes.我想一下,是的Oh, thanks. Ah.谢谢Do you know...? Our class has to go on, so maybe I need to be more strict.你们知道吗?我们还要继续上课,所以我可能要更严格一些了No, I think youre a very good teacher, 不要,我觉得老师你挺好的I think it should stay that way.就这样保持下去吧In my school, when I look at my students in this way...在我的学校里,当我这样看学生的时候They will follow me...but you dont.他们就会听话,但你们不会You always say, ;Sorry, Miss.;你们总是说;抱歉,老师;But then you do that again. Its very different.然后继续老样子。这非常不同I need to figure out what to do.我要想个办法Its seven oclock and the end of the first gruelling day.七点钟了,折磨的第一天结束了So, thats all your day today, OK. Ok...好了,今天就到这里吧See you tomorrow.明天见British kids - they are used to questioning teachers, challenging teachers in many ways.英国的孩子们习惯于质疑老师,用各种各样的方式为难老师Chinese students - its not like that at all, no.中国学生则完全不是这样So its a learning curve for both, both parties.所以对于双方来说都在学习201601/421006长宁区激光脱毛多少钱上海市长征医院去除狐臭多少钱



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