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首页>英语能力>英语翻译>英语口译 口译分类词汇:与旅游相关的热门词 -- ::3 来源: 百花齐放 all flowers are in bloom碧波荡漾 green, rippling (lake)碧水清山 a world of shimmering green hills and clear azure waters避暑胜地 summer resort苍松翠柏 luxuriant cypresses and pines层峦叠嶂 range upon range of hillsmountains姹紫嫣红 a blaze of bright colors崇山峻岭 towering and steep mountains船移景换 Each turn of the boat afds a different scenery雕梁画栋 carved beams and painted rafters洞天福地 scenery of exceptional charm飞流急湍 Waters rush down in whirlpools and rapids峰回路转 the paths running sinuously amidst the peaks古建筑群 ancient architectural古色古香 of antique beauty国家公园 national park宏伟挺拔 towering and magnificent湖光山色 beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains极目远眺 look as far as the eye can see江南水乡 the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River金碧辉煌 resplendent and magnificent尽收眼底 command a panoramic view of惊奇不已 be greatly surprisedastonished惊涛拍案 RagingTumultuousTurbulent waves pound on the banks.琳琅满目 a superb collection of beautiful things鳞次栉比 placed closely side by side玲珑剔透 beautifully wrought流连忘返 linger on and get to return旅游景点 tourist attraction; scenic spot; places of interest络绎不绝 an endless stream美不胜收 too many beautiful things to be appreciated at once名胜古迹 famous scenic spots and places of historical interest闻名遐尔 known far and wide墨客骚人 famous men of letters奇峰异石 picturesque peaks and rocks奇花异草 exotic flowers and herbs青山不断 Green hills roll on endlessly群山环抱 be surrounded by mountainshills高山水急 Mountains are high and torrents are swift.山峦迭翠 range upon range of green hills拾级而上 ascend step by step世界旅游日 World Tourism Day世界文化遗产保护地 World Heritage Sites (WHS)天下奇观 wondrous spectacle亭台楼阁 elegant buildings landscaping purposes蜿蜒曲折 winding and zigzagging万紫千红 a riot of colors巍然屹立 be towering and lofty蔚为壮观 present a splendid sight熙熙攘攘 hustle and bustle相映成趣 m delightful contrast心旷神怡 completely relaxed and happy雄伟险峻 grandly precipitous悬崖绝壁 sheer precipices and overhanging rocks绚丽多姿 gorgeous and colorful寻幽探胜 search seclusion and beautiful scenery烟波浩渺 a wide expanse of misty waters一览无余 have a commanding view of一片苍茫的海天景色 a vast expanse of sea and sky依山傍水 nestling under a mountain and near a river鱼米之乡 a land of milk and honey郁郁葱葱 luxuriant and green枝繁叶茂 luxuriant, sturdy and vigorous庄严肃穆 solemn and serene自然保护区 natural reserve; nature preservation zone自然景观 natural splendorattraction旅游黄金周 golden week tourism蜜月旅行 honeymoon trip婚假旅行 wedding vacation旅行结婚 wedding travel出境游 outbound tourism国内游 inbound tourism自助游 independentdo-it-yourself travel随团旅游 group travel标准豪华游 normalluxury tour经典线路 classic travel route黄金线路 hot travel route旅游定点饭店旅馆 certified restauranthotel星级饭店 star-grade hotel强迫购物 ced purchase中国最著名的旅游景点 Top Attractions in China兵马俑 Terra Cotta Warriors秦始皇陵墓 the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin敦煌莫高窟 Mogao GrottoesCaves, Dunhuang壁画 murals绘 painted sculptures鸣沙山 Singing Sands Mountain月牙泉 the Crescent Moon Lake长江三峡 Three Gorges on the Yangtze River瞿塘峡 Qutang Gorge巫峡 Wu Gorge西陵峡 Xiling Gorge广西桂林 Guilin, Guangxi独秀峰 Solitary Beauty Peak叠山 Folded Brocade Hill伏波山 Fubo Hill象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill七星山 Seven Star Hill骆驼山 Camel Hill漓江 Li River杭州西湖 West Lake, Hangzhou“上有天堂,下有苏杭”In heaven there is paradise, on earth Hangzhou and Suzhou.“欲把西湖比西子,浓妆淡抹总相宜”I would like to compare West Lake to Xi Shi, the ancient beauty.Charming she looks whether richly made up or only slightly so.苏堤 Su Causeway白堤 Bai Causeway灵隐寺 Temple of the Soul’s Retreat飞来峰 Peak Flying from Afar六合塔 Pagoda of Six Harmonies虎跑泉 Tiger Spring黄山 Mt. Huangshan“天下第一奇山” the most fantastic mountain under heaven“五岳归来不看山,黄山归来不看岳”Having visited the five sacred mountains, I deem it unnecessary to look at any other.Upon my return from Mt. Huangshan, no longer do I find it worthwhile to look at the five sacred mountains.“三奇”:巧石、奇松、云海the three wonderful features: picturesque rocks, legendary pines, and the sea of clouds“四绝”:巧石、奇松、云海、温泉the four unique features: picturesque rocks, legendary pines, the sea of clouds and hot springs紫禁城 The bidden City太和门 Gate of Supreme Harmony太和殿 Hall of Supreme Harmony中和殿 Hall of Central Harmony保和殿 Hall of Preserved Harmony文华殿 Hall of Literary Harmony武英殿 Hall of Martial Valor文渊阁 Pavilion of Literary Source四库全书 Complete Library of the Four Treasures of Knowledge南蕈殿 South Fragrance Hall西六宫 Six Western Palaces东六宫 Six Eastern Palaces乾清宫 Palace of Celestial Purity乾清门 Gate of Celestial Purity坤宁宫 Palace of Terrestrial Tranquility养心宫 Hall of Mental Cultivation奉先殿 Hall Ancestry Worship宁寿宫 Palace of Tranquil Longevity乐寿堂 Hall of Joyful Longevity御花园 Imperial Garden苏州园林 Suzhou Gardens拙政园 the Humble Administrator’s Garden留园 the Lingering Garden环秀山庄 the Mountain Villa with Embracing狮子林 the Lion est Garden网师园 the Master-of-Nets Garden沧浪亭 the Canglang Pavilion; the Surging Waves Pavilion中国部分世界自然和文化遗产名录 World Heritage Sites in China1987 长城 The Great Wall1987 泰山 Mount Tai1987 故宫 Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties1987 莫高窟 Mogao Caves1987 秦始皇陵 Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor1987 周口店北京人遗址 Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian1990 黄山 Mount Huangshan199 九寨沟风景名胜区 Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area199 黄龙风景名胜区 Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area199 武陵源风景名胜区 Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area199 承德避暑山庄及周围寺庙 Chengde Mountain Resort and Its Outlying Temples199 曲阜孔府、孔庙、孔林 Temple and Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu199 武当山古建筑群 Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains199 布达拉宫 Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace1996 庐山国家公园 Lushan National Park1996 峨眉山及乐山大佛 Mount Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha1997 丽江古城 Old Town of Lijiang1997 平遥古城 Ancient City of Pingyao1997 苏州古典园林 Classical Gardens of Suzhou1998 颐和园 The Summer Palace1998 天坛 Temple of Heaven1999 武夷山 Mount Wuyi1999 大足石刻 Dazu Rock Carvings00 青城山-都江堰 Mount Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System00 皖南古村落—西递宏村 Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui: Xidi and Hongcun00 龙门石窟 Longmen Grottoes00 明清皇家陵寝 Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing dynasties01 云冈石窟 Yungang Grottoes 云南三江并流Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas 高句丽王城、王陵及贵族墓葬 Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom 历史城 The Historic Centre of Macao 四川大熊猫栖息地 China’s Giant Panda Habitat 安阳殷墟 Yin Xu

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