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泉州市医院乳腺检查泉州所有医院排名泉州哪个治疗阴道炎医院比较好 In terms of evolution, there has to be a reason for barking, or it probably wouldnt be there.从进化的角度而言,汪汪叫肯定是有理由的,要不这叫声肯定在漫长的进化过程中给淘汰掉了。Is it to warn of predators?那么这叫声是为了警告捕食者么?But dogs bark when there are no predators around.但是周围没有捕食者的时候也会汪汪叫。Is it play?那么它只是在玩耍吗?Some dogs play without barking.有些玩的时候也没有发出叫声。In fact, people who study canine behavior find there isnt much of a pattern to barking-it seems to be an all-purpose noise.事实上,研究类行为的专家告诉我们,的叫声并没有固定的形式。它只是是一种多用途的响声。Now heres another fascinating thing: adult wolves dont bark.另一件让人着迷的事情是:成年的狼并不会吠叫。They growl, and they whine, but no barking.它们只是嚎叫、哀鸣,但并不吠叫。And dogs evolved from wolves.但是是从狼进化而来的。So where did the bark come in?那么,的这种吠叫声是从何而来的呢?Mark Feinstein and Ray Coppinger of Hampshire College in Massachusetts have a theory.对此,来自马萨诸塞州罕布什尔学院的马克?范斯坦和雷?科平杰提出了一种理论。These biologists have noted that while adult wolves dont bark, adolescents do.这两位生物学家注意到,虽然成年的狼不会吠叫,但是狼崽会。Wolf pup barking seems to be an intermediate noise you grow out of.狼崽的吠声就好比是在它成长发声过程中的一个中间产物。 201503/363823Divorce离婚Work to rule依法力争England becomes a slightly worse place for idle ex-wives英格兰不再是那些懒散前妻们的理想之地ENGLAND has long been the jurisdiction of choice for wives who have the luxury of being able to choose where they divorce. English law (Scotland is different) tries to balance lifelong need and fairness. The poorer partner—typically a wife bringing up children—can expect housing and many years of income, especially if she has sacrificed her career for the marriage.英格兰一直以来都是妻子们垂青的辖区,因为她们有可选择在何处离婚的特权。英国法律(和苏格兰法律不同)试图平衡终身需求与公平。夫妻中较为贫穷的一方(尤其是带着孩子的母亲)有希望得到住宿问题的解决和多年的收入,特别是那些为了婚姻牺牲事业的女性。A court ruling on February 23rd has nonetheless continued a recent trend of tilting the balance a little towards husbands. Tracey Wright objected to her ex-husbands bid to cut her 75,000 (6,000) annual maintenance, awarded after an 11-year marriage failed in 2008. She argued that she was too busy with the two children (one at boarding school, the other, aged ten, at home) even to look for work. She lost, on appeal. Lord Justice Pitchford said Mr Wrights payments should taper off as he neared retirement and that his ex-wife should get a job.但是2月23日法院判决近期这种平衡要略微要丈夫一方倾斜。特雷西·怀特反对她前夫请求减少每年给她的75000英镑(约合116000美元),这是自她于2008年结束了11年的婚姻之后的赡养费。她声称因为太忙于照顾两个孩子(一个在寄宿学校,另一个年仅十岁,留在家中)甚至无暇顾及工作。她为此上诉却败诉了。上诉法院法官皮特福德称怀特先生因为快要退休,所以赡养费应该减少,而他的前妻则应该自己找一份工作。The ruling is a legal landmark chiefly because it sets out a mothers duty at least to have to seek a job as her children grow older. As David Hodson, a specialist lawyer, notes, that principle has long applied to poor women when it comes to claiming welfare benefits. But an ex-wife will still be able to argue that no suitable work is available for her and that she needs her ex-husbands help in order to keep up her own and her childrens living standards. Such arguments would cut little ice in most other countries.这项规定是法律上的里程碑,主要是因为它制定了母亲的责任,至少是她们在孩子长大一些后自己找到一份工作。一位专业律师戴维·霍德森提到,规则一直以来都是在贫穷妇女声讨生活福利之时体现其效力。但是某位前妻仍能打着没有合适工作的旗号,借此向前夫她索要赡养费以保她和孩子们的生活水平。这种理由在大多数其他国家都不起什么作用。The ruling will not dent Londons attraction as a global centre for divorce. English divorce law, with its bespoke solutions reached after costly legal wrangling, is also likely to remain a luxury service, out of reach to all but the very rich.这一规定仍不会削弱伦敦作为全球离婚中心的吸引力。伴着高昂的法律纠纷费用之后的定制解决方案,英国的离婚法律同样很可能成为一项奢侈务,非富贵之人不可承受。译者:邵夏沁 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201503/363338泉州市新阳光妇科地址电话

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泉州新阳光妇科医院 He was praised for trying to restore Germanys greatness and, in the process, spending enormous sums on the Germany military.他因致力德国伟大复兴而受到褒扬,同时他在德国军力上投入大量资金。Hitler came to be seen as a leader far above the squabbles of everyday life.希特勒被看作成超凡脱俗的领导人。As a result, it became possible for Germans to dislike particular Nazis they dealt with,and yet still respect Hitler.德国人有可能讨厌纳粹分子,但仍旧尊敬希特勒。There is great sympathy amongst the population for the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor, Adolf Hitler.德国人民极度认可国家元首,德意志帝国总理,希特勒。I have never heard any negative comment directed at his own person.我从未听过针对他的负面言论。Rather, one hears now and then,yes, if Hitler could do everything himself,;some things would be different.然而经常听到人们说,若希特勒能身体力行,结果会截然不同。But he cant keep a watch on everything.但他不可能亲自过问每件事。This myth that if Hitler only knew about unpopular aspects of the Nazi regime,he would change them,was a safety valve in the system,one that protected Hitlers image as a charismatic leader.若希特勒知道,纳粹体制中不尽人意之处,他肯定有所作为,这种烟幕是此体制的安全阀,维护着希特勒卓越的领袖形象。 译文属201512/416602泉州哪个医院看妇科好又便宜泉州晋江市中医院挂号预约



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