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西安电力中心医院胃肠科怎么样陕西省人民医院胃病胃肠多少钱In Japanese society, where consumerism has become almost a national obsession, an increasing number of people are opting away from materialism and embracing a minimalist lifestyle, which they claim provides them with enormous freedom.在消费主义几乎成为国民强迫症的日本社会,越来越多人选择远离物质主义,拥抱极简主义的生活方式,他们表示这使得自己获得了极大的自由。Fumio Sasaki has just 20 items of clothing in his closet, with an electric toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner among the possessions in his tiny apartment. His apartment, measuring 20 sq. meters (215 sq. feet), has no trace of everyday things, such as chairs, a desk or even a bed.佐佐木文雄的衣橱里只有20件衣物,在他极小的公寓里,还有一把电动牙刷和一个吸尘器。他的20平米的公寓,没有椅子、桌子,甚至没有床。;I don#39;t need them. I have the essentials,; he told EFE.他接受EFE采访时表示:“我不需要这些。我已经有了必需品,”。Two years ago, Fumio began practicing a life philosophy that calls on people to do away with material possessions and get richer through their experiences, a lifestyle that is attracting an increasing number of people in Japan.两年前,佐佐木文雄开始实践一种生活哲学:他号召人们远离物质财产,通过生活经历而丰富自己,这种生活方式正在吸引着越来越多的日本人。Books, clothing and furniture have disappeared from his house. At the age of 36, he does not need to worry about arranging his things in order, or comparing his possessions to those of others.书籍、衣物和家具都从他的家里消失了。36岁的他不需要考虑如何整理他的物品,或者把自己的所有物和别人的作比较。;I was deeply affected by the freedom this lifestyle offers you,; the publishing house employee in Tokyo, one of the world#39;s most fast-paced cities, said.在东京这个世界上节奏最快的城市的一家出版社工作的佐佐木文雄说:“我受到这种生活方式所赋予自由很深的影响,”;There is a certain freedom when all you need to put are 15 things in your backpack,; he said, referring to the ;extreme minimalism; of American Andrew Hyde, who one day decided to sell all his possessions (except 15 objects) and tour 42 countries.“当你的背包只需要15件物品的时候,你随之获得了一种自由,”他指的是美国的安德鲁·海德提出的“极致极简主义”,有一天,他决定卖掉自己所有的财产(除了15件物品)并巡游42个国家。Motivated by Hyde#39;s ideas, Fumio has a backpack in which he carries a MacBook Air, Wi-Fi cell phone, Kindle e-er, a book and a battery charger, as well as socks and some underwear.受到海德思想的触动,佐佐文木雄的背包里只带有着一个MacBook Air,Wi-Fi手机,Kindle电子书阅读器,一本书和一个充电宝,还有袜子和内裤。;With just this many things, I can work anywhere, I have sufficient entertainment and I can travel any time I want,; he said.他说:“拥有这些东西,我可以在任何地方工作,有充足的,想何时旅游就何时旅游,”While Fumio#39;s approach to minimalism borders on extreme austerity, he says that each person has his own idea of minimalism and ;it is not just about having few things in your house, it is about feeling that what you have is absolutely essential for you.;虽然佐佐文木雄的极简主义临近了简朴的极限,但是他表示,每个人都对极简主义有自己的理解,而且“这不是说你的家里有多么少的物品,而是一种感觉,你拥有了对你来说完全基本的东西。”Fumio has written a book on his philosophy of life, titled ;For Us Material Things Are No Longer Necessary,; which has aly sold more than 150,000 copies in Japan.佐佐文木雄写了一本关于其生活哲学的书,名为《对我们而言,物质已不再必需》,该书在日本已经卖出超过15万册。 /201606/451867西安市中心医院胃病胃肠网上预约 Fashion Goals For an Almost 30-Year-Old近30岁人的时尚目标Fashions come and go, but good style is forever. At least, that#39;s what we#39;re told. Yet over the last decade, the only consistent thing about my own fashion choices has been their rabid inconsistency. University years were defined by an aesthetic referred to by my friends as ;feed the birds; — sweaters that swamped me, jewelry that jangled, and a deluded hope that all this draping made me look like the third Olsen twin. Early career years forced my wardrobe into more office-friendly territory, but without the income needed to invest in quality pieces; these days, as a freelance writer working from home, yoga pants have become depressingly de rigeur.时尚总是不断的变化,但是好的样式却是永恒的。至少,别人就是这么跟我们说的。但在过去的十年里,我有关时尚选择唯一一致的事情就是它们疯狂的不一致性。大学时光被定义为美学,我的朋友们称其为“喂鸟”——完全遮住我的毛衣,发出刺耳响声的珠宝和迷惑的希望,希望所有这些东西能够使我看起来像第三个奥尔森双胞胎。早期的职业生涯迫使我在衣柜里放更多适合办公室着装的衣,但收入却不够买质量好的装;这些日子里,随着自由撰稿人在家工作,瑜伽裤已变得十分新潮。Throw in a fluctuating body shape (university drinking habits were not kind) and my twenties can best be described as one big, fat state of flux. It#39;s not the end of the world — in the #39;90s, Anna Wintour was photographed in a gold lamé turtleneck. But with my 30th birthday now in sight, I#39;ve been thinking about the things I#39;d like to get straight.20岁这一阶段我的身材波动很大(大学喝酒的习惯不是很好),这一阶段可以被描述为大而肥的流动状态。这并不是世界末日——在九十年代,安娜#8226;温图尔穿着一件金丝织物高领毛衣拍照。但现在眼看我要30了,我一直在思考我想要明白的东西。Like Wintour, I think we#39;re all trying to figure out a lamé-free existence. With the advice of some of fashion#39;s most beloved icons as guidance, I#39;ve outlined goals to color coordinate, streamline, and spruce up the current chaos of my wardrobe. Here#39;s to a new decade of dressing well.像温图尔一样,我们都在试图寻找不是金丝织物的衣。现在以时尚界最受人喜爱的偶像的建议为指导,我概述了颜色搭配和简化的一些目标。同时也收拾了我目前混乱的衣柜。;Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.; — Bill Cunningham“时尚是在每日生活的现实中生存的武器。——比尔#8226;坎宁安”Bill Cunningham, The Times#39; legendary fashion photographer, built a career on capturing others#39; personal style in candid street snaps. Like many influential industry figures, Bill#39;s own style has always been unobtrusive, defined by one distinctly unglamorous item: LL Bean duck boots. Those duck boots have pounded the pavements of New York for decades — and, what started as a nod toward practicality, has become synonymous with the man himself.比尔#8226;坎宁安是《时代》杂志传奇的时尚摄影师,他在公开的街拍中捕捉他人的个人风格,因此创造了自己的事业。像很多业内有影响力的人士一样,比尔的个人风格总是不显眼,他的风格可以从一个十分不显眼的东西显现出来:LL Bean的靴子。他穿着这些靴子在纽约的人行横道上已经走了几十年了——开始向实际生活点头已经成为他本身的代名词了。译文属 /201606/451468西安中医院胃寒胃热反酸便血胃出血

陕西省康复医院肠胃科在哪B News – If you’re an expat in Hong Kong, a cup of coffee costs nearly . An unfurnished two-bedroom apartment in an “appropriate neighbourhood” will set you back ,800 a month. A carton of milk? .B新闻 – 如果你是在香港的外籍人士,喝一杯咖啡就要花近8美元。“合宜的小区”不带家具的两居公寓月租费6800美元。一盒牛奶?4美元。That’s according to global consultancy firm Mercer, which last month ranked the most expensive cities in the world for expats in its 2016 Cost of Living report. Hong Kong was top of the list, followed by Angolan capital Luanda, then Zurich in Switzerland and Singapore. The list is compiled based on measuring the comparative cost of more than 200 items in each location. Items compared include accommodation, transport, food, clothing, household goods and leisure activities.这是根据全球咨询公司美世的数据 – 该公司上月对2016年世界上外派员工生活成本最贵城市作了排名。香港位列榜首,安哥拉首都罗安达紧随其后,然后是瑞士苏黎世和新加坡。该榜单的编撰,依据的是对每个地方200多项比较成本的衡量。比较项包括衣食住行,家庭用品和休闲活动。But do people really pay those prices, or are there ways for expats to live in places like Hong Kong or Luanda for less? What is it about the expat experience that makes these cities so expensive for foreigners to live there, but not necessarily locals?但人们是真的付了这些价格, 还是对住在香港或罗安达等地的外派员工来说,有少花钱的方法呢?使得这些城市对居住在那里的外侨来说如此昂贵,但对当地人来说却不一定这么贵的外派员工经验是什么呢?Dean Blackburn, head of HS Expat, an offshore banking arm of the HS Group catering to expatriates, said that rent was a major expense for expats, particularly in cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, London or New York. According to the bank’s own research, only one in three expats received an accommodation allowance from their employer.为外派人员务的汇丰集团离岸业务部门“汇丰外派员工”负责人布莱克本说,房租是外派人员的费用大头,特别是在新加坡,香港,伦敦或纽约这样的城市。根据该行自己的研究,只有三分之一的外派人员从雇主那里得到了住房补贴。Not all expats are as money-minded. Indeed, according to Keren Bobker, an independent financial advisor and long-term resident of Dubai in the ed Arab Emirates, a “keeping up with the Joneses mentality” had led many expats into serious debt…并非所有外派员工都同样地具有金钱头脑。其实,根据独立财务顾问,阿联酋迪拜的长期居民鲍勃克的说法,“与左邻右舍攀比的心态”使许多外派员工陷入了严重的债务…….Moving overseas with a family can also ramp up costs due to additional spending on school fees, health care and regular trips back home.举家迁至海外也会由于在学费,健康医疗和定期返家之旅上的额外开销而加大生活成本。 /201604/437089陕西胃泰医院预约 If you need an excuse to crack open a bottle tonight, this could be the perfect excuse.如果今晚你想找个借口开瓶酒,这是再好不过的理由。Couples with the same drinking habits tend to be happier than those where only one partner drinks, a study has found. Whether they are heavy drinkers or tee-total, women in particular become dissatisfied if they drink and their husband doesn#39;t, researchers said.研究表明,有相同饮酒习惯的夫妻往往比只有一方喝酒的夫妻更幸福。研究人员表示,不论双方都酗酒或都是禁酒主义者,如果女性喝酒而她们丈夫不喝,女性尤其会变得不满意。The amount people consumed was less important than whether both partners had the same habit of drinking or not drinking, they added.他们补充说道,饮酒量相对于夫妻双方是否同时喝酒或不喝酒来说,显得不那么重要。The study#39;s author, Dr Kira Birditt, of the University of Michigan, said: #39;We#39;re not suggesting that people should drink more or change the way they drink. We#39;re not sure why this is happening, but it could be that couples that do more leisure time activities together have better marital quality.#39;该研究作者是密歇根大学的基拉·贝迪特士,她表示:“我们并不是建议人们应当喝更多酒或改变喝酒方式。我们不确定其中的原因,但可能是由于经常一起从事闲暇活动的夫妻婚姻质量较高。”In other words, drinking may not be the only reason they#39;re getting along, Dr Birditt said.贝迪特士表示,换句话说,喝酒可能不是他们相处良好的唯一原因。To come to their conclusions, the team analysed responses from 2,767 married couples who were involved in the long-term Health and Retirement Survey.为了得出结论,研究小组分析了长期参与《健康与养老调查》的2767对夫妻的反馈。Between 2006 and 2016, the people in the study had a face to face interview with researchers and answered questionnaires about their drinking habits. They revealed whether they drank, how many days a week they drank and how many drinks they consumed in a sitting.在2006年至2016年这一期间,参与该研究的人与研究者进行了面对面对话,并回答了关于饮酒习惯的调查问卷。他们透露了自己是否喝酒、每周喝几天酒以及每次喝多少酒。Couples were married for an average of 33 years and about two-thirds were in their first marriage. They also answered questions about the quality of their marriage, including whether they thought their spouses were too demanding or too critical, if their spouse was reliable when they needed help and if they found their spouse irritating.参与研究的夫妻平均婚姻年龄为33年,其中三分之二是初婚。同时,他们回答了关于婚姻质量的问题,包括他们是否认为配偶要求过于严格或挑剔,在他们需要帮助时配偶是否可靠,还有他们是否认为配偶易怒。The researchers found that in more than half of couples, both spouses drank. Husbands were more likely to drink than wives. But particularly for wives, there was a problem when only one of the spouses drank. When wives drank and the husbands didn#39;t, wives reported they were more dissatisfied with their marriage.研究人员发现,超过半数的夫妻都饮酒。丈夫比妻子更容易饮酒。但特别是对妻子来说,夫妻双方只有一方饮酒就会产生问题。当妻子饮酒而丈夫不饮酒时,她们更容易对自己的婚姻生活表示不满。 /201607/456781西安市第四医院胃溃疡幽门螺杆菌反流性胃炎 糜烂性胃炎

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