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郴州阳痿治疗医院郴州去哪里看皮肤科During his speech at the Forum on Literature and Art in Beijing on October 15, 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for writers to deepen their understanding of the significance of literature and art today.在2014年10月15日举办的文艺论坛期间,中国国家主席习近平呼吁作家加深他们对现代文艺重要性的理解。The president#39;s call had a huge impact. The past two years since his speech has seen the publication of a large amount of outstanding Chinese literary works.主席的呼吁影响重大。自他的演讲以后,在过去的两年里,发表出版了大量杰出的中国文艺作品。It#39;s no secret that Xi has a passion for ing. On many different occasions he has mentioned literature from different cultures and countries.习近平主席爱阅读,这并不是个秘密。在很多不同的场合,他都提到过来自不同文化和国家的不同文艺作品。Back in 2013, in an interview with media from BRIC countries he said, ;I have loads of hobbies, my favorite one is ing.;在2013年金砖四国媒体采访期间,他曾表示:;我有很多爱好,最喜欢看书。;Influenced by China#39;s ancient philosophy that to bring peace to the land one must first cultivate themselves, before moving on to manage their families and then govern the state, Xi decided early on in his life that if he wanted to cultivate himself ing would be the best choice.受中国古老哲学思想--修身治国齐天下--的影响,习近平在早年间就决定,如果他想要修身,阅读是最好的选择。Although found himself working in mountainous and rural areas when he was 15, Xi went out of his way to find as many books as possible.虽然习近平15岁的时候在山区和农村地区工作,但是他用尽办法寻找尽量多的书籍。Xi once said that at the time there was a great atmosphere for ing among his fellows, so they would spend most of their spare time exchanging books with each other.习近平曾经说过,那时候,他的同伴之间有良好的阅读氛围,所以他们把大部分的业余时间都用来交换书籍。Overseas classics such as The Red and The Black and War and Peace, and traditional Chinese works from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1911) dynasties made their way onto his ing list.诸如《红与黑》,《战争与和平》这样的外国名著和明清传统中国作品都在他的书单上。;It can be said that, literally, I nearly all the literary classics I could find during that time,; Xi said.习近平表示:;可以这样说,那个时候,我读完了几乎所有我能找到的文学名著。;Considering the huge impact Russian literature has had on an entire generation in China, it should come as no surprise that during an interview with Russian media he was able to wow the Russian people with his knowledge of Russian literature.考虑到俄国文学对中国一代人都具有重大影响,那么在习近平接受俄罗斯媒体采访期间,他能够以自己对俄国文学的了解引来惊呼,便不足为奇了。According to a People#39;s Daily article examining Xi#39;s ing habits published last Thursday, classics such as Eugene Oneginby Alexander Pushkin, A Hero of Our Time by MikhailLermontov, And Quiet Flows the Don by Mikhail Sholokhov and War and Peace and Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy, all resonated with Xi.据《人民日报》上周四发表的调查习近平阅读习惯的文章,有些经典名著,比如亚历山大·普希金的《叶甫盖尼·奥涅金》,米哈伊尔·莱蒙托夫的《我们时代的英雄》,米哈伊尔·肖洛科夫的《静静的顿河》以及利奥·托尔斯泰的《战争与和平》以及《复活》,都能引起习近平的共鸣。;Dostoevsky is the deepest Russian writer,while Tolstoy is the widest. Comparing the twoof them,I prefer Tolstoy,; Xi said.习近平说:;多斯托夫斯基是俄罗斯最深刻的作家,而托尔斯泰是最广的。比较他们两个,我更喜欢托尔斯泰。;According to Xi, he once was inspired by Nikolai Chernyshevsky#39;s work What Is to Be Done?, in which the leading character lives an ascetic life, even going so far as to sleep on a bed of nails to strengthen his will.据习近平说,他曾经受到尼古拉·切尔尼舍夫斯基的作品《做什么?》的启发,在这本书中,主角过着一种苦行僧般的生活,即便是上床睡觉,也要睡在钉子床上,以增强自己的意志力。Inspired, Xi and his fellows tried sleeping on their beds without mattresses, going outside on rainy and snowy days and taking cold showers to strengthen their willpower.受主人公的启发,习近平和他的同伴们尝试睡在没有床垫的床上,在雨天和下雪天外出,洗冷水澡,以增强他们的意志力。In general, German literature boasts magnificent works created by writers such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller.通常来说,德国文学有很多引以为荣的伟大作品,比如约翰·沃尔夫冈·冯·歌德和弗里德里希·席勒这些作家创作的作品。Xi first came across Goethe#39;s work at age 14 when he The Sorrows of Young Werther .14岁的时候,习近平第一次阅读歌德的作品,书名叫《少年维特之烦恼》。During his time working in rural China, he walked 30 kilometers to borrow a copy of Faust from an educated youth that he knew.在中国农村工作期间,他步行三十公里,从他认识的一名受过教育的青年那里借阅《浮士德》来读。Perhaps it was the great lengths he went through to get the book, but he fell in love with it after ing it.也许,那是他为了借书走过的最长的路,但是读完以后,他就爱上了这本书。During one visit to Germany, Xi admitted to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a group of German sinologists that the fertile imagination seen in Faust made it difficult for him to understand.在一次对德国访问期间,习近平在和德国总理默克尔和一批德国汉学家谈到《浮士德》这本书时,也承认书中丰富的想象使他难以理解。When it comes to the literature of the US, poetry anthology Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman and novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain are both on Xi#39;s ing list.谈到美国文学,沃尔特·惠特曼的诗歌选集《草叶》和马克吐温的小说《哈克贝利弗恩历险记》都在习近平的书单上。However, his favorite US author by far is Jack London, the author behind The Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf and Love of Life.然而,迄今为止他最喜欢的美国作家是杰克·伦敦,他是《野性的呼唤》、《海狼》和《热爱生命》的作者。 /201610/474559郴州看男科医院有哪家女的给取精 郴州市包皮环切

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