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抚顺治疗早泄最好医院Like a science fiction time traveler, an arctic plant of the late Pleistocene age, over thirty one thousand years old, is growing again after a long frozen sleep.犹如科幻小说里的时间旅行者,一种曾存活在更新世晚期的极地植物经过31000多年的冰封沉睡之后,再次得以生长。Narrow leafed campion (Silene stenophylla) is a small plant whose modern relatives are found in eastern Russia and northern Japan.窄叶剪秋萝(柳叶蝇子草)是一种小型植物,它们的现代近亲生活在俄罗斯东部与日本北部。Its a perennial species that grows on stony cliffs or sandy shores. Once a year, it produces five-petalled flowers that range in color from white to pink to lilac.它是一种多年生植被,生长在石崖或砂质海滨。它每年开花一次,花朵有五片花瓣,花色有白色,粉色,还有丁香紫色。Russian scientists examining an ancient arctic squirrel burrow recovered ancient campion fruits from the sediments.俄罗斯科学家在北极科考一处古代松鼠的洞穴时,在其沉淀物中获得了剪秋萝的果实。Curious to see if the fruits seeds might germinate, they planted them. The seeds didnt grow, but the scientists werent discouraged.出于好奇,科学家们想知道果实中的种子是否可以发芽,因此他们种下了种子。They knew an ancient sacred lotus dating back twelve hundred years had been restored. Why not the campion? They decided to try growing a new plant from fruit tissue.科学家们获悉有一株1200年前的古代圣莲获得新生,那剪秋萝为什么不可以呢?他们决定通过果实组织成分培育一株新植物。It had been frozen all those years, so some cells might be viable.果实已被冷冻多年,因此有部分细胞应该得以存活。By bathing the fruit tissue in a culture solution with growth hormones, similar to a technique commonly used to start plants from cuttings,将果实组织浸泡在含生长激素的营养液中(这种培育方式类似于植物的扦插),the scientists were able to restart cell division and get several plants to grow.科学家们能够重建细胞分裂,从而让许多植物得以生长。The plants not only flourished, they produced flowers. The flowers went on to produce fruit and seeds that were viable and germinated into a second generation of plants.这些剪秋萝不仅枝叶茂盛,而且开花结果,种籽继续发芽繁殖出下一代。The ancient campion was given a second chance at life.古老的剪秋萝重获生命。As the earth warms and more and more arctic permafrost melts, larger numbers of ancient plants will be exposed, giving us a chance to bring plants of the ancient past back to life.随着全球变暖,更多的极地冰川融化,会有更多的古代植物重见天日,这也给予了我们重新培植这些植物的机会。And who knows, one day we might resurrect a mammoth to eat them.也许有一天,我们能够让猛犸象复生成为我们的美餐,谁知道呢? /201306/243010顺城区医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱You wake up one morning to find a strange man standing in your kitchen; worse than that, heseems to have made himself completely at home.你一早醒来,发现你的厨房里站着一个陌生人。更糟糕的是,他似乎像在自己家一样随意。Someones child is sitting in the living room watching television, on which somebody or other isgiving a speech while standing next to a bust of some old guy.不知谁家的孩子正坐在客厅看电视,电视里播放着一个人站在一位老者的半身像旁高声演讲着。Who are these people? Andwheres your family?这些人是谁?你的家人去哪儿了?If you suffered from the neurological disorder called “facial agnosia,” a twilight-zone styleexperience of this sort might be a reality.如果你患上了一种脑神经失调的面孔失认症,那么像这样模糊不清的“过渡”式的经历或许是一个事实。Facial agnosia typically occurs to people who havereceived damage to the right hemisphere of the brain due to stroke or injury.面孔失认症常出现于人们大脑的右半球被打击或损伤后。People with facial agnosia lose the ability to recognize even the most familiar faces:患有面孔失认症的人会失去辨认面孔的能力,即使是最熟悉的人也不列外:in this case a husband anddaughter, the president of the ed States and a bust of Abraham Lincoln.比如丈夫或者女儿,美国的总统或者亚伯拉罕林肯的半身像。In severe cases anexamining physician will be able to hold up a photograph of him or herself and, seated in front ofthe patient with facial agnosia, ask if they recognize this person—to no avail.在严重的情况下,检查的医生会拿着一张自己的照片,坐在面孔失认症患者的前面,询问他们是否认识这个人,但是完全不起作用。Whats especially interesting to researchers about this condition is its specificity.对于研究者来说这种情况最有趣的就是它的特殊性。Visual ability itself isnot damaged, and the person with facial agnosia can still recognize anything else—except a face.视觉能力本身没有损坏,面孔失认症患者仍然能够辨别别的事物-除了脸。Indeed, they can still describe faces very accurately, but only in the way one describes an object:事实上,他们仍然可以非常准确地描述面孔,但是就像描述物体似的。“He needs a shave. He has droopy eyes. He has a small scar,” but never “Wait a minute—this ismy high school yearbook picture.”“他需要刮胡子,他有双下垂的眼睛,他有一个小疤痕”。但是从不会听到“等一下-这是我高中的毕业照。”Facial agnosia strongly suggests the existence of amechanism in the brain devoted specifically to recognizing individuals weve seen before, a mechanism thought to exist in many other animals and even some insects.面孔失认症患者暗示了人类大脑里存在着一种专门用于辨认见过的人的机制,这种机制也被认为存在于别的动物甚至一些昆虫中。 201408/324726Business商业报道Samsung三星Fluffed lines忘词The South Korean giant has a lousy start to the new year韩国巨头新年出师不利THE last 51 weeks of 2014 will be better than the first one.2014年过去的51周都比新年的第一周要好。Or so Samsungs bosses will hope after two toe-curlers in as many days.在经过这些天来的两次惨淡经营后,三星的老板们更是希望如此。On January 6th, at the Consumer Electronics Show, a trade fair in Las Vegas, Michael Bay, director of the Transformer films, was due to extol a new Samsung television with a 105-inch curved screen.今年1月6号,在位于的电子消费产品展上,变形金刚系列电影的导演迈克尔·贝本来是要称赞三星一款105英寸的弧形屏幕电视的,Alas, the autocue froze—as did Mr Bay, who walked off the stage.可是就当他走上台的时候,提词器就卡屏了,最后尴尬下台。The next day Samsung Electronics, the part of the South Korean conglomerate that makes mobile devices, consumer electronics, semiconductors and display panels, admitted that in the last quarter of 2013 it had fallen far short of analysts forecasts.随后的第二天,三星电子—三星集团中负责销售移动设备、电子展品、半导体和显示器的子公司,承认2013年最后一个季度的销售远低于分析师的预期。Samsung Electronics operating profit in the fourth quarter fell for the first time in more than two years, to about 8.3 trillion won, 18% less than in the third.两年以来,三星电子第四季度的营业利润首次下滑,降至8.3万亿韩元,比第三季度少了18%,分析人士预计原本会有10万亿韩元或更多的收益。Analysts had hoped for 10 trillion won or more. Revenue was around 59 trillion won, flat from the third quarter.收入在59万亿韩元左右,与第三季度持平。Rumours of a miss had aly cropped 9% from the share price since December 23rd.销售额下滑的传闻已经使股价自12月23日以来下降了9%。Unlike the autocue, Samsung Electronics has not gone phut.不像提词器表现的那样,三星电子并没有死机,The full results are due later this month, and the company is giving no more details yet, but most of the shortfall can probably be ascribed to temporary factors.最后的结果会与本月底揭晓,公司目前没有给出详细的结果,但是短期的下滑大多归因于临时性的原因。Samsung Electronics has handed maybe 800 billion won to its staff in a special bonus. Mark Newman of Sanford C.三星电子分配给了三星员工大约8000亿韩元的特别红利。Bernstein, a research firm, reckons that the strength of the won, which is at a four-year high, accounts for another 700 billion won.一家分析公司的马克·纽曼表示韩元的实力达到了四年来的新高,约合7000亿韩元。Mr Newman adds that in the second and third quarters Samsung Electronics—which sells more smartphones than anyone else—shipped more devices than operators could shift, leaving them with bigger inventories than usual.纽曼先生补充说,在第二和第三季度,三星电子比其他任何公司销售了更多的只能手机,比起运营商卖出了更多的设备,使得它们剩下了比以往更多的库存。So Samsung probably shipped fewer to them in the fourth quarter.因而三星在第四季度可能给它们减少了配额。But over the whole year, shipments grew by half and Samsung won market share from Apple at the pricier end of the market.但是从全年来看,出货量增加了一半,并以市场中更高的价格从苹果公司那赢得了更多额市场份额。Operating profits were up substantially, too, Mr Newman says; just the timing was different.纽曼说:营业利润也在持续增加,只是时间不同而已。A more niggling worry is that the company is starting to find the market for mobile devices harder work.一个更为让人费神的担忧是,三星公司正在为移动设备的硬件寻找市场。IDC, another research firm, expects smartphone shipments to grow by 18.4% a year between 2013 and 2017.另一家研究公司IDC预计,从2013年到2017年,只能手机的出货量将增长18.4%。That sounds dandy for Samsung, but the fastest growth is in cheaper phones, where competition is getting fiercer and margins thinner.这对三星公司来说似乎是极好的,但是增长最快的是廉价手机,而这一块的市场竞争日益激烈,利润也日益单薄。Dozens of Chinese companies are making cheap devices that are improving all the time. IDC predicts that average prices will fall by 7.3% a year.众多的中国公司都在不断研发更好的廉价移动设备,IDC公司预计平均价格会以7.3%的幅度下滑。However, given Samsungs sheer scale and the range of its phones at all prices, it is probably as well placed as anybody.然而,考虑到三星的市场份额以及它的手机覆盖所有的价格范围,这使得三星比其他任何公司都处在更好的位置。Analysts at Nomura, a bank, point out that although cheaper smartphones command lower margins than dearer ones, they are at least more profitable than basic builders phones.一家的分析人士指出,尽管智能手机比起廉价手机更有利可图,但它们起码比民工手机赚钱。And the margins on Samsungs tablets are rising.并且三星平板的利润也在上升。Bth was, in effect, Samsungs pitch at CES.未来发展应用的广度,实际上才是三星在电子消费品展览会上所强调的。As well as its gargantuan TVs it showed off new tablets, washing machines and more—and a platform called Smart Home, on which all manner of appliances could be controlled from inside or outside the home.包括会上展示的巨型电视、新型平板、洗衣机以及更多的设备,并展示了一个名为智能家庭的平台,通过这一平台所有的家用设备都能在室内或是室外操控。The connected home has been a technologists dream for years: the industry is about to find out how many people want it in reality.这种智能连接方式一直是技术人员多年的梦想:这个产业就是要发现在现实生活中有多少人想要实现这种智能的连接方式。Mr Bay may have been lost for words, but Samsung is not lost for ideas—nor for money.迈克尔·贝可能会忘了词,但是三星从来不缺想法或是资金。 /201401/274150抚顺市妇幼保健院包皮手术多少钱


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