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  • 国家地理:Survive the Sahara 走险撒哈拉For centuries, nomads and traders have made their way here. George is determined to follow in their footsteps. There is a timelessness about this place. And desert ghosts seem to haunt the hills. But that's not the wail of lost souls echoing through the cliffs. George is drawn deeper and deeper into the canyon by the sound of bellowing camels. It's a world-class beautiful place and all the camels are communicating. You could hear their voices echoing off the walls. It's kind of like being in a, in a cathedral. This is Gilt Arshell, a water pool visited by the ancients and a kind of grand central station for nomads and their camels. Gilters are like highway rest stops for those who travel in the desert. Here they can fill their goatskins with water, swap news and rest their animals. This wind-scoured canyon catches and holds rainfall like a barrel. Water in the desert is a rare gift and the much-trafficked reservoir is opaque with use. They're not really going to tell you about the peril of the walk through the water that's black with the dung of 10,000 camels. There are other reasons to watch your step when wading through these dark waters. Reasons that have teeth: there are crocodiles here, another vestige of a wetter time. Unlike their much larger cousins along the Nile, these crocs are only five feet long and at least for now, not very aggressive. George and Dan count only 6, though there may be a few more around. It's a mystery how such a small population manages to survive here. This is very strange seeing these pre-historic creatures that are, are trapped there like there, stuck on a little desert island if you will. In the desert, the islands are the water. And they are just got trapped there by the time. Later, in the upper reaches of the narrow canyon, George gets another surprise---cave art from thousands of years ago. Who were these ancient people? What were their lives like? You, when you are sitting there, you know you are sitting in exactly the same place as people did three, four, five thousand years ago. You don't know what they saw at their cave, but you can see what their impressions of that world were on the walls behind you. It's kind of like a window into an ancient dream.wail: (n.) A long, loud, high-pitched cry, as of grief or pain. 嚎啕声opaque: (a.) Impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent. 不透光的200709/17383。
  • Hello, its a chilly start to the day at Tip Top Trading.你好,这是在 Tip Top Trading 寒冷一天的开始。Hi Denise! Good morning Anna.你好,丹尼斯! 早上好,安娜。Brrr...its so cold in here.这里好冷啊。The window was left open overnight.窗户一晚上都没关。My papers have been blown everywhere. Mine too!我的单子被吹得到处都是。 我的也是!Tom was the last one here last night – it mustve been him who left the window open.汤姆是昨晚最后走的,一定是他没关窗户。Brrr.... Right then, to work!好吧,开始工作!Oh, theres a note from Paul, it mustve fallen off my desk:这是保罗留下的字条,肯定是从我桌子上掉的。I would like your ideas on our stock management system for our new laser curve fruit range, so we know we can keep up with demand.关于我们新型激光曲线水果系列产品的库存管理系统,我想听听你的意见,让我们可以满足需求。Please write me a couple of pages of suggestions and leave it on my desk. Ill be back this afternoon.请写出几页建议并放在我桌上,我会在下午回来。Wow! I have to come up with ideas for a stock management system!我必须想出一些关于库存管理系统的点子!Gosh, where do I begin? !天啊,我从哪开始写起呢?!Good morning. Morning!早上好。 早上好。Hey, my certificate for Plastic Pear Salesman of the Year is on the floor!我的年度塑料梨销售员书掉在地上了!Right...stock management systems...stock up on your laser curved lemons …好的……库存管理系统……储备激光曲线柠檬……My first idea is to calculate the total….我第一个想法是计算总共的……Well, Anna has finished her report and left it on Pauls desk, but things arent that simple.安娜完成了她的报告并且放在了保罗的桌上,但是事情并没有这么简单。Er, Anna, theres going to be a problem.Oh!安娜,出了一个问题。啊! /201701/483851。
  • 13第十三单元Conversation 1会话 1A:Mr. Wang, Ive had scheduled for your two days stay in Shanghai. You can make some changes if it does not suit you.A:王先生,我为你在上海两天的逗留作了安排。如果你觉得不合适的话,可以作些变动。B:All right. Please it to me.B:好的,请念给我听听。A:On Friday morning, Mr.Wang,the director of Shanghai Research Institute,will visit you at the hotel. In the afternoon,you will discuss some problems with Mr. Yang,vice manager of computer corporation.A:星期五上午,上海研究所所长王先生会来饭店拜访你。下午你将和电脑公司副经理杨先生讨论一些问题。B:Very good.B:很好。A:On Saturday,youll leave the hotel for sightseeing. Miss Lu will be your guide.A:星期六,你将离开饭店去观光。卢是你的导游。B:Oh,thafs great.B:噢,太棒了。Conversation 2会话 2A:Mr. Jackson,Ive drafted a schedule for your business trip next week. You may have a look.A:杰克逊先生,我为你下周的商务旅行作了一下安排。你可以看一下。B:Oh, great! Let s discuss it together. Now,when am I off then ?B:噢,好的!我们一起讨论一下吧。那么,我什么时候离开?A:Youre leaving on Tuesday morning.A:你星期二上午离开。B:What time exactly?B:到底什么时候?A:Your flight takes off at 8:10 a. m. And you arrive in Shanghai at 10:40. Mr. Yang is meeting you at the airport. Wednesdays a busy day. Youre attending the conference in the morning and in the afternoon youre going to the exhibition.A:你的飞机上午8点10分起飞,10点40分到达上海。 杨先生会在机场接你。星期三是忙碌的一天。你上午参加会议,下午去展览会。B:Oh,am I seeing Mr. Li?B:噢,我见李先生吗?A:Yes,youre seeing him on Thursday. Youre inspecting the factory in the morning and having dinner with him in the evening.A:是的,你星期四见他。你上午视察工厂,晚上与他一起吃晚餐。 ;B:Ive got a schedule!B:行程真满。A:Oh, thats not everything. Youre free on Friday and then on Saturday youre catching the 9 oclock plane back to Guangzhou.A:噢,这还不是所有的事。你星期五有空,星期六你乘9点钟的飞机回广州。 /201604/439989。
  • 国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[4]"Why is a boy so important? A girl is a person, too. " I was angry. I told him, "If you want to send me back to Hubei, I can't stop you. You think boys are so important, you can just stay here alone." That's what I told him then. '"If I have a girl, I'll take her with me.'"Ya Qing had a boy. Her sister-in-law wasn't so lucky."My sister-in-law, her first child was a girl, and her second was also a girl. And she gave her away. She wanted to have a son. Feudal, it's very feudal. They all want to have sons. It's this way in the countryside. They want sons." Ya Qing tells me that shortly before our visit, a girl had been abandoned in this area. "In the town right outside here, there was a baby girl left in the box. There was no note with her birth date. They put some new clothes inside, packed her in a box and left her in the market. When people got there in the morning, they could hear the child crying. ""Being adopted, it's OK. But sometimes you can get annoyed and sometimes, it, it feels like you are different from other people. And sometimes you feel like, well, you don't feel, you feel different from everybody else because they are probably, they probably, they are probably born from their mom and they indeed sometimes you feel like you don't, you don't feel like you did that you were born from a mom. You feel like, you were just born."The growing imbalance of boys to girls in China is becoming a serious problem. And it's only expected to get worse. The growing gender imbalance can best be seen in schools across China. Here at this primary school, we are told that every classroom averages about 39 kids, 28 of whom are boys. Aly Chinese official statistics show that there are nearly 13 million more young boys than girls. And what happens when there aren't enough girls? Chen Shengli is an official in China's Population and Family Planning Commission. "The disparity between boy and girl is aly quite large and growing even more, so, do you see it as a problem and if so, what are you, what are you trying to do about it?""In 10 years, or even 20, when this generation just born reaches marriageble age and goes to find a mate, they will not be able to match up evenly. With this shortage of over 10%, this percentage of males may not be able to find a woman to marry and will not be able to establish a family. This, we have to acknowledge, is going to be a very serious social problem. "By the year 2020, there are expected to be up to 40 million marriage age men who'll have no one to marry. Experts warn this could cause outbreaks of violence in China and even war for the region.200709/17506。
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