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嘉义市花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养锯缘乌龟采购信息大全养殖方法On the list of life#39;s most important questions, ;What should I eat today; is pretty high up there.在生活中最重要的问题的清单上,;我今天应该吃什么;名列前茅。Even when we have a fridge full of options, trying to decide what to make for dinner is almost as challenging as trying to decide what to watch on Netflix.即使冰箱里有很多食物供我们选择,但是决定晚餐做什么几乎和决定在网飞上看什么一样具有挑战性。But luckily for us, a new app is trying to make that decision much easier.幸运的是,一款新的应用程序正试图使我们更容易做出决定。Meet Just Eat, the U.K.-based food ordering app that will soon be able to your mind - to determine what you should eat based on your current mood.认识一下Just Eat吧,这是一款英国的食品订购应用程序,很快就能够读懂你的想法--根据你目前的心情来确定你应该吃什么。Using a face mapping technology, Just Eat scans your face for different emotions. For instance - the app determines whether you#39;re sad, happy, disgusted, angry, fearful, or surprised.Just Eat使用一种脸部映射技术,扫描你的脸上不同的情绪。例如——该应用程序决定你是否悲伤、快乐、厌恶、愤怒、恐惧或惊讶。Then it suggests foods, based on research from experimental psychologist Charles Spence, PhD, that may be particularly good for you depending on whatever your mood is at that moment.然后基于实验心理学家查尔斯·斯宾塞士的研究,根据你当时的心情,它会为你建议特别适合你的食物。There#39;s a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that your mood has a significant impact on your taste and smell. A reverse of this is also believed to be true - that food can have a number of affects on your mood.有越来越多的据表明,你的心情对你的味觉和嗅觉有很大影响。反之亦然--食物可以对你的心情有很大影响。The app probably isn#39;t going to recommend eating a dozen donuts when you#39;ve got a case of the Mondays.如果你周一吃了十几个甜甜圈,这款应用程序可能不会再建议你这样吃。Instead, it focuses on the ways nutrition can improve your mood, such as telling someone who#39;s feeling stressed to eat foods that contain magnesium (like nuts and dark chocolate) or someone who#39;s feeling excited to eat foods that#39;ll regulate blood sugar levels (like legumes and whole grains). Pretty cool, huh.相反,它关注营养改善心情的方式,例如告诉那些感到压力的人吃含镁的食物(如坚果和黑巧克力)或告诉感觉兴奋的人吃调节血糖水平的食物(如豆类和全谷物),这样很酷。 /201612/485524凹甲陆龟养殖技术方法吃什么 Women who are overweight before becoming pregnant could take years off their baby#39;s life.女性在怀之前体重超标会折损宝宝的寿命。Almost a third of women of child-bearing age are obese or overweight, and their waistlines expand.几乎三分之一的女性在怀宝宝的时候会变得肥胖,腰围也会增大。A study now shows every point increase in a mother#39;s BMI from a healthy level before they fall pregnant can cut the equivalent of 18 months off their child#39;s life expectancy.当前一项研究表明,在怀之前,妈妈的身体质量指数每高出健康水平的一个基点,宝宝的寿命都会相应地折损18个月。The most obese women could rob their baby of 17 years of life, though some time can be regained if they grow up with a healthy lifestyle.最胖的女性能够夺走宝宝17年的寿命,虽然如果他们在成长时有着健康的生活方式,部分时间还是能够弥补回来。The study is published in the journal BMC Medicine and lead author Professor Tim Nawrot said: #39;Our results further proves that high maternal BMI impacts foetal development, which could lead to some diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.#39;这项研究发表在《生物医学中心医学》期刊上,首席作者蒂姆·纳夫罗特教授表示:“我们的研究结果进一步明,母亲较高的身体质量指数能够影响胎儿发育,这会导致一些疾病,例如心脏病和二型糖尿病。”#39;The public health impact of our findings is considerable as in affluent societies about 30 per cent of women of reproductive age are overweight.#39;“我们的研究对公共卫生影响还是相当大的,因为生活在富裕的社会当中,约有30%的产龄女性体重超标。” /201610/474923A pair of Queen Victoria#39;s knickers got collectors in a twist when they sold for a whopping 16,250 pounds at auction. The staggering price tag is believed to be a new world record for a pair of the monarch#39;s undies.维多利亚女王的一条内裤在拍卖会上拍出16250英镑的天价,使收藏家们大为吃惊,这一惊人的价格被认为创造了王室贴身衣物拍卖的世界纪录。The royal underwear had an estimate of just 3,000 pounds but sent bidders into a frenzy and the garment made more than five times that. The sizeable pants are believed to date from the late 1800s, towards the end of the monarch#39;s life.这条皇家内裤曾估价仅3000英镑,但是竞拍者们对其的狂热使得这件衣物的价格飙升到原来的五倍多。这条宽大的内裤可以追溯到19世纪80年代末,当时女王正值晚年。The simple linen underwear may look too plain for royalty, but they were made exclusively for the queen. They bear her emblem - VR, short for Victoria Regina, embroidered beneath a crown.这条简单的亚麻内裤可能对于皇室成员来说看起来太普通了点,但它们都是为女王定制的。上面有她的象征,在王冠的下面绣着—VR,这是维多利亚女王名字的缩写。The number 36 is also stitched beneath the emblem, which is believed to refer to the batch number. Items of Queen Victoria#39;s clothing were often given to members of the royal household, particularly after her death in 1901.在VR下面绣着数字36,被认为指的是编号。维多利亚女王的衣通常被赠与王室成员,特别是1901年她去世之后。The previous record was a pair of cotton drawers that fetched 12,090 pounds at auction in Chippenham, Wilts, in July last year.之前的天价记录是去年7月在威尔特郡奇彭纳姆镇拍卖的一条棉质内裤,拍卖成交价是12090英镑。Nic McElhatton, chairman at Christie#39;s South Kensington salerooms in London, said: ;We have seen pairs of Queen Victoria#39;s underwear come up at auction in the past but I have never had a price like that before.;伦敦嘉士德南肯辛顿拍卖行的主席尼克·麦克海顿表示:;我们之前也拍卖过维多利亚女王的内裤,但是价格从未如此之高。;;We think it#39;s probably a new world record, which is just amazing. Anything connected with royalty always attracts a lot of interest.;;我们认为这可能是一项新的世界纪录,这简直不可思议,与皇室相关的东西总能吸引很多注意。;;Queen Victoria was quite into hygiene so she would have had a pair of drawers like this every day then never used them again.;;维多利亚女王很讲究卫生,像这样的内裤她只穿一天,之后不会再穿第二次。;;When she came to the throne in 1837 she was very slender but these have quite a wide girth so we suspect these come from later in her reign.;;她在1837年登上王位时,还很苗条,但这些内裤很宽,所以我们猜测这些是她统治后期时所穿的。; /201609/468480巧家县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养

扎赉特旗苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养Taking five days to complete a half-marathon may not seem impressive.用五天时间跑完半程马拉松似乎并不让人印象深刻。That is, until you learn the woman who did it is paralyzed from the chest down and 16 weeks pregnant.但是当你获悉这是一名怀16周、胸部以下高位截瘫的妇之后,一切就不一样了。Claire Lomas began the Great North Run in northeast England last Wednesday and finished last Sunday afternoon.克莱尔·洛马斯上周三在英国北部;大北方长跑;比赛中出发,于上周日下午完成了比赛。The 36-year-old Lomas averaged 3 miles a day using a ;bionic suit; that helped her move and lift her legs during the marathon, according to the B.据英国广播公司报道,36岁的洛马斯利用一套;仿生学套装;帮助她在马拉松比赛中抬腿和移动,平均每天可以跑3英里。;It#39;s taken some learning. It#39;s not just physical work, it#39;s the concentration with every step,; she said. ;It doesn#39;t just walk for me. I have to use the parts that aren#39;t paralyzed to make it walk.;她对此表示:;这要学习一段时间。这不仅仅是体力活动,每一步都要集中精力。对我来说不仅仅是行走。我需要运用没有瘫痪的所有部位来让自己动起来。;Lomas was paralyzed from the chest down after a horseback riding accident in 2007.在2007年一次坠马事故之后,洛马斯胸部以下都瘫痪了。Despite the challenges she#39;s faced as a result, Lomas believes people with spinal injuries should stay as active as possible.虽然最后她要面对很多挑战,但是洛马斯认为,有脊椎损伤的人也应该尽可能动起来。;It#39;s good for your health, anyway, whether you are an active person or not,; she told the Guardian.她在接受《卫报》采访时表示:;不管怎样,这都对你的健康有好处,不管你是不是健康人。;Lomas made the walk with the help of a robotic exoskeleton that she purchased after raising around ,000.洛马斯全程的行走都借助一套机械体外骨骼,这套装置是她筹了近66000美元之后购买的。The suit, made by ReWalk Robotics of Israel, uses lightweight braces and a series of sensors so users can rotate joints and control movement with their upper body, according to BT.com.据BT网站报道,该装置由以色列ReWalk机器人公司制造,使用了轻型架和一系列传感器,这样使用者就可以利用上身转动关节、控制行走。This isn#39;t the first time Lomas has competed using the exoskeleton. In 2012, she also walked the London marathon and finished in 16 days, according to Slate.这不是洛马斯第一次借助体外骨骼参加体育比赛了。据;石板书;网站报道,在2012年,洛马斯用16天走完了伦敦马拉松。 /201609/468162固安县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养 佛州甜甜圈龟多少钱一只

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