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If you#39;re about as warm and fuzzy as a cactus, these tips will help you get a little closer to your significant other and show them how much you care.如果你想情侣关系更密切,下面这些小贴士可以帮你跟伴侣之间更近一步,展示你们相互之间多么在意对方。You Will Need你需要Bravery勇敢Kind words温和的语言Romantic message浪漫的信息Plan计划Movie or book电影或书Soft touch温柔的触碰Steps步骤STEP 1 Make eye contact1.进行眼神交流Make eye contact with your partner when you talk to them -- don#39;t be shy. Give them all of your attention to build trust and increase the intimacy in any relationship.跟伴侣说话的时候,进行眼神交流——不要害羞。给他们你所有的注意力,建立信任,这样可以增加任何一段关系的亲密程度。STEP 2 Whisper sweet nothings2.轻声细语Whisper sweet nothings into your partner#39;s ear. Leave a note or two around the house to let them know you#39;re thinking about them -- even when you#39;re not around.在伴侣的耳边轻声细语。在房间里留下一两张便条,让他们知道你在想他们——即使你不在他们身边的时候。A text message or e-mail can be just as romantic, but be wary of who else may be eavesdropping.一条短信或一封电子邮件也同样浪漫,但是要警惕不要被其他人看到了。STEP 3 Set the scene3.制造气氛Set the scene putting away cellphones, turning off the TV, drawing the curtains, and lighting some candles. Make it just about the two of you and the moment.抛开手机,关掉电视,拉上窗帘,点几根蜡烛,制造气氛。让此时此刻成为你们两人私密的空间。STEP 4 Reconnect in your marriage4.重燃婚姻Reconnect over a shared experience, such as cooking dinner together, taking a pottery class, or going to a baseball game.通过共同的经历让爱情更亲密,比如一起煮碗饭,参加陶艺课,或者一起打棒球。Low-key options include cuddling on the couch with a favorite movie and ing a book together.较低调的选择包括一起窝在沙发里看最喜欢的电影,或者一起读一本书。STEP 5 Be open5.敞开心扉Be open and vulnerable to your partner. Share your deepest feelings, including your dreams and fears. This kind of honesty will bring you both closer to one another.向伴侣敞开心扉。分享你内心最深处的感受,包括你的梦想和恐惧。这样的坦诚可以让两人之间更亲近。STEP 6 Touch6.触碰Embrace and hold hands. Physical closeness can inspire emotional closeness. With a little practice, your relationship will become stronger than ever.拥抱,握手。身体接触可以让感情更亲密。通过一点练习,你们的恋情将比以往更加稳固。Swans, gibbons, wolves, and doves all mate for many years -- sometimes for life -- just like humans.天鹅,长臂猿。狼和鸽子结成配偶会持续很长时间,有时甚至是一生,就像人类一样。视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/362621

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Washington University is at the heart of this new science.华盛顿大学致力于这门新兴学科We are rewriting human physiology here!我们将在这里改写人体生理学It#39;s astonishing, you know,令人惊讶的是how simple dietary intervention can really change简单的饮食干预就能轻易地真正改变how the human body works, basically.人体的基本运作方式Professor Luigi Fontana路易吉·冯坦纳教授has spent the last ten years studying a group of people在过去十年中针对who severely calorie restrict every single day.一群每天严格控制热量摄入的人进行了研究And he is astonished by what he#39;s found.他也惊讶于他的发现These people, they look like a different species.这些人看起来像与我们不同的人种- That#39;s quite a big statement, isn#39;t it? - Yes!-这可真是个激进的说法啊 -是的We are finding that我们发现they are going to live longer比起吃典型美式饮食than their parents and brothers或西方饮食的父母和兄弟on the typical American diet, or Western diets.他们将会更加长寿Luigi is clearly impressed,路易吉的说法令人印象深刻so I wanted to meet因此我想亲自拜访one of this new species of human for myself.这种新人类中的一员重点解释:1.a group of 一组; 一群; 一伙例句:A group of protesters gathered outside the firm#39;s office.有些抗议的人聚集在这家商行的办公室外面。2.look like 看上去像;与…相似例句:He looked like a postman but he was really a fake.他看上去像个邮递员,但实际上是假冒的。3.every single day 每一天例句:There#39;s no necessity (for you) to write to your mother every single day.(你)不必每天都给你母亲写信。 Article/201509/398657

And the answer that occurred to me first,我首先想到的是was it looked like another moon peeking out behind lo.它看起来像是从木卫一后方露出来的另一个卫星But when she looked closer she realised it但仔仔观察后她才发现was something completely different.完全不是这么回事When I explored it I was able to find我仔仔研究后才发现that this large strange object,这个巨大的奇怪物体huge plume of a volcanic eruption arising 270 km原来是木卫一表面火山喷发over the surface of lo and raining back down onto it.造成的270公里高的烟流So I had discovered the first ever所以我是第一个在地球以外的地方volcanic eruption ever seen on another world besides the earth.看到火山喷发的人Io#39;s vibrant volcanic activity is caused来自木星的巨大引力by the massive gravitational pull exerted by Jupiter,挤压木卫一,并将它从内部加热which squeezes and heats the moon internally.导致木卫一上的火山活动,特别活络You could actually see by the edge of lo plumes of观察木卫一的边缘会发现what turned out to be sulphur dioxide gas shooting up大量由二氧化硫组成的烟流into space about 100 miles and dropping all this sulphur dioxide喷至一百里的高空snow back on the surface and the whole place is stained red并像雪花般地落回木卫一的表面and yellow with sulphur.整个木卫一被硫磺染得红黄相间It#39;s an incredible place.很不可思议Here was a moon to swoon over.这是个令人着迷的卫星It was far more exciting and exotic than our own boring,它比我们单调、死寂的月球lifeless moon.刺激多了And lo was just the beginning.而且木卫一只是开始Soon another of Jupiter#39;s moons Europa was also wowing scientists.不久之后,木星的另一颗卫星:木卫二也让科学家大为惊艳Europa#39;s surface had no craters.木卫二的表面没有陨石坑Close up it was covered in cracks and canyons.仔看之下会发现其上布满了裂隙与峡谷Europaclearly had a very young surface.木卫二的表面显然非常年轻We could tell that there weren#39;t many large impact craters看得出来它并没有很多大型撞击圆坑and the surface was relatively smooth and, and cracked.表面相对而言十分平滑,上面有裂隙Not chasms going deep down into it不是深入地底的地表裂痕but cracks filled in with something darker.而是充满某种黑色物质的裂隙A recently active surface.其表面近期内曾有过地质活动Looking at it scientists realised it was similar科学家发现木卫二的表面看来十分眼熟to scenes they knew from earth from the poles.因为它跟地球的两极很像Europa was covered in ice.木卫二曾被冰层复盖And because there were no craters they knew因为表面没有坑洞that the ice must have melted and refrozen many times.所以科学家知道冰层一定曾多次融解、结冻And that could mean only one thing:这只有一个意义There had to be liquid water木卫二上曾经存在the crucial ingredient for life on Europa.生命的关键元素,也就是水It got even more exciting when scientists began to speculate科学家开始推测where the heat to melt the ice was coming from.融化冰层的热力来自何处时Again the answer lay within our own planet.情况就更令人兴奋了On the floors of the oceans of the earth,这个问题的也存在地球上scientists had discovered ;black smokers;;科学家在海底发现了所谓的“黑烟囱”volcanic heat sources coming from below the earth#39;s crust,也就是来自地壳下方的火山热源warming the water from below.由下方加热海水Perhaps hot vents like these could exist under Europa#39;s icy crust.也许木卫二的冰层下方也有像这样的热源Scientists could barely contain their excitement科学家兴奋得无法自持liquid water and a volcanic heat source sounded like对许多人来说,液态水和火山热源the kind of conditions that many believe gave birth to life on earth.听起来很像地球上出现生命时的状况 Article/201505/373779

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