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惠阳区人民医院前列腺炎多少钱惠州泌尿科医院哪里比较好Heathrow 'an embarrassment'Heathrow service levels are a "national embarrassment", says international aviation chief Giovanni BisignaniService levels at Heathrow airport are a national embarrassment according to the international aviation chief Giovanni Bisignani. He said that UK regulators should never have allowed the airport to increase charges by a massive 86 percent over the next five years, saying that only happens in monopoly land. Airport authorities insisted the money was needed for modernization, and said pound;4 billion would be reinvested. But it is more bad news for Heathrow bosses, so soon after the Terminal 5 fiascos, Katie Razzall now reports. Heathrow debating isn't exactly new. The airport and its owners BAA were under fire long before the fiasco that marked the opening of Terminal 5 after that, opposition to a third runway and the criticism is loud and fierce. The goal is to raise the bar on safety. Today, the head of the International Air Transport Association added his voice. At the IATA M in Istanbul, Mr. Bisignani dubbed Service levels at London's Heathrow airport a national embarrassment. The heavily indebted British Airport's Authority owns 7 UK airports including Heathrow. And that's the issue, says the head of the parliamentary committee that has recommended BAA be broken up. There is a very real problem with Heathrow. And the major problem appears to be the monopoly ownership of BAA. Now controlling around 90% of flights in the Southeast, there have been many complaints from the airlines and from passengers alike. So is Heathrow all that bad? A rating's website by travelers gives it an average 2.5 out of 5 for everything from punctuality and reserve through layout all the way to the lavatory facilities. Worst scores include Miami international with 2.3 out of 5 and Paris Charles de Gaulle. But above Heathrow, Nairobi's Kenyatta International, Athens, Bogota, New York's JFK, Rome's Fiumicino, Berlin's Tegel, Madrid's Barajas and even Chávez International in Lima amongst many others. Mr. Bisignani today also set his sights on Britain's Civil Aviation Authority, giving it the worst regulator award. His deed based on the CAA's decision to increase the charges airlines pay to use Heathrow over the next five years by 86 percent when service as he says is so poor. A decision that CAA today defended as necessary to pay for modernizations that will benefit passengers. He also represents almost all the world's major airlines. British carriers have been laying into BAA and the CAA for some time. Hardly surprising then the Virgin Atlantic for one were in agreement. It's probably the last nail in the coffin for the regulatory system we have in this country. It is not the right system. It doesn't act in the consumers' interests. It certainly doesn't act in the airlines' interests. And as far as Heathrow is concerned, it doesn't make BAA any better, it doesn't improve standard of service. With rising oil prices aly adding to costs, the airlines say they will pass higher airport charges onto passengers. The government is reviewing airport regulation to ensure travelers aren't being overcharged. Today, BAA told Channel 4 News: BAA is committed to improving services for passengers. Over the next five years BAA will be investing over 4 billion pounds to improve and transform Heathrow's facilities. The vast majority of this will be spent on improving existing terminals and that will mean faster check-in, improved security, better baggage connections, and superior terminal facilities. It may be immaterial, the Competition Commission is investigating the authority. In its interim report in April it said BAA's airport ownership is anti-competitive and it has the power to force a sell-off. Katie Razzall reported...200811/55624惠州友好男科成功案例 Full-time jobs hard to find With unemployment on the rise, some job hunters rely on part-time work to make ends meet Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke this week said it’s possible the U.S. may be heading into a recession. But millions of Americans believe that we are aly there. Why? Because of the job picture, tens of thousands of people have been losing work, last month 80,000 jobs lost. We are here at an employment center in New Jersey, the state of New Jersey. And Over here, people come to try to find work. Here’s a list of demand occupations in New Jersey, nurses, accountants, teachers, these are some areas where there are companies hiring but it's still not very easy. Let’s have a talk over here with one of the job seekers. His name is Wahid, and Wahid is actually a veteran, he served in Iraq. Wahid, what did you do ah, / in Iraq with the army?I was both a solider linguist for one year and then later for about eighteen months a contract/ linguist.And so now you are looking for work once again?Yes, I am looking for a full time job as an Arabic linguist.I would think that’s a very in-demand position?That’s absolutely right, but most of those positions has to do with money that is allocated by Uncle Sam. So when the money becomes available that’s when I can get the job.But to find something with a private company, you haven’t found a full-time position?I am doing part time translation jobs, till I get the part time, till I get the translation job that will elevate my career.And is that providing enough money or you are doing something else as well?Actually the main income that I have right now is from day trading, because you can not really tell when the money will be allocated for those jobs. So I have to day trade and then do some, few, of few jobs for translation to the market of ....Day trading in stocks?Day trading in stocks…Tough right now,Very tough very risky, but I need at least five hours a day to be able to choose the stocks I buy.Very well, well, good luck with that, Wahid. As you can see this is an economy that it is very difficult for people to find employment, Wahid / even turning to day trading in order to provide income in a very tough market. Tough market not only for employment but also for stock traders as well. For CNN money.com, I am Allen Chernoff.01/60900Japan's first lady tells of home lifeHe lacks dress sense, can't cook to save his life and badly flunked delivering his first policy speech. Meet Japan's new Prime Minister Naoto Kan - as seen by his wife.These and other domestic insights are revealed in a new book by the woman Kan has called his "opposition in the home", entitled What on Earth will change in Japan after you become prime minister?Japan's unconventional first lady, Nobuko, pulls few punches in the book about her husband of four decades, who took over in early June as prime minister of the world's No 2 economy."I wonder - 'Is it okay that this man is prime minister?' - because I know him well," the 64-year-old muses in the book released this week but written before Kan's party's recent upper house election drubbing."Many people in the current political world are lightweights. Things may turn out like this if you choose from among them."Happy to break with the stereotype of the demure wife, sharp-tongued Nobuko relishes the role of Kan's toughest critic and famously spars with him over everything from household chores to tax reform.She said that her image of a Japanese prime minister was closer to that of an elder statesman like Yasuhiro Nakasone, now 92, who served as a contemporary of then-US president Ronald Reagan for five years in the 1980s."Kan likes to be in the field ... I believe he is best suited to giving directions on the spot in support of somebody else," she said of her husband, a former civil rights activist and most recently Japan's deputy premier.Kan is a good speaker in the street, she said, but "worse at ing prepared scripts"."Even as a family member, I could not give him even a passing grade for his delivery of a policy speech, or for the question-and-answer sessions after he became prime minister."She also revealed Kan has "no interest in fashion at all" and cannot cook even simple meals "because of the bad education by me and his mother".Vocabulary:pull few punches: to act with restraint or hold back the full force or implications of something(毫不客气,不留情面。pull punches则表示“手下留情”。)drub: to defeat decisively(打败,彻底击败)lightweight: a person who is of little influence, importance, or effect(轻重量级选手,不能胜任者)demure: characterized by shyness and modesty; reserved(端庄的)spar: to bandy words; dispute(多指在友好气氛中辩论,争论)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109800惠州那家医院看坐骨神经最好

惠州市人民医院北院男科预约US Weekly's editor Janice Min is here to share some of the magazine's exclusive details of the Vince-Jen engagement. Janice, good morning.Good morning.They are nice people, we like those people, but how do you know they are engaged?Well, like any bride and any groom, eventually you do tell the news to some people. This engagement happened, ah, more than 6 weeks ago. So, it took a while for them, for news to trickle out. Uh, but, uh but...One source? Multiple sources?Uh, multiple one and one very, very good one.Very good source. Okay, (umm hmm) so, it's in fact that it is true. I noticed one thing. We, we have not actually seen pictures of an engagement ring. There seems (Right) to be a kind of wish. Ah, if it is true on behalf of this couple to kind of keep this thing low-key?Right, absolutely you have to look at Jen and Vince's history. This is a couple who hasn't confirmed they are dating, who barely even confirms they know each other. Ah, they, theytake great pains to not show affection in public.But is it to some degree because, you know, Jen sort of went through a very difficult time. I, I say Jen is Jennifer, ah, went through a very difficult time, you know, with her divorce and went very publicly which is sort of really difficult for anyone.Ah, what we know is that she does not wanna enter another one of these golden couple situations for she's held to such a high standard that everyone wants to know everything about them, wants to know about every last detail. It was very painful for her what she went through and ah, she's just a regular girl in many ways. She's, she's someone who genuinely is not one of these celebrities who says you know, don't pay attention to me but why aren't you paying attention to me.Meantime, you do have some details about the engagement itself. When did it happen?The, the engagement happened on June 27th, ah,Jen and Vince had spent 9 days in Mexico at a, at a 25-million-dollar estate north of Puerto Vallarta. Ah, then when they were flying home, they would be, had a private Gulfstream jet bringing them back to Los Angeles and Vince had the ring and he got down on one knee and proposed and Jennifer said yes on the flight.They seem like er, they seem like they are really made for each other, I mean, he's, he's a lovable funny man, she is America's sweetheart. I mean, they just...what do we know about their relationship?What, what's great about their relationship is that Jen, remember, she was with really the sexiest man in America with Brad Pitt and she has now gone.I think, I think this is pretty hard.A lot of women do. And a lot of, what makes Vince so appealing is that he's funny. He is,ah, women love to laugh and friends.. one of, one of Vince Vaughn's close friends Billy Deck told us that dah..that this is just what Jen needed, she needed someone to make her laugh after everything she went through.A lot of eh, what she went through was this big debate about whether or not she delayed having kids and whether that contributed to this, the breakup of her marriage with Brad Pitt, I mean, what's, what do we know or not, maybe what we shouldn't know about that in terms of do you think that kids are in the future for this couple?Oh, ah, Christina Milian who was one of Vince's co-stars in Be Cool. She told us that she hopes that the two of them would make beautiful babies together and that that seems to be on their agenda.Oh, Janice thank you so much, I mean, you know, if it's true, we wish them luck, I mean, I think everybody is rooting for them. (Absolutely) Thank you so much (Thank you) this morning.200810/52106惠州包皮过长手术价格 Improved Signs on US Job Losses, Retail Sales数据显示美劳工市场恶化速度变缓 U.S. markets posted early gains after modestly encouraging signs concerning employment and retail sales.星期四公布的一些经济数据还算不错,美国金融市场受到鼓舞而止跌反弹。The U.S. Labor Department says 24,000 fewer Americans filed initial jobless claims last week than the previous week. The number of newly-idled workers, 601,000, was below most analysts' expectations. The four-week average of initial unemployment claims is also down from a month ago, although well above the levels seen in May and June of last year.美国劳动部说,上周和之前一周相比,初次申请失业补助的人数减少了2万4千人。新增失业人数为60万1千人,低于绝大多数分析人士的预期。首次申请失业补贴的4周平均人数也比上个月有所下降,尽管仍然高于去年5、6月份的同期水平。The number of Americans claiming unemployment benefits now exceeds 6.8 million, the highest number ever recorded.现在,申请失业救济金的总人数超过了680万,达到历史最高水平。PNC Financial Services Group chief-economist Stuart Hoffman says the U.S. labor market continues to deteriorate, but at a slower pace than a few months ago:PNC金融务集团的首席经济学家斯徒亚特.霍夫曼说,美国劳动力市场仍在继续恶化,只是和几个月前相比,恶化的速度变缓而已。"I do not think it means we are going to see job growth in June or July," said Stuart Hoffman. "I think it means the rate of decline in the economy, which during late last year and the first quarter of this year was like a free-fall, is definitely slowing down.他说:“我不认为这表示我们在6月和7月可以看到工作机会增加。我认为,这表示,经过去年年底和今年第一季度自由落体式的经济下滑后,现在经济衰退的速度绝对是放慢了。”Meanwhile, U.S. retail sales rose 0.5 percent in May, fueled by increasing traffic at auto dealerships and gasoline stations. It was the first retail sales boost in the last three months. The Commerce Department also reports businesses continued to cut inventories for an eighth consecutive month to match soft demand for products.同时,由于汽车和汽油的销量增加,美国5月份的零售额提高了0.5个百分点。这是过去3个月以来,零售业首次迎来增长。商业部还报告说,商业部门连续第8个月削减存货来应对疲软的市场需求。No one is predicting an immediate end to America's protracted recession, which began in late 2007. But PNC's Stuart Hoffman thinks a turnaround could occur by the end of .没人会预测美国这次从2007年底开始的漫长的经济衰退能很快结束。但是霍夫曼说,转机将出现在年底。"We are looking at the end of this recession, probably, by the fourth quarter of this year," he said. "So, to me, these [positive indicators] are the signs that say the end [of the downturn] is near."他说:“我们认为,衰退可能会在今年第4季度停止。所以,我认为,那些积极的迹象表明,转机越来越近了。”Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told reporters an eventual economic recovery will be slow to build momentum, with the likelihood that job losses will linger after the economy begins to grow.上周,美联储主席伯南克告诉记者说,最终的经济复苏需要一段时间积蓄力量。很可能失业的情况在经济增长的初期还会存在。06/74015惠城区人民男科医院男科挂号

惠州市友好泌尿专科男科专家The Satsop nuclear plant in western Washington State never generated a kilowatt of electricity. The cavernous and windowless nuclear reactor building has gone begging for commercial tenants for years. And it finally has one.位于华盛顿州西部的萨特索普核电站从来没有发过1瓦电。多年来,这座象洞穴一样、没有一扇窗户的核电站一直在招商。如今,他们终于如愿以偿了。Audio engineer Ron Sauro saw nothing but possibilities when he caught sight of the twin cooling towers looming over the forest near Elma, Washington. Sauro and his wife, Bonnie, run NWAA Labs, a small acoustic testing business. They were looking for a place with splendid isolation to open a state-of-the-art acoustic testing lab.在华盛顿州爱尔玛市附近的森林中,两座冷却塔高高矗立着。很多开车经过此地的人们可能会琢磨:我什么时候可以搬进去?但这正是音响工程师罗恩·索罗脑海中的念头。索罗和妻子邦尼经营一个小型音响测试公司。他们一直在寻找一个足够隐蔽的地点,用来建一个测试最新型音响设备的实验室。"When we normally build these kinds of laboratories, we usually build them underground or in the side of a mountain in order to be able to stabilize their environment," he says, adding that the Satsop nuclear project site is a much cheaper alternative. 索罗说:“通常,如果我们需要建造这类实验室,我们要么建在地下或者在大山边上,因为这样才能有一个稳定的环境。”索罗表示,萨特索普核电站是一个价格便宜得多的地方。The reactor building was almost finished when construction stopped in the early 1980's. The utility consortium backing the project discovered it had overestimated future electricity demand. Also, public opinion turned against nuclear energy after a 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island power plant in Pennsylvania. 这栋建筑在1980年代早期停止施工的时候,工程已经进入尾声。那时,持这个项目的电力工作人员会发现,他们高估了未来对电力的需求。另外,1979年宾夕法尼亚州三里岛核电站发生事故之后,公众对核能的态度发生了180度的大转变。201101/123849 Better busy than doing nothing, scientist provesThe secret to happiness is keeping busy, research has found.Keeping the mind occupied with tasks - no matter how meaningless - staves off negative emotions, the study found.However, the bad news is that humans seem hard-wired to be lazy in order to save energy, according to Professor Christopher Hsee, a behavioural scientist at Chicago University.In a study 98 students were asked to complete two surveys. After they had completed the first they were made to wait 15 minutes to receive the next one.They were given a choice of either handing in the first survey nearby or at a more distant location they had to walk to. Whichever option they chose, they received a chocolate bar.Two-thirds (68 per cent) chose the lazy option.Those who had taken the walk reported feeling happier than those who had stayed put.Prof Hsee concluded keeping busy helped keep people happy.He said the findings, reported in the journal Psychological Science, had policy implications."Governments may increase the happiness of idle citizens by having them build bridges that are actually useless", he proposed.At the individidual level, he advised: "Get up and do something. Anything. Even if there really is no point to what you are doing, you will feel better for it."He added: "Incidentally, thinking deeply or engaging in self-reflection counts as keeping busy, too."You do not need to be running around, – you just need to be engaged, either physically or mentally."Vocabulary:stave off: succeed in stopping sth. bad happening for a while(暂时挡住,避开)hard-wired: 深植于脑中的incidentally: 顺便提一句背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110549惠州市第一人民医院男科大夫广东惠州治疗前列腺炎多少钱



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