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Some women who achieve highly enough to get into Oxford University would suffer self-doubt, according to the statistics of the university#39;s careers service.根据牛津大学就业务中心的统计资料显示,那些能考进牛津大学的优秀女性有些竟然也会产生自我怀疑的问题。They found that while men and women were equally academically able, a significant number of women were shying away from jobs in sectors such as banking and management consultancy fearing they would not be successful at them. Instead, they entered careers in areas perceived as more woman-friendly such as teaching, publishing and marketing.他们发现,当男性和女性在学业上同等优异时,很大一部分女性却会因为畏惧而放弃和管理咨询这些领域的工作,因为她们害怕自己无法胜任。相反,她们更愿意从事一些对女性更加友好的工作——如教学、出版和销售。In addition, women were earning less on leaving Oxford than their male counterparts, partly because they were more likely to take lower-paid jobs, but also because they were far less likely to negotiate their first salaries.另外,从牛津大学毕业的女性薪资也比她们的男同学要少,一部分原因是她们更倾向于选择薪资低的工作,还有一部分原因是她们不想和上司商议自己的第一份薪水。Sue Hewitt says society probably still expects women to be more modest than men, and that women instinctively want to be liked, so they avoid doing anything that will risk alienating others.苏·休伊特说,可能社会仍然希望女性比男性谦虚低调,这种观念使女性从本能上想得身边人的喜爱,所以她们不愿意做一些可能会与别人疏远的工作。Anni Townsend believes confidence is affected by how females are treated while growing up.安妮·汤森德认为,女性在成长过程中得到的对待影响了她们的自信。;There are women who have told me that no matter how well they did at school, they were never good enough for their parents,; she says. ;As a result they never felt successful. Society#39; focus on the way women look can also stop us pushing ourselves forward.;“有女性跟我说,无论她们在学校成绩多好,父母的标准永远高于她们成绩之上,”安妮说。“结果,这些女性从不觉得自己成功。另外,社会对于女性外貌的关注也会阻碍女性前进的步伐。”A recent research says: ;A woman#39;s looks are often the number one factor by which she is judged to be worth something, as opposed to her intellect. When a woman is running for the presidency, comments about her appearance will be graffitied on her posters.;一项最近的研究显示:“女性的外貌通常是判断其能否胜任某一工作的第一指标,相反她的能力却不是第一位的。如果女性要竞选总统,那么海报上则会大肆出现对于她外貌的。” /201206/186612。

In the past few years, a new trend has been gaining popularity in China: pregnant women should wear radiation-proof clothes once they have a baby. However, scientists said these suits could be doing more harm than good.近年来,在中国国内,妇们穿防辐射的趋势蔚然成风。然而,科学家表示,穿着这些防护有时候弊大于利。Last Sunday, a CCTV program exposed that these radiation-proof clothes do not protect people from daily doses of radiation. An experiment carried out at a national leading electronic test center showed that the radiation absorption by a person wearing a radiation suit is much higher than a person without one.央视在上周日的节目中披露,防辐射其实并不能对人们受到的日常辐射起到多少防护作用。一家国内顶尖的电子检测实验室对防辐射进行了检测,结果明,穿着防护的人所吸收的辐射量反而高于未穿防护的人。A separate experiment showed that a radiation-proof suit only protects you where you#39;re covered, so radiation can still reach the body via the ends of sleeves, neckline, etc.一项独立的实验实,防辐射只能保护覆盖住的身体部位,而辐射波仍然会从衣的袖口、领口等缝隙射入。The radiation that can squeezes inside the radiation clothes gets trapped inside, accelerating absorption through the skin. Like a greenhouse, the intensity of the radiation underneath the clothes is thus increased as radiation waves bounce back and forth between skin and clothing. Without these radiation clothes, normal skin can actually reflect most radiation away from the body, absorbing only a small amount.由缝隙进入防护内部的辐射波无法反射出去,就会更快地被皮肤所吸收。这就像温室的原理一样,辐射波在皮肤和防辐射之间进行多次反射后交会叠加,反而增大了防护内的辐射强度。而如果不穿防护,正常情况下,人的皮肤能够将大部分的辐射都反射出去,只有很小的剂量会被人体吸收。Dr. Chen Qingsong, an expert on electromagnetic radiation at Guangdong Prevision and Treatment Center for Occupational Hygiene, said that electromagnetic radiation that is seen in our daily lives has a very small impact on human health.广东省职业病防治院的陈青松士是研究电磁辐射方面的专家。他介绍说,日常生活中的电磁辐射对人体的影响是微乎其微的。;National standards for electromagnetic radiation from home appliances has been set up in 1988 with a top limit of 12 volt/meter, which is far less than a western standard,; said Chen. ;If a TV, a computer, a micro-wave oven and a hairdryer are turned on at the same time, their combined radiation is still harmless to human health.;陈青松说:;我国在1988年就制定了家用电器的电磁辐射标准,规定的上限为12伏每米,远低于欧美等国家的标准。无论是电脑、电视、微波炉,还是电吹风,即使把它们全开了,叠加起来的电磁辐射对人体也不会构成伤害。;Dr. Cheng Aiping at Zhejiang Provincial People#39;s Hospital suggests that people should not use computers or mobile phones for long periods. She also recommends washing one#39;s face after using a computer, and keeping fresh air circulating inside a room. ;These measures are far more important than wearing a radiation suit,; said Cheng.浙江省人民医院的程爱萍医生建议准妈妈,打手机和用电脑的时间不要过长;使用电脑后,要及时用清水洗脸;要注意室内通风。她说:;这些措施比穿防辐射更重要。;Chen Feng, a scientist from a laboratory recommended by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct the experiments, said the garments proved effective in blocking 90 percent of electromagnetic waves coming from in front of the body -- from computers, for example -- but failed to protect people from radiation from any other direction.本次负责防护检测的实验室是由中科院所推荐的。该实验室的工程师陈峰表示,实验明,如果电脑等辐射源处于身体正前方,那么防辐射能够有效屏蔽90%的电磁辐射;然而,对于来自其他方向的辐射,防辐射却起不到良好的防护作用。;When the electromagnetic waves get inside the garment from other directions, there would be no outlets for them to be dispersed. You are actually exposed to a higher level of radiation influence (compared to others who don#39;t wear such clothes),; Chen told the TV program.陈峰在央视节目中介绍说:;当电磁辐射由其他方向进入防护内,辐射波无法反射出去;于是(与不穿防护的人相比),穿着防辐射的人反而会受到更高强度的电磁辐射。;However, in contrast to these findings, many maternity clothing producers claim their products are able to block 99.99 percent of radiation waves from electronic devices.然而,商家的说法却截然不同。许多妇制造商宣称,他们的产品能够抵挡99.99%的电子产品辐射。Despite decade-long growth and a prosperous market, China currently has no industry standard for such so-called protective clothing.这些所谓的防护已经存在了近十年,市场需求也很大;尽管如此,我国目前还没有出台相关的行业标准。 /201112/165818。

Koxinga (traditional Chinese: 國姓爺; pinyin: Guóxìngyé; Wade-Giles: Kuo-hsing-yeh; Pe#781;h-oē-jī: Kok-sèng-iacirc;/Kok-sì#8319;-iacirc;; Lord with the Imperial Surname) is the traditional Western spelling[9] of the popular appellation of Zheng Chenggong (traditional Chinese: 鄭成功; pinyin: Zhèng Chénggōng; Wade-Giles: Cheng Ch'eng-kung; Pe#781;h-oē-jī: Tē#8319; Sêng-kong) (1624 - 1662). He was a Ming loyalist and military leader during the Southern Ming Dynasty who opposed the Manchu-ruled Qing Dynasty. Zheng led a military campaign on Taiwan and became the leader of the first ethnically Chinese state to rule the island after defeating its previous European rulers, the Dutch, in 1662. Zheng's Taiwan was meant to serve as a military base of operations for subsequent campaigns against the Manchus after the Southern Ming forces were forced to retreat from southern Fujian.郑成功(1624年-1662年),明清之际民族英雄,我国历史上著名的军事家、政治家。本名森,幼名福松,字明俨,号大木,汉族,福建省南安市石井镇人。于公元1624年8月27日诞生,史书记载他“少年聪敏,英勇有为”。11岁时就已是聪明过人,写 过一文:《小子当洒扫应对进退》,其文中这么说道:汤武之征诛,一洒扫也;尧舜之揖让,一进退应对也。其师为之赞不绝口。  郑成功的父亲郑芝龙一位海盗出身的明朝将领,母亲为日本人,叫做田川氏。其出生于日本九州平户藩,祖籍河南省固始县汪棚乡邓大庙村。弘光时监生,明绍宗赐姓朱、并封忠孝伯,这也就是他俗称“国姓爷”的由来。清兵入闽,其父郑芝龙迎降,他哭谏不听,起兵抗清。后与张煌言联师北伐,震动东南。明隆武二年(1646年)二月,隆武帝(明唐王朱聿键)移驻延平府。三月,郑成功在延平向隆武帝“条陈”:“据险控扼、拣将进取、航船合攻、通洋裕国”(后人称之为“延平条陈”),被隆武帝叹为奇策,封郑成功为“忠孝伯”,赐尚方剑,挂“招讨大将军”印。在延平设军事指挥部、水师训练基地,巡守南平闽浙赣边关。八月下旬,郑成功辞别隆武帝,在延平闽江与清军战斗,“交锋不利,率师南下”。“遂密带一旅遁金门”,以“招讨大将军”之名举义旗于金、厦沿海一带。?永历七年(1653年),隆武帝封郑成功为“延平公”。永历十二年(1658年)正月,郑成功被明永历帝晋封为“延平郡王”,后人亦称郑成功为郑延平。康熙元年(1662年)便率将士数万人,自厦门出发,于台湾禾寮港登陆,击败荷兰殖民者,收复台湾,又建设台湾,更使他彪炳千古,青史留名。但当时台湾因为处于热带再加上卫生条件比较差,郑成功到了台湾没多久就染上了疫病,并于1662年6月23日(农历五月初八)病逝,在世38年 /201002/95925。

The share of UK homes being purchased entirely with cash has risen to a record high of more than a third, underscoring the two-speed housing recovery and casting doubt on fears of a new debt-fuelled bubble. 英国全款买房的比例已达到超过三分之一的创纪录水平,凸显房产市场的双速复苏,并给有关债务催生新泡沫的担忧带来问号。 The revelations, which come in the week that UK house prices surpassed their 2008 peak, complicates the picture for policy makers debating whether a rebound poses a systemic risk to the economy. 本周有报道称,英国房价已超过2008年峰值。在此之际,上述披露令政策制定者面对更复杂的局面,他们正就房价反弹是否对英国经济构成系统性风险展开辩论。 A comprehensive study of residential property transactions, compiled for the Financial Times by Savills and Hometrack, shows that #163;83bn of houses were bought without debt in the last year, out of a total #163;237bn of deals. 英国地产经纪公司第一太平戴维斯(Savills)和房地产研究机构Hometrack为英国《金融时报》编纂的住房物业交易研究显示,过去一年里全款购买的住房总额达830亿英镑,而交易总额为2370亿英镑。 That means cash-only purchases account for 35 per cent of sales by value compared with between 10 per cent and 15 per cent in the years before the financial crisis, underscoring the declining role of mortgage finance. 这意味着全款购买占销售总值的35%,金融危机之前的几年里,该比例为10%至15%,凸显抵押贷款融资所扮演的角色下降。 The total amount of equity-funded expenditure, including mortgage deposits and cash, now stands at 62 per cent, far higher than the historical average of below 50 per cent. 股权出的总额(包括抵押贷款首付及现金)目前达62%,远高于历史平均(不到50%)。 The trend is being driven by London, where #163;9bn of cash has been spent on property in the past three months alone, much of it by foreign buyers from Singapore, China and Hong Kong. British investors are also attracted by the relatively high rental yields compared with ultra-slim savings rates at banks. 这一趋势以伦敦为首,仅在过去三个月里,投入伦敦房地产的现金出就达90亿英镑,其中有很大一部分来自国外买家,包括新加坡、中国内地和香港。面对超低储蓄利率的英国投资者,也被相对较高的房租收益率吸引。 /201309/258223。

佩林体 奥巴马乱或成2011年热门词汇 "Palinism" and "Obama-mess" are likely to be among the top global words of 2011, as the ed States gears upfor its next presidential elections, according to a language monitoring group.  根据全球语言监测机构的最新预测,随着美国为下届总统大选热身,“佩林体”和“奥巴马乱”有望成为2011年热门词汇。  The coming year will also likely be commonly deemed "Twenty-Eleven" as the English-speaking world moves away from disagreement over how to pronounce the first years of the decade, the Global Language Monitor said on Monday.  全球语言监测机构本周一表示,由于英语国家统一了本个时代中头几年的读法,明年的英文读法可能会被公认为“二十十一”。  But the "great recession" is expected to hang around in 2011 as a well-used term while the world economy struggles to right itself.  但由于世界经济持续低迷,“大衰退”一词仍将在2011年热词榜上挥之不去。  "Palinism" has been around for a couple of years, used mostly to coinmalapropismsfrom Tea Partyfavorite Sarah Palin, including her 2010 conflation"refudiate".  “佩林体”已经存在好几年了,大多用来指茶党最爱的莎拉 佩林用词错误而自创的新词,比如2010年她(把“拒绝”和“驳回”两词合在一起)生造的新词“拒驳(refudiate)”。  According to the UrbanDictionary.com, "Palinism" is also sometimes defined as "other illogical stream of conscious meanderingsuttered by Sarah Palin."  网站认为,“佩林体”有时也指“佩林故意编造的其它不合逻辑的弯弯绕”。  Palin, who ran unsuccessfully for vice-president in 2008 as a Republican and is now a conservative political activist, best-selling author and TV star, is pondering whether to run for US president in 2012.  尽管在2008年作为共和党候选人竞选副总统落败,但现在身兼保守派政治活动家、畅销书作家以及电视明星“数职”的佩林目前还未决定是否参加2012年总统大选。  Global Language Monitor president Paul JJ Payack said Americans were thus likely to see and hear more of Palin in 2011, adding that "the media needs an heir to 'Bushisms' and Sarah Palin is the candidate of choice here."  全球语言监测机构主席保罗 JJ 帕亚克认为,正因为如此,美国公众在2011年才更愿意见到佩林抛头露面。他补充称,“媒体急需‘布什体’的接班人,而莎拉 佩林正是最佳人选”。  Payack said that "Obama-mess" is expected to be big in 2011. "If (President Barack) Obamaregains his magic, he escaped his Obama-mess; if his rating sinks further, he continues to be engulfed by it."  帕亚克表示,“奥巴马乱”很有可能在来年大热,“如果奥巴马总统可以重现魔力,他就能从‘奥巴马乱’中脱身;但如果持率持续下滑,那‘奥巴马乱’就要一乱到底了。”  The Texas-based Global Language Monitor has gathered the Top 10 words at the end of each year since 2000, according to citations in the media and on the Internet from throughout the English-speaking world.  全球语言监测机构总部位于美国德州,自2000年以来每年年末都会根据英语国家中媒体和网络上的单词曝光率,总结当年十大热门词汇。 /201012/120250。

On 9th July, 1971, Henry Kissinger, Secretary of the States in US, set up his secret trip to China.This trip was to pave the way for the later Nixon's visit to China,which turned to be a historical event in the history of Sino-American Relations. 1971年7月9-11日,美国总统国家安全事务助理基辛格秘密访华,为尼克松访华做准备工作并进行必要的安排,成为中美建交重要的历史时刻。。

Edison Arantes do Nascimento , (born, Três Coraccedil;otilde;es, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 23 October 1940), best known by his nickname Pelé (Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation: [pe#712;l#603;], usual English pronunciation: /#712;p#603;le#618;/) is a Brazilian football player. He was given the title "Athlete of the Century" by the International Olympic Committee. In 1999 Time Magazine named Pelé one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century. While his birth certificate shows his first name as Edison, he prefers to call himself Edson, but it is as Pelé that he has become a sporting legend.爱迪生·阿兰特斯·多·纳西门托,(1940年10月23日出生于巴西米纳斯吉拉斯的特雷斯科拉松伊斯),绰号贝利(巴西葡萄牙语发音:[pe#712;l#603;], 通常的英语发音:/[p#603;le#618;/)是巴西足球运动员。他被国际奥林匹克委员会授予“世纪运动员”的称号。 1999年贝利被时代杂志评为20世纪最重要100名人物之一。虽然他的出生显示的名字是爱迪生,他更喜欢称自己埃德森,但贝利这个名字已经成为一个体育传奇。 /200910/87466。