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A: Hey, I was wondering about the ad you have.B: What ad are you referring to?A: I’m calling about the ad a new roommate.B: Oh, yeah. Were you interested in being a roommate of mine?A: I actually would like to be your new roommate.B: That’s great. Would you like to meet me sometime today?A: Tell me where, and I’ll be there.B: Let’s meet at Starbucks at 5:30.A: Starbucks at 5:30 will be fine.B: I’ll fill you in on all the details when we get together.A: All right, that sounds great.B: I’ll see you at Starbucks.。

A: I'm taking a date to a restaurant, so could you please direct me to a good one?B: But of course! How much are you thinking of spending on dinner?A: She deserves nothing but the best, of course.B: In that case, I would suggest our own hotel restaurant. The chef, the food, and the service are outstanding.A: I promised her I would take her out to a restaurant. Do you have another one in mind?B: You can always go to Gramercy Tavern. It's quite popular, despite its expensive entrees. A: Great food and lots of patrons? What more could I want? Please reserve a table me.B: Yes, sir. You're going to have a great time. 01。

Shopping Budget 购物预算A: What are you working on?你在做什么?B: Im figuring out my budget.我在计算预算A: What budget?什么预算?B: Im making a shopping budget, so that I dont spend too much money.我计算购物预算,这样的话就不会花没有必要的钱A: How much money can you spend?你能花多少钱?B: I can only spend 0 a month.一个月我只能花300美元A: Why only 0?为什么只能花300美元?B: I need to save the rest.我要节省剩下的钱A: what?为什么?B: I need to pay my bills.我要付自己的账单A: Your budget is a good idea.你的预算是个好主意B: I know. It going to save me a lot of money, I hope.我知道我希望,能节省我更多的钱 18。

Meilun and Meihuan, two Chinese pandas born in the U.S., are gradually getting used to life back in China.两只美国出生的大熊猫“美轮”、“美奂”正渐渐习惯回国后的生活However, they have not shed all their old habits; they still prefer American crackers to Chinese b, and know English better than Chinese.但是这两只小家伙还没有摆脱所有的旧习惯;它们更喜欢美国的饼干而不是中国的面包,而且了解英语要比中文更好The pandas arrived at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on Nov. 5. Meilun is very lively, often jumping onto the roof and hanging upside down from a rail.月5日,两只大熊猫抵达了成都大熊猫繁育研究基地美轮非常活泼,经常跳到屋顶上、在栏杆上倒挂着身子Unlike her elder sister, Meihuan is much calmer. She prefers to sit still and observe her new environment, occasionally snacking on bamboo.和自己的不同,美奂则要文静得多它喜欢静静地坐着、打量自己的新家,偶尔小啜一点竹子Pandas are shy with strangers and need company, explained Luo Yunhong, a breeder at the panda base.据基地一名名叫罗云红的饲养员表示,熊猫们看到陌生人时都非常害羞,需要有人陪Luo main worry about the pandas transition is that they both love American crackers so much that everything they eat - from bamboo to apples and even water - must be mixed with the crackers.罗云红对美轮美奂的改变最担心的一点就是它们太喜欢美国饼干了,以至于他们吃的每一样东西--从竹子到苹果、甚至是水--都要混一些这种饼干To help them get used to food in China, Luo has been gradually replacing the crackers with Chinese b.为帮助它们习惯中国食物,罗云红渐渐用中国的面包来替换这些美国的饼干Another problem is that Meilun and Meihuan cannot understand Sichuan dialect; only hearing their names can make them raise their heads. In contrast, they react to a number of basic words in English, such as ;Come here;.另外一个问题就是美轮美奂两不懂四川方言,只有在听到自己名字的时候才会有反应抬起头相反,它们对一些基本的英文有反应,比如“过来”Luo has been recording their stool samples and body temperatures every day, as well as providing daily updates to the Exit-Entry and Quarantine Bureau of Chengdu.罗云红每天都在记录美轮美奂的粪便样本和体温,并向成都出入境检验检疫局提供每日的数据According to the officer, the sisters are gradually getting used to their new lives.据该部门表示,美轮美奂两正逐渐习惯它们的新生活 1895。

第一句:Do you meet us near the gate or in the square?你是在门口附近还是在广场接我们?A: It 9: now. Let stop here a while. Please come back at 9: 0.现在是9: 我们在这停一会儿请于9:0回来B: Do you meet us near the gate or in the square?你是在门口附近还是在广场接我们?第二句:I got to take my watch with me.我忘记带表了A: I’m so sorry. I got to take my watch with me. Am I late?实在抱歉,我忘记带表了,我来晚了吗?B: Dont worry. The coach will wait you.别担心,大巴会等你的照了许多照片吗? 其他表达:在大巴上时,导游会提醒游客核对时间,Please check your watch.请核对一下时间游客应该弄清集合的时间和地点,可以说:When and where will we meet again?我们于什么时候什么地点再次集合? 18739。

A:Doctor Johnson office.约翰逊大夫诊所B:Hello.My name is Mr.Chen.Id like an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible.喂,我姓陈,我想尽快预约大夫A:Have you been here bee?你以前来过这里吗?B:No,I havent.Ive just moved here from Taiwan.不,我没有来过,我刚从台湾迁来的A:I see.And what the matter?我知道,有什么事吗?B:I have a fever and diarrhea.我有点发烧和泻肚子A:Can you come in this afternoon at 3:30?你能在今天下午3点30分来吗?B:Yes,I can.是的,我可以来A:And do you have any medical insurance?你有什么健康保险吗?B:No,I dont.不,我没有A:In that case Ill have to ask you to pay .00 the office call today.如果是这样,我就要你付今天的诊断费58美元B:That fine.Ill see you at 3:30.那很好,在3点半见A:Thank you,Mr.Chen.Goodbye.谢谢你,陈先生,再见B:Goodbye.再见 66。

A: Im about to run out of business cards. I need some new ones.我的名片用完了我需要一些新的B: We can print as many as you like. Just tell me how many.你想印多少,我们就能印多少告诉我你要印多少A: Two thousand should get me through the year.两千张就够用一年了B: Here a m to get you started.你先填一下表格A: My old card is perfect, so all I want you to do is copy it exactly.我的旧的名片很完美,所以我需要的就是和原来的名片一模一样的B: I think youll be very pleased with how well we duplicate your old card.我相信你会对我们的印制的名片很满意的A: ...Here you go: your m, and my old business card.;;给你:你的表格,你的旧名片B: Thanks. Come back here next Wednesday to pick up your order, please.谢谢下周三请来拿你的名片A: Im sorry, but can you give me a three-day turnaround?对不起,但是三天能做好来拿吗?B: If you dont mind paying a little extra, it absolutely no problem.如果你多付点,一定没有问题 8959。