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Your friends#39; lives may look more exciting than yours on Facebook, but new research reveals that is because they are faking it.在脸书上你朋友们的生活可能看起来比你的更滋润,但一项新研究发现那是因为他们假装的而已。A recent survey has found around two-thirds of people on social media post images to their profiles to make their lives seem more adventurous. And more than three quarters of those asked said they judged their peers based on what they saw on their Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook profiles.最近一项研究发现,约2/3的人在社交媒体上Po图到自己的帐户上让自己的生活看起来更多元化。超过四分之三的受访者称,他们是根据朋友们在Instagram,Snapchat或脸书主页上所看到的判断同龄人过得如何。The British survey, by smartphone maker HTC, found that, in order to make our own pages and lives appear more exciting, six per cent also said they had borrowed items to include in the images in order to pass them off as their own.手机制造商HTC在英国的调查发现,为了让自己的页面和生活看起来更刺激,6%的人还称他们会借一些东西放在照片上,假装这些东西是自己的然后把照片发出去。More than half of those surveyed said they posted images of items and places purely to cause jealousy among friends and family.超过一半的受访者称,自己Po一些物件或一些美丽地方的照片只是想让朋友或家人羡慕嫉妒而已。Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings said the trend was unsurprising given the rise of social media. #39;We#39;re living in a world of instant communication,#39; she said. #39;Fashion and style used to live and die in magazines; now people are in search of authentic, peer-to-peer recommendations as well, making social media an equal power house to magazines and newspapers.#39;行为心理学家乔·赫敏斯称:随着社交媒体的兴起,这种趋势将愈演愈烈。她说:“我们生活在一个实时交流的世界里,各大杂志上标榜的潮流和风尚潮起潮落;现在人们都寻求一种真实的、对等的人际之间的建议,使得社交媒体变成跟报纸杂志对等的动力库。”#39;With images being shared in an instant we now demand to know what our friends are wearing, or what celebs are buying, as soon as they have the item in their hand.#39;Such is the influence of social media sites like Instagram, 76 per cent of those asked also said seeing items on social media influences them to buy them, with men more likely to take style advice and buy what they see.“现在图像都是实时分享的,我们要求知道我们朋友们戴什么或者是明星们买了什么,只要他们手边一旦有了这个东西。”这就是像Instagram这样的社交媒体网站的影响,76%的受访者还称,自己看到在社交媒体上的物件就会想要去买这些东西,而且,男性更有可能会采纳社交媒体上的搭配指南,看到什么就买什么。 /201511/409838。

Every year pictures from Yulin dog meat festival circulate online with horrified reactions on social media calling for the barbaric practice to end. Earlier this month celebrities MPs and campaigners supported a petition to stop the festival at the Chinese Embassy in London.每年,令人战栗的玉林肉节的图片都会成为网上关注的焦点,激起公共媒体对结束这种残忍的行为的呼吁。本月的早些时候,社会名流、国会议员和活动者们向伦敦的中国大使馆递交申请,以阻止这个节日。As this year#39;s festival begins in the Chinese city it#39;s worth pointing out that the responses from manycondemning the practice are extremely hypocritical. Though the pictures appal me too it is quite ridiculous how much attention this shameful festival gets from Western media. Unless the UK becomes a completely vegetarian country and stops rearing animals for their flesh most people don#39;t have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about a meat-eating festival.随着今年的节日开始,应当指出的是,响应对这个节日的指责是虚伪的。尽管图片让我心惊胆战,但是让这个令人羞耻的节日获得西方媒体如此多关注,十分荒谬。除非英国成为一个完全的素食国家,停止饲养动物当做食品。否则,许多人对这个节日批评是站不住脚。 It is not as if all 1.4 billion Chinese people go around eating dog meat during this festival as many would have you believe. Labelling it as China#39;s annual dog meat festival is incorrect and means that the whole of the country#39;s population comes under scrutiny. So to clear things up: the majority of Chinese people do not eat dog and there is an ever-growing movement against the festival.不是全部14亿中国人都去这个节日上吃肉,这个是你应该相信的。把它贴上中国肉节的标签并不正确,这意味着将这个国家全部人放在审查下。因此,应该澄清一些事情:大多数中国人不吃,甚至有越来越多的抵制肉节的运动。 /201606/450651。

On a single day last month, capitalism as we know it took a triple blow from some unlikely sources. 在上月的某一天里,我们所认知的资本主义受到了令人意想不到的三位人士的抨击。Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, all decried a system they claimed had neglected the security of its weakest members.欧洲央行(ECB)行长马里奥.德拉吉(Mario Draghi)、国际货币基金组织(IMF)总裁克里斯蒂娜.拉加德(Christine Lagarde)以及欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳德.图斯克(Donald Tusk)全都谴责资本主义制度,他们宣称资本主义忽视了最弱势的社会成员的安全。That these three prominent champions of economic liberalism — all of whom work for institutions seen as part of an out-of-touch elite — are now critiquing capitalism is a reaction to the political mood of 2016. 这三位经济自由主义的杰出捍卫者——他们所工作的机构都被视为隶属于高高在上的精英阶层——如今正在批评资本主义,这是对2016年政治情绪所做出的反应。This mood has led the UK to turn its back on the EU and to a broader rise of anti-globalisation political movements around the world — notably in the US, where Donald Trump has put protectionism at the heart of his presidential campaign.这种情绪导致英国选择脱离欧盟,并使得反全球化政治运动在全球范围内更为广泛的兴起,特别是在美国,唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)把保护主义作为其竞选的核心纲领。For the first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the system Mr Draghi and his peers helped build is under threat. 自柏林墙倒塌以来,德拉吉及其同僚们帮助创建的制度首次面临威胁。Those in power, and large swaths of the electorate, are fearful of what could follow.那些当权派以及许多选民担心后续的发展。The Corruption of Capitalism helps explain why we are where we are. 《资本主义的衰败》(The Corruption of Capitalism)帮助解释了我们为何会面临现在这种状况。The author, Guy Standing, is a professor at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies — an institution known for its opposition to the promotion of liberalism that has characterised mainstream economic thought.作者是伦敦大学(University of London)东方与非洲研究学院(School of Oriental and African Studies)的教授盖伊.斯坦丁(Guy Standing)。该学院以反对宣扬自由主义——主流经济思想的特征——而闻名。While the his perspective is leftwing, many of the author’s ideas for fixing he author has to fix the system — such as a universal basic income, where all citizens receive regular payments from the state whether or not they work — are receiving more attention from the mainstream. 尽管斯坦丁的观点有些左倾,但他提出的许多解决资本主义问题的想法——比如统一的基本收入,即所有公民接受政府发放的定期津贴,无论他们工作与否——越来越受到主流社会的关注。The result is a timely book, which though flawed in parts isin others a compelling .这本书出得非常及时,尽管有些地方存在瑕疵,但仍令人手不释卷。Standing explains how capitalism has been corrupted as the security of the many has been weakened to embolden strengthen the position of those who hold the bulk of society’s wealth. 斯坦丁解释了资本主义是如何被搞得衰败的,因为许多人的安全遭到削弱,却强化了那些拥有社会大量财富的人的地位。Today, he explains, we have a rigged system that leaves those without much property with few rights.他解释说,如今我们的体系受到操纵,使得那些没有多少财产的人也没什么权利。He borrows from John Maynard Keynes’ critique of the rentier class — broadly, those who live on income from property, including patents and copyright, and investments. 他借用了约翰.梅纳德.凯恩斯(John Maynard Keynes)对食利阶层的批评——大体上这是指那些依靠财产(包括专利和著作权)及投资所产生的收益生活的人。And like Keynes, he wants to see the euthanasia end of the rentier on the grounds that the system they have created is both inefficient and grossly unfair. 与凯恩斯一样,他希望看到食利阶层终结,原因是他们创建的体系既没有效率,又极其不公平。Those at the bottom of the many he Standing calls the precariat — the class of workers most exposed to the insecurity produced bytypical of this era of rentier capitalism driven by globalisation, has produced.斯坦丁将那些处于底层的人称为无保障无产阶级(precariat),这是指在全球化造就的食利资本主义时代典型的最没有安全保障的劳动者。The book is divided into chapters looking at the various ways in which the interests of the rentier class have been promoted to the detriment of the rest. 该书分为几个章节,分析了为促进食利阶层的利益而损害其他人利益的各种方式。There are weaknesses in some of the arguments.其中一些观点的理由并不充分。For the author, the autonomy of central banks to set monetary policy as they see fit as they see fit highlights how little control normal most people have over the forces of finance. 在作者看来,央行可以按照自己认为合适的方式制定货币政策,这种自主权突显出大多数人对金融力量完全没有控制力。Yet he neglects to mention that one of the reasons independence was granted was because is the fact that government control over interest rates had led to double-digit inflation across in advanced economies. The experience of rampant inflation in the 1970s and early 1980s. 然而,他没有提到赋予央行独立性的理由之一是,在上世纪70年代和80年代初,政府对利率的控制导致发达经济体的通胀率达到两位数。Racing price rises — and the high interest rates needed to bring them under control — had the most vicious effect on society’s most vulnerable. 价格不断上涨——以及为控制通胀出台的高利率政策——对社会弱势群体的影响最为有害。But on the gross unfairness of housing policy in the UK, one of the more egregious examples of the power of the rentier, Standing’s the arguments resonate.但就英国住房政策的不公而言——这是表明食利者权力的更为恶劣的例子之一——斯坦丁的观点引发了共鸣。It is on labour conditions in the era of dark Satanic apps, where data are used to monitor and control a workforce that has little in thewith little by way of employment rights, that Standing — a former employee of the International Labour Organization — the author is at his most prescient.最能体现作者远见的是讲述邪恶应用时代的劳动条件的部分——在这个时代,资本家用数据来监督和控制劳动者,连保障就业权利的样子都不做。Towards the end of the book, Standing, a former employee of the International Labour Organization, writes that the precariat’s vulnerability today is everyone’s tomorrow. 斯坦丁曾经在国际劳工组织(International Labour Organization)任职,他在该书结尾处写道,无保障无产阶级脆弱的今天就是所有人的明天。On that he is surely right.就这一点来说,他无疑是正确的。As even those who helped create it acknowledge, the system as it stands cannot last. 就连帮助创建了资本主义的人也承认,这一制度照这样下去不可能长久。While Mr Draghi and Ms Lagarde may feel uneasy about the crushing of the rentier class, At the AUTUMN’S International Monetary Fund’sMF’s October meeting all the talk was of a more inclusive system.在IMF的10月会议上,大家都在谈论创建一种更具包容性的制度。One hopes that some of what Standing writes is heeded and the system can be reformed in favour of the many before it is too late.人们希望,斯坦丁在书中提出的一些观点会受到重视,以有利于众人的方式改革资本主义制度,以免悔之晚矣。While a book such as this is perhaps not quite the right place to stress the benefits of capitalism, one only need to look at some of the political forces now on the rise to see that much worse systems could exist than that we now have.尽管这样的书或许并不适合强调资本主义的益处,但人们只需看看现在崛起的一些政治力量就会发现,有些制度可能比我们当前实行的制度更为糟糕。 /201610/474178。

As man’s best friends, dogs deserve the best in life, and when it comes to housing, a UK company is y to offer them just that. Hecate Verona is all set to launch the world’s first line of luxury dog mansions, with the most expensive models costing up to 0,000.是人类最好的朋友,它们应该得到最幸福的生活,而一家英国公司准备从居住条件入手,让他们幸福。海克缇?维罗纳准备推出全球首款豪华屋,最昂贵的房型售价高达20万美元(约合人民币136万)。Alice Willimas, Creative Director at Hecate Verona, says that the development of these luxury dog mansions began three years ago, and was sparked by a series of questions, like “Why wouldn’t a dog house be as elegant and beautiful as its owner’s? Why shouldn’t an architect design a house for the dog? What if it could be beautiful, stylish and also practical? What if it had miniature engravings, windows, doors etc all in proportion with the dog house? Why is it that during a time when a dog is considered to be a family member can’t a dog also have its own dog mansion equal to its owner’s, where he can lie comfortably when outdoors?”海克缇?维罗纳公司创意总监爱丽丝?威廉姆斯称,三年前他们开始制造这款豪宅时,受到了以下几个问题的启发:“为什么屋不能像主人的房子一样典雅、迷人呢?为什么建筑师不为设计房子?”“如果屋也可以既漂亮时髦,又非常实用呢?如果屋有迷你的雕刻建筑、门窗会是什么样呢?被视为家庭成员,却不能和主人住上条件一样好的房子,舒地躺在院子里的屋中,这是为什么呢?”“Our customers and their dogs typically live indoors so we see our dog manor as an extra that gives a pet more comfort – it is dog’s own house that has all the comforts of an indoor living room, making the whole experience of staying outdoors more fun and enjoyable,” Alice Willimas said. “This leads to the dog enjoying the outdoors even more and staying more active and that is highly recommended by veterinarians.”威廉姆斯称:“我们的顾客通常让他们的宠物生活在室内,所以我们把庄园作为一个补充,让宠物们生活得更舒——这间屋和室内的活动室一样舒,因此可以在室外享受更多乐趣。这样它们就会更加喜欢户外活动,保持活力,这也是兽医强烈建议的。”Speaking of features, these miniature luxury homes will spark the envy of most humans. The SmartSystem consists of various automated solutions that ensure the ultimate comfort and convenience for both dogs and their human owners. “It controls the automation of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning while ensuring interaction with your pet for you. Internet enabled cameras and screen allow for communication at any time or distance.”说到这个迷你豪宅的功能,恐怕会让很多人嫉妒。屋的智能系统集合了多种自动化解决方案,能确保和主人都获得超级舒适便捷的体验。“该系统可以自动控制灯光、取暖、通风和空调系统,还能确保您和您的宠物保持互动。可以通过网络让摄像头和屏幕启动,无论您在哪里,都能随时和宠物面对面交流。”Hecate Verona will start taking orders for the luxury mansions this month. Each bespoke house takes 2-4 months to complete, after which it is delivered straight to the client.海克缇?维罗纳公司将在本月开始接受豪华屋的订单。每间屋订做时间需要2-4个月,制作完成后将直接交付顾客。 /201706/514413。