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襄阳第四医院龟头炎症襄樊市铁路中心医院前列腺炎多少钱樊城区包皮手术多少钱 itinerant ——— 巡回的,流动的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing someone who travels to different places in order to perform his or her work.例句 A team of itinerant nurses visit the mountainous regions remote villages each month to provide basic health care.一个流动护士团队每月到访这座山区里的偏僻村庄,提供基本的卫生保健。 /201607/453214襄阳东风人民医院治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好

襄阳宜城市泌尿外科Former Thai PM Thaksin Skips Court Appearance, Goes to Britain他信夫妇拒返回泰国面对腐败指控  Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has confirmed he will not return to Bangkok to face corruption charges. The Thai courts have issued warrants for the arrest of Mr. Thaksin and his wife. 泰国前总理他信实,他不会返回曼谷面对腐败指控。泰国法院已经发出传票拘捕他信和他的妻子。Thaksin Shinawatra said Monday that he is in Britain, and that he will not return to Thailand to meet bail conditions imposed by judges hearing corruption charges. 他信星期一说,他现在在英国,不会返回泰国去接受审理有关他贪污控罪的法官提出的保释条件。In a hand-written statement faxed to Thai television stations, the former prime minister said political interference would prevent him from getting a fair trial.  他信在传真给泰国电视台的一份手写声明里说,政治干预使他无法得到公平审判。Mr. Thaksin says he and his wife will stay in Britain. 他和妻子将留在英国。He also says that the corruption charges against them are politically motivated. 他并且表示,对他们的贪腐指控是出于政治动机。Thaksin and his wife, Pojaman, were in Beijing until Sunday for the opening of the Olympics. The court had granted them permission to travel.  他信夫妇在北京参加奥运开幕式,一直逗留到星期天。泰国最高法院准许他们旅行。Mrs. Pojaman was convicted last month of tax evasion and released on bail. They both were scheduled to appear before the Supreme Court on Monday to face other charges. 他信夫人上个月被认定犯有逃税罪,交保候审。他信夫妇原定星期一在最高法院出庭,听取对他们的其他指控。Mr. Thaksin is involved in three other court cases, and a number of investigations that may lead to charges. He denies any wrongdoing by his family. 他信还涉嫌与另外三项司法案件有关,一连串的调查可能导致对他控罪。他信否认他的家人有任何不当行为。Some political analysts think his decision to flee may have been motivated by the prospect of seeing his wife face prison. But it is unclear whether it will end the political acrimony and stalemate that has dogged the government and stock market for the past three years. 有分析人士认为,他信决定逃离泰国,可能是因为担心他的妻子面临牢狱之灾。但是目前不清楚的是,他信的流亡是否会终止过去三个月来缠扰泰国政府的政治僵局和股市低迷。Professor Thitinan Pongsudhirak is an expert on Thai politics at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University.  曼谷朱拉隆宫大学的泰国政治问题专家提蒂南教授说:"It depends on whether Thaksin's opponents, who have ousted him, and who have now put down the Thaksin challenge, are willing to adopt some of his agenda. If they are willing to bridge Thailand's social divide by income redistribution, restructure the economy and civil service, some of the good things that he did, notwithstanding the corruption allegations. If they adopt those measures and try to move Thailand forward into the 21st century, then we could see a reconciliation and some kind of a unity that can allow us to move on. Otherwise the crisis will fester," said Thitinan Pongsudhirak. “这将取决于反对他信的人,也就是推翻他信、现在向他提出法律挑战的那些人是否愿意采取一些他信的措施。虽然他信面临腐败指控,但如果他们愿意采取他信使用过的一些措施,例如通过收入再分配、重整经济和公共务来缩小社会差距。如果他们这样做,努力推动泰国进入21世纪,我们就有可能看到和解与某种形式的联合,这样我们就可以继续朝前走。否则的话,危机将会进一步恶化。”Mr. Thaksin, a billionaire businessman, is a controversial figure in Thai politics. He has strong support among working-class and rural voters. However, many in Thailand's upper classes accused of him being corrupt and dictatorial. The military forced him into exile in 2006 after months of massive protests against his government. 他信是个亿万富商,是泰国政坛上一位极具争议的人物。他在劳工阶层和农村选民中拥有强大持,但是泰国很多上层人士指控他腐败、独裁。2006年,在针对他信政府的大规模抗议示威持续几个月之后,军方迫使他信流亡海外。Last year, however, his political allies in the People Power Party won national elections. He returned to the country in March. 不过,他信在人民力量党中的盟友去年赢得了全国选举,他信于3月返回泰国。Since May, however, Bangkok has again seen daily protest rallies, sparked by the People Power Party's moves to amend the constitution. 可是自5月以来,由于人民力量党采取行动修改宪法,从而引发曼谷街头每天再现抗议集会。200808/45783襄阳妇幼保健院看前列腺炎好吗 Katie Couric: It was the shock heard around the world, the break-up of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. How could it have happened to Hollywood's golden couple? And what did Angelina Julie have to do with it? Now for the first time Jennifer Aniston is speaking out in a very candid interview in the September issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Contributing Editor. Leslie Bennetts conducted the interview last week. Katie Couric:Good morning. Nice to see you again.Leslie Bennetts: Good morning.Katie Couric:First of all why do you think she is speaking now?Leslie Bennetts: I think Jennifer has conducted herself with enormous restraint in the last few months despite constant provocations from the tabloids and to a certain extent from the way that her husband has conducted himself. And I think finally it may have been time for her to say what she really feels and set the record straight on a few things.Katie Couric:In general before we talk about specific answers and parts of the conversation how is she doing? Leslie Bennetts: I was thinking about yesterday how I would describe her if I had to use only two words to describe how she is now. I think she is still sad, as she would be six months after ending a 7-year relationship. But hopeful, she is very optimistic about her future. Her career is going great. She's got four new movies coming out in recent months , she is spending a summer filming another one. And she's got an awful lot to look forward to and she knows that.Katie Couric: And she addressed some of the rumors I mean Gosh! In the amount of things that have been devoted to this story (yes) and one of them was that you know that somehow her not wanting to have children contributed to the dissolution of this marriage and she says that is absolutely not true and in fact she intended to be pregnant this year.Leslie Bennetts: I think that was really the cruelest thing that was written about her. And she feels that just so sexist and misogynist because she said to me I want to have children, I've always wanted to have children, I plan to have children. The plan was always there when Friends ended she and Brad would start a family. And she said you know no man who is divorcing ever gets accused of putting his career ahead of his family. But they said that about her based on absolutely no truth.Katie Couric: What did she have to say about Angelina Julie,and her role and what happened?Leslie Bennetts: Jennifer has bent over backward not to trash even Brad, let alone Angelina. And she has only met Angilina once. Ironically she went up to introduce herself to Angelina and said when Angelina and Brad were starting to film Mr.and Mrs.Smith. Jennifer went up to her and said, "Hi, Brad is so excited about working with you. I hope you guys have a really good time together, which was very gracious of her.Katie Couric: Was this before she knew that there was anything up obviously? Leslie Bennetts: Yes,before they started doing the movie. (Right.) And that' the only time she's ever met her. And I you know she's been very very restrained, and I think,not only what she says but what she even permits herself to feel about that. Katie Couric: At the same time I understand she cried for a period of time during the course of the interview. When you talked to her about the possibility of Angelina Julie being pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby and she her eyes welled up with tears and she got very very emotional at that point.Leslie Bennetts: I think she's tried really hard to avoid the tabloid gossip, media, because so much of this is false.(It's pretty next to him impossible, isn't it?). It's hard. Some of it leak through. And there were a couple of shocks. And I think it was a tremendous shock to her when the pictures of Brad and Angilina frolicking on the beach in Africa came out, because it's sort of presented them this instant family with a baby and Jen had expected to be having her own baby with Brad during this particular year. Katie Couric: And then there was a sp in W magazine.Leslie Bennetts: And then there was this sp in W magazine which Jen you know she tries not to look at this stuff. She says I haven't seen it. But her friends were just appalled because you know it was clearly I mean Jen, one point said to me, well clearly there is a sensitivity chip that's missing, you know. I mean you know it was not the most considerate thing for Brad to be putting all of that out when she was trying to deal with the end of a marriage that you know she was committed to and clearly in some way he wasn't. Katie Couric: I know that shortly after or during the course of this interview, Courtney Cox actually told you that Brad, about Brad. "I don't think he started an affair physically but I think he was attracted to her meaning Angelina Julie.There was a connection. And he was honest about that with Jen. Most of the time when people are attracted to other people, they don't tell. At least he was honest about it. It was an attraction that he fought for a period of time. So does she believe that they were physically involved before?Leslie Bennetts: I think it's ironic and good timing that you are doing something on emotional cheating because at the very least there was clearly emotional infidelity. Jennifer said to me you know from the moment Brad started filming Mr.amp;Mrs.Smith he was gone. He was just not there for her friends. Indeed she needed a lot emotional support it was the end of a ten-year family, you know and job and community for her. (And he didn't come to the last taping). He didn't even come for the last taping. He was just gone . You know its just like "I'm working". So you know whether or not there was physical cheating, he was emotionally absent in her, in her view. As far as whether there was, you know, a sexual relationship or not, she said to me in the end "I don't know. I'll never know, but I choose to believe my husband."Katie Couric: You al, you interviewed them a year before this article, and they did seem like an ideal Hollywood couple I think that's why it is so upset to so many people.(Well) That it didn't work. Did they seem happy when you interviewed them?Leslie Bennetts: They, they seemed , very happy together they were very affectionate. I had also interviewed her at the beginning of her marriage. But if you back over what Brad said to me a year ago you'll really find clues to the whole thing. Because what he said to me a year ago was. I mean I asked him obviously about marriage, and he said you know I don't go for this you know till death took us apart stuff you know as long as it's good,as long as it's growing you know then you go on. But then, if it stops being good, you know I don't see any reason I mean to stay in it, basically was what he was saying. And Jennifer's view of what marriage you know consists of was very different, that this is a commitment and you'll end it for better or for worse. And those are two very different ways of looking at marriage. And that was the big part of why they are not together now.Katie Couric: I know that when Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise she said that one positive aspect of this was that she could wear heels again. And you ask Jennifer that question?Leslie Bennetts: Brad is very into a modernist aesthetic and when I saw the house that they had redone for themselves there were all sort of hard edges and hard materials and you know very uncomfortable modern furnitures. When I asked Jen what she's looking forward to? She said about, having comfortable furniture again. She was not quite in line with this aesthetic some of the time.Katie Couric: Well, it is a very candid interview and we all wish her well and we all wish them all well. But thanks so much for coming Leslie, again and nice to see you.Leslie Bennetts: You're welcome .Thanks.Katie Couric: And the September issue of Vanity Fair, by the way, hits news stands today.200707/15288襄阳包皮粘连手术费用

襄阳前列腺炎种类Nigerian Oil Workers Threaten Walkout尼日利亚石油工会威胁发动大罢工Nigeria's senior oil workers union is threatening a nationwide strike to protest the firing of some of its members by ExxonMobil. Members are to meet later Tuesday, following the expiration of a 21-day ultimatum issued by the union to the oil company to desist from what the union termed "unfriendly" labor practices.  尼日利亚石油和天然气资深工人工会威胁说,他们将举行一次全国性罢工,抗议埃克森美孚公司解雇他们的一些成员。该工会的成员们将在星期二晚些时候开会。此前,该工会向石油公司提出的让他们不要从事不友好的劳工行为的21天的最后期限已经超过。Officials of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association have been meeting top government officials in Abuja to avert the planned strike. 石油和天然气资深工人工会的官员已经在阿布贾同高层政府官员会面,避免计划中的罢工发生。Union President Peter Esele denied reports the walkout is to begin Wednesday. He says his group, one of Nigeria's two biggest oil unions, will attend a meeting Wednesday called by the government . 工会主席伊塞里否认罢工将在星期三开始的报导。他说,该工会是尼日利亚两家最大的石油工会之一。这个工会将在星期三参加政府召集的一次会议。"I had a meeting with NSA [national security advisor] yesterday, and DG [Director General], SSS [State Security Service]. So what the government is doing is to call parties for a meeting for Wednesday 4:00 PM," he said. "But sincerely speaking, I do not know where the press got Wednesday for strike. One thing we said was that there was a looming strike. We have not, the Central Working Committee, taken a date for a strike." 伊塞里说:“昨天我同国家安全顾问、总经理和国家安全局举行了会谈。政府目前在做的是让各方在星期三4点钟召开一次会议。但是说真的,我不知道媒体在哪里得到星期三要罢工的消息。我们说的是,有罢工的可能,但是作为中央工作委员会,我们没有为罢工设定日期。”The union is protesting ExxonMobil job cuts that affected about 60 workers, mostly union officials working at the company. 工会抗议埃克森美孚公司裁员影响到60多名员工,他们中的大多数是在该公司工作的工会工作人员。Nigeria's main trades union, the Nigeria Labor Congress has endorsed the strike call and urged the government to intervene without delay. 尼日利亚主要的工会尼日利亚劳工大会持罢工的呼吁,并且敦促政府立即介入。ExxonMobil has rejected accusations of unfair treatment of the affected employees, insisting the workers fired under a reorganization plan received generous payouts. 埃克森美孚公司否认指责他们不公平对待受影响的雇员,公司坚持说,被解雇的工人将根据公司重组计划得到丰厚的补贴。The union says an indefinite strike could blight Nigeria's oil production and petroleum distribution. Analysts say a walkout may have limited success in the short-term, because a skeleton staff may be engaged at production facilities to limit the impact on output. But it could prove effective in the long run if other powerful unions join in solidarity. 工会说,一次不确定的罢工可能会影响石油生产和石油销售。分析人士说,一次罢工从短期看可能只会取得有限的成功,因为或许资方会让一小批临时工参与生产来减少对石油产量的影响。但是,如果有其他强大的工会联合罢工的话,罢工从长期看可能会是有效的。But even a looming strike could increase pressure on international oil prices. Supply worries are stoking up concerns in Nigeria, Africa's largest oil producer, where production has been crippled by unrest. 但是,就算是一次可能出现的罢工也会为国际石油价格增加压力。对非洲最大石油生产国尼日利亚的石油供应的担忧不断增加,尼日利亚的石油生产因动乱而被削弱。200803/31232 襄阳四院医院泌尿科咨询襄樊职业技术学院附属医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱



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