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In the peculiar-looking, former cross-dressing Shakespearean actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Hollywood has found an unlikely leading man.本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch),这个长相奇特,年少时男扮女装出演莎剧的演员,出人意料地成了好莱坞的一线男星。Benedict Cumberbatch was in mid-monologue, holding forth on the dangers of the surveillance society, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was meant to be promoting his latest movie, whatever that was (he has been in a lot of them lately). He talks superfast, so that when he paused, the effect was of a train driver slamming on the emergency brakes. ;Why does anyone want to know my opinions?; he asked. ;I#39;m not interested in ing my opinions.;本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇正谈论着政府监控的危害。慷慨激昂之间,他突然意识到自己接受采访的目的是推荐他最近出演的电影——我们且不管那是什么,因为这段时间来他出现在不少电影中。他说话语速极快,所以当他停顿时,那效果就好像一位火车司机猛踩紧急煞车。“为什么会有人想要知道我的想法?”他问道:“我可不想在报纸上读到自己的观点。”He has no idea. There are people out there these days who so love to hear Cumberbatch talk — who so love to watch Cumberbatch exist — that they do not care what he does, as long as they get to observe him doing it. Somehow, along a career consisting of highly interest-ing but generally non-megastar-making roles (most recently, the lead in the B series ;Sherlock;; Khan, the wrathful villain in the movie ;Star Trek Into Darkness;; the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, in ;The Fifth Estate; and the voice of Smaug, the very bad-tempered dragon in the latest ;Hobbit; movie), Cumberbatch has progressed from being everyone#39;s favorite secret crush to one of the most talked-about actors in Hollywood.他可是有所不知。近来这段时间,康伯巴奇的一言一行让一些粉丝如此痴狂——他们不管他到底说了做了什么,只要能有机会听到看到他就好。在康伯巴奇的职业生涯中,他出演了一些非常有趣,但一般而言却很难让演员本人成为巨星的角色(最近几年来他出演了B电视剧《神探夏洛克》[Sherlock]中的主角;《星际迷航:黑暗无边》[Star Trek Into Darkness]中的狂暴反派可汗[Khan];《危机解密》[Fifth Estate]中“维基解密[Wikileaks]的创始人朱利安·阿桑奇[Julian Assange];在最新一部《霍比特人》[The Hobbit]中,他给史矛革[Smaug]这条坏脾气的恶龙配了音。),但不知怎么的,康伯巴奇从所有人最喜欢的秘密暗恋对象变成了好莱坞被谈论最多的演员之一。His celebrity manifests itself in unexpected ways. When Cumberbatch, who is 37, appeared on ;Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,; Fallon noted that more people were waiting in the standby line than for any other guest that year. He was reportedly tweeted about 700,000 times in 2013.他的知名度带来了让人意想不到的效应。当这位37岁的演员出现在《吉米·法伦晚间秀》(Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)的现场时,法伦透露说康伯巴奇是本年度吸引到最多等候排位观众的嘉宾。据报道,在2013年,康伯巴奇在推特上被提到70万次。Last fall, he appeared on the cover of Time#39;s international edition. Although he has not been a romantic lead in any big films, and although he says he looks like ;Sid from ‘Ice Age#39; ; and although he once declared that ;I always seem to be cast as slightly wan, ethereal, troubled intellectuals or physically ambivalent bad lovers,; there are numerous websites devoted to the subject of his romantic prowess, e.g., ;Benedict Cumberbatch — Fantastic Lover,; a compendium of clips set to Marvin Gaye#39;s ;Let#39;s Get It On,; that has been viewed more than 490,000 times on YouTube. (These are mostly posted by his army of female fans, who call themselves ;Cumberbitches; and who use the hashtag ;Cumberwatch; when they tweet about his activities.)去年秋天,他上了《时代》杂志国际版的封面。虽然他并没有主演过任何爱情大片,虽然他说自己长得像《冰河世纪》(Ice Age)里的树懒希德,虽然他说过“我好像总是被挑中演一些苍白病态,不食人间烟火,麻烦缠身的知识分子,或是身体机能有问题,让人失望的爱人,”但是还是有人在无数的网站上专门意淫他的情爱技能。比如《本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇——完美情人》(Benedict Cumberbatch — Fantastic Lover)。这是一个视频辑成,配的背景音乐是马文·盖伊(Marvin Gaye)的《开始吧》(Let#39;s Get It On)。这个视频在YouTube上被点击了49万次。这些帖子很多都是他为数众多的女粉丝上传的。她们自称“康巴婊”(Cumberbitches)。在社交媒体上报道他的动向时,她们用的主题标签是“康伯巴奇观察”(Cumberwatch)。His appeal is manifest, yet hard to pin down. His name is odd, Hogwartsian, suggesting both an Elizabethan actor and a baker whose products are made with rustic ingredients no one has heard of. Tall and lean, he has an other-century look about him, with his long, narrow face, his mop of crazy hair (he keeps it shorter off-duty) and bright, far-apart, almond-shaped blue eyes that on-screen can play intelligent, ardent, manic or insane, depending on the job. In ;Sherlock,; he looks like the sort of person who has a stratospheric I.Q. and an abysmal E.Q. but is dead sexy with it; at the same time, if you were to remark on his resemblance to an otter, you would not be the only one.康伯巴奇的魅力显而易见,但是要解释这到底是一种什么样的魅力却不是那么容易。他有一个奇怪的名字,像是《哈利·波特》中霍格沃茨魔法学校中某个人物的名字。这名字让人想到一位伊丽莎白时代的演员,或是一位使用名不见经传的农家原料做面包的面包师傅(Cumberbatch中的batch有“一批烤面包”的意思——译注)。他身材修长消瘦,相貌古典。狭长的脸孔上顶着一头浓密的乱发(不演戏的时候,他留着短发)。明亮的蓝眼睛是杏仁的形状,分得有点开。在银幕上,这双眼睛能根据需要表现出智慧,热忱,狂躁,疯狂。在《神探夏洛克》中,他饰演的人物智商超高而情商超低,但却性感得要命。而同时,如果你觉得他长得有点像一只河狸,那不是你一个人有这种看法。When he sat down with a cup of coffee in a Camden pub last November and began to discuss electronic surveillance, the government, his favorite movies, his career, the rabidity of ;Sherlock; fans and how coffee affects him (it makes him talk even faster), Cumberbatch had just come off an extraordinary run of work.去年11月,康伯巴奇在伦敦卡姆登区的一个酒吧里坐下。他要了一杯咖啡,开始谈论起电子监控,政府,他喜爱的电影,他的职业,《夏洛克》粉丝们的狂热,以及咖啡对他的影响(让他说话更快了)。他刚完成了一连串非同寻常的工作。;The Fifth Estate,; in which he perfectly captures the slippery nature of Julian Assange — free-speech hero, treacherous colleague, possible megalomaniac — had just come out. Over the next two months, three more of his films would be released: ;The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,; in which he gets to intone things like ;I am death; in a creepy dragon voice; ;12 Years a Slave,; in which he plays a sympathetic slave-owner; and ;August: Osage County,; in which he has a small role in an ensemble of superstars like Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep.《危机解密》刚刚上映。康伯巴奇出色地抓住了朱利安·阿桑奇让人捉摸不定的气质——他是一个言论自由斗士,但对同事却背信弃义,并有可能是个自大狂。在接下来的两个月中,康伯巴奇参与的另外三部电影也会陆续上映。这些包括《霍比特人2:史矛革之战》(The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug),在里面康伯巴奇用让人毛骨悚然的龙的声音说了些诸如“我是死亡”这样的台词;在《为奴12年》(12 Years a Slave)中,他扮演了一位有同情心的奴隶主;在有像茱莉亚·罗伯茨(Julia Roberts)和梅丽尔·斯特里普(Meryl Streep)等巨星助阵的《八月:奥色治郡》(August: Osage County)中,他饰演了一个小角色。The Time cover had just hit the newsstands, and Cumberbatch was slightly freaked out. ;It#39;s one of the more bizarre levels of success,; he said. At first he thought it was fake. ;Someone sent me a photograph of it and I thought, ‘Some fan has got hold of a photo and done one of those neat apps where they impose your head on something,#39; ; he said.用他做封面的《时代》杂志刚刚上市。康伯巴奇有点吃惊。“能得到这样的成功实在让人感到匪夷所思,”他说。一开始他以为封面是假的。“有人给我发了一张封面照片,我还在想:‘肯定是哪个粉丝弄到了我给《时代》拍的照片,并用了什么软件把我的头放到了杂志封面上。#39;”Also, he had had an exciting experience on a British talk show, when Harrison Ford, a fellow guest, emerged from his taciturnity to announce that he loved him as Holmes. This has been happening to Cumberbatch a lot lately, fellow actors declaring themselves fans, such as when Ted Danson saw him through a crowd of stars at a pre-awards party recently and began shouting ;Sherlock!;他不久前还在英国的一个脱口秀上出镜。在节目中,另一位嘉宾哈里森·福特(Harrison Ford)打破了一贯的寡言少语,宣称他非常欣赏康伯巴奇的福尔斯,这让康伯巴奇激动不已。演员同行们告诉康伯巴奇自己是他的粉丝,这样的事近来发生了不少次。在最近的一次颁奖典礼前的派对上,泰德·丹森(Ted Danson,美国老牌影星——译注)在一群明星中看见了他,喊道:“夏洛克”!A few days earlier, he had wrapped his most recent movie, a biopic of the British cryptographer Alan Turing. Cumberbatch talked for a long time about the tragedy of Turing#39;s life and about what has been a series of very intense roles, heavy on iconic fictional characters and real people. ;I am so y to play a really dumb character,; he said.几天前,康伯巴奇刚完成了他最新一部电影的拍摄。这是一部传记电影,主人公是英国密码破解家艾伦·图灵(Alan Turing)。康伯巴奇花了很长时间谈论图灵的悲剧人生,以及自己近期来饰演的一系列激烈角色——他们都是符号式的虚构人物或真实人物。“接下来我太想演一个笨蛋了,”他说。He was born in London, to parents who were in the business — the actors Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton — and had his first substantial part in high school at Harrow, the famous boys#39; boarding school that is the Yale to Eton#39;s Harvard. ;I played the queen of the fairies,; he said. (That would be Titania in ;A Midsummer Night#39;s Dream.;)康伯巴奇生于伦敦,父母都是演员——父亲是蒂莫西·卡尔顿(Timothy Carlton),母亲是旺达·文瑟姆(Wanda Ventham)。他在哈罗公学(著名私立男校,与另一著名私立学校伊顿公学名声不相上下——译注)上高中时演出了第一个重要角色。“我扮演了仙女之王”。(他指的是《仲夏夜之梦》[A Midsummer Night#39;s Dream]中的泰坦妮娅[Titania]。)Later, when he performed in ;As You Like It,; an old alumnus watching the play apparently pronounced him ;the best Rosalind since Vanessa Redgrave.; He went to the University of Manchester and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and then slid pretty easily into work; so far he has appeared in more than 30 films and dozens of television, radio and theater productions. But it was his title performance in ;Sherlock,; which debuted in 2010, that propelled him to a new league.后来,当他参演《皆大欢喜》(As You Like It)一剧时,观众中的一位老校友称他为“自瓦妮莎·雷德格雷夫(Vanessa Redgrave,英国女演员——译注)之后最出色的罗莎琳德(Rosalind)扮演者”。他随后到曼彻斯特大学读书,又到伦敦音乐和戏剧学院深造,然后很顺利地进入演艺圈工作;迄今他已经出演过30多部电影、十多部电视剧、广播剧和话剧。但直到2010年由他主演的电视剧《神探夏洛克》首映,他才真正成为一线明星。Part of it has to do with the witty, knowing script, with its clever allusions to the old stories; and part of it has to do with Cumberbatch#39;s sublime portrayal of the odd, brilliant, infuriating, charismatic detective. Sherlock-the-character has a fanatic following, with fans who debate every Cumberbatchian movement and every plot twist with the fervor of grassy-knoll conspiracy buffs. Cumberbatch takes care to remind them that though they might well love Sherlock, Sherlock would never love them back. ;I always make it clear that people who become obsessed with him or the idea of him — he#39;d destroy you,; Cumberbatch said cheerfully. ;He is an absolute bastard.;《夏洛克》成功的原因之一在于其诙谐机智而让人心领神会的剧本,其中有许多与原著互相映衬的情节;另外一个原因就是康伯巴奇出色的演技:他把这位怪诞而聪明绝顶、富于魅力,让人又爱又恨的大侦探演得活灵活现。粉丝们热情追捧他扮演的夏洛克角色,康伯巴奇的每个动作、剧情的每一步发展,都会引发粉丝们的热烈辩论,其狂热程度完全不亚于肯尼迪遇刺事件中的阴谋论者们。康伯巴奇还特别注意地提醒他们:他们热爱夏洛克,但夏洛克可绝不会领这个情。“我一直清楚地表现这一点——你迷恋他,为他痴迷,而他会玩死你,”康伯巴奇开心地说:“他是个彻头彻尾的混蛋。”Over a follow-up breakfast at the Algonquin Hotel in New York a few weeks later, I started to see what his public life is like. We walked there after a quick trip to my office, in which we spoke to no one but which precipitated three breathless ;Is that who I think it is?; emails from normally phlegmatic colleagues in under five minutes. (He came back a couple of weeks later, and the non-phlegmatic people were gaping in the halls.) In the street we had to move quickly, because crowds form if Cumberbatch stands still for too long. In the hotel, we positioned ourselves behind a pillar, but people spotted him anyway (when they asked for autographs, they invariably asked on behalf of their teenage children).在初次采访之后几个星期,在纽约阿隆金酒店再次与康伯巴奇共进早餐时,我开始了解他的公众生活究竟是什么样的。早餐前,我们在我的办公室短暂停留了一下,并未与任何人交谈,但在短短五分钟内,三位平日里都很稳重的同事兴奋地给我发来邮件:“难道这真的是他?”(几个星期后,他又来过一回;这次,那些不那么沉稳的同事们在走廊里惊讶得闭不上嘴)。走在街上,我们要健步如飞;他稍作停顿,就会有一群人围上来。在酒店里,我们坐在一根柱子后面,但还是有人认出了他(当他们来要签名时,永远都是说为了他们十几岁的孩子)。As good a sport as Cumberbatch is, he sometimes finds it a bit too much. Filming ;Sherlock; last year in Cardiff, Wales, he had an awkward interlude when he had to walk from his trailer to his car wearing a costume that, had anyone seen it, might have become a major plot spoiler. When he failed in his efforts to get a particularly persistent paparazzo not to photograph him, Cumberbatch shrouded himself in a hoodie (;I looked like Kenny in ‘South Park#39;;) and held up a sign he had hastily fashioned that said: ;Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.;即使康伯巴奇这样性格随和的人,有时候也会受不了。去年在威尔士卡迪夫拍《神探夏洛克》时,出了这么一段尴尬事件:他需要身着戏装从化妆车走到自己的车里,戏装如果被人看到,就会严重泄露剧情。他屡次试图摆脱一个固执的仔摄影师都没成功,最后只好套上一件帽衫(“我看起来就像是《南方公园》里面的肯尼”),举起一个匆匆写就的牌子:“去拍埃及吧,让世界看到点重要的东西。”The move was lampooned by the British newspapers, particularly when, to the delight of hundreds of fans massed on the street in London for another shoot, Cumberbatch did it again, this time with signs printed with provocative questions about democracy, government intrusion, journalism and the battle between liberty and security in the war on terror. ;These are very complex questions and very difficult arguments to be very clear about, so to ask the questions is to stimulate the debate,; he explained. He has not done it since, though, he said, ;I felt really strongly about it at the time.;此举遭到某些英国报纸的抨击。让粉丝们兴奋不已的是,康伯巴奇后来又这样做了一次,这次他的纸片上面写满了关于民主、政府侵犯个人隐私、新闻以及在反恐战争中自由与安全的矛盾等引人深思的问题。“这些都是很复杂的问题和难以解释清楚的论点,所以提出这些问题就是为激发讨论,”他解释道。尽管此后他并未故伎重演,但他说“我当时对这些问题感想很强烈。”In New York he was visiting his friend Zachary Quinto, who acted alongside him in ;Star Trek,; seeing some movies, going to some museums and trying to keep a low profile.康伯巴奇在纽约拜访了他的朋友——和他一起出演《星际迷航》的扎克瑞·昆图(Zachary Quinto),看了几场电影,逛了逛物馆,并试图保持低调。He is currently unattached, and is gearing up for his next batch of work. One question that has excited ;Star Trek; fans is whether his character, who all but stole the last film, will appear in the next one. There is certainly that possibility: He ended the film frozen in a pod and stored away in space. (;That was a stupid thing to do,; Cumberbatch said, referring to Starfleet Command. ;They should have just blown me up.;)现在还是单身的康伯巴奇正在为他下一轮工作做准备。让粉丝们感到兴奋不已的一个问题是,他在《星际迷航》中抢尽风头的角色会不会出现在续集中。这是有可能的:电影结束时,可汗被冻在一个冷冻仓里,放逐到茫茫宇宙中。(“这可真不是明智之举,”康伯巴奇指的是星际舰队指挥部:“他们应该直接把我炸死。”)He pulled a cap over his head and prepared again to withstand the public. He says he has a way of negotiating big-city crowds: ;If you pick a point far behind them they perceive you as not seeing them, and you#39;re the obstacle they have to get around.; For a moment, he sounded positively Sherlockian. ;There is a way of just shadowing through,; he continued. ;The higher the walls, the more dark the windows, the bigger the sunglasses — the more people are going to look. The greatest disguise is learning how to be invisible in plain sight.;离开时,康伯巴奇在头上戴了顶帽子,又一次做好了和公众打交道的准备。他说在大城市的人群中穿行他有自已的一套办法:“如果你目光聚焦在他们身后很远的地方,他们会以为你没有看见他们,这样你就成了人群不得不绕开的障碍物。”这会儿他听上去跟夏洛克没什么两样:“总有办法混迹于人群之中,”他接着说道:“墙越高,窗户越黑,墨镜越大,就越会引人注意。最好的伪装术就是学会在光天化日之下变成隐身人。” /201410/335556

Date:日期:Source:来源:Center for BrainHealth大脑健康中心Summary:概述:New research illustrates how fear arises in the brain when individuals are exposed to threatening images. This novel study is the first to separate emotion from threat by controlling for the dimension of arousal.新研究阐述了大脑在人们看到威胁影像时如何产生恐惧情绪。这个新奇的研究首次通过控制唤醒的维度将威胁与情感分割开来。An estimated 8% of Americans will suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point during their lifetime. Brought on by an overwhelming or stressful event or events, PTSD is the result of altered chemistry and physiology of the brain. Understanding how threat is processed in a normal brain versus one altered by PTSD is essential to developing effective interventions.据估计约8%的的美国人在他们的某个时段会遭受创伤后应激障碍(PTSD)的折磨。由强悍而令人难以应对的或紧张的一个或多个事件所引发,PTSD是大脑化学上和生理上改变的结果。理解恐惧在一个正常的脑部活动中被PTSD改变对采取有效的干预是至关重要的。New research from the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas published online today in Brain and Cognition illustrates how fear arises in the brain when individuals are exposed to threatening images. This novel study is the first to separate emotion from threat by controlling for the dimension of arousal, the emotional reaction provoked, whether positive or negative, in response to stimuli. Building on previous animal and human research, the study identifies an electrophysiological marker for threat in the brain.达拉斯德州大学的大脑健康中心今天在大脑和认知论坛上发布了新研究,阐明了当人们看到威胁影像时,如何产生恐惧情绪。这个新奇的研究首次通过控制唤醒的维度将威胁与情感分割开来,无论是积极的还是消极的,情绪反应都是响应于刺激。基于之前对动物和人类的研究,该研究确定了一个反映大脑中威胁的电生理指标。;We are trying to find where thought exists in the mind,; explained John Hart, Jr., M.D., Medical Science Director at the Center for BrainHealth. ;We know that groups of neurons firing on and off create a frequency and pattern that tell other areas of the brain what to do. By identifying these rhythms, we can correlate them with a cognitive unit such as fear.;“我们试图发现想法存在于大脑中的位置,”大脑健康中心的医学科学主任、医学士John Hart, Jr解释道。“我们知道组神经元放电和停电时,会创建一个频率和模式,告诉大脑的其他区域该做什么。通过识别这些节律,我们能把它们与恐惧等认知单元相联系。”Utilizing electroencephalography (EEG), Dr. Hart#39;s research team identified theta and beta wave activity that signifies the brain#39;s reaction to visually threatening images.利用脑电图(EEG),哈特士的研究小组发现了表示大脑对视觉威胁影响反应的θ和β波活动。;We have known for a long time that the brain prioritizes threatening information over other cognitive processes,; explained Bambi DeLaRosa, study lead author. ;These findings show us how this happens. Theta wave activity starts in the back of the brain, in it#39;s fear center -- the amygdala -- and then interacts with brain#39;s memory center -- the hippocampus -- before traveling to the frontal lobe where thought processing areas are engaged. At the same time, beta wave activity indicates that the motor cortex is revving up in case the feet need to move to avoid the perceived threat.;“我们很早就知道大脑对威胁信息的敏感度要高于其他认知过程,”该研究的首席作者Bambi DeLaRosa解释道。“这些发现向我们展示了它是如果发生的。θ波活动开始于位于大脑后部的恐惧中心——杏仁核——然后在前往思维加工区域,大脑额叶之前,与大脑记忆中心——海马体——相互作用。同时,β波活动表明,在需要移动位置以避免威胁时,运动皮层加速加速运转。”For the study, 26 adults (19 female, 7 male), ages 19-30 were shown 224 randomized images that were either unidentifiably scrambled or real pictures. Real pictures were separated into two categories: threatening (weapons, combat, nature or animals) and non-threatening (pleasant situations, food, nature or animals).在这项研究中,给予年龄在19岁到30岁之间的26个成年人(19个女性,7个男性) 224随机影像,要么是无法辨认的乱码,要么是真实的图片。真实的图片被分为两类:具有威胁性的(武器、战斗、自然或动物)和的不具有威胁性的(愉快的场景、食品、自然或动物)。While wearing an EEG cap, participants were asked to push a button with their right index finger for real items and another button with their right middle finger for nonreal/scrambled items. Shorter response times were recorded for scrambled images than the real images. There was no difference in reaction time for threatening versus non-threatening images.在戴着脑电图帽的同时,参与者被要求用右手食指按下按钮以看到真实图片,另用右手中指按另一个按钮以看到不真实的图片或乱码。乱码图像比真正的图像记录的响应时间更短。威胁性图片和不具威胁性的图片在反应时间上没有差别。EEG results revealed that threatening images evoked an early increase in theta activity in the occipital lobe (the area in the brain where visual information is processed), followed by a later increase in theta power in the frontal lobe (where higher mental functions such as thinking, decision-making, and planning occur). A left lateralized desynchronization of the beta band, the wave pattern associated with motor behavior (like the impulse to run), also consistently appeared in the threatening condition.脑电图结果表明威胁图片诱发枕叶(大脑中处理视觉信息的区域)中的θ波活动早期增加,紧随其后的是枕叶区域(更高级的心理机能,如思考、决策和计划,在这里发生)θ波的增加。β波左单侧性的去同步化,与运动行为(如脉冲运行)相关的波动行为,也一再出现在威胁情况下。This study will serve as a foundation for future work that will explore normal versus abnormal fear associated with an object in other atypical populations including individuals with PTSD.本研究将成为未来研究工作的基础,将在其他非典型人群中,包括在患有创伤后应激障碍的人群中,探索与一个对象相联系的正常和不正常的恐惧。This work was supported by the Berman Laboratory of Learning and Memory at The University of Texas at Dallas and the Jane and Bud Smith Distinguished Chair.这项工作是达拉斯德州大学的学习和记忆伯曼实验室、Jane和Bud Smith特聘教授提供持。 /201409/332012This is the pet for you if you want to get a head.如果你想引人注意的话,大白菜就是你的宠物。Photo agency Europics claimed last week that teenagers photographed at Beijing#39;s Midi Music Festival ;walking; cabbages on leashes were doing so as a means to cope with loneliness and depression. However, according to That#39;s Mag, the cabbage-walking was merely a performance art piece.上周摄影机构Europics称,中国青年在北京迷笛音乐节“遛白菜”是为了缓解孤单、释放压力。但是据网站That#39;s Mag称,“遛白菜”仅仅是行为艺术表演。The performance was based on the work of Chinese artist Han Bing, whose photo series, ;Walking the Cabbage,; depicted him dragging a leashed cabbage in various locations.这场行为艺术是由中国艺术家韩冰的作品衍生出来的,韩冰的系列摄影“遛白菜”记录了他在不同地点“遛白菜”的场景。According to Europics, the teens in the photographs at the Midi festival told reporters that walking cabbages helped them cope with emotional problems.据Europics 称,迷笛音乐节上的青年告诉记者“遛白菜”能帮助他们处理情感上的问题。;I feel I can transfer my negative thoughts about myself to the cabbage, go for a walk with it and come home feeling better about myself,; 17-year-old Lui Ja Chen was ed as saying.17岁的陈璐佳(音译)这样说道:“我觉得自己的负面情绪可以转移到白菜上,遛着白菜走一圈再回家让我感觉好多了。”It#39;s unclear whether the teens really saw some therapeutic benefit to the cabbage-walking, or they were just messing with reporters.目前尚不清楚这些青年是否真得认为“遛白菜”有治疗作用,还是只是应付记者随便说说。Another 17-year-old, Da-Xia Sung, reportedly said ;I have more interest for my cabbage than I do my parents. I feel it understands me.;另一位17岁的少年孙达夏(音译)说:“白菜比父母更能让我感兴趣,我觉得白菜懂我。” /201405/297071Is your desktop or laptop computer starting to feel a little poky? Even after just a few months of use, your PC or Mac may start to lose steam thanks to a fragmented hard drive, too many programs running in the background, or even a rogue piece of malware.开始察觉到你的台式机或笔记本电脑变的有那么点儿不好用了?只用了几个月,你的PC或MAC就失去了它的锐气,“感谢”硬盘驱动器中的某块碎片吧,这可能是因为太多程序同时在后台运行,或者是一个恶意软件在“淘气”。This week on Upgrade Your Life, Yahoo! News#39; Becky Worley serves up some quick and easy tricks for speeding up your PC or Mac, starting with …在这周的“提高你的生活质量”栏目中,来自雅虎新闻的贝奇·沃利给大家提供了一些快速又简单的小把戏,让你的电脑健步如飞,现在让我们开始吧。 /201403/280682

Hardy pensioner Dorothy Howe has reached her 100th birthday - despite smoking nearly half a million cigarettes during her life.老烟多萝西·豪依尽管一生中抽了近50万烟,还是迎来了她的百岁生日。The retired secretary took her first drag aged 16 and has puffed her way through 15 Superking Black ciggies every day since then.这名退休秘书自从16岁起,每天都会抽上15Superking Black 香烟。She has smoked around 460,000 cigarettes over the last 84 years - costing #163;193,000 at today’s prices.在过去的84年里,她抽了约有46万烟,按现在的物价计算下来她在抽烟上花了19.3万英镑。But despite the obvious health risks, Dorothy believes smoking is the secret to her old age - and a regular drop of whisky.尽管知道吸烟明显有害健康,但多萝西仍然相信每天抽烟和喝一杯威士忌就是她长寿的秘诀。Relaxing with her favourite tipple of Bell’s, she said: #39;I put my health down to whisky and cigarettes. I only drink when I’m out but my doctor said I wouldn’t be alive without them.她最爱喝金铃威士忌,喝酒可以让她放松。她说:“我的健康秘诀就是威士忌和香烟。我只是在外面才喝酒,但我的医生说离了烟我就没法儿活。”#39;I’m still alive and I can lift my elbows - it’s great. I’ve had a great life and God has treated me very well. I’ve been very lucky.#39;“我现在仍然活力四射,而且还可以举起手肘,这真棒。上帝真的很眷顾我,让我能如此长寿,我真的很幸运。”#39;I keep telling myself that I#39;m going to quit smoking when they put the prices up, but that#39;s just not going to happen now. Whisky tastes just as good as it used to though. My pins aren#39;t as fast as they used to be, but my mind is still sharp,#39; she said.多萝西说:“我一直提醒自己,如果香烟价格再上涨的话,我就要戒烟。但现在看来戒烟是不可能的了。威士忌的味道倒是一直都很不错,我的手脚虽然没有以前那么灵活了,但是我的脑袋还灵光着呢。”On her milestone birthday, friends took Dot to her local pub where she had a couple of drinks before returning home to open her card from the Queen. Friend Lynn Sass said: #39;She has the respect and friendship of a lot of people around here. She#39;s wonderful and a great character.在里程碑的百岁生日当天,她的朋友们带她去当地酒吧小酌了几杯,后来她回到家后还收到了英国女王寄来的贺卡。她的朋友林恩-萨斯说:“在我们这里,她拥有很多人的尊重和友谊,她很棒性格很好。”#39;She#39;s thought very highly of and we hope she#39;s had a great time. It#39;s a real achievement for a great woman.#39;“大家对她的评价都很高,我们都期望她能继续快乐地活下去,这么长寿真不容易。” /201408/317220

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — When he organized a get-together for dog lovers and their canine-averse neighbors, Syed Azmi Alhabshi thought he was doing a public service.吉隆坡,马来西亚——赛义德·阿兹米·阿拉巴什(Syed Azmi Alhabshi)组织喜欢的人和他们讨厌的邻居们进行聚会,他觉得自己是在组织一场公益活动。But after hundreds of people showed up to the event, billed as “I Want to Touch a Dog” on Facebook, and when pictures started circulating on the Internet of Muslim women in head scarves happily hugging dogs, Mr. Syed Azmi became an unwitting protagonist in the latest chapter of Malaysia’s culture wars.但是没想到上千人参加了那个活动,他们在Facebook上打出“我想摸”的宣传语,戴头巾的穆斯林女人开心拥抱小的照片开始在网上流传,赛义德·阿兹米无意中成了马来西亚文化斗争最新篇章的主角。In the week since the event, Mr. Syed Azmi, a pharmacist, has received more than 3,000 messages on his phone, many of them hateful and a dozen of them threatening physical harm. The police advised him to stay at home.赛义德·阿兹米是个药剂师。在那个活动之后的一周里,他收到了3000多条短信,其中很多是表达仇恨情绪,有十几条是威胁对他进行人身伤害。警察建议他待在家里。Malaysia’s Muslim leaders, who cite Islamic scriptures stating that dogs are unclean, lashed out at him in the news media. “I feel the anger, and it is real,” he said in an interview.马来西亚的穆斯林领袖们引用伊斯兰经文称,是不干净的,在新闻媒体上猛烈抨击他。“我非常真切地感受到他们的愤怒,”他在一次采访中说。Over the past two weeks, Muslim leaders in Malaysia have denounced Halloween as a “planned attack” on Islam and Oktoberfest parties as a public vice “the same as mass-promoted adultery.”在过去两周里,马来西亚的穆斯林领袖们将万圣节斥为对伊斯兰教“有计划的攻击”,称慕尼黑啤酒节是聚众淫乱,“和大肆鼓动通奸是一样的”。The culture wars have waxed and waned in multicultural Malaysia in recent years as conservative Muslim groups have pushed back against what they describe as libidinous and ungodly Western influences in a country that has rapidly modernized and become more cosmopolitan.近些年,在具有多元文化的马来西亚,这样的文化之争此起彼伏,因为保守的穆斯林团体开始反抗他们所谓的淫荡、邪恶的西方文化对这个国家的影响。这个国家正在快速现代化,变得更具世界性。The dispute over touching dogs has underlined the fault lines in what has increasingly become a country polarized between members of the Malay majority, who are overwhelmingly Muslim, and ethnic Chinese, Indians and other minorities, who are typically Christian, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist.摸争议突显了这个国家占主体的马来人和华裔、印度裔等少数民族之间的分裂,前者大多是穆斯林,后者大多信奉基督教、印度教、锡克教或佛教。The dog controversy joins the decades-old disputes over the availability of pork, the imbibing of alcohol and the pressure on Muslim women to wear conservative clothing.几十年来,在围绕供应猪肉、饮酒以及迫使穆斯林女人穿保守装等争议之后,成为最新的争议对象。Although many Muslims in other countries do not view touching dogs as forbidden, conservative Islamic groups here say the Shafie school of Islamic jurisprudence that they follow views dogs as unclean and requires the faithful to undergo a ritualistic wash if they come into contact with canines.虽然其他国家的很多穆斯林并不把摸视为禁忌,但是马来西亚的保守伊斯兰团体称,他们追随的伊斯兰法系沙菲派(Shafie school)认为不干净,要求信徒与犬类接触后进行仪式清洗。The Malaysian authorities described the “I Want to Touch a Dog” event as an offense to Islam. Othman Mustapha, the director general of the federal Islamic Development Department, which has the official mission of protecting the “purity of faith,” said the event was a challenge to the authority of religious leaders.马来西亚当局把“我想摸”活动称为对伊斯兰教的冒犯。马来西亚联邦伊斯兰发展局(Islamic Development Department)局长奥斯曼·穆斯塔法(Othman Mustapha)说,这个活动是对宗教领袖权威的挑战。该局的官方使命是保护“信仰的纯洁性”。The religious authorities in Malaysia have the power to crack down on practices they view as going against Islam, but Muslim law is selectively enforced and highly politicized. Many Malaysian Muslims own dogs, drink alcohol in public and have very westernized lifestyles.马来西亚的官方宗教机构有权打击他们认为反伊斯兰教的行为,但是穆斯林法律只是被选择性执行,具有强烈的政治性。在马来西亚,很多穆斯林养,公开饮酒,生活方式很西化。Criticism of the dog event has led to a backlash by a small but vocal group of moderate Muslims in the country who view the strictures of the religious authorities as oppressive.对摸事件的批评导致该国虽小而有话语权的现代穆斯林群体进行强烈反击。他们认为宗教当局的苛责是一种迫害。“All we are getting these days is how to hate an ever-growing list of people and things,” Marina Mahathir, the daughter of a former prime minister and a leading liberal voice, wrote in a newspaper column published last week. “How much energy are we to spend on hate? And how does hating anything and everything make us happy and better Muslims?”“如今我们听到的都是如何去憎恨越来越多的人和事,”前总理的女儿、自由主义倡导者玛丽娜·马哈迪(Marina Mahathir)上周在报纸专栏上写道,“我们还要在仇恨上花多少精力?仇恨一切怎么可能让我们变成快乐的、更好的穆斯林?”Mr. Syed Azmi, the pharmacist, said he thought he had his bases covered. Before the event, he contacted and received acknowledgment from the state religious authorities.赛义德·阿兹米说,他本以为自己已经考虑得很周到了。在举办活动之前,他与国家宗教官方机构取得联系并获得许可。He also invited an Islamic scholar who showed Muslims how to conduct the ritual washing after they had touched the dogs.他还邀请一位伊斯兰学者向穆斯林们演示摸之后如何进行仪式清洗。“I expected it to be in the news, but not to the point where people would get so angry,” said Mr. Syed Azmi, who is Muslim.“我当时是期望这个活动能上新闻,但我没想到人们会如此愤怒,”赛义德·阿兹米说。他也是一位穆斯林。 /201411/341219

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