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Joel: So, Michele, how long have you been living in Japan?乔尔:米歇尔,你在日本生活多长时间了?Michele: Well, in total its been almost four years now.米歇尔:我在日本生活的时间加起来有四年了。Joel: Four years. OK. Thats about the same for me too.乔尔:四年。和我一样。Michele: Oh, yeah.米歇尔:哦,好。Joel: Do you feel like your totally used to it? Are you acculturated?乔尔:你觉得你已经完全适应日本的生活了吗?你适应这里的文化了吗?Michele: I think so. At times there are still some things that are a little bit difficult but for the most part, I dont have a culture shock anymore.米歇尔:我想是的。不过有时也会遇到一些问题,不过大多数情况下,我已经没有文化冲击了。Joel: For example?乔尔:举例来说呢?Michele: Something that I still struggle with?米歇尔:我仍会遇到的问题?Joel: Yes.乔尔:对。Michele: Well, theres still the language barrier because Im still not fluent in Japanese so, like today I went to the bank and I was trying to do something that was a little out of the ordinary I guess I just had some trouble and I couldnt get it done.米歇尔:现在还是有语言障碍,因为我的日语还不是太流利,就像今天我去,我想可能我要办的业务有些特殊,我遇到了一些麻烦,没有办成。Joel: And you said you had gone back to the ed States...乔尔:你说过你之前回过美国……Michele: Canada.米歇尔:加拿大。Joel: Im sorry. You had gone back to Canada and did you have kind of reverse culture shock when you went back?乔尔:抱歉。你之前回过加拿大,那你回去时有没有遇到反文化冲击?Michele: Yes, I did actually. I... at that time, I had lived in Japan for about three years and I returned to Canada and I was so used to living in Japan and I guess I had to change my thinking and behaviors a little bit while I was in Japan so when I went back to Canada I felt like, ;OK, now I have to change back.;米歇尔:有,我的确感受到了。我在日本生活了三年以后,回了一次加拿大,我已经习惯日本的生活了,我在日本时要稍微改变我的想法和行为,而我回到加拿大以后,感觉我又要把习惯改回去了。Joel: The first thing I noticed when I had gone back to the ed States was in the grocery store, the supermarket, when I was buying my food the cashier would talk to me and ask me questions.乔尔:我感受到的第一个不同是,我回美国以后去超市买食物,结账时收银员会和我说话,问我些问题。Michele: Right.米歇尔:对。Joel: And when I lived in Asia, the cashiers, they never talk to you, and it just threw me off. It threw me off guard. I was very surprised at how much just people you dont know will approach you and talk to you and ask you questions.乔尔:可是我在亚洲生活时,收银员从来不会和我说话,所以这让我有些吃惊,让我颇感意外。不认识的人主动接近我,和我说话并问我问题让我感到很惊讶。Michele: Right.米歇尔:对。Joel: Is it the same in Canada?乔尔:加拿大也是这样吗?Michele: Yeah. Yeah. I think so. And I also noticed when I went back to Canada, especially I lived near Toronto, and theres people from a lot of different countries in Toronto, Ive been so used to seeing only Japanese pieces, so it was a little bit shock to see so many different pieces again whenever I back to Canada.米歇尔:对,也是这样。另外我回加拿大的时候还注意到一个不同,我住在多伦多附近,多伦多有很多来自世界各地的人,我在日本时已经习惯只看到日本的物品了,可是我回加拿大以后会因为看到那么多不同国家的东西而感到震惊。Joel: And also, youre planning to move back soon again?乔尔:另外,你近期有回加拿大的计划吗?Michele: Well, Im going to go back Canada in the summer for my holidays but then Ill be back in Japan.米歇尔:我计划夏天回加拿大度假,然后会再回到日本。Joel: Oh, I see. What do you think youll miss most while youre gone?乔尔:哦,我明白了。你离开日本以后最想念的会是什么?Michele: What will I miss about Japan?米歇尔:我会想念日本的什么东西?Joel: Yeah.乔尔:对。Michele: I think Ill miss the food the most. I really love Japanese food.米歇尔:我想我最想念的会是食物。我真的非常喜欢日本的食物。Joel: Thats exactly the same for me.乔尔:和我一样。Michele: Yeah.米歇尔:对。Joel: Ill miss my yakisoba.乔尔:我会想念我最喜欢的日式炒面。Michele: And good sushi. Udon. I love udon.米歇尔:还有好吃的寿司。乌冬面。我喜欢乌冬面。译文属 /201602/426695讲解文本:make up with 与...重修旧好,和解I think you should forgive Jack and make up with him.我想你应该原谅Jack,跟他和好。 Why dont you make up with her? She is your best friend.你为什么不同她和好呢? 她是你最好的闺蜜啊。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201607/455739For:正方辩词:More tolerance, less prejudice.多一点宽容,少一点偏见。In the course of history, homosexuality was once regarded as a kind of virus. In the year 2001, with the publication of the third edition of the Chinese Classification and Diagnostic Criteria of Mental Disorders, homosexuality is no longer regarded as a psychotic disorder. Presently Chinese society has shown progress in no longer regarding homosexuality as a pathological phenomenon. Except for the sex-orientation, it is believed that they are just the same as us.在历史上,同性恋曾经被认为是一种疾病。直到《2001年中国精神障碍分类与诊断标准》(第3 版)的发布,同性恋者不再被认定是精神病患者。如今在中国,随着社会的进步,同性恋不再被看做是一种病态现象。除了性取向不同,同性恋者在其他各方面与正常人并无差异。As a sign of civilization, the pubic tolerance toward homosexuality has won great acceptance. It is impossible for everyone to be homosexual. Gays and lesbians are always the minority. Lets be nice to them. They need to be protected under the legal system, they need to be admitted into society and given the right to enjoy happiness as we do. Why should we be so inconsiderate to them?公众的容忍度是一个民族文明程度的标志之一,因此同性恋目前已被广泛接纳。不可能每个人都是同性恋,男同志和女同志总归是少数。让我们一同善待他们。他们也需要法律的保护,需要被社会接受,需要和我们一样有享受幸福的权利。为什么我们不能体谅他们呢?Against:反方辩词:Homosexuality could never be widely advocated.同性恋不会被广泛提倡。Homosexuality should not be simply judged as right or wrong. Gays and lesbians should be regarded as common people in every respect. But still, what should be questioned is the relationship. Undoubtedly, homosexuality can never make its way into the main stream of social life. That is because this kind of relationship, unlike most of other interpersonal relationships, is not socially functional.同性恋不应该简单的通过对错来判断。从任何角度讲,任何同性恋者都应该被当成正常人对待。然而,应该被质疑的是这种关系。毫无疑问,同性恋不可能成为社会生活的主流。因为同性恋不同于大多数的社会人际关系,它不体现社会功能。Common love and marriage between men and women should be regarded as functional because they are reproductive-they reproduce family and offspring. Reproductivity is a basic condition for the development of society. In this sense, homosexual love and marriage can never be centralized in social life. As a marginal social relationship, homosexuality will naturally exist, but it will can never be widely advocated.正常的男女间的爱情与婚姻能够体现社会功能,因为它们是有繁殖性的能够组建家庭与繁殖后代。繁殖性是社会发展的一个基本要求。从这个意义上讲,同性恋的爱情与婚姻永远不能成为社会生活的中心。做为一种边缘化的社会关系,同性恋能够自然地存在,但它不会被广泛提倡。 /201501/355033

Harry and Feifei talk about a colloquial expression popular with young people for when things or people are very intense.哈利和菲菲在谈论一个深受年轻人欢迎的口语表达,用来表示事态或某个人令人很紧张。Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:本节目可能出现文本与音频不完全相符的情况。Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Feifei and joining me is Harry.菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是菲菲,今天和我一起主持节目的是哈利。Harry: Hello! And the expression we are going to look at today which we hear a lot in colloquial speech is full-on. So, Feifei — did you have a good weekend?哈利:大家好。今天我们要讲的表达方式是口语中经常听到的“紧张”这个词。菲菲,你周末过得愉快吗?Feifei: It was quiet. I stayed home most of the time. I watched a couple of old, black and white films with my grandmother on Sunday. That was the highlight. How about you?菲菲:我周末过得很安静。我大部分时间都待在家里。我周日和祖母一起看了几部黑白老电影。这就是亮点。你呢?Harry: Well, your weekend sounds quite... relaxed. Well, my weekend wasnt like your weekend at all. I went to the launch party of a new bar on Friday — that was quite a night! Then on Saturday my friends took me to a night club that went on until morning!哈利:嗯,你的周末听上去很……放松。我的周末跟你的可完全不同。我周五参加了一个酒吧的开业派对——那真是很精的一晚!之后周六我朋友们带我去了夜店,我们一直玩到第二天早上!Feifei: Wow! That sounds exciting. Clubbing though — arent you a bit old for that sort of thing?菲菲:哇!听起来真令人激动。不过,你的年纪去夜总会玩会不会太老了?Harry: No, Im not too old, but to be honest — it was a bit full-on.哈利:不会,我年纪也不是很大,不过说实话,太激烈了。Feifei: Full-on? What do you mean?菲菲:Full-on?你是什么意思?Harry: Well, the music, the dancing, the drinking, the energy. It was very intense. Im not old, but Im not as young as I was.哈利:嗯,音乐、跳舞、喝酒、精力。令人精神紧张,我虽然不老,不过也不年轻了。Feifei: Right. So full-on means it was very intense.菲菲:没错。full-on的意思就是令人非常紧张。Harry: Yeah. I think Ill need a few days to recover; it was so full-on.哈利:对。我想我需要几天来恢复一下;太激烈了。Feifei: What else can be full-on?菲菲:full-on还有什么意思?Harry: Some people are a bit full-on. A bit extreme. Not relaxing.哈利:有些人让别人精神紧张。有点儿过度,不放松。Feifei: I know what you mean. Sarahs a bit full-on isnt she?菲菲:我明白你的意思。萨拉就有点儿让别人精神紧张,对吧?Harry: Yes, she scares me. She stands so close when she talks to me and stares straight into my eyes. Work can also be full-on when its busy.哈利:对,她让我感到害怕。她和我说话的时候站得离我非常近,而且直直地盯着我的眼睛。工作非常忙的时候也会令人紧张。Feifei: Work has been a bit full on lately hasnt it. Weve had to do loads of overtime to get the new project finished.菲菲:最近工作一直很紧张。我们不得不经常加班来完成新节目。Harry: It has been full-on, yes. Lets listen to some more examples.哈利:对,一直很紧张。我们再来听几个例子。Examples例句Man: Have a good holiday?男:假期过得愉快吗?Woman: To be honest, not really. We were up at 6 am every day to get as much sightseeing done as possible and didnt get to bed till midnight. It was so full-on. I feel like I need another holiday.女:说实话,并不愉快。我们每天早上都六点起床,尽可能多的游览各种风景,直到午夜才睡觉。太令人紧张了,我觉得我还需要休个假期。I really dont like childrens parties. All those excited, screaming kids. Its too full-on.我非常不喜欢孩子们的派对。到处都是兴奋尖叫的孩子。令人精神紧张。Londons too full-on. I need to move to the countryside.伦敦会让人精神紧张。我要搬到乡村去住。Feifei: Well, if you want a more relaxing weekend next time, come and watch some films with me and my grandmother. Its really laid back.菲菲:如果你下次想轻松地过周末,可以来我家和我还有我祖母一起看电影。真的非常放松。Harry: That sounds a lot less full-on. Ill do that.哈利:听起来确实不会感到精神紧张。我会去的。Feifei: Join us again soon for The English We Speak.菲菲:请记得收听下一期地道英语节目。Harry: Bye!哈利:再见。 译文属 /201502/358328

Kara: So, Lupe, being bilingual you have a lot more choices than say I do with things like movies, music, books. When you go to the store and buy a book, do you normally buy it in English or do you buy it in Spanish or does it just depend on the book?卡拉:卢佩,你会说两种语言,所以在电影、音乐和书籍上,你比我有更多的选择。你去书店买书时一般是买英语书籍还是西班牙书籍,还是取决于书籍?Lupe: I think it depends not only on the book: it depends on the mood. You know there are times when I really feel that Im forgetting certain things if Im not speaking enough Spanish or practicing it, so therefore Ill decide to go and buy a Spanish book so I can keep up on that, but you know, theres times when I just really want to a really good book and sometimes the translations are not exact so if I know the book was originally written in English, Ill buy it in English just because I want the real thing.卢佩:我觉得不仅仅是取决于书籍,也要看心情。如果我有一段时间没怎么说西班牙或是我练习的不够,那我会感觉我忘了一些事情,所以我就会去买本西班牙语书,帮助我巩固西班牙语,我也有特别想看一本好书的时候,有时译本并不是那么准确,如果我确定那本书是用英语写的,那我就会买英文版,因为我想看到最原汁原叶的内容。Kara: Now, as far as music goes do you listen to both English and Spanish? Do you have a preference, and what is your favorite type of music?卡拉:那音乐方面呢,你是英语歌和西班牙语歌都听吗?你更喜欢哪种音乐,你最喜欢哪种类型的音乐?Lupe: OK, so when it comes to music, my favorite singer in Spanish is Luis Miguel. I listen to him all the time. I love his music and in English my favorite singer in Mariah Carey so I listen to her all the time, and even though theyre different types of genres theyre still, you know, both my favorite types of music of the singer and he just happens to sing in Spanish. I love his voice. She happens to sing in English. I love her voice, but I can listen to all types of music in English and in Spanish. Sometimes, Im in the mood for Spanish music if Im going out to maybe a Mexican dance where Ill be listening to more Spanish music and theres times when I go out with my other friends and I know were going to be dancing to English music so get in the mood, Ill put on English CDs.卢佩:音乐方面,我最喜欢的西班牙语歌手是路易斯·马吉尔。我经常听他的歌。我喜欢他的音乐,英语歌手我最喜欢玛丽亚·凯莉,我也经常听她的歌,虽然他们演唱的类型不同,但是他们是我最喜欢的歌手,而且刚巧马吉尔是用西班牙语演唱。我非常喜欢他的声音。凯莉是用英语演唱,我也很喜欢她的声音,不过基本上各种类型的英语歌和西班牙语歌我都会听。如果我去跳墨西哥舞蹈,那我会想多听些西班牙语歌曲,所以我就会多听些西班牙语音乐,有时我和朋友们出去,我知道我们跳舞时会搭配英语歌曲,那为了找感觉我就会放英语歌曲来听。Kara: And movies. Theres not a lot of Spanish movies that play in the ed States, but when one does come out every once in awhile, theyll have them at the theaters, do you like to go watch them, or do you just prefer the normal movies that come out here?卡拉:现在来说电影。在美国放的西班牙语电影不太多,不过偶尔会有西班牙语电影在电影院上映,你是喜欢去电影院看西班牙语电影,还是喜欢这里放映的电影?Lupe: I really enjoy going to the movies, and youre right, Spanish movies dont come out very often, so when they do I get really, really excited that theyre actually gonna have something in my primary language so I definitely go and watch the movies and you know, Im very happy and proud that theres finally a Spanish one coming out and that theyre showing it in this country even though its in Spanish and they normally just use subtitles, so yeah, when they do Im definitely one of the first people there to watch them.卢佩:我非常喜欢去电影院看电影,你说的没错,西班牙语电影在美国上映的机会不多,所以如果有西班牙语电影上映,那我会非常非常激动,因为用我的母语拍摄的电影上映了,所以我一定会去电影院看,我会既高兴又自豪,因为终于有西班牙语电影要在这个国家上映了,虽然对白是西班牙语下面会有字幕,但是如果有西班牙语电影上映那我一定是第一批冲去电影院观看的人。 译文属 /201512/413923

Tu: So, I heard that Iran is very famous for its coffee?屠:我听说伊朗的咖啡很有名?Amir: Well, not coffee actually, the tea.埃米尔:嗯,实际上不是咖啡,是茶很有名。Tu: The tea? What is special about it?屠:茶吗?有什么特别之处?Amir: Well, we love tea. We have to drink tea. Some of the people, if they dont drink two or three glasses of tea, cups of tea, they have headaches.埃米尔:我们喜欢茶。我们必须要喝茶。有些人如果不喝两三杯茶,就会头疼。Tu: Headaches.屠:头疼。Amir: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they are very much picky about the color of the tea. Everybody orders differently. Some people say pour very colored strong tea. Some people say, ;No, No, I dont want it that strong.; The medium. Everybody has their own taste.埃米尔:对,没错。他们对茶的颜色很挑剔。每个人都会点不同的茶来喝。有些人希望茶的颜色深些。也有人会说,“不,不要,我希望茶的颜色不要那么深”。不深也不浅那种。每个人都有自己的口味。Tu: So, I guess you got a lot of tea shops.屠:那伊朗一定有很多家茶馆。Amir: Yeah, yeah, we have traditional one, which is very interesting for the tourists I believe, where you go in and you sit down, no chairs there, and its actually cushions just behind you, so you can lie on this cushions and you know, kind of like lying position. You can straighten your legs and the servant will bring you tea. Actually, the drinking tea in Iran is a little different from other countries.埃米尔:对,没错,我们的传统茶馆对游客非常有吸引力,你走进一家传统茶馆,坐下来,其实里面并没有椅子,你后面有垫子,你可以躺在垫子上,相当于卧姿。你可以把腿伸直,务员会给你上茶。实际上,在伊朗喝茶和其他国家有些不同。Tu: Different? How?屠:不同?哪里不一样?Amir: Well, we have a glass or a cup of tea, and beneath that we have something called estikan, which you put the glass or cup on that, and, well, the way you drink it is that you have to pick up the cubic sugar. It is a cubic. Its not like other powder of sugar. You pick it up and then you tip it inside the tea a little bit. When it gets the most, you put it inside your mouth, and you drink tea when the cubic sugar is in your mouth.埃米尔:我们会在茶杯的下面放个杯托,杯止放在杯托上,喝茶时一定要配方糖。是那种方形的糖。不是糖粉。喝茶时,拿起一块方糖,放到茶水里稍微一沾。然后把方糖放进嘴里,等于你喝茶的时候方糖在你的嘴里。Tu: It takes time.屠:这很花时间。Amir: Thats the way you drink it. You will get used to it. Just try once. Its actually good.埃米尔:这就是伊朗人喝茶的方法。你会习惯的。你可以试试。非常不错。Tu: Do you go there often?屠:你经常去茶馆吗?Amir: Once a year. Yeah.埃米尔:一年去一次。Tu: Once a year! Okay. Its interesting. I will try.屠:一年一次!好,这很有意思,我会尝试一下的。 译文属 /201606/448398

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