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A runaway bride who jilted three men has finally tied the knot with her maid of homour.一个落跑新娘在甩了三个男人后,最终和曾经将成为她的首席伴娘的女人喜结连理。Kerry De’ath, 29, first ran out on her fiance Craig Smith, 32, just months before they were set to jet to Florida for the dream wedding they spent years saving for.29岁的Kerry De’ath的第一次逃婚,发生在和第一任未婚夫将要坐喷气式飞机去佛罗里达结婚前的几个月。此前,Kerry和32岁的未婚夫Craig Smith为了能够举办这场梦幻婚礼,可是积攒了多年。The bolting bride then settled down with a second love, Dave Futter, 29, for two and a half years - but left him when he popped the question.接着这位落跑新娘和第二任爱人,29岁的Dave Futter,安定下来共度了两年半,但是又在他提出结婚时离开了他。Next she started dating Nick Farmer, 29, and the happy couple moved in together, booked their wedding and reception and even sent out all the invitations.随后她又开始和29岁的Nick Farmer约会,这对幸福的情侣搬到一起同居,预定了婚礼和宴会,并送出了所有的婚礼请柬。But her world was turned upside down when her chief bridesmaid Sarah Woodford, 33, plucked up the courage to confess her love for her - just six weeks before the big day.但是就在离婚礼当天仅有六个星期的时候,她的首席伴娘,33岁的Sarah Woodford 鼓起勇气向她表达了爱意,至此Kerry的世界完全颠覆了。Incredibly, Kerry suddenly realised why she had never been able to settle down with Mr Right - because she had been looking for Mrs Right.令人难以置信的是,Kerry马上意识到了为什么她一直没能和如意郎君相处到最后:因为自己一直在寻找的是那个对的“她”。Kerry ditched Nick, but delayed explaining the real reason - afraid of hurting his feelings. Instead she moved in with her secret admirer and six months later brave Sarah proposed to Kerry, who said yes.Kerry抛弃了Nick,但是因为害怕伤害他的感情而迟迟没有解释真正的原因。她和偷偷倾慕她已久的Sarah住到了一起。六个月后Sarah 勇敢地向Kerry求婚,Kerry答应了。Relieved friends have now finally seen Kerry make it down the aisle at the couple’s no-expense-spared bash - held at the same venue where she had planned to marry a man.现在朋友们终于可以感到宽慰,他们一起见了这两位耗资巨大的婚礼,而婚礼的举行地点,正是Kerry原本打算嫁给第三任未婚夫的那间礼堂里。The happy bride said that finally getting married had been the happiest day of her life. She said: #39;I know it sounds like something out of a film, but you can’t help who you fall in love with.#39;幸福的新娘说,这来之不易的新婚之日是她此生最幸福的日子。她说:“我知道这听起来像是发生在电影里的故事,但是你不能控制和谁坠入爱河。”#39;I settled down with men but every time they started talking about marriage something just didn’t feel right and I panicked. #39;“我以前和男人相处生活,但是每当他们开始谈及婚姻,我总是感觉不对劲,然后就开始恐慌。”#39;When I was making arrangements to marry Nick, Sarah sat me down on her bed and said #39;I love you#39;.I couldn’t believe it. Then she said #39;don’t marry him#39;. #39;“当我在准备和Nick的婚礼时,Sarah让我坐在她的床上,她说‘我爱你’。我简直不敢相信。然后她又说‘不要嫁给他。’”#39;I had no idea how she felt. But as she said the words I started to feel right.I’d spent all that time worrying about marrying a man - when it was a woman I was looking for. #39;“我不知道她是什么感觉。但是当她说了这一席话,我开始感觉对了。我总是在为和一个男人结婚而担心,而我突然明白了:我一直在寻找的应该是个女人。”#39;My family have been great and really supportive, which was a relief because they are quite old fashioned so I was really worried. #39;“我的家人们都很好,他们都很持我,这对我来说如释重负,因为他们是相当保守的人,我非常担心他们不能接受。”After three failed attempts the runaway bride finally married on September 15 at Langtons House registry office in Hornchurch, Essex, watched by 140 guests.在三次尝试结婚失败之后,9月15日,这位落跑新娘在140位客人的注视下,在英国艾塞克斯郡霍克奇市的Langtons House登记处结婚了。Sarah, who was secretly in love with Kerry for two years before finding the courage to tell her, said: #39;I never thought I would get the reaction I did. But now I am so glad I stopped the wedding.#39;其实在有勇气告白之前,Sarah已经暗恋Kerry两年了,她说:“我从来没想过自己会做出这样的举动,但是我现在是多么庆幸当初阻止了她的婚礼。”Understanding Dave Futter, the second fiance Kerry jilted, wished her well for married life.遭Kerry抛弃的第二任未婚夫Dave Futter非常善解人意,他祝愿Kerry新婚快乐。He admitted said: #39;I always had an inkling that Kerry liked women. But as long as she is happy, that’s all that matters. They seem really happy together. And we are still friends.#39;他承认:“我一直感到Kerry有可能喜欢女人。但是只要她幸福,这才是最重要的。他们在一起看上去真的很快乐。而我和她依然是朋友。” /201209/201674

Stop for a second and notice the way you are sitting. Back curved, shoulders slumped, maybe legs crossed? For people who spend the day staring at a computer screen, this position is fairly typical. But what is it doing to your spine, if anything? Do we need to sit up straight to focus, like that mean math teacher once insisted? Here#39;s some straight talk from one expert, Mladen Golubic, medical director for the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Cleveland Clinic#39;s Wellness Institute.停下手里的事情,注意一下你的坐姿吧!驼背、缩肩,说不定还翘着二郎腿?对于整天盯着电脑屏幕的人来说,这个姿势相当典型。然而,如果这种坐姿会伤害你的脊柱呢?另外,我们真的必须坐直了才能集中精力吗,就像小时候严厉的数学老师要求的那样?克里夫兰诊所健康协会(Cleveland Clinic#39;s Wellness Institute)生活方式医疗中心(Center for Lifestyle Medicine)的医学主任穆雷登#8226;戈卢比奇(Mladen Golubic)就坐姿问题畅谈了自己的看法。Degrees of Comfort舒适的坐姿角度Little research has been done on the best way to sit upright. One American meta study in 1999 concluded that sitting at an angle of 110 to 130 degrees was optimal for spine comfort. A Scottish study published in 2007 found that leaning back at 135 degrees is ideal to prevent back strain. While interesting, this sort of precision may be impractical for most people, Dr. Golubic says.至今,围绕最佳坐姿的研究仍寥寥可数。美国的一项于1999年进行的整合分析研究指出,身体躯干和大腿呈100度至130度角的坐姿最能令脊柱放松。苏格兰的一项于2007年发表了论文的研究发现,角度为135度的后仰坐姿对防止背部酸痛最为有利。戈卢比奇士表示,虽然这些研究令人颇感兴趣,但对于大多数人来讲,如此精确地拿捏坐姿角度或许并不可行。Sitting to Death?久坐伤身His clinic sees patients with multiple chronic illnesses. Nearly all of them sit for long periods each day. The term Sedentary Death Syndrome was coined by the President#39;s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in 2002 to address the growing consequences of a seated lifestyle. #39;There are studies on Sedentary Death Syndrome that show that sitting for hours can cause anything from lower back pain to high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity,#39; he says. In other words, no matter what position you#39;re sitting in all day, it is pretty bad for you.克里夫兰诊所治疗过患有多种慢性疾病的病人。几乎所有这类患者都是每天久坐不动。2002年,美国总统健康及运动委员会(President#39;s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports)为应对久坐的生活方式所带来的日益严峻的问题创造了一个新词──体力活动缺乏综合症(Sedentary Death Syndrome)。戈卢比奇士称:“有关体力活动缺乏综合症的研究表明,久坐数个小时可能引发腰痛、高胆固醇、糖尿病及肥胖症等多种疾病。”换句话说,不管用哪种坐姿整天坐着,对你的身体都颇为有害。The Perfect Pose最佳坐姿Body posture determines the efficiency of your breathing. #39;Relaxed, straight sitting#39; -- with the core strong, shoulder blades active but not tight and spine erect -- #39;expands your chest, allowing you to take in a larger breath . . . and you#39;ll have more energy and focus,#39; Dr. Golubic says. To achieve this, sit away from the back of your chair so you don#39;t slump, with your feet placed firmly on the ground. He sometimes sends patients home with a blue dot to put on their computer screens as a reminder to sit up straight and stretch and take a deep breath when they feel pain. There is also an app called PostureTrack that alerts users when they#39;re slumping.身体姿势是对呼吸效果起决定性作用的因素。戈卢比奇士说,“放松,坐直”──保持身体核心稳定、打开但别绷紧肩胛骨并挺直脊柱──“挺胸,深呼吸……你会感觉到更有活力,更能集中精力”。为保持这样的坐姿,你需要和椅背保持一定距离,以防止自己瘫靠在椅子上,同时你的双脚应该稳稳地踩在地上。有些时候,他会让患者把一个蓝色的圆点贴纸带回家贴到电脑上,以此提醒患者在感觉到酸痛时,应该坐直、舒展身体并深呼吸。另外,有一款名为PostureTrack的应用程序可以在用户弯腰驼背时发出警报。Slump to a Hump弯腰驼背的害处It#39;s not as though slouching will give you a hunchback in a day, but #39;if you do this day after day, and your muscles are not strong, the whole skeleton changes,#39; Dr. Golubic says. #39;I#39;m not aware of any studies that look at the changes in the volume of organs like the liver and spleen when you sit straight or slump forward. But we do know that when you slouch, you project an attitude of depression and low motivation.#39; When you sit up straight, he adds, #39;psychologically, your attitude is better.#39;并不是说坐没坐相会让你在一天之内变成驼背,但戈卢比奇士称:“如果长此以往,你的肌肉又不够强壮,你全身的骨骼就会变形。据我所知,还没有哪项课题就人坐直时和驼背时内脏(如肝脏和脾脏)的体积变化进行过研究。但是我们知道的是,当你驼背时,你会传递出令人感觉你萎靡不振和情绪低落的信号。”他补充道,当你坐直时,“给人感觉你的心理状态比较好”。Core Message腰痛发出的信号If you#39;re not used to sitting up straight, you may feel lower back pain -- an indicator that you need to strengthen your core and work on general fitness. Dr. Golubic almost always advises his patients to start yoga: #39;The first thing we learn in yoga is how to sit properly.#39;如果你还不习惯于直坐,你可能会感觉到腰痛──这说明你需要进行核心力量训练并提高身体的综合素质。基本上,戈卢比奇会建议所有的患者开始练习瑜伽:“在瑜伽课上,我们最先学习的就是正确的坐姿。”Walk, Don#39;t Sit多走并避免久坐The bottom line: How you sit is less important than how long you sit, Dr. Golubic says. He tries to get up from his desk often, doing #39;walking meetings#39; with colleagues and taking phone calls outdoors. #39;If you cannot walk,#39; he says, #39;At least stand.#39; Subscribe to WSJ: http://online.wsj.com?moddjnwires底线:戈卢比奇士称,坐姿如何远不及坐的时间长短对身体的影响大。他本人会尽可能频繁地离开书桌,和同事们“边走路边开会”,并到室外接打电话。他说:“如果你没有条件走动,至少该多站站。” /201305/240331

When the guy swung at Mark Donnelly, his only means of defense was a black umbrella -- and a foppish one at that. But, ducking under a roundhouse punch, he jabbed the pointy end of the umbrella into the attacker#39;s gut, stopping him cold.皮斯卡塔韦,新泽西──当这个男人向马克#8226;唐纳利(Mark Donnelly)发起猛攻时,他唯一的自卫武器就是一把黑色的雨伞──一把纨口气息很重的雨伞。但就在弯腰躲避狠狠一击时,他将伞尖顶住攻击者的腹部,终结了对方的进攻。Mr. Donnelly, who is 43 years old and several inches short of 6 feet tall, then straightened his waistcoat, and the two men shook hands.然后,这个43岁,身高接近一米八的男人捋了捋他的马甲,跟他的攻击者握了握手。The skirmish was a rare demonstration of Bartitsu, an obscure Victorian system of gentlemanly self-defense practiced by Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle#39;s legendary detective.这场小格斗是巴顿术(Bartitsu)的展示,它并不常见,并且带有一丝维多利亚时期的绅士气息。柯南#8226;道尔爵士(Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)笔下的传奇侦探福尔斯就曾用巴顿术进行格斗。Mr. Donnelly#39;s assailant was 42-year-old Robert Earhart, a professional stuntman in protective gear.攻击唐纳利的是42岁的罗伯特#8226;埃尔哈特(Robert Earhart),一位全副武装的职业特技演员。#39;Is this a good weapon?#39; Mr. Donnelly, clutching the umbrella, asked a crowd of several dozen here last weekend at the Steampunk World#39;s Fair, an annual steam-age science-fiction festival. #39;It is if it#39;s in my hands at the time of attack.#39;上周末,一年一度的蒸汽朋克世界览会(Steampunk World’s Fair)如期而至。在这个以蒸汽时代的科幻小说为主题的庆典上,唐纳利手握雨伞,向观众提问:“各位觉得雨伞当武器怎么样?如果它在我手中,就是最好的进攻武器。”Other items in the Bartitsu arsenal include walking sticks, top hats, snuffboxes, handkerchiefs or #39;any item a gentleman would have at his disposal,#39; says Mr. Donnelly.巴顿术里其它的武器还包括手杖、礼帽、鼻烟盒、手帕以及“绅士可以随手取用的任何物品”,唐纳利如此说道。The system was long thought to be part of the fictional world of Sherlock Holmes. But in the past decade, a handful of martial-arts enthusiasts, historians and Holmes scholars have rediscovered Bartitsu by piecing together archival newspaper and magazine clippings from turn-of-the-century London, among other sources. These include such articles as a #39;Defense Against Hooligans,#39; tips on #39;Conducting a Person Out of the Room,#39; or methods for overcoming an #39;assailant who seizes you by the waistbelt.#39;这套格斗体系一直以来都被视为福尔斯小说的一部分。但在过去十年中,一些武术爱好者、历史学家以及研究福尔斯的学者,通过收集世纪之交时期伦敦的报纸、杂志和其它信息来源,让巴顿术重放光。这些文章包括《如何抵御街头流氓》(Defense Against Hooligans)、《将对手引出房间指南》(Conducting a Person Out of the Room),以及如何用一些实用方法来“挣脱抓住你腰带的对手”。#39;Holmes is fictional. Bartitsu is real,#39; says Mr. Donnelly, who lives in Harrisburg, Pa.住在宾夕法尼亚州哈里斯堡(Harrisburg)的唐纳利说,“小说是虚构的,但巴顿术却货真价实。”In a nod to its Victorian roots, many students arrive for training sessions in suits or hooped skirts, with watch fobs, bowler hats and pantaloons. Mr. Donnelly#39;s seminars last weekend included #39;Kicking Ass in a Corset: Bartitsu for Ladies.#39;为了遵照维多利亚传统,许多前来培训的学生都穿了正装或装有裙环的裙子,配着怀表链、圆顶高帽和灯笼马裤。唐纳利上周的课程包括“女士巴顿术:穿紧身胸衣也能当海扁王”。#39;I was a big fan of Kung Fu movies in the 1970s,#39; says Rachel Klingberg, a 41-year-old Pace University Web developer, about her early interest in martial arts. Growing up, however, she found most combat disciplines too formal. Two years ago, she founded the New York Bartitsu Club, since that seemed like more fun.“在70年代的时候,我很迷中国功夫。”美国佩斯大学(Pace University)41岁的网页开发员蕾切尔#8226;克林贝格(Rachel Klingberg)谈起了她儿时对武术的喜爱。可是长大后她发现大多数格斗课都过于正式。两年前,本着自卫加乐趣的理念,她创立了纽约巴顿术俱乐部(New York Bartitsu Club)。These days, it has more than 200 members, and anywhere from 20 to 40 people turn up for periodic classes at the club#39;s Manhattan studio -- a donated space it shares with a Jedi Knight group, she says.她说,时至今日,这个俱乐部已有200多名会员,曼哈顿工作室的每节课都有20到40人参加。这个工作室也是别人捐赠的,需要同绝地武士协会(Jedi Knight)合用。Many credit Bartitsu#39;s resurgence to Tony Wolf, a New Zealand-born martial-arts instructor who brought together its early supporters by posting archival materials on his website, the Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences, as far back as 2001.许多人把巴顿术的兴起归功于一名新西兰武术指导托尼#8226;沃尔夫(Tony Wolf)。他自2001年起就在个人网站“武术与科学电子版”(Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Science)上发布文献资料,也由此聚集了一群巴顿术的早期爱好者。#39;We spent years compiling research. It was all collecting dust,#39; says Mr. Wolf, a combat specialist trained in Taekwondo, kickboxing, freestyle wrestling, Brazilian capoeira, Filipino stick and knife fighting and other combat skills. Mr. Wolf designed fighting styles for battle scenes in Peter Jackson#39;s #39;Lord of the Rings#39; trilogy.沃尔夫说,“我们花了许多年来搜集资料,但是收效甚微。”作为一名格斗专家,沃尔夫在跆拳道、自由搏击、自由摔跤、巴西格斗、截拳道短棍格斗、刀战和其它格斗领域都训练有素。他也为彼得#8226;杰克逊(Peter Jackson)执导的《指环王》三部曲设计了打斗场面。What he uncovered was the story of Edward William Barton-Wright, a British engineer who was born in India and lived in Japan in the 1890s. Back in London, Mr. Barton-Wright combined the Asian fighting skills he learned abroad, such as judo and jujitsu, with Western European styles of boxing, savate or kickboxing, and stick fighting. He coined the term Bartitsu by joining his own name with jujitsu.正是他发现了爱德华#8226;威廉#8226;巴顿-怀特(Edward William Barton-Wright)的故事。这个英国工程师生于印度,曾于19世纪90年代在日本生活。回到伦敦后,巴顿-怀特将其在国外所学的亚洲格斗技巧如柔道和柔术,同西欧的拳击、法国踢打术、自由搏击和棍术相结合,并取柔术(jujitsu)以及自己的名字(Barton),创立了巴顿术(Bartitsu)这一说法。The basic approach was to knock an attacker off kilter, while striking at vulnerable spots with the hands, feet or a makeshift weapon. In close combat -- that is, without the aid of a cane or an umbrella -- this meant knocking an opponent off balance by straining his neck, elbow or knee joints.巴顿术的基本方法就是通过用手、脚、或简易武器攻击对手的关键部位,使其失去平衡。在进行近身格斗,即无法借助手杖或雨伞的帮助时,通过让对手的颈部、肘部或者膝关节尽可能紧张而失去平衡。The goal wasn#39;t to pummel an enemy, but rather to avoid #39;injury in cowardly attacks or quarrels,#39; Mr. Barton-Wright told members of the Japan Society of London in a 1901 lecture, according to notes unearthed by researchers. By then, he had established the Bartitsu Academy of Arms and Physical Culture in London#39;s Soho district.1901年在伦敦日本协会(Japan Society of London)演讲时,巴顿-怀特援引了研究学者的资料,他提到巴顿术的目标并非连续攻击对手,而是避免“急跳 带来的伤害”。在那时,他已经在伦敦的苏豪区(SOHO District)成立了武器与健康文化巴顿术学会(Bartitsu Academy of Arms and Physical Culture)。Alas, the club abruptly shut its doors in 1902. #39;No one knows why, it#39;s a complete mystery,#39; says Mr. Wolf. What is known is that the club#39;s trainers went on to open their own self-defense schools, or fought for money in British music-hall revues.遗憾的是,这个俱乐部在1902年就解散了。沃尔夫说:“没人知道原因。这就像个迷一样。”迄今所知的是,俱乐部的培训师不是自立门户、创立自卫学校,就是在英国音乐厅的时事讽刺剧上为钱争得不可开交。In time, Bartitsu might have vanished completely, Mr. Wolf says, were it not for a single passage in #39;The Adventure of the Empty House,#39; a Sherlock Holmes mystery by Conan Doyle set in 1894.沃尔夫提到,如果不是因为柯南#8226;道尔爵士在1894年写了《空屋》(The Adventure of the Empty House)这一福尔斯侦探故事,巴顿术可能已经彻底消失了。In the story, Holmes appears to return from the dead after tumbling over Switzerland#39;s Reichenbach Falls in a final battle with his nemesis, Professor Moriarty, in a scene at the end of a previous Holmes story.在前一个故事的结尾中,福尔斯同宿敌莫里亚蒂教授(Professor Moriarty)决战后跌入瑞士的莱辛巴赫瀑布(Reichenbach Falls),在《空屋》里他却奇迹生还了。Instead, Conan Doyle has Holmes explain to Dr. Watson, his assistant, that he escaped Moriarty#39;s clutches on the edge of the falls through #39; #39;baritsu,#39; or the Japanese system of wrestling.#39;柯南#8226;道尔爵士借福尔斯之口向其助手华生(Dr. Watson)解释,说他能在瀑布边缘从莫里亚蒂手中逃走,得归功于“‘拔顿术(Baritsu)’,一种日式摔跤术”。#39;He misspelled it,#39; Mr. Wolf says of Conan Doyle#39;s apparent typo.沃尔夫说起柯南#8226;道尔的疏忽,“他把名字给写错啦”。More than 100 years later, that brief reference has paid off for Bartitsu#39;s contemporary supporters. In 2009, film director Guy Ritchie released #39;Sherlock Holmes,#39; a British-American co-production starring Robert Downey Jr. in the title role.一百多年后的今天,书中对巴顿术的简明援引终于找到了当代的持者。导演盖#8226;里奇(Guy Ritchie)在2009年将《大侦探福尔斯》(Sherlock Holmes)搬上了大荧幕,这部英美联制的电影邀请到了小罗伯特#8226;唐尼(Robert Downey Jr. )出演福尔斯这一角色。The film -- and a sequel two years later, #39;Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows#39; -- included fight scenes based in part on Mr. Barton-Wright#39;s original texts collected by Mr. Wolf#39;s Bartitsu Society. #39;That brought Bartitsu to a very broad audience,#39; Mr. Wolf says.这部电影,以及两年后发行的续集《大侦探福尔斯:诡影游戏》(Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows)中的打斗场面,一部分就来源于沃尔夫的巴顿术协会(Bartitsu Society)收集到的巴顿-怀特的初始资料。沃尔夫对此津津乐道:“这样就可以让更多的人了解巴顿术了。”Back in Piscataway, Brett Kelley, a 29-year-old liquor-store clerk from Cape Cod, was learning to block a punch. Over his shoulder, a group of smartly dressed men and women were lunging back and forth with canes.来自美国科德角(Cape Cod)的布雷特#8226;凯利(Brett Kelley)重返皮斯卡塔韦(Piscataway),29岁的他正学习如何抵挡拳击。一群衣着亮丽的男女在他身后挥舞着手杖。#39;It makes for a great hands-on history lesson,#39; he says, after jamming his foot against a trainer#39;s padded shin.他把脚猛地踢进培训师的小腿中间,然后说,“这门课很棒,可以亲身感受历史。”Mr. Donnelly, who earlier in the day led a seminar on Kernoozers, a mysterious Victorian England antiquarian fight club, and Antiquarian Antagonists, agrees that Bartitsu#39;s value is more historical than it is a practical means of self-defense today -- though, he adds, it would be easy to substitute a Starbucks cup for a snuffbox, blinding an attacker with hot coffee rather than a cloud of snuff.唐纳利早些时候举办了一场关于维多利亚时期古典搏击俱乐部的研讨会。他同意巴顿术在当下的历史价值大于自我防御的实际意义。他说,手边更容易拿到的是星巴克的马克杯而不是鼻烟盒,想要阻挡袭击者的视线,将热咖啡泼在脸上的确比吹起一团鼻烟灰省事多了。 /201306/243450这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:一直觉得一句描述女性衣柜的话,反而更精确地描述了女人:女人的衣柜里,总是缺少一件衣……男人的衣柜呢?男人有衣柜吗?我们男人有海澜之家就够了…!译者:koogle

All our technological advancements have been achieved by nerds, so we have a ways to go before robots know how to talk to girls. Being romantic in any situation is easy. It takes comfort in your own skin, a lot of inner confidence, and a smile. Beyond that, everything else is easy. So how do you achieve all that with a girl?实现我们所有科技进步的是计算机书呆子们,所以在机器人知道该如何跟女孩聊天之前,我们还有很长一段路要走。做一个浪漫的人并不难,只需要你自己表现自然,内在充满自信,还有一个微笑。除此之外,其他事情都很简单。那么你该如何在和女孩交往时做到这些呢?1. Prepare in Advance提前准备Everything in life is easier when you#39;re prepared. No matter how smart you are, preparation is indispensable. Sure Jackie Chan can make do with whatever he has available, but it#39;s nice to have an Arnold or Brad Pitt level of gear stored up. Be prepared for any situation you leave the house for. This doesn#39;t mean to carry a gear bag with you. It means any time you go out, prepare for those situations. Meeting a broad at the supermarket can happen if you time it right and have the right grocery list.如果你有所准备,生活中所有的事情都会简单许多。不管你有多聪明,准备都是绝对必要的。当然,成龙拿起手边的任何东西都可以应付对手,但最好还是准备好像施瓦辛格和布拉德 皮特这种级别的。出发时为各种场合做好准备。这并不是说要你带一个装备袋,而是说只要你出门,就要为所有情形做好准备。在超市里有段艳遇是完全可能的,如果你的时机正确,而且准备对了购物清单。2. Read and Study阅读学习The only way to be confident in any situation is by having things to talk about no matter what happens. Going out, and ing (even internet research when done correctly) will broaden your horizons and give you a variety of subjects to talk about. Keep up on the news, sports, and have a background in a few things. Be honest when you don#39;t know what you#39;re talking about. Trust is important to build romance.在任何情况下都能保持自信的唯一方法,就是不论发生什么,都有内容可以侃侃而谈。出去走走,或者阅读(方法得当的话网上阅读也可以)都可以开阔你的视野,让你有许多可以谈论的内容。对新闻和体育保持关注,多了解一些事情的背景。当你不清楚在谈论什么的时候,要诚实。信任对于建立浪漫很重要。3. Be Open and Honest心胸开阔、诚实As long as you#39;re always honest, you#39;ll always be open. When you#39;re open, you#39;ll attract the right people into your life at the right times. You never know who will be in the same mood as you and where romance will come from, so as long as you#39;re open and honest with everyone you talk to, you#39;ll always remain open for romance.只要你是个诚实的人,你就会心胸开阔。当你心胸开阔的时候,你就会在对的时间吸引对的人进入那你的生活。你永远不会知道谁会和你有同样的心情,浪漫会从哪里发生。所以只要你对每个人保持心胸开阔和诚实,浪漫之门就一直为你敞开。4. Learn to Love Yourself学会爱自己If you love yourself, you#39;ll be the type of person who draws people to you. This means you#39;re more attractive. By being more attractive, you#39;re more likely to realize your attraction and act more attractive. This increases your odds of romance spurring up at any moment, no matter what your life is like.如果你爱自己,你就是那种可以把人们吸引到你身边来的类型。这意味着你更有吸引力,这样一来你更有可能意识到自己的吸引力,而且变得更有吸引力。这会增加各种时刻浪漫发生的几率,不论你的生活怎样。5. Be Discreet谨慎小心If you#39;re in a marriage or relationship, don#39;t rub it in everyone#39;s face. Be polite and honest when asked, and respect the boundaries of the relationship. Other than that, act normal in public. Your significant other will be more likely to get freaky when they#39;re comfortable. You#39;ll also attract other women you can either store for later if your relationship isn#39;t serious or use to get ahead in life, your career, etc. It#39;s always nice to have attractive friends to keep things interesting. Just make sure you can look yourself in the mirror.如果你已经结婚或者正在恋爱,不要见人就秀幸福。被问起时礼貌诚实地回答,并且尊重这段关系的界线。此外,在公众场合表现地自然一些。当你的另一半感觉舒时更有可能变得浪漫。如果你的关系不够认真或者和你的生活、事业发生冲突,你也可以吸引其他女孩留着以后交往。有一些有吸引力的朋友让生活更有趣总是好的。只是确保你要认清镜中的自己。6. Surprise People给他人惊喜Everyone loves to be surprised in the right ways. Find ways to ignite a spark in the room. Keep some good dark chocolate on you at all times. If you know how to make some small craft, keep a few in a drawer in your room. If you#39;re not crafty, keep some cheap but tasteful jewelry in some luggage. Either way, always have something on hand to pull out spur of the moment to surprise your woman. Chicks dig surprises.每个人都喜欢收到惊喜,只要方式正确。想办法在房间内点亮火花。随身携带一些优质的黑巧克力。如果你知道如何制作一些小玩意,在房间的抽屉里放一些。如果你不擅长手工,准备一些便宜但有品位的珠宝。不管是哪种方法,在手边准备一些东西,随时给你的另一半一个惊喜,女孩们都爱发掘惊喜。7. Be Happy and Assertive快乐自信As long as you#39;re smiling and assertive (without being bossy), you will be in control of your life. When you#39;re in control of your life, you#39;re able to assertively get whatever you want. If you want romance, go out and create it. Life is yours for the taking.只要你保持微笑并且自信(不是专横独断),你就会主宰你自己的生活。只要你能主宰你自己的生活,那你就肯定可以得到你想要的。如果你渴望浪漫,那就走出去,制造浪漫。生活掌握在你手中。 /201306/244764

Why Is He Howling.他为什么喊Dentist: Please stop howling. I haven#39;t even touched your tooth yet.牙医:请你不要再喊了!我还没碰你的牙呢。Patient: I know, but you are standing on my foot!病人:我知道,可是你正踩着我的脚呀! /201210/203886Aries considers sleep too easy and makes a dare with themselves to stay up all night.白羊座:把睡觉看做是件再容易不过的事,想尝尝通宵不睡的滋味。Taurus forgot to pick up their silk sheets at the dry cleaner.金牛座:忘了把丝制床单拿去干洗店清洗。Gemini#39;s twin just isn#39;t tired.双子座:失眠的唯一原因就是根本不累。Cancer worries how everyone else is sleeping.巨蟹座:琢磨为啥其它人都睡着了。Leo is afraid to move around at all, fearful of what bedhead can do to their lovely mane.狮子座:害怕有人在你床边来回晃悠,也担心床头可能伤到你可爱的“鬃毛”。Virgo keeps getting up to re-tuck the sheets and fluff the pillows.处女座:不停地起身整理床单和枕头是失眠的最大原因。Libra can#39;t quite decide what to wear tomorrow.天秤座:哎,你还没想好明天该穿什么呢,怎么能睡得着呢?Scorpio is doing something else entirely.天蝎座:你要能失眠,估计该另当别论了。Sagittarius can#39;t stop thinking of all the better things they could be doing other than sleeping.射手座:满脑子里尽想着如果不睡觉可以做哪些好玩的事。Capricorn aly took a strategically planned power nap.羯座:善于计划的你,通常在白天就不时小憩一下,这样一来,晚上当然睡不香了。Aquarius suffers from a chat room addiction that keeps them up until all hours.水瓶座:通宵聊天,半夜三更才肯爬上床,不失眠才怪呢。Pisces has fitful dreams of past lives.双鱼座:可怜的鱼儿做梦的时间太长了,影响了睡眠质量。 /201211/209925

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