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仲恺男科专家河源和平县治疗性功能障碍多少钱惠州切包皮手术哪里最好 Bailing out Greece's economy2010-A European Union summit discusses the possibility of bailing out Greece's economy历史上的今天-拯救希腊经济2010年的今天,欧盟首脑会议讨论拯救希腊经济的可能性。Tsvangirai becomes Prime Minister2009-Morgan Tsvangirai becomes Prime Minister of Zimbabwe after agreeing to share power with President Robert Mugabe历史上的今天-茨万吉拉伊成为总理2009年的今天,根#8226;茨万吉拉伊同意与总统罗伯特#8226;穆加贝分享权利后,成为津巴布韦总理。Dick Cheney hunting accident2006-Dick Cheney accidentally shoots friend in a hunting accident历史上的今天-迪克#8226;切尼打猎事故2006年的今天,迪克#8226;切尼在打猎事故中不小心击中他的朋友。Whopping price of Lyrics1998- Lyrics to "Candle in the Wind 1997," auctioned for 2,500历史上的今天-天价歌词1998年的今天,歌词“风中之烛“被拍卖44.25万美元。 /201102/125353An incredible shows a Russian man making instant fog - by throwing a pot of boiling water from his balcony.一段令人咋舌的视频,显示了一俄罗斯男子瞬间造雾的过程:方法很简单,直接把开水从阳台倒出去。It was shot in an unidentified Russian town where the outside temperature, according to a weather report, is colder than -40 degrees Celcius.这个视频拍摄于一个未知名的俄罗斯小镇,根据天气报告,那里的室外温度低于零下40摄氏度。The YouTube shows the man take a pot of several litres of boiling hot water on to his balcony and tip it over the side - with the liquid entirely evaporating before it touches the ground.这段YouTube视频拍摄了一名男子将一锅几升的沸水从阳台倾倒出去,液体在接触到地面之前就完全蒸发成气体。The one-minute film was uploaded by the Russian-language edition of LifeHacker, a website dedicated to #39;tips and downloads for getting things done#39;.此段一分钟的视频由俄语版的lifehacker网站上传,该网站专注于为人们提供“让人们能更好完成事情的小贴士和软件”。It begins with the man in his flat at the top of a Soviet-style block in the depths of winter. For the benefit of viewers at home, he holds up his iPhone to reveal the outside temperature is a breath-stealing -41C.视频开头拍摄的是该男子在严冬中处在一栋苏俄式大楼顶楼的公寓里。为了方便在家中观看视频的观众,男子举起他的iPhone,上面显示的室外温度令人震惊,达到了零下41摄氏度。The man then takes the lid of a pot of boiling water he has resting on a side table and walks out onto his balcony, into weather so cold the air is aly filled with mist and the surrounding neighbourhood is carpeted with snow.接着,该男子揭开他放在旁边桌子上装着沸水锅的盖子,走到阳台上去。外面的天气极冷,空气中充满薄雾,周围都被一层厚厚的雪覆盖。Gripping the pot in two gloved hands, he flashes a grin to the camera before hefting the entire contents over the edge.他用戴着手套的双手握住锅把,对着镜头闪过一丝微笑,继而端起整锅开水从边上倒了下去。But rather than the expected torrent of scalding water pouring down the side of the block, the contents of the pan vanish in a puff of steam.然而和我们预想不同的是,锅里滚烫的水并没有像洪流一样从大楼一侧倾泻下去,而是变成一股蒸汽消失了。A peer over the side of the balcony shows that none of the water even reaches the snow covered ground below, while a second angle reveals the whole lot has been merely carried gently away on the breeze.从阳台往下看去,水甚至都没有落到覆盖着积雪的地面上。而从另一个角度则可以看到,这些水全都只是被风轻轻吹散了。The short film was published on YouTube last Thursday, and has aly been watched nearly 500,000 times. YouTube user MegaMikss commented: #39;Glory to Russia!#39;该短片在上周四在YouTube网站上发布,目前观看量已接近50万。一位名叫MegaMikss的网友道:“光荣属于俄罗斯!” /201212/216832惠州妇幼保健人民中医院不孕不育多少钱

阳痿早泄价格惠州Apple Inc said on Thursday it had agreed to work with partner Foxconn to tackle wage and working condition violations at the factories that produce its popular products, Reuters reported.路透社报道,苹果公司周四宣布已和合作公司富士康达成协议,一起解决生产苹果热销产品工厂的工资以及工作条件违规问题。Foxconn — which produces Apple devices ranging from the iPhone to the iPad — said it would reduce working hours to 49 hours per week, including overtime, while keeping its workers total compensation at its current level. To compensate for the reduction in hours, Foxconn will hire tens of thousands of additional workers.富士康为苹果生产从iPhone手机到iPad平板电脑等产品,它表示将把包括加班在内的工时降至每周49小时,同时工人工资保持现有水平。为了填补缩减的工时,富士康将再雇佣数万名员工。It also said it would build more housing and canteens to accommodate that influx.该公司还说,将再建宿舍、食堂来容纳更多的员工。The agreement is a sign of the increasing power of Chinese workers to command higher wages.该协议显示出中国工人在要求涨薪方面权利越来越大。The measures come in response to one of the largest investigations ever conducted of a U.S. company#39;s operations abroad.这些举措是对一项调查做出的回应,该调查也是美国公司海外工厂受到的最大调查之一。Apple had agreed to the probe by the independent Fair Labor Association. The association, in disclosing its findings from a survey of three Foxconn plants and over 35,000 workers, said it had unearthed multiple violations of labor law, including extreme hours and unpaid overtime.苹果公司同意独立机构——公平劳动协会对其进行调查。该协会公布了对富士康三家工厂和35000余名工人的调查结果,表示发现了诸多违反劳动法的行为,包括超长劳动时间,加班没有加班费。The FLA audit had found that during peak production times, workers in the three factories put in more than 60 hours per week on average.公平劳动协会的调查还发现,在生产高峰期,三个工厂的工人平均每周工作超过60个小时。 /201204/176468仲恺医院医院男科 When he was appointed chief financial officer of the Walt Disney Co. (DIS) at age 31, he was the youngest CFO in Fortune 500 history. When he became CEO of Starwood Hotels (HOT) in 1998, he was one of the first black Fortune 500 chiefs. Richard Nanula later became CFO of drug giant Amgen (AMGN) and served on the board of Boeing (BA).理查德#8226;纳努拉在31岁的时候被任命为迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)首席财务官,成为《财富》美国500强(Fortune 500)历史上最年轻的CFO。1998年,纳努拉担任喜达屋酒店集团(Starwood Hotels)CEO,是《财富》美国500强中第一位黑人执行官。后来,理查德#8226;纳努拉又担任过医药巨头安进公司(Amgen)的CFO,而且还是波音公司(Boeing)的董事会成员。Now the corporate golden-boy#39;s career is in tatters. A Los Angeles Times story this past Sunday charges that Nanula, posing as a porn star called ;Mr. Rich,; taped himself having sex with adult film actresses. The story followed up on explicit photos posted on a website called Thedirty.com.可如今,这位企业界的金童却落得一个名誉扫地的境况。上周日,《洛杉矶时报》(Los Angeles Times)的一篇文章披露,纳努拉假装成一位名为“Mr. Rich”的色情明星,录下了自己与女演员发生性关系的过程。文章中还配有在一家名为Thedirty.com的网站上发布的露骨的照片。According to the LA Times story, the fateful entanglements, along with a sexual harassment charge, led Nanula, 53, to resign in July from private equity firm Colony Capital and the Miramax film company, where he was chairman.据文章披露,致命的桃色关系,以及性骚扰指控,迫使纳努拉在七月份辞去了私募股权公司柯罗尼资本集团(Colony Capital)与米拉麦克斯电影公司(Miramax,纳努拉担任该公司董事长)的职务。I knew Nanula back when he was at his height of success. And ironically, he was known as an extraordinarily cautious and conservative businessman. As CFO of Disney, his main role was to be a critical and reliable ;No; man to then-CEO Michael Eisner. ;You can hold back the bridle of a fast horse more easily than you can get a dead horse to move,; Eisner once told me. ;I liked having Richard say, #39;No, we shouldn#39;t do that. Stop. It#39;s irresponsible.#39;;笔者认识纳努拉的时候,他正处于事业的巅峰。颇具讽刺意味的是,他以格外谨慎和保守而著称。身为迪士尼公司的CFO,他的主要任务是对时任CEO迈克尔#8226;艾斯纳的决策提出质疑,并因此被称作是一位关键和可靠的“质疑者”。艾斯纳曾对笔者说过:“勒住一匹快马的缰绳,要比让死马跑起来容易得多。我喜欢有理查德对我说:‘不,我们不能那么干。停。那么干不负责任。’”Nanula was key to Disney#39;s success in the #39;90s. When EuroDisney was sucking billions of capital, the young Nanula negotiated with Saudi Arabia#39;s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud to help save Paris#39;s version of Disneyland from bankruptcy. Actually, Nanula was so cautious that he discouraged Eisner from buying a TV network—which Eisner went ahead and did, acquiring A in a billion deal in 1995. That purchase brought Disney ESPN and turned out to be a very wise investment.对于迪士尼在上世纪90年代的成功,纳努拉居功至伟。当时,欧洲迪士尼乐园耗费了数十亿美元资金,年轻的纳努拉经过与沙特阿拉伯王子阿尔瓦利德#8226;本#8226;塔拉勒磋商,说他帮助巴黎迪士尼乐园免于破产。实际上,纳努拉非常谨慎,他甚至反对艾斯纳收购一家电视网络。1995年,艾斯纳还是坚持己见,以190亿美元收购了美国广播公司(A)。此次交易为迪士尼带来了ESPN,事实明这是一笔非常明智的投资。Nanula went on to head Disney Stores and was on the company#39;s fast track for 12 years before his best friend from Harvard Business School, Barry Sternlicht, wooed him away to run Starwood Hotels and Resorts. ;I wanted to kill him,; Eisner told me about Nanula#39;s departure in 1998. ;I was aggravated and personally hurt.; Eisner gave Nanula his blessing, however, since Starwood—Sternicht#39;s patched-together hotel empire, following a hard-fought takeover battle for ITT-Sheraton --was ;a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; to lead a Fortune 500 company.之后,纳努拉曾负责迪士尼商店(Disney Stores),在公司的12年间可谓平步青云,直到他在哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)时最好的朋友巴里#8226;斯坦里克将他挖走,前去运营喜达屋酒店及度假村集团。谈到1998年纳努拉离职一事时,艾斯纳说:“我真想杀了他。我深受刺激,从个人情感方面来说,我也受到了伤害。”不过,艾斯纳还是送上他对纳努拉的祝福,毕竟,跳槽到喜达屋是一个千载难逢的领导《财富》500强公司的机会。经过激烈的ITT喜来登(ITT-Sheraton)收购大战,斯坦里克将喜达屋整合成一个酒店帝国。At Starwood, the golden boy#39;s success began to unravel. Nanula, calm and self-possessed, and Sternlicht, who is intense and impetuous, couldn#39;t stand working with each other. They veered toward divorce corporate-style. That is the title of my 1999 Fortune story about their time at Starwood. Nanula quit the day the Fortune story came out. The two men, who had once been in each other#39;s weddings and had gone on family vacations and trips to the Super Bowl together, didn#39;t talk until they ran into each other years later.不过,在喜达屋,金童纳努拉未能延续自己的成功。沉着冷静的纳努拉与热情莽撞的斯坦里克在工作中很难相处。两人坚持两种不同的经营风格。1999年,笔者为《财富》杂志撰文,讲述了他们在喜达屋的经历。杂志出版当天,纳努拉从公司辞职。两人曾参加过彼此的婚礼,两家还曾一起度假,观看超级碗(Super Bowl)比赛,但从纳努拉辞职之后,两人之间便再无往来,直到多年以后两人不期而遇,才打破了两人之间的沉默。Nanula never got back on the fast track. Dismissing Eisner#39;s invitation to go back to Disney, he briefly ran an Internet startup, Broadband Sports, whose investors included Michael Dell (DELL) and former Viacom (VIA) CEO Frank Biondi. The firm went bust a year or so after Nanula joined. His tenure as CFO of Amgen lasted six years but ended with controversy over late public disclosure of disappointing drug-study results.之后,纳努拉的事业一直不顺利。拒绝艾斯纳邀请重回迪士尼的好意之后,他加入了一家互联网公司Broadband Sports,后者的投资人包括迈克尔#8226;戴尔和前维亚康姆(Viacom)CEO弗兰克#8226;比安迪。纳努拉加入后一年左右,公司便宣告破产。他在安进公司担任了六年CFO,然而最终在一片争议中告终,因为他未能及时向公众披露令人失望的药物研究结果。At Los Angeles-based Colony Capital since 2008, Nanula was viewed as a smooth and astute businessman who operated below the radar. As chairman of Miramax, which Colony acquired from Disney in 2010, he was trying to restore the film studio to the stature it had when it was run by the prolific Weinstein brothers.纳努拉在2008年加入洛杉矶柯罗尼资本集团,在这里他被认为是一个低调精明的商人。作为米拉麦克斯(2010年被柯罗尼资本从迪士尼手中收购)董事长,他一直希望,这家电影制片厂能够恢复到由多产的温斯坦兄弟运营时的地位。There has always been a bit of mystery to Richard Nanula. The son of an Italian father and an African-American mother, he once told me that his parents#39; divorce when he was six years old was very hard on him—and his way of handling their breakup was to make things seem just fine. That#39;s how Nanula handled most hardships in his life. Today, Nanula has little chance to fulfill the high expectations that so many people once had of him. He didn#39;t respond to an email that I sent to his personal account or to a voicemail left at his home.理查德#8226;纳努拉身上总是带有一丝神秘。纳努拉的父亲是意大利人,母亲是非洲裔美国人。他曾对笔者称,在他六岁的时候,父母离婚让他很难接受——而他处理家庭破裂的方式便是让一切看起来很好。这也是纳努拉处理人生中大多数难题的方法。如今,纳努拉已经没有机会兑现人们对他的高期望值。笔者曾给他的个人邮箱和他家里的语音信箱发过电子邮件,均未收到回复。 /201309/256173惠阳区妇幼保健人民中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

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