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青岛城阳医院妇科怎样青岛做人流手术的医院哪家好European teenagers face having to secure parental permission to join the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat before the age of 16, under new EU data protection proposals that are riling US technology companies.根据一项新的欧盟数据保护提议,不到16岁的欧洲青少年必须征得父母同意才能加入脸书、Instagram和Snapchat等平台,这让美国科技公司感到愤怒。The new regulations would make it illegal for companies to handle data from anyone aged 15 or younger without the consent of parents, potentially blowing a hole in the business models of social media companies that have relied on teenage users for rapid growth.这一新的条例将会使那些未征求父母同意,而掌握了15岁及以下孩子信息的公司落入违法的境地,同时也潜在地抓住了一些依赖青少年用户快速增长的社交媒体公司商业模式的把柄。A senior executive at one US tech group said: ;This is a ban that will require millions of kids and teenagers to get permission from their parents to use Internet services. That includes email accounts, social media platforms and downloading apps.;美国某科技集团的一名高管表示:;这项禁令将要求数以百万计的儿童和青少年获得父母的许可才能使用互联网务,包括电子邮件账户、社交媒体平台和下载应用。;US tech groups have launched a frantic lobbying effort against the proposal.美国众多科技集团正疯狂游说反对上述提议。Tech-savvy teenagers brought up in the digital age tend to be early adopters of social networks. The networks themselves then use this as a sales pitch to lure advertisers.在数字时代长大的科技控青少年往往是社交网络的早期用户,社交网络把这当作一个卖点来吸引广告商。A coalition including Google, Facebook and Twitter on Monday accused negotiators of rushing the amendment and not consulting child-safety organisations.谷歌、脸书和推特于周一联合声明,就议员仓促修订提议以及未与儿童安全组织协商这一行为进行了谴责。 /201512/416820青岛市开发区第一人民医院收费如何 It seems like a happy relationship should come naturally when you’re with the right person, but that’s not true. Relationships require work. Happy couples have to maintain their relationships every day with love and care, but it’s not as daunting of a task as it may seem. There’s no real “secret” to having a happy relationship, but there are things you can do to make it all come more easily. Try to integratethese habits into your daily life and see how much happier your relationship can be.貌似只要遇到对的人,恋爱自然而然就会幸福。但其实事情并不是这样的。恋爱需要经营。幸福恋人也得每天用爱心和关心去维系彼此的关系。不过,维持爱情也没有看上去的那么困难。其实,拥有甜蜜恋爱并没有什么“秘密”可言,不过你确实可以采取行动让一切变得更顺利。尝试在日常生活中养成以下习惯,看看你的恋爱会变得有多甜蜜吧!1. Go to bed at the same time.1. 同一时间上床睡觉。I used to think it was silly to want to go to bed at the same time as my partner, but it does wonders for your relationship! If one of us stays up later than the other, our whole evening feels off. There’s something cozy about sliding under the covers together, talking about what happened during the day or what’s on the list for tomorrow. My fiancéworks the night shift, and without realizing it, my schedule also changed until I was a night owl, doing my freelancework during the late hours while he was at his job. When he came home early in the morning, I’d go to bed with him just to get that connection you can only get from sleeping and waking up together.我以前觉得跟爱人同时间上床睡觉完全扯淡,但其实这真的有助于彼此关系哦!要是有一个人熬夜,那两个人的晚上就毁了。两个人盖上被子一起躺着聊聊白天发生的事情或第二天有什么计划,真是莫大的惬意啊。我的未婚夫要倒晚班,然后不知不觉中,我竟也跟着变成夜猫子,在他上班的时间熬夜赶兼职工作了。当他早上下班回来,我才会跟他一起上床睡觉,这样就可以亲亲密密地同睡同醒啦。 /201512/413796青岛城阳妇区幼保健院

青岛市齐鲁医院做四维彩超检查青岛市北区私密整形哪个医院好 Everybody wants to be happy. Thus, the onslaught of lists enumerating various happy-making suggestions: Learn to let go! Live in the present! Don#39;t sweat the small stuff!每个人都渴望快乐的生活。于是,各种关于幸福秘诀的清单纷纷出炉:学会放手!活在当下!莫在小事上纠结!Which is all fine and good—there#39;s clearly nothing wrong with a positive outlook. But that list has been done to death ... and aren#39;t those peppy platitudes slightly obvious anyway? Instead, we offer an alternative list of habits—more concrete and backed by science—employed by those who#39;ve successfully located the bliss button.这些建议当然不错——毕竟每个人都想要有积极的人生。只是它们的内容都被说滥了……那些陈词滥调难道不是显而易见的吗?所以,今天我们给大家提供一份不一样的清单——它们就是那些幸福的人正在践行着的秘诀,这些秘诀更具体,且有科学依据。1. They go to parks漫步公园One study found that people who live in cities with more green space feel better than those surrounded by man-made materials. How much better? The happiness jump associated with green space is equal to about one-third the boost in well-being that people get from being married. In a similar vein, another study found that a five-minute dose of nature improves self-esteem; green areas with water were found to be the most beneficial.研究表明,住在城市绿地附近的人要比整日身在人造材料中的人幸福感强烈。有多幸福呢?打个比方说,与绿地相邻的人,其幸福感的提升幅度大概有人们结婚时幸福感的三分之一。同样,另有研究明,亲近自然哪怕五分钟,也有利于自尊心的提升;若绿地还能伴水那更是最好不过了。2. They live in Scandinavian countries生活在北欧国家Okay, so your place of residence may not be a habit so much as a circumstance, but this is interesting. According to the ed Nations General Assembly#39;s second World Happiness Report, Denmark is the happiest country, followed by Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada. Note that all of these are generally northern countries, what#39;s the deal? See number 3.好吧,也许你觉得居住的地方只能算环境因素,称不上是习惯,但事实并非如此。根据联合国大会发布的第二份全球幸福指数报告,幸福度最高的国家是丹麦,其次是挪威、瑞士、荷兰、瑞典和加拿大。注意,这些国家绝大多数都位于北欧。为什么会这样呢?看看下一条你就知道了。3. They practice #39;hygge#39;践行“修噶”文化Huh? Pronounced HYU-gah, Danes make it through their long dark winters with a healthy dose of this to maintain their position as the happiest place in the world. With no real equivalent in the English language, hygge is a cultural concept that revolves around intimacy, gratitude and family; it#39;s a kind of emotional coziness. As described by one Dane, ;It#39;s like a feeling, and it#39;s big at Christmastime. The candles, the food, being with your family.; But it lasts all year.啥?“修噶”读作“HYU-gah”,有了它,丹麦人才能度过漫漫冬夜。因为它,丹麦得以一直是世界上最幸福的国家。“修噶”是一个涉及亲密、感恩与家庭的文化概念,是一种精神层面的温馨舒适,英语中没有与之对应的词。有丹麦人这样描述“修噶”:“它可以说是一种感受,尤其是圣诞期间和家人围坐在一起时,伴着摇曳的烛光和丰盛的食物,这种感受尤为强烈。”不过对丹麦人来说,这种感受可以持续一整年。4. They have satisfying jobs—and if not, they quit有一份满意的工作——不满意就辞职It#39;s no surprise that workers who are happy with their work are happy with their lives. And in fact, a Gallup poll found that workers who were happily engaged and enthusiastic about work were happiest in life, with 71 percent of them describing themselves as ;thriving.; And it#39;s probably not that surprising that only 42 percent of poll respondents who said they were disconnected from their work described themselves as thriving. What#39;s surprising is that 48 percent of those unemployed see themselves as thriving; that#39;s 6 percent more than those with jobs; for many, being unemployed is happier than having a crummy job.工作顺利的人,生活也同样幸福,这不足为奇。美国盖洛普民意测验(Gallup poll)显示,那些工作专注有的人,生活中也是最幸福的,其中认为自己“朝气蓬勃”的人达71%。所以,当那些认为无法全身心投入工作的人中,只有42%认为自己有朝气,也在情理之中了。但令人惊讶的是,调查中有48%的无业者认为自己很有朝气,这比有工作的人还多出6%;对大多数人来说,与其干一份糟糕的工作还不如歇业在家。5. They smell the flowers嗅花香No, this isn#39;t an homage to the ;stop and smell the roses; cliche; it#39;s not about taking time for the delights in your life (although stopping and smelling the roses is a grand thing to do). It#39;s about floral scents and the effect they have on mood. Much research has been conducted on how floral scents can influence behaviors. In one set of experiments, researchers found that a floral-scented room led to increased happiness and friendliness. One researcher noted that the floral smell is an emotion manipulator and improves the mood. ;The floral odors can make you happy; floral odors promote social interaction, social approach kinds of behaviors,; said Jeannette Haviland-Jones, of Rutgers University.这么做可不是为了践行“停下脚步,享受生活”这一陈词滥调,它与花时间享受生活无关(虽然这确实很棒)。它就是与花的香气有关——利于调节情绪。许多有关于花香如何对行为产生影响的研究都明了这一点。比如,研究者通过实验发现,处在花香四溢的房间里,人们的幸福感与亲切感会随之上升。一位研究者认为,花香能够操纵情绪,改善心情。美国罗格斯大学的珍妮特·哈维兰德-琼斯说:“花香除了能够让人心情愉快,还能促进人际交往这种社会行为。”6. They get dirty亲近泥土Commence making mud pies. Medical researchers in the U.K. found evidence that “friendly” bacteria found in soil may activate the immune system, boost the brain compound serotonin and help ward off depression.开始学着玩泥巴吧。英国的医学研究者实,泥土中存在的一些有益菌能够增强我们的免疫系统功能,促进大脑五羟色胺化合物(注:神经递质,能够影响情绪)的生成,帮助人们摆脱忧郁。7. They exercise适度锻炼We know you didn#39;t want to hear that, but fret not. The good news is that middle-aged women don#39;t have to run marathons or go all-out for the emotional benefits of physical activity to kick in. And in fact, a study found that moderate intensity exercise—as opposed to intense exercise—caused more women to report later that they were in a better mood and to have greater feelings of energy, psychological well-being and ;self-efficacy.;我们知道,你不想听这个陈词滥调,不过先别急。好消息是,中年女性为获得情绪上的放松,不用非要跑马拉松或是参加其他令人疲惫的体育活动。实际上,有研究表明,适度的锻炼要比剧烈运动更能让女性身心愉悦、活力充沛、精神充实;她们的“自我效能(注:指人们对自身能否利用所拥有的技能去完成某项工作行为的自信程度)”也会更强。8. They don#39;t try to be … happy?不去刻意追寻快乐Oops. Now that we#39;ve told you the secrets for happiness, we#39;re here to dash your dreams. A prominent study shows that making happiness a personal goal will actually stand in the way of your achieving it. The researchers found that women who valued happiness more reported being less happy and more depressed than women who didn#39;t place much importance on the goal.呃,既然已经把快乐的秘诀都告诉你了,我们再来将你的梦想打破。有个著名的研究表明,将追求快乐作为个人目标只会阻碍你获得快乐。研究人员发现,重视快乐的女性却很少能感受快乐,甚至会比那些不太在意追求快乐的人更忧郁。;Wanting to be happy can make you less happy,; said study researcher Iris Mauss. ;If you explicitly and purposely focus on happiness, that appears to have a self-defeating quality.;研究者艾丽斯·莫斯表示:“一味追求快乐反而会让你变得不快乐。如果你过于明确‘追求快乐#39;这一目标,最终只会尝到挫败的滋味。”So if you really want to be happy, try forgetting about it.所以说,如果你真想变得快乐,就忘了这事吧。 /201603/433903青岛市哪个医院做无痛人流比较好

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