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Michigan has 883 operating wind turbines.Theres been a big push for wind farms since 2008. That was when lawmakers decided a certain amount of our electricity must come from renewable resources, and utilities built wind turbines to comply.The cost of building wind farms has fallen dramatically since then. But nobody is rushing to put up more turbines.In fact, the man who has developed the wind farms we have in northern Michigan says his enthusiasm for wind is waning.Marty Lagina used to drill for natural gas. His new company, Heritage Sustainable Energy in Traverse City, builds wind farms and Lagina has been surprised by how angry it makes the neighbors.;We thought we were doing something really good,; he says. ;We still do, but to be the target of these vicious attacks, it gets old pretty quickly.;Heritage has been sued in both counties where it has built wind farms, and also has filed one lawsuit of its own.The most recent suit against the company claims turbines on the Garden Peninsula in the U.P. are a threat to human health and the lives of birds.Lagina finds some criticisms of wind energy ridiculous, but he will acknowledge there are issues, like the noise.;They make some sound and to some people, at least ostensibly, its very aggravating,; he says.Even though the cost of building a wind farm today is less than half of what it was when he started about five years ago, Lagina isnt sure its worth the trouble.;The wind industry is sort of on the cusp of being the low-cost producer,; he says. ;But the big obstacle went from price to this pushback.;But pushback from the neighbors is not the only problem. Not everyone in the electricity business thinks wind is a good deal. Dan Dasho at Cloverland Electric Cooperative in Sault Ste. Marie is one skeptic.;Ive talked to a lot of people who are thinking about projects, but they could find no one to buy the output,; he says.Cloverland supplies electricity to the eastern U.P., and Dasho says the cooperative will be looking to burn natural gas to meet its electricity needs in the future. Dasho says the problem with wind is it doesnt blow all the time.;So what do you do for the rest of the time?; he asks. ;Well, youve got to have a gas generator to back up that wind. So the cost of wind isnt just the wind generator, its wind plus gas, so you have the capacity there when you need it.;Looking inlandWind proponents contest that math. Skip Pruss was the states chief energy officer in the Granholm Administration and now has a consulting business called 5 Lakes Energy. Pruss says all energy generators need backup, and the electricity is fed into a common market.;Every generating source, whether its a coal plant, a natural gas plant or a wind farm or a solar farm, that is backed up by other generation sources,; he says.And Pruss says the cost of backing up wind power is negligible.He says people living in coastal areas like Benzie County and Leelanau County may never warm up to wind farms. But he says new studies have shown the wind blows better than they thought in the center of the Lower Peninsula.;We can build a lot more wind capacity in central Michigan, in agricultural areas where wind becomes the most reliable revenue stream and crop or harvest for farmers,; he says.But even some farming communities are tired of windmills. Most wind farms in Michigan are in Huron County. Earlier this month, the county approved a moratorium on new ones.201504/369983

Iran detained the crews of two US Navy boats in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday after their vessels reportedly drifted into Iranian waters.星期二,伊朗在波斯湾扣留了两艘美国海军船只上的船员,据称船只漂到了伊朗水域。Ten US sailors-nine men and one woman- were taken into custody by Revolutionary Guards naval forces.十名美国海员,其中包括九名男子和一名女子,被革命卫队海军部队拘留。The US says the two boats were engaged in a training exercise when one or both developed mechanical problems while passing between Kuwait and Bahrain. The crews were later held on Iran’s Farsi Island. They are expected to be released “promptly” according to Iranian officials.美国表示,这两艘船只在进行演习训练,其中一艘或两艘在经过巴林和科威特之间时出现机械故障。船员随后被拘留在伊朗Farsi岛。根据伊朗官员称,他们会被“迅速”释放。Relations between Iran and the US remain tense despite the clinching of a landmark nuclear deal which is due to be implemented soon.尽管达成了里程碑式核协议并不久将实施,伊朗和美国的关系仍然紧张。However neither side appears to have been keen to let the boat incident escalate any further.然而,双方似乎都不想让船只事件进一步升级。译文属。201601/422057

Captain Karl Mayr knew Hitler in May 1919. 1919年5月,卡迈尔上尉结识了希特勒。This time, Hitler was y to throw in his lot with anyone who would show him kindness. 此时人生正陷入低谷的希特勒会效忠任何善待他的人。When I first met him, he was like a tired, stray dog looking for a master.初次同他见面时,他就像条疲惫不堪的流浪,正等待主人的领养。But Mayr detected in Hitler qualities he could use. 但迈尔察觉到希特勒有可以利用的特质。He decided to train Hitler as a propaganda agent. 因此他下定决心将希特勒培训成宣传员,Whos that? 请问你找谁?Hitler was sent on a short course here at the University of Munich and then started giving right-wing speeches to his fellow soldiers, warning of the dangers of Communism. 希特勒被送往慕尼黑大学进行短期培训,之后开始在战友中进行演讲,宣扬他所不认同主义的危险性。Its only at this point that Hitlers thinking seems to crystallize. 直到此时,希特勒的思想才开始明确。How many of these ideas were aly latent within him is still a matter of debate, but whats certain is that in the summer of 1919, he becomes sure of his beliefs. 有多少想法一直潜藏在他心中尚存疑义,但可以肯定的是,1919年夏天,他开始坚定自己的信仰。In a letter he wrote in September 1919, Hitler called for the removal of the Jews from Germany and a Government of National Strength. 同年9月,希特勒在心中提到,要将犹太人彻底从德国铲除,并建立具有民族凝聚力的政府。Now, at the age of 30, Hitler had found his mission in life. 现在,已经而立之年的希特勒确定了自己的人生使命。And this mission was the first part of his charismatic appeal. 这使他逐渐具有领袖魅力。Hitler joined the German Workers Party, one of a huge number of far-right groups in Munich at the time, and started speaking at meetings in beer halls.希特勒加入德国工党,这里聚集了慕尼黑大批极端右翼分子,他开始在啤酒馆的集会上发表演讲。201510/405068

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