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泉州那家医院好泉州新阳光女子医院地址Jason Hakala is a specialist, so his marriage proposal was probably always going to be a recording。杰森·哈卡拉是一位视讯专家,所以他的求婚仪式大概也会通过录制一段视频的方式。The Seattle man Hakala has now gone viral after filming a grand marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Stella Yee。此人名叫哈卡拉,来自西雅图,他拍摄了一场盛大的求婚仪式,献给他长期交往的女友斯特拉·绮,如今他已在互联网上大红大紫。He sent a helium-filled weather balloon with his phone and and a GoPro camera attached to it 90,000 feet in the air, and the camera captured his phone playing a pre-recorded message from space。他把自己的手机和一部极限运动专用相机绑在充满氦气的气象气球上,气象气球升到了9万英尺的高空,相机在空中翻录下了手机上播放的一段他提前录制的视频。That message reduced Stella to tears, and many others as well now after the was posted to YouTube。这段视频让斯特拉感动得热泪盈眶,这段视频被上传到YouTube视频网站上之后,也让许多观者感动得热泪盈眶。In it Hakala says: #39;Hey babe. The time has finally come. It took me a trip to space to finally get the balls to do this. But I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me, Stella Yee?#39;在这段视频里,哈卡拉说道:“嗨,亲爱的。这一刻终于到来了。只有当此刻‘我’升上太空的时候,我才鼓起勇气问你这个问题。我太爱你了,我想与你共度此生。斯特拉·绮,你愿意嫁给我吗?”And she ofcourse said yes。她的回答当然是我愿意。Hakala told that he made the balloon using a PVC pipe and attached a GPS so he and his friends could track where it landed。哈卡拉说,他用聚氯乙烯塑料管制作了这只气球,还在气球上安装了卫星导航,这样他和女友就能追踪到它降落的地点了。They launched it from a field three hours east of Seattle。他们在西雅图以东三个时区的位置发射了这只气球。The next day Hakala took his girlfriend - who he first met in high school - and her family on a hike in Washington。第二天,哈卡拉带着他的女友——他们是在同一所高中认识的——以及女友的家属一起去华盛顿徒步旅行。After reaching the summit they aimed to conquer, he played the space in front of everyone。当他们来到预定抵达的山顶上时,他在所有人面前播放了这段以太空为背景翻录的视频。The proposal took place in 2012, but Hakala only just uploaded the online。这场求婚仪式发生在2012年,不过哈卡拉最近才把这段视频上传到网上。The couple were married in Hawaii and now have a 13-month-old daughter named Suvi。这对恋人已经在夏威夷结婚了,现在有一个名为苏薇的一岁零一个月大的小女儿。 /201412/345680泉州公立三甲医院妇科做药物流产多少钱 Standing in the Steventon churchyard on a September morning, the dew glistening on the closely mowed grass between the gravestones, I heard the wind whispering in the 900-year-old yew tree that stands at the west end of the church. I could imagine Mr. Bingley and Jane or Eliza and Mr. Darcy bursting through the doors, arrayed in Regency wedding garb, greeted by a crowd of onlookers. But Steventon was quiet, except for the breeze.9月的清晨,我站在史蒂文顿小村一座教堂的庭院里。墓碑之间新近修剪的草地上,露珠闪烁着光芒,教堂的西边,轻风在九百岁古老紫杉的树叶间悄然私语。我可以想象宾利先生和简,或者伊丽莎白和达西先生穿着摄政时期的结婚礼,走出大门迎接亲友祝福的一幕。但此刻的史蒂文顿,除了轻风,只有静谧。This tiny village in the English county of Hampshire is where Jane Austen was born on Dec. 16, 1775, lived the first quarter century of her short life, and wrote the first drafts of three of her novels, including “Pride and Prejudice” — originally called “First Impressions.” I had come to Hampshire hoping to soak up some of Austen’s world in preparation for writing my next novel, also called “First Impressions,” which would feature Jane Austen as a character. Immediately I sensed that the first scene should be set in this churchyard.这个村庄位于英国的汉普郡,1775年12月16日,简·奥斯汀(Jane Austen)诞生于此。在短暂一生的最初25年中,她住在这里,写出了三本名著的初稿,包括《傲慢与偏见》(Pride and Prejudice)。最开始时,这本书的名字是《第一印象》(First Impressions)。我之所以来到汉普郡,是希望从奥斯汀的世界汲取灵感,因为我正在写一本新小说,书名也叫《第一印象》,主角正是简·奥斯汀。很快我就发觉,游览的第一个景点应该是这座墓园。Tourists tend to associate Jane Austen with the Georgian facades of Bath, a bustling city in Somerset; but she lived most of her life, and did most of her writing, in two villages in Hampshire, in south central England. She died and was buried in Hampshire’s cathedral city of Winchester. In her tribute to English books and booksellers, “84 Charing Cross Road,” Helene Hanff writes of telling a friend that if she ever goes to England, she’ll go looking for the England of English literature, to which he replies, “It’s there.”很多游客一想到奥斯汀,就会想起萨默塞特繁华的巴斯市乔治王朝的华美建筑,但其实,她的一生几乎都生活在英格兰中南部汉普郡的两个村庄(史蒂文顿和查顿)里,著作也基本在这里完成。去世之后,她被埋葬在汉普郡的温彻斯特大教堂。在《查令十字街84号》(84 Charing Cross Road)中,海莲·汉芙(Helene Hanff)向英文名著与书商致敬时写道,她曾告诉朋友如果去英国,她将会寻找英国文学中的英格兰,也就是这个地方。Nearly 200 years after her death, the Hampshire of Jane Austen is certainly there. Steventon feels as isolated now as it was in 1775. One would hardly guess that the busy road to London, which Jane knew as a stagecoach route, lies less than two miles away. My walk down the aptly named Church Walk from the village center to the Church of St. Nicholas, where Jane’s father served as rector, felt like stepping back in time. With woods on my right and open fields on my left, I saw no modern buildings. Even the rectory in which Austen was born and lived, and which stood along this route, was pulled down in the 1820s.简·奥斯汀去世近200年之后,她的汉普郡当然还在。史蒂文顿依然像1775年那样遗世独立。人们很难猜到,通向伦敦的繁忙大道,即当年简·奥斯汀的公共马车路线,就在2英里之外。沿着那条名符其实的教堂之路,我从村庄中心走到了圣尼古拉斯教堂,仿佛步入了往日的时光。简·奥斯汀的父亲曾是这座教堂的牧师。我的右边是树林,左边是开阔的田野,视野中没有任何现代的房屋。路旁曾是当年的教区,奥斯汀出生与成长的地方,但早在19世纪20年代就推平了。St. Nicholas is a simple medieval structure, little changed from the Austen years, save for the addition of a Victorian steeple. The church is generally unlocked during daylight hours and, though redecorated in the Victorian period, still has the feel of an 18th-century country chapel. On the walls hang memorials to many members of the Austen family.圣尼古拉斯教堂是一座朴素的中世纪建筑,自奥斯汀时代以来就几乎不曾改变,只增加了一座维多利亚时期的尖塔。白天教堂一般不上锁,尽管在维多利亚时期重新装潢过,却仍有18世纪乡村教堂的氛围。室内的墙壁上挂满了奥斯汀家族的纪念品。To the west of the church lies open farmland, backed by a small forest called West Wood. It was easy to imagine, as I wandered among the gravestones, Miss Austen enjoying long walks through this landscape. She seems to have loved Steventon: When she heard the news that her father was retiring in 1801 and moving the family to Bath, she fainted dead away.教堂西边是开阔的农田,远处是一片叫做西部森林的林子。走在墓石之间,我不禁想起奥斯汀穿过这片美景悠然漫步的模样。她是那么的热爱史蒂文顿,听说父亲即将在1801年退休并阖家搬到巴斯,竟昏了过去。While Bath is full of Regency buildings, which would have been well known to Jane Austen, my novel would focus on Jane Austen as a writer, and her years in Bath (as well as those spent in Southampton following the death of her father in 1805) were not a time of great creative output. However, soon after her 1809 move to another quiet Hampshire village, she began to write again.而巴斯市却到处是摄政时期的建筑,简·奥斯汀早已知晓。我的小说会着重描写奥斯汀身为作家的生活,也涉及她在巴斯的日子(还有1805年父亲去世之后,她在南汉普郡度过的时光),那段时间她的作品非常少。可是没多久,1809年,她又搬到了汉普郡另一个安静的村庄,重新开始了创作。The village was Chawton, and it is a mecca for Janeites. Here stands Chawton Cottage, where Jane lived with her mother and sister, Cassandra, for the last eight years of her life — years of great productivity that saw the publication of four major novels. The drive from Steventon to Chawton covers just 15 miles, but while the former village is generally void of visitors, tourists disgorge in the latter by the busload, especially in the summertime. I came in the off-season, though, and found the village almost as peaceful as it was when Miss Austen lived here.那个村庄就是查顿,全球奥斯汀迷心中的圣地。简·奥斯汀与母亲及卡桑德拉一起,在查顿小屋度过了她一生中最后的八年。在这极为多产的八年里,她出版了四部巨著。从史蒂文顿到查顿的路程其实只有15英里,但前者门可罗雀,后者却总会迎来整车整车的游客,尤其是夏天。我来的时候正值淡季,只觉得这个村庄几乎像奥斯汀生活的时代那样宁静。Chawton Cottage is now the Jane Austen’s House Museum. Here the visitor can walk through the rooms where Austen lived and worked, and view many relics of her family: her father’s bookcase; a quilt made by the Austen women; and, famously, a turquoise ring belonging to Austen, which the museum was able to purchase in 2013, preventing its export to America by Kelly Clarkson. To me, though, the most moving object was a simple 12-sided walnut table, barely wide enough to hold an inkwell, a quill pen and a few sheets of paper. Here, Jane Austen revised her early work (including transforming “First Impressions” into “Pride and Prejudice”), and wrote her later novels “Mansfield Park,” “Emma” and “Persuasion.”而今,查顿小屋就是简·奥斯汀故居物馆。在这里,游人可以在简·奥斯汀当年生活与写作的各个房间里穿行,浏览她与家人的众多遗物:奥斯汀父亲的书柜、奥斯汀母女手缝的被子,最知名的是奥斯汀的一枚绿松石戒指,2013年,物馆为了防止它被美国歌手凯利·克莱森(Kelly Clarkson)带走,花大钱赎了回来。然而对我来说,最动人的物品是一张简陋的十二面胡桃木桌,宽度只够放下墨水池、鹅毛笔和一沓纸。就在这张桌前,简·奥斯汀修订了她早年的几部作品(包括将《第一印象》改名为《傲慢与偏见》),写下了后来的几本小说——《曼斯菲尔德庄园》(Mansfield Park)、《爱玛》(Emma)和《劝导》(Persuasion)。I lingered by the table for several minutes, trying to imagine plying the trade of novelist, and plying it at Austen’s heights, on this modest surface. It is humbling enough as a writer to feel the presence of Jane Austen, more humbling still to consider with what meager tools she achieved so much.我在书桌边停留了几分钟,想象自己就是奥斯汀,想象她的身体坐在这张粗朴的桌前是什么情景。身为一名小说作者,面对简·奥斯汀足以让我赧颜,更让我惭愧的是,她用如此简陋的工具,竟做出了那样伟大的成就。A short walk up the road from the museum is Chawton House. Behind the chapel of this impressive country home, set in a large sheep-dotted park, are the graves of Jane’s mother and sister. The house itself once belonged to Jane’s brother Edward Austen Knight who, when he was about 15, in a scene right out of “Downton Abbey,” was adopted by childless distant relatives and became heir to the Chawton estate and other properties.从物馆出门步行一小段,就是查顿庄园。这座美丽的乡村宅邸里,小礼拜堂后面是一座大公园,草地上有绵羊在吃草。那是简的母亲与的墓地。过去,这座庄园是简的哥哥爱德华·奥斯汀爵士(Edward Austen Knight)的家产。他在15岁那年被过继到远亲家,由此成为查顿庄园及其他家产的继承人,简直如同《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)中的情节。The house was renovated in the 1990s by the American philanthropist and book collector Sandy Lerner and now serves as a study center housing her collection of early British woman writers. Chawton House is open only on certain days, and tours must be arranged in advance. My group consisted of myself and one other couple plus our two tour guides.20世纪90年代,美国慈善家兼图书收藏家珊迪·勒内(Sandy Lerner)修缮了这座庄园,而今此地成了研究中心,收藏着许多早期英国女作家的著作。查顿庄园仅在某些特定日子开放,游览必须提前预约。我们一行除了我,还有一对夫妇及两名导游。In the dining room we sat comfortably around a highly polished table. Our guides pointed out the late-19th-century decorated paneling, then casually mentioned that Jane Austen had frequently dined at the very table on which we were resting our elbows; we instantly sat upright with respect. The gem of Chawton House for me is a painting hanging in the former “Ladies Withdrawing Room.” The 1780 gouache by Adam Callender shows the house from across the park. It is now intimately familiar to me, as it graces the dust jacket of my new novel.我们走进餐厅,在一张光洁的桌子前舒适地坐下。导游指给我们看那些19世纪晚期的装饰嵌板,又不经意地提到,简·奥斯汀常在我们落座的这张桌子前吃饭,我们好几次肃然起敬,坐直了身躯。对我来说,查顿庄园的瑰宝是挂在昔日女士休息厅里的一张画。那是一张1780年的水粉画,作者亚当·卡伦德(Adam Callender),画的是庄园对面的一座房屋。在我眼中它散发着私密的熟稔,因为它就在我新小说的封面上,为我的封面平添了几分优雅。In May 1817 Jane Austen went to Winchester for medical treatment. Here, on July 18, she died, and six days later was buried in Winchester Cathedral. The house in which she died stands just outside the cathedral precincts and bears a plaque marking its place in literary history. After the short drive from Chawton, I arrived in Winchester in time to have a look around the cathedral before evensong began at 5:30.1817年5月,简·奥斯汀去温彻斯特治病,7月18日,她在这里与世长辞,六天后在温彻斯特大教堂下葬。她去世时的庄园就在大教堂的界域之外,如今那里挂着一块牌子,标明它在文学史上的地位。我从查顿坐车,很快就到了温彻斯特大教堂,赶在5:30晚课开始之前,把它里里外外看了个遍。The soaring nave of Winchester holds twin inspirations for me — one of the final scenes in my novel “First Impressions” is the death of Jane Austen, while one of the early scenes in my novel “The Bookman’s Tale” takes place on the north side of the nave at the elaborate tomb of Bishop William of Wykeham. Before paying my respects to Austen, I walked through a heavy wooden door in the north transept and up a creaking flight of stairs to the cathedral library. Well hidden, and not always open, the library displays a short manuscript by Jane Austen: “To the Memory of Mrs. Lefroy,” a poem of mourning written when Austen was just 23.温彻斯特大教堂高耸的中殿对我来说,寓意着两处灵感:我的小说《第一印象》中,最终场景之一是简·奥斯汀之死,而我的小说《学者传说》(The Bookman’s Tale)中最初几个场景就发生在威廉·威克姆主教(Bishop William of Wykeham)精美陵墓的中殿南侧。为了向奥斯汀表达敬意,我穿过北侧袖廊一道厚重的木门,踏上一段吱吱作响的楼梯,来到大教堂图书馆。此地深藏不露,不常开放,里面陈列着简·奥斯汀的一小段手稿:《纪念勒弗罗伊太太》。写这首悼亡诗的时候,奥斯汀年仅23岁。Back in the nave I reached the final stop in my tour — a slab of black marble marking the grave of Jane Austen. Much has been made of the fact that the stone’s inscription makes no mention of her writing career, but this was not unusual at the time. I had for years (and still do in most sources) that the Biographical Note composed by her brother Henry for the posthumous edition of “Persuasion” and “Northanger Abbey” (published in December 1817) was the first public identification of her as an author.在中殿,我抵达了游览的最后一步——一块黑色大理石板,简·奥斯汀的墓碑。碑上的铭文没有提及她的写作生涯,但在当时这不算奇怪。她去世之后,哥哥亨利为她的小说《劝导》和《诺桑觉寺》(Northanger Abbey)写了一本注释笔记(1817年12月出版),这本书我早已读过并时常查阅。那是她第一次以作家身份被众人知晓。However, while researching my novel I discovered this note, which local residents could have in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal on July 28, 1817, 10 days after her death:然而,当我为自己的小说做研究时,发现了一份告示。本地人有可能在1817年7月28日,奥斯汀去世10天后的《索尔兹伯里与温彻斯特杂志》(Salisbury and Winchester Journal)上读到这条公告。它写着:“On Friday the 18th inst. died in this city Miss Jane Austen, youngest daughter of the late Rev. George Austen, Rector of Steventon, in this county, and the Authoress of Emma, Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. Her manners were most gentle, her affection ardent, her candour was not to be surpassed, and she lived and died as became an humble christian.”“本月18日星期五,简·奥斯汀在本城去世。她是已故的史蒂文顿教区牧师乔治·奥斯汀的小女儿,也是《爱玛》《曼斯菲尔德庄园》《傲慢与偏见》及《理智与情感》(Sense and Sensibility)的作者。她的仪态极其温和,她的感情格外热烈,她的正直无法超越,从生至死,她都是一位谦逊的基督徒。”The wonderful thing about English cathedrals is that, in spite of the changes in décor and furnishings over the years, many spots remain unchanged from centuries past. The floor of Winchester’s south nave aisle, and the gravestone set into it, are, but for the wear of pilgrims’ feet, much the same as when the first mourners paid tribute to Jane Austen.英国的大教堂真好,尽管装饰和家具在岁月的风雨中有所变化,但许多地方在几百年后依然不变。温彻斯特南侧中殿走廊地板上镶嵌的墓石,在承受朝圣者多年的足印磨损之后,依然与简·奥斯汀最早一批哀悼者所见的差不多。Her gravestone elaborates on the qualities of her character: The benevolence of her heart, the sweetness of her temper and the extraordinary endowments of her mind obtained the regard of all who knew her, and the warmest love of her intimate connections.墓碑上详细记述了她的优秀品行:善良的心、温和的脾性、杰出的才华令所有认识她的人都尊敬不已,她对亲人怀有无比温柔的爱。As I sat in the cathedral choir, listening to the soaring music of evensong — repeating prayers that Austen would have known well — I felt I had come a little closer to the great “authoress,” to whom life in the small villages of Hampshire had given the peace and the insight to create works that are more widely loved than she could have imagined.我坐在大讲堂的唱诗班里聆听清越的晚课歌声,奥斯汀当年再熟悉不过的歌声,感觉自己与这位伟大的女作家更近了一分。在汉普郡村庄里度过的一生赋予了她一种宁静与洞察,让她写出煌煌巨著,受到了远超自己想象的爱戴。 /201501/353631Bad table manners are like any lapse in etiquette – when the problem is coming from someone else, it#39;s immediately apparent, but if you#39;re the offender, you probably don#39;t even realize it#39;s an issue.If you are an unseemly eater, you could be damaging your career and not even know it.餐桌上的坏习惯,像其他的礼节过失一样--当错误出现在别人身上的时候,很容易就会发现,然而一旦自己成了当事人,你甚至都意识不到自己有这个问题。如果吃饭的时候不得体,你可能毁掉自己的前途,甚至自己都不知道为何。How can eating affect your shot at a promotion? Well, if you dine with clients, the answer is simple: people don#39;t buy from people who gross them out. If you#39;re not in a client-facing role, the issue is about building and preserving relationships with your team.饭局为何会影响到你的晋升?很简单,当你和客户一同进餐的时候,他们是不会与行为粗野的人达成交易的。如果你不是直接面对客户,这个问题会影响到你和你的团队建立和保持良好的关系。Even if you#39;re heads-down most of the time, sooner or later, you#39;ll probably break b with your colleagues. And when you do, you#39;ll want to make sure your manners don#39;t put people off.即便你总是置身之外,早晚你会和你的同事一起进餐。当你们一起吃饭的时候,你会想要确定自己的行为不会让人反感。Most of us know not to start eating before everyone is served, to chew with our mouths closed and not speak while chewing, and to place our napkins in our laps, not in our shirt collars, like a lobster bib. Our parents covered the obvious things – our job is just to keep them in mind, now that mom and dad can#39;t see us. But what about the finer points?我们都知道,不能在所有人坐下之前开始吃东西,咀嚼东西的时候要闭着嘴,并且不能说话。要把纸巾放在腿上,不能像围嘴一样夹在衬衫领子上。既然老爸老妈看不到我们,我们能做的就是把他们放在心里。但是细微之处呢?There, etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore can help. Whitmore, founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach and author of Poised for Success: Mastering the Four Qualities That Distinguish Outstanding Professionals, recently offered a few tips on navigating business dinners with grace, including:在这里,礼仪专家杰奎琳·惠特莫尔(Jacqueline Whitmore)可以提供帮助。最近,棕榈滩礼仪学校的创始人、畅销书《为成功做好了准备:掌握四种品质区分优秀的专业人才》的作者惠特莫尔,对优雅参加商业晚宴提出了一些建议:Watch your biquette: B should never be eaten as a whole slice or even two halves. You’ll look more polished if you break off one bite-size piece, butter it and then eat it. And never butter your b directly from the butter dish. Instead, transfer some butter from the butter dish to your b plate. Never dunk b in your soup or use it to sop up sauces or juice on your plate.注意吃面包的礼仪:永远不要把面包片整片吃掉或者是只分为两半。如果你分开一小片,然后抹上黄油再吃掉,看起来会更优雅。不要直接把面包放在黄油盘里,而是取些黄油放在你的面包碟里。不要把面包扣在汤里或者是用面包来吸你盘子里面的酱汁和果汁。No chivalry when it#39;s about business: The business arena is gender neutral nowadays, therefore men are not required to pull out a woman#39;s chair or stand when a woman approaches or leaves the table during business meals. And whoever reaches the door first, regardless of gender, should open it for the other person.在谈生意的时候,不必献殷勤:当今商业领域中性别是中立的,因此在商务会餐中,男士不必为女士拉出椅子,或者是在女士到来和离开的时候站起来。谁先到的门口谁为后者打开门,不分男女。Salt and pepper together: Always pass the salt and pepper shakers together, even if someone asks you to pass one or the other. It’s best to keep them together as a set in the event someone else at the table wants both. Never pass them from hand to hand as this is considered bad luck in some cultures. Place them in front of the receiver and allow him to pick them up.盐和胡椒一起:人们经常会把盐和胡椒一起传,即便是有人只问你要其中一种。把盐和胡椒放在一块作为一个组合是很好的,在聚餐中,有些人二者都需要。不要手手相传,因为在一些文化中认为这是运气不好的。把它们放在需要的人面前,让他们自己选择。 /201505/376774泉州人流药流多少钱

泉州省儿童医院如何Dumplings are said to bring good fortune, and eating them is a time-honored traditional way to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb. 19 this year. So why not rally a few friends for a little homemade dumpling feast?据说饺子能带来好运,吃饺子是中国农历新年(今年是2月19日)的悠久传统。那么,何不约上三五好友,来个小小的家庭自制饺子宴呢?I’m not recommending an elaborate dim sum sp at home. That’s a daunting concept, unless you have a kitchen equipped with bamboo steamers and woks, and a small army of skilled cooks with cleavers.我不是要劝你在家做复杂的中式点心。那实在是令人望而却步的事情——除非你家里有蒸笼、炒锅,以及几位刀功了得的厨子。But good dumplings (or won tons) are well within a home cook’s reach and, frankly, are often better than what is served at restaurants.但是饺子(或馄饨)完全是能在家里自己搞定的,而且说实话,家里做的饺子往往比餐馆的还好吃。Don’t misunderstand — there are many fine Chinese restaurants serving impeccable delicate dumplings, the likes of which no amateur could reproduce. But we all know that sad, thick-doughed, stodgy, indifferent dumplings abound. Factory-made and frozen, they are cheap and filling. Dunking them in a spicy dipping sauce makes them edible, barely.不要误会:有很多优质中式餐馆供应无可挑剔的精致饺子,那是业余厨师难以超越的。但是我们都知道,到处都有那种难看、厚皮、硬实、难吃的饺子。它们是工厂加工的速冻饺子,很便宜,也能很快填饱肚子。要在辣蘸汁里蘸一下,才能勉强下咽。I’m here to tell you that it’s not that hard to make good ones, so don’t settle.我在这里想跟你说的是,做出好饺子并不是很难,所以没必要将就着吃速冻饺子。If you want to go all out, you can make your own dough — it’s a basic one, made with just flour and water, which you then form into little blobs and roll to a flat circle. But why complicate matters? Opt for store-bought wrappers, then be sure to have a delicious filling. I like a hand-chopped mixture of shrimp and scallops, seasoned simply with ginger, scallions, hot pepper and sesame oil. It takes no time to put together, and can even be prepared a day in advance.如果你想大干一场,可以自己做面团——这是包饺子必不可少的东西,它由面粉和水做成,然后你把它分成很多小团,擀成圆片。但是为什么要搞得那么复杂呢?还不如去商店买现成的饺子皮,然后确保你做的馅料美味就行了。我喜欢手剁的虾和扇贝混合馅料,只用简单地加入姜、葱、辣椒和芝麻油。这种馅料很快就能做好,甚至可以提前一天做好。Rope a friend into helping stuff and crimp the wrappers. It’s a surprisingly rapid business. I like to cook a dozen at a time, enough to give four diners a few dumplings to drizzle with a savory chile-spiked vinegar dressing.找一个朋友帮忙做馅料,包饺子。速度会快得出乎你的预料。我喜欢一次煮12个,够四个人每人吃上几个,上面洒一点美味的辣椒醋调味汁。The beauty of it all is this: Once the dumplings hit boiling water, you are a mere four minutes away from a bowlful of pleasure. Of course you’ll want more than one bowlful. Not a problem — simply repeat as necessary.这一切的迷人之处在于:把饺子放入沸水之后,你只用等四分钟就能享用一碗美味了。当然你可能还想多来几碗。没问题,重复上述过程就行了。INGREDIENTS配料:FOR THE DUMPLINGS:饺子配料:#8226; #189; pound sea scallops, roughly chopped0.5磅海扇贝,粗略切碎#8226; #189; pound shrimp, peeled, cleaned and roughly chopped0.5磅虾,去皮,洗净,粗略切碎#8226; 1 teaspoon kosher salt1茶匙粗盐#8226; #189; teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper0.5茶匙粗磨黑胡椒#8226; 1 tablespoon grated ginger1汤匙姜末#8226; #8531; cup chopped scallions1/3杯葱末#8226; 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil1茶匙烤芝麻油#8226; #189; cup chopped cilantro, leaves and tender stems, plus a few sprigs for garnish1/2杯切碎的香菜(叶子和嫩茎),留几根梗装饰用#8226; 1 serrano chile, finely chopped1个墨西哥辣椒,切碎#8226; 40 round dumpling wrappers, 3 1/2-inch diameter40个圆饺子皮,直径3.5英寸FOR THE DIPPING SAUCE:蘸汁配料:#8226; #189; cup rice vinegar1/2杯米醋#8226; 1 teaspoon spicy sesame oil1茶匙辣芝麻油#8226; 2 scallions, thinly slivered2根大葱,切成小片 /201502/359180泉州妇儿医院官网专家在线咨询 泉州妇科医院都有哪些

泉州人流那个医院最好The first rule I taught my children when we moved to China was that green doesn’t mean “go”. Don’t walk when the green man says walk, and don’t stop when the red one says halt. I think we all found it wonderfully liberating.搬来中国后,我教孩子们的第一条规则就是绿灯不意味着“行”。绿灯亮时不要走,红灯亮时也别停。我想我们都觉得这样非常自由。China has its own rules — and they are not the ones I learnt in kindergarten. In fact, after seven years as a pedestrian and several forays as a driver, I have not yet figured out exactly what they are — but they seem to work. So you are better off making your own deal with the oncoming traffic (or any of the other challenges of living and working in China) than expecting “stop, look and listen” to apply. China has 5,000 years of history and that means 5,000 years of knowing instinctively that pedestrians have no right of way. That green man may look just like the guy in London or Los Angeles, but he is not the same. He has been localised.中国有自己的规则——和我在幼儿园学到的那些不同。实际上,在中国当了7年行人并尝试开了几次车以后,我仍然没弄明白这些规则到底是什么——但这些规则好像还挺管用。所以,面对迎面而来的车流(或者在中国生活和工作时遇到的任何其它问题),你最好还是自己看着办,别指望“停、看、听”那一套能帮到你。中国拥有5000年的历史,这就意味着5000年来人们都本能地明白行人在路上是“靠边站的”。交通灯上的绿色小人看起来或许和伦敦、洛杉矶的并无二致,但却是另一个人。他已经本地化了。So I tell my kids what I would tell anyone coming to do business in China: don’t expect rules to protect you, but don’t worry that they will thwart you either. And Tim Clissold, the British businessman whose book Mr China: A Memoir (2004) is probably the best I have ever come across about China. Now he has written another: Chinese Rules: Mao’s Dog, Deng’s Cat, and Five Timeless Lessons from the Front Lines in China ; it’s about what makes China tick — for foreigners who can clearly hear it ticking but can’t quite figure out why.所以同样的话我既告诉我的孩子们,也告诉那些来中国做生意的人们:别指望规则能保护你,但也别担心规矩会阻碍你。英国商人祈立天(Tim Clissold)的书《中国通》(Mr China: A Memoir, 2004)可能是我读过的关于中国的书中最好的一本。现在他又写了另一本书《中国规则》(Chinese Rules: Mao’s Dog, Deng’s Cat, and Five Timeless Lessons from the Front Lines in China)。这是一本有关中国运转机理的书——外国人能够明显感觉到中国运转自如,但却弄不清楚缘由。Rule one in his book is that China does not play by anyone else’s rules so stop wishing that it would. To which I would add: you can make that work for you. My children love never having to wait for the lights to change to cross the street. That is certainly one way to celebrate what others might call lawlessness.他书中第一条规则就是:中国不会按照任何别人的规则来运转,所以就不要对此抱以希望了。关于这个我想补充一句:你可以让这条规则为你所用。我的孩子们非常喜欢过马路从不用等变灯。这无疑是别人口中“无法无天”的一点好处吧。In the big picture, lawlessness has receded monumentally since we moved here in 2008. New laws, closely guided by western models, have been passed in virtually every area of business life in China, from intellectual property to competition law. But old habits die hard, and it may take decades for the habits of legality to trickle down to the average wage slave. So I still have plenty of daily opportunities to see people ignoring rules I thought were written in stone and to teach my kids how to make that work for them. Often, this happens in hotels, perhaps because “the customer is always right” is another one of those rules that China most definitely does not play by.总的来看,自我们2008年搬来中国以来,法制缺位的状况已经得到了极大改善。从知识产权到反垄断法,中国已经通过各项紧密参考西方模板的新法律,几乎覆盖到中国商业活动的每一个方面。但积习难改,可能需要几十年的时间,遵纪守法的观念才能逐渐深入老百姓心中。所以在日常生活中,我还有大把机会看到人们无视那些我原以为每个人都必须遵守的金科玉律,并教我的孩子们怎么利用这一点。这常常发生在酒店里,也许因为“顾客总是正确的”这条规则也属于在中国几乎肯定没用的规则之一吧。Recently, I took the kids to a five-star hotel for one of those quintessential parent-teen bonding excursions that involve letting them lie in a hotel Jacuzzi and order room service all day. When we got there, the hotel clerk calmly informed us that he had rented out our pre-paid room to another guest who really, really wanted to stay there.最近,我带孩子们前往一家五星级酒店,想来一个标准亲子游,让他们躺在酒店的浴缸里享受一整天的客房务。当我们抵达那里的时候,酒店前台很平静地告诉我们,他已经把我们预付过的房间给了另外一名非常非常想住在这儿的客人。Armed with my kindergarten rule book, I began to splutter about having booked through Priceline and paid with a credit card, which made it a binding contract, surely? But I didn’t know how to say Priceline in Chinese and he wasn’t having it anyway. Someone else was in our bed; that was the long and short of it.脑子里装着幼儿园里学到的规则,我气急败坏地和他理论:你开玩笑吧,用Priceline预定过了、也用信用卡付款了,难道不是就已经达成了有效合同?但是我不知道怎么用汉语说Priceline,不过反正他也不明白。总之,别人睡了我们的床,说什么都于事无补。Of course, in the end they found us a suite instead, and the kids celebrated by inviting several classmates to share the Jacuzzi and sleep over — in a room with a maximum official occupancy of two. So that is the teen version of the green man “don’t walk” rule: if the other guy breaks the rules, so can you. You may get the better end of the bargain.当然,最后他们给我们换了个套间,我的孩子们邀请了几个同学共享浴缸并且一起过夜来庆祝——尽管按规定该房间最多入住两人。于是这就成了绿灯“不通行”规则的青少年版:如果别人破坏了规矩,你也能。说不定你占的便宜还更多。Clissold’s fourth rule (I won’t tell you the others; buy the book) is that given the choice between the right result and the right rule, China will always choose pragmatism. That one has worked in my family’s favour, too: like the time when the police allowed us to license two dogs — in the same week that the law changed, making owning more than one dog illegal.祈立天的第四条规则(我不会告诉你其它规则是什么;去买书吧):在好结果和好规则之间选,中国总会选择实用主义。这一点也让我们家受益:比如有一次警察允许我们给两条上——而那个星期法律刚改,养超过一条就算违法。Being an inveterate stickler for the rules, I tried to point out to the accommodating cop that what we were doing was against the law. He indicated that, being a policeman and all, he was aware of the new law — so could I please stop looking my gift dog in the mouth and just go home.作为一名积习难改的守法者,我试着向那位好心通融的警察指出,我们这样做是违法的。他说,身为一名警察,他当然清楚新的法规——所以你就别得了便宜卖乖了,赶紧回家去吧。My message to my kids, and to anyone else who wants to live a happy life in China, is not to get hung up on rules; nobody else does. And you must ditch the kindergarten morality. It is too simple for this place.我想对我的孩子们,以及任何想在中国快乐生活的人们传达的讯息是:不要在规则上吊死;没人那么干。你必须抛开幼儿园里学到的道德观,对于这儿来说那种道德观太天真了。 /201504/368836 泉州妇女医院专家鲤城区中医医院门诊在哪里



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