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FIFA President Sepp Blatter says any referee mistakes are deplorable and the board of the International Football Association that makes the laws of the game will re-consider the use of replay technology."Concerning the International Football Association Board, naturally they will take on again the discussion on technology," said Blatter. "They will have a first opporty when the business meeting of the Board of July is meeting in Wales."But Blatter said the current system could not be changed during the World Cup, which is currently approaching the quarterfinals in South Africa.Blatter witnessed both officiating mistakes Sunday during the round-of- matches between England and Germany and between Argentina and Mexico.In the first match, England's Frank Lampard would have tied the score at -all bee half-time, but officials did not see his shot bounce across the goal line and rebound out after hitting under the crossbar. The score remained -1 and Germany went on to win -1 to advance to the quarterfinals.In the second game, officials missed a clear offside against Argentina's Carlos Tevez whose header gave his team an early 1-0 lead over Mexico. The Argentines won 3-1 and also advanced.Blatter said he apologized to England and Mexico and that FIFA was aly studying how to improve refereeing or match control.Vocabulary:1.crossbar n. 横杆.quarterfinal n. 四分之一决赛3.deplorable adj. 可叹的,悲惨的,凄惨的如:Such wardness is deplorable.像这样的胆大妄为应该受到指责.FIFA国际足球联合会:International Federation of Association Football国际足球联合会  全称(法语):Fédération internationale de football association   缩写:FIFA 193美丽的职场女性,其职业能力常常处在一个尴尬的境地:当她们事业有成的时候,人们总是将成功归功于她们的容貌,她们的工作业绩在人们的眼里会因为长得美丽而大打折扣在美女当道的今天,有谁会对其说不呢?RENEE MONTNE, host: And today's last word in business is about the downside of good looks. A new study from the University of Colorado says attractive women get overlooked when applying some kinds of jobs. Those jobs are in traditionally male professions such as prison guards, tow-truck drivers and mechanical engineers. When given a stack of photos, study participants usually said the attractive women were less suitable the jobs. Though one of the study's authors said there's plenty of upsides to beauty. Attractive women and men usually tend to make more money and get better permance reviews. And that's the business news on MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. I'm Renee Montagne. STEVE INSKEEP, host: And I'm Steve Inskeep.

A Quiet Pet安静的宠物Lisa liked to visit her friends. All her friends had pets. Her friends had dogs. Her friends had cats. Her friends had birds. Lisa didn’t have any pets. She didn’t have a dog. She didn’t have a cat. She didn’t have a bird. “Can I have a dog, Daddy?” Lisa asked. Daddy said no. He said a dog barked too much. “Can I have a cat, Daddy?” Lisa asked. Daddy said no. He said a cat meowed too much. “Can I have a bird, Daddy?” Lisa asked. Daddy said no. He said a bird sang too much. “All my friends have pets. Can’t I have just one pet?” she asked. “Okay,” Daddy said. “But it must be a quiet pet. I’ll buy you a quiet pet.” He went to the pet store. He bought a pet. He gave Lisa her new pet. “Daddy, it a goldfish!” Lisa said.丽莎喜欢探访朋友她的所有朋友都养宠物他们都养宠物也有宠物猫还有宠物鸟丽莎没养宠物她没有没有猫也没有鸟丽莎问爸爸:“我能养只吗?”爸爸说不行他说喜欢犬吠丽莎问道:“我能养只猫吗?”爸爸说不行他说猫总是喵喵叫丽莎问道:“我能养只鸟吗?”爸爸说不行他说鸟总是歌唱她问道;“我的所有朋友都养宠物,我不能养一只吗?”爸爸说:“好的,但它只能是一只安静的宠物我会给你买一只安静的宠物”他前往宠物店他买了一只宠物将他交给丽莎丽莎说:“爸爸,是条金鱼!”译文属原创,,不得转载 950British Columbia英属哥伦比亚British Columbia is the third largest Canadian province, both in area and population. It is nearly 1.5 times as large as Texas, and extends 800 miles (1,0km) north from the ed States border. It includes Canada entire west coast and the ialands just off the coast.英属哥伦比亚是加拿大的第三大省,无论是面积还是人口都是如此它几乎是德克萨斯的1.5倍,从美国边境一直向北延伸了800英里(1,0公里)它包括了加拿大整个西海岸及附近岛屿Most of British Conlumbia is mountainous, with long rugged ranged running north and south. Even the coastal island are the remains of a mountain range that existed thousands of years ago. During the last Ice Age, this range was scoured by glaciers until most of it was beneath the sea. Its peaks now show as islands scattered along the coast.大部分英属哥伦比亚多山峦绵长而粗犷的山脉贯通南北甚至那些沿海的岛屿都是那些存在于千万年前的遗迹在上一个冰河时期,这些山脉被冰河冲刷侵蚀,直到大部分山脉被淹没在海中它们的峰顶显现为沿着海岸散步的岛屿The southwestern coastal region has a humid mild marine climate. Sea winds that blow inland from the west are warmed by a current of warm water that flows through the Pacific Ocean. As a result, winter temperatures average above freezing and summers are mild.西南海岸地区有着潮湿温和的海洋性气候从太平洋来的温暖的洋流使得从西吹过内陆的海风变得温暖因为这儿冬天平均气温在零上而且夏天也不会酷热These warm western winds also carry moisture from the ocean. Inland from the coast, the winds from the Pacific meet the mountain barriers of the coastal ranges and the Rocky Mountains. As they rise to cross the mountains, the winds are cooled, and their moisture begins to fall as rain. On some of the western slopes almost 0 inches (500cm) of rain fall each year.这些温暖的西风同样也从海洋带来了湿气来自太平洋的、从海岸向内陆的风遇到海岸山脉和落基山脉这些山脉屏障当气流升高跨越这些山脉时,风的温度就降低了,风中的水分形成降雨在一些朝西山坡区域每年大约有0英寸(500厘米)的降水More than half of British Columbia is heavily ested. On mountain slopes that receive plentiful rainfall, huge Douglas firs rise in towering columns. These est giants often grow to be as much as 300 feet (90m) tall, with diameters up to feet (3m). More lumber is produced from these trees than from any other kind of tree in North America. Hemlock, red cedar, and balsam fir are among the other trees found in British Columbia.大部分英属哥伦比亚密布着森林在有充足降水的斜坡上,巨大的道格拉斯枞树高耸入云这些森林巨人常常长到高达300英尺(90米),直径粗达英尺(3米)这些树产出了比北美其他任何树都多的木材铁杉、红香樁、香脂冷杉枞都是发现于英属哥伦比亚的树种 036E-mail电子邮件A man left a vacation to Jamaica. His wife was on a business trip and was planning to meet him there the next day. When he reached his hotel, he decided to send his wife a quick e-mail message. Unable to find the scrap of paper on which he had written her e-mail address, he did his best to type it in from memory. Untunately, he missed one letter, and his note was directed instead to an elderly preacher's wife whose husband had passed away only the day bee. When the grieving widow checked her e-mail, she took one look at the monitor, let out a piercing scream, and fell to the floor dead. At the sound, her family rushed into the room and saw this note on the screen: "Dearest Wife, Just got checked in. Everything prepared your arrival tomorrow. Your Loving Husband. P.S. Sure is hot down here."有个人去牙买加度假,他的妻子正好出差,所以打算在他到之后的第二天去找他他到了宾馆,想要给妻子发封邮件,但是记着邮箱的纸找不到了,于是他凭着记忆把信发到了一个邮箱很不幸,他漏掉了一个字母,他的信发到了一个老传教士的妻子的邮箱里,而传教士恰好在前一天去世了悲痛的老妇人察看邮箱,看着显示器屏幕她尖叫一声,随后就倒在地上死去了听到她的声音,家人赶忙跑进她的房间,只见这样一句话显示在屏幕上:“亲爱的,快来吧为了你明天的到来,一切都准备好了爱你的丈夫顺便说一句,这里可真够热的” 88568

Cigarette advertising and cigarette icons;how local government works; to assist in versus to assist with; calf versus cub; to hold thWords:cigaretteto sponsorslogancatchyiconruggeddetrimentalexplicitcountymayorcity counciljurisdictionto assist into assist withcalfcubto hold th 38Today Mail今天的邮件The mailman put the mail in the mailbox. Dad went outside. He said hello to the mailman. The mailman said hello. Dad opened the mailbox and took out a magazine and two letters. One letter was from his sister. The other letter was from his brother. The magazine was his wife. It was a garden magazine. His wife liked to work in the garden. She grew flowers and vegetables in the garden. Dad went back into the house. He opened both letters. His sister invited him to a birthday party. His brother invited him to a wedding. Dad enjoyed ing the letters. He enjoyed getting the invitations. He picked up the phone. He left a message his sister. He would come to the birthday party. He also called his brother. He said he would come to the wedding.邮递员把邮件放进了邮箱里爸爸走到外面他跟邮递员打了招呼邮递员跟爸爸打了招呼爸爸打开邮箱,拿出一本杂志和两封信其中一封信是他写的另一封信是他弟弟写的杂志是给他妻子的那是一本关于花园的杂志他妻子喜欢在花园里工作她在花园里种蔬菜和水果爸爸回到屋里他把两封信打开了他邀请他参加生日聚会他弟弟邀请他去参加婚礼爸爸很喜欢读这两封信他很高兴收到了邀请他拿起电话他给他留了条言他会去参加生日聚会他也给弟弟打了个电话他说他会去参加婚礼译文属原创,,不得转载 97Nigerian Doctor Leads Campaign to Ban Church Births尼日利亚医生呼吁禁止“教堂婴”Dr. Linda Ayade, the wife of Nigeria’s Cross River state governor, is leading a campaign to put an end to church births in Nigeria. According to a recent B news report, the practice of choosing a church instead of a health facility giving birth is still very common in many Nigerian states. Many women who choose this option are deeply religious. They choose to put their faith in God and a traditional birth attendant instead of a hospital. Dr. Ayade wants to see this practice banned and hopes that a new law will reduce the rate of maternal mortality in her country. Nigeria currently has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world.克罗斯河州州长妻子琳达·阿依达发起呼吁,尼日利亚禁止“教堂婴”据B新闻报道,较医院出生婴儿,“教堂婴”在许多大州仍非常普遍其原因与宗教密不可分妇女们相信上帝,并为婴儿选择“接生婆”,而不是前往医院接生阿依达医生希望做到令行禁止,希望新法能减少产妇死亡率目前,尼日利亚的产妇死亡率排世界前列译文属原创,,不得转载 369

tzQ.PwCzGk!mxbOO3eb+AgO.Md)j1*p3HhT;;5(XzIFPaula has cancer. She has six months to live. Her doctors cannot help her. No one can help her. She smoked cigarettes 30 years. She did not want to stop smoking cigarettes. She liked to smoke cigarettes. The doctors told her to stop smoking many years ago. She didn’t listen to them. She didn’t listen to her parents. She didn’t listen to her children. She didn’t listen to her friends. Everyone told her to stop smoking. She told everyone to stop worrying about her. She would be fine, she told them. She still smokes every day. Why not, she asks.d7Ew#6b^|@ShR#A5qzrLB.BZN;^zFTusZMgJ]GMr^sDQh_sJIZ 38

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