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泉州治疗宫外孕大约需要多少钱泉州妇科哪家医院好The founder of Shu-Han,Liu Bei,the descendant of Han Jingdi#39;s son Liu Sheng, came from Zhuo prefecture (near present-day Beijing).刘备,蜀汉的开国皇帝,汉景帝之子中山靖王刘胜的后代。Liu Bei was born in a poor family and lived by selling shoes and weaving straw mat.刘备居于河北涿州(今北京附近),少年孤贫,以贩鞋织草席为生。However, he acquired his first reputation in warfare against the Yellow Turban rebellion of 184 and swore to be brothers with Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, who are both in the following years of fighting devoted to him until death.公元184年黄巾起义时,刘备与关羽、张飞桃园结义,成为异姓兄弟,一同剿除黄巾有功。When civil war caused by Dong Zhuo broke out he served Gongsun Zan to fight against Dong Zhuo. Later he allied himself with the warlords: Cao Cao,Yuan Shao,and Liu Biao one after another and held short-lived power over substantial territory in the north of China.董卓乱政之际,刘备随公孙璜讨伐董卓,刘备势力弱小,经常寄人篱下,先后投靠过曹操、袁绍、刘表等人,几经波折,却仍无自己的地盘。In 200, however, at the time of the campaign between Cao Cao and Yuan Shao at Guan-du, Liu Bei was thoroughly defeated by Cao Cao ’ s forces and fled to take refuge with Liu Biao.公元200年,在曹操与袁绍的官渡之战中,刘备被曹操打败,投奔刘表。Liu did, however, maintain the followers who had accompanied him into exile ,and it was at this time while stationing in Xinye Xu Shu, one of his assistants, recommended Zhuge Liang, a master of strategies to him.但在流亡过程中却一直有人跟随刘备,屯兵新野时,徐庶为其幕僚,向刘推荐诸葛亮。Liu Bei visited and consulted Zhuge Liang three times and the latter agreed to serve him as minister. With the help of Zhuge Liang, Sun-Liu allies defeated Cao Cao from the north at the Red Cliffs and Liu Bei established a position in the southern part of Jing prefecture which laid the fundation for the three kingdoms.刘备在荆州三顾茅庐,请诸葛亮出山辅助,在诸葛亮的帮助下,赤壁之战宁,联合孙权打败曹操,占领荆州,奠定了三分天下的基础。In 211 Liu Bei was invited into Yi prefecture by the Governor, Liu Zhang, to assist him in dealing with enemies on his northern borders.211年受刘璋请求来益州共同防御北方边界。In the summer of 214 Liu Bei seized Yi prefecture and established his own regime at Chengdu.214年夏,刘备攻取益州在成都建立政权。In 219 the decisive victory over Xiahou Yuan obtained Liu Bei’s control of the Han valley, and gave justification for his claim to the royal and then imperial title of Han with an area covering Jing and Yi prefectures.219年,刘备大败曹将夏侯渊,夺取汉中,称汉中王,建立了横跨荆益两州的政权。In the further east line, however, the destruction of Guan Yu, and the failure of Liu Bei’s expedition , aiming at taking revenge for Guan Yu in 222 restricted the territory of Han to Yi province. Despite its imperial pretensions Shu-Han never recovered from those massive defeats.在东线关羽被杀,刘备为给关羽报仇,公元222年,发兵大举进攻东吴兵败。Liu Bei fled to Baidi city and died there in Yong’an Palace in the following year.When Liu Bei died in 223, his son Liu Chan was seventeen, but Zhuge Liang acted as regent and held control of the government. He confirmed the alliance with Wu, and in campaigns to the south during 224 and 225 he established reign over the territory and people as far as the Lake Dian in present-day Yunnan.刘备兵败逃至白帝城,次年病死于白帝城的永安宫。蜀汉一蹶不振,势力一直被局限在益州。刘备死后,其子刘禅继位,是为蜀后主,刘禅17岁由诸葛亮等人辅助,主张与吴国交好。公元224 ~225年,诸葛亮平定南中,势力涉及滇池(今云南境内)。In 227 he turned his attention to the Wei in the north : from Hanzhong he launched a series of attacks across the Qinling Range, however, was quickly destroyed by the Wei gen-eral Sima Yi,and Zhuge Liang was not able to achieve a position.向北为了实现刘备的遗愿,诸葛亮自蜀建兴五年至十二年(227 ~ 234)六次从汉中出兵向秦岭伐魏,但均告失利。In 233 Zhuge U-ang embarked on a renewed attempt to break the line of the mountain barrier , however, he was, successfully opposed by Sima Yi, and died in the following year in front.233年,在发起突破秦岭防线时,被司马懿击破,本人也于公元234年卒于两军阵前。After a short period of intrigue and confusion,Zhuge Uang ’ s position as com-mander-in-chief and head of government was taken by Jiang Wei.诸葛亮死后,姜维继任军士统帅和丞相。Like Zhuge Liang ,Jiang Wei had his headquarters in Hanzhong on the frontier against Wei, and the central administration at Chengdu was maintained by a secondary office.姜维仍以汉中为攻魏前哨,以成都为总部。In 244, Jiang Wei became ill and failed to function effectively, and at his death in 246 Liu Chan, now forty years old, took formal authority at the capital.244年,姜维病重,不能有效行使权力。246年姜维病逝时,刘禅40岁已独立行使皇权。Despite his maturity Liu Chan was an unimpressive ruler. He was more interested in his harem and his personal pleasures than in the responsibilities of government, therefore he gave excessive power to his favourite Chen Zhi and the eunuch Huang Hao.刘禅是一个没有作为的皇帝,他不问政事,贪恋后宫声色,将朝中大事交给宠臣陈志和太监黄浩。Sima Yi was a well-known strategist and stateman in Chinese history, and in fighting against Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei,he succeeded in preventing Shu-Han from expanding northernwards.司马懿是我国著名的军事家、政治家。他多次出兵汉中,与诸葛亮、姜维等蜀将交战,遏制了蜀国的北扩。In 226, Wei Emperor Cao Pi died and his son Cao Rui succeeded the throne.此间,魏帝曹丕已于魏黄初七薨(226)。Sima Yi acted as Chief Minister to serve the emperor , then ttie control of government was gradually transferred to the hands of Sima family.其子曹睿继位,以司马懿为辅政大臣。此后,魏国大权逐渐落人司马氏手中。In 263,after the Sima family had established control of the government of Wei, they planned the attack on Shu-Han. Sima Zhao, son of Sima Yi, and two generals Zhong Hui and Deng Ai launched attack on Shu Han. In the autumn of 263 they captured the passes into Hanzhong, and while one army held Jiang Wei in the northwest, the general Deng Ai went forward to attack Chengdu.魏景元四年 (263)在魏政权归司马氏之后,司马懿之子司马昭派遣钟会、邓艾等数路人马伐蜀,并于当年夏天控制了通往汉中的要塞,将姜维困在西北,由邓艾继续攻打成都。In the winter, after victory in one pitched battle, he received the surrender of Liu Chan. And in the summer of 264 Liu Chan was received into honoured exile at Luoyang, thus Shu-Han perished.当年冬天攻破成都,后主刘禅降魏,并于264年夏流放至洛阳,蜀汉灭亡。Shu-Han took the same measures of land reclamation and developed the irrigating system. As a far reaching area, the development of agriculture was not damaged as that of in the Yellow River Valley and there was no famine heard. At hat time the silk of Shu was well-known and trade within domestic was prosperous and Chengdu, the capital of Shu was the commercial centre.蜀在耕地方面没有什么改制,也实行屯田,水利做得比较好,由于地处偏远蜀汉没有像中原那样遭到严重破坏,也没有发生粮荒,丝织业发达,蜀锦有名,境内贸易发达,成都商业繁荣,蜀汉农业自始至终未遭破坏。After Zhuge Liang destroyed the non-Chinese alliance led by Meng Huo, he left the people under continuing control by their native leaders, and confirmed that power with seals and other emblems of authority although in formal terms, they were subjects of Shu-Han. All these practices facilitate the tranquility of Shu-Han.在平定了南方少数民族孟获的叛乱之后,他们成为蜀汉的臣民,但仍由其首领继续管理内部事务,这有利于蜀汉政权的稳定。 /201512/415714泉州治疗子宫内膜癌去哪家医院 Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen revealed recently that before going to sleep she mentally ticks off the things for which she is thankful. This must be a cumbersome exercise: the long-limbed beauty is the world’s highest-paid clothes horse; is married to a rich, handsome American football star ; she has two gorgeous children; features in Forbes’ annual power list; and, in her spare time, is a UN goodwill ambassador for the environment.巴西超级名模吉赛尔邦辰(Gisele Bündchen)最近披露,每天睡觉前,她都会在心里数一数自己感恩的事情。这对她肯定是件繁重的任务:这位长腿美女是全球收入最高的“衣架子”;嫁给了一位富有、英俊的美国橄榄球明星;育有两位漂亮子女;跻身于《福布斯》(Forbes)最具影响力人物的年度榜单;抽得出空的时候还是联合国(UN)环境亲善大使。She is obviously clued up about happiness research, too, which extols the benefits of counting one’s blessings — usually in a “gratitude journal”. This kind of ledger is bound to figure in a series of evening classes launched this week across the UK by a group called Action for Happiness. The six-week self-improvement course, endorsed by the Dalai Lama, claims to harness the science of happiness, which has charmed its way into policymaking.她显然对有关幸福的研究也十分了解。这类研究高度赞扬感恩(通常是写在一本“感恩日志”中)的效益。在最近英国各地推出的一个晚间课程中,这种日志肯定会被提及。这一持续六周的课程由一个名为“争取幸福”(Action for Happiness)的组织推出,得到了达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama)的认可。该课程声称运用了“幸福科学”,后者凭借其魅力,已受到政策制定圈子的注意。Also this week, the Office for National Statistics published its geographical league table of personal wellbeing in the UK, compiled by quizzing 165,000 people on how satisfied they are with life. Fermanagh in Northern Ireland is the jolly table-topper; London is steeped in melancholy. Since the ultimate goal in life for most people is to be happy, the logic goes, governments should find ways of increasing civic contentment.同样在最近,英国国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)发布了英国各地个人福祉排行榜。该排行榜的依据是对16.5万人的生活满意度调查。结果是北爱尔兰的弗马纳郡喜获第一,而伦敦弥漫着抑郁情绪。由于大多数人的终极目标就是幸福,合乎逻辑的结论是,政府应该想办法提高公民的满足感。But the science of wellbeing has turned out, over the past 15 years, to be a keenly disputed field of psychology whose practitioners have struggled to elucidate the nature of nirvana, let alone put numbers to it. Meanwhile, happiness has become a central issue in public health. A 2014 study of 3,000 older people, led by Professor Andrew Steptoe at University College London, found that participants who said they enjoyed life saw a slower rate of physical decline than their curmudgeonly peers , even taking into account other factors such as income, smoking and drinking.不过,有关福祉的科学在过去15年里成了心理学一个极具争议的领域。其从业者甚至难以阐明涅槃状态的特征,更别说对它加以量化研究了。与此同时,幸福已成为公共健康的核心问题。2014年伦敦大学学院(University College London)安德鲁斯特普托(Andrew Steptoe)教授领导开展的一项研究发现,即使把收入、吸烟和饮酒等其他方面的因素考虑在内,那些表示自己享受人生的参与调查者,生理上的衰退速度也慢于脾气不好的同龄人。Scientists have been hunting the precise mechanism through which a positive state of mind exerts a beneficial effect on our biology. Barbara Fredrickson, a psychology professor at the University of North Carolina, published a startling paper in 2013 suggesting that the genomic profile of deeply contented people differed measurably from those of others, possibly influencing function. The finding provoked publicity and then controversy; one reanalysis using Prof Fredrickson’s data failed to reach the same conclusion.科学家一直在寻找积极心态产生有益生理影响的精确机制。2013年,美国北卡罗来纳大学(University of North Carolina)心理学教授芭芭拉弗雷德里克森(Barbara Fredrickson)曾发表一篇令人震惊的论文,提出深层次满足的人群的基因组图谱与其他人显著不同,这可能会影响免疫功能。这一发现得到了广泛报道,随即引发了争议;根据弗雷德里克森教授的数据重新开展的一项分析未能得出相同结论。None of which should stop us from trying to discern the elements of a happy life. This is the goal of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, which combines on happiness with practical recommendations. It defines happiness as “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive wellbeing, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile”. Contentment stems not from material wealth, as the rich keep reminding us, but from relationships and personal development. Compassion and altruism seem central.所有这一切都不应阻止我们努力找出幸福生活的要素。这正是美国加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)至善科学中心(Greater Good Science Center)的目标。该中心把有关幸福的研究与实用建议相结合。它对幸福的定义是“喜悦、满足或积极健康的体验,再加上人生美好、充实而有价值的感觉”。正如富裕人群一直在提醒我们的,满足感并不来自物质财富,而来自人际关系和个人发展。同情心与无私似乎是核心要素。And this is, perhaps, the most helpful pointer furnished by science: true happiness is rarely a succession of immediate, individual pleasures, such as sex, drugs and chocolate. Indeed, many experiences deemed enriching — raising children, mastering an instrument, donating a kidney — require pain and sacrifice. Happiness appears to be linked to living a life of purpose and meaning; the ONS survey now asks residents whether their lives feel worthwhile.而这也许正是科学提供的最有帮助的指标:真正的幸福极少是一个接一个直截了当的、个人的愉悦体验——比如性、毒品和巧克力。的确,许多被视为充实的人生体验——抚养子女、掌握一种乐器、捐赠一个肾脏——都需要痛苦和牺牲。幸福似乎与带着目标和意义生活存在关联:如今,英国国家统计局的调查会问居民是否感觉活得有价值。 /201510/403792Loyal Giant Pyrenees Stands Guard Over Canine Buddy Hit By A Car忠犬看护被撞同伴On Sunday, November 8th, Dallas resident Samuel Flores was on his way to breakfast when he noticed a Giant Pyrenees standing on the grassy pavement vigilantly watching over the lifeless body of another dog.11月8日,星期天这天,达拉斯居民Samuel Flores在开车去吃早餐的路上看到一只大白熊犬正警觉地站在人行道的草丛里盯着另一只死去的尸体。Flores reached out to local animal rescue association #39;No Bully Left Behind#39; for assistance. He was soon joined by the organization#39;s founder Julie Fennell and one of its volunteers, Jessy Faiferlick. The two cautiously approached the Giant Pyrenees that was occasionally licking his dead friend as if trying to coax him to wake up.Flores向名为“没有欺凌”的本地动物营救所寻求帮助。很快,该组织的创始人Julie Fennell和另一名志愿者Jessy Faiferlick就赶了过来,然后他们小心地向这只大白熊犬靠近。当时,这只正在时不时的舔它死去的同伴,似乎想努力唤醒它。Though he initially resisted, the canine, who was later identified as Brian, appeared to realize they were trying to help and finally agreed to get into Fennell#39;s car. However, even as Fennell was taking Brian to the Dallas Animal Shelter, he kept looking through the window toward where his fallen companion had been lying. The poor dog, of course, had no idea that the team had picked up his dead friend as well.这只后来被实叫Brian的最初还很抵触,在意识到人们正在竭力帮助它后,还是上了Fennell的车。然而,在开往达拉斯动物收容所的途中,它还是一直从窗中眺望死去同伴躺过的地方。当然,这只可怜的并不知道人们也把它同伴一起带走了。Since Brian did not have a collar or embedded microchip, it took some time for the rescue shelter to locate its owners. Meanwhile, though, thanks to the moving picture of Brian standing guard over his friend that Flores posted on his social media pages, the animal shelter was inundated with calls from people wishing to adopt the loyal dog.由于Brian并没有佩戴项圈或植入芯片可提供身份信息,收容所的工作人员花了些时间才找到它的主人。与此同时,Flores在他的社交页面发布了Brian看护它死去同伴的感人图片后,超多人打电话过来,想要收养这只忠诚的。Fortunately, they were able to locate its worried owners who had been searching for Brian and his one-year-old companion, Marley all day. Turns out that the two friends had escaped through a garage door left open by mistake. Fennell says that judging from the trail of blood on the road, Marley, a Tan-Shepherd mix had most likely been hit by a car. She believes that Brian had not only dragged his buddy to the side, but also, patiently stood guard for almost six hours before Flores stumbled upon the two.幸运的是,他们联系上了Brian和它一岁大的死去同伴Marley的主人,他已经焦急寻找它们一整天了。原来,两只是从家中误开的垃圾门溜了出来。Fennell说,从路上的血迹判断,褐色混合毛色的牧羊犬Marley应该是被车撞了。她觉得Brian应该不仅把它的同伴拖到了路边,在Flores遇到它们之前,它大概已经耐心看护自己小伙伴几乎6小时之久了。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/415143泉州看妇科疾病好的医院

泉州哪家人流最专业The Duchess of Cambridge dazzled in the Queen Mother#39;s tiara as she took pride of place on the top table next to Chinese president Xi Jinping and the Queen at the state banquet held in his honour this evening.剑桥公爵夫人凯特戴着王太后的王冠惊艳四座,在今晚为中国国家主席习近平举办的国宴上坐在主席和女王的旁边。The Chinese national anthem played as the 170 guests assembled in Buckingham Palace#39;s lavishly decorated grand ballroom for the white-tie dinner, hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip.It was the first time the Duchess has attended a palace state dinner, which comes at the start of a four-day state visit by the Chinese leader and seen as being key to cementing economic ties between the two countries.170名宾客在宏伟艳丽的白金汉姆宫宴会厅参加女王和菲利普亲王举办的晚宴,中国国歌奏响。这是公爵夫人首次参加国宴,随即中国领导人将开始为期四天的国事访问,这被看成是中英两国加强经济联系的重要举措。 /201510/405224晋江市人民医院做人流好吗 Bride prices, a traditional prerequisite for marriage, are increasingly becoming a miserable burden for families in rural areas across China as it has spiked sharply in recent years. Young men go to cities to work hoping they could improve their family#39;s life, but they often come back to find that what they have earned is insufficient for them to get a wife.作为婚姻的传统条件,近年来一路走高的礼,正日益成为中国农村家庭沉重的负担。年轻人怀揣着能改善家庭生活水平的美好愿望去城市打工,但回到老家才发现,他们挣的钱连个媳妇也娶不到。Most parents in China would be happy to find out that their son has found a girl to marry. But Huang, a mother in her 40s from Central China#39;s Henan Province is unable to relax, despite the good news. When her eldest son came back from Guangzhou, South China#39;s Guangdong Province for Spring Festival and was introduced to a girl by a relative, she knew that this was just the first step.儿子找到结婚对象了,大多数的中国父母都是很开心的。然而,来自中国中部河南省的40多岁的黄妈妈却对这个好消息开心不起来。她的大儿子从中国南部广东省回来过年了,亲戚给介绍了一个对象,她知道,这仅仅是开始。Though Huang#39;s family has aly offered the girl around 20,000 yuan in gifts, she is still free to go on more blind dates. Traditionally, the only way for Huang to guarantee she#39;ll marry her son is to offer her family a substantial sum of money as a bride price to seal the engagement. But Huang doesn#39;t have that kind of cash to hand.尽管黄家已经给了这个姑娘2万元作为见面礼,但她仍可以自由相亲。传统上来说,保她和黄家大儿子结婚的唯一方法是,给她家一笔相当可观的礼钱来定下这门亲事。但是黄家拿不出这么多钱。;The girl looks nice, so I guess the price will not be low,; Huang said. ;Though it will be hard, we will try every means to get the money, as long as she agrees to marry.;“这个女孩长的不错,我猜价格也不会低。”黄妈妈说,“尽管非常难,但我们会千方百计去筹这笔钱,只要她同意嫁过来。”;Every means; will entail borrowing money, yet again. A mother of two sons, Huang and her husband make a living by collecting recyclable materials in Guangzhou. To help her eldest son find a wife, they spent all their savings and borrowed money from relatives to buy an apartment in town two years ago.“千方百计”也就意味着再一次去借钱。黄家有两个儿子,黄妈妈夫妻二人靠在广州收废品为生。为了给大儿子娶媳妇,两年前,他们花光了积蓄,还从亲戚家借钱,才在镇上买了一套房子。Many rural parents across China share Huang#39;s anxiety. Finding a wife for their son could cost them all their savings and drive them into debt.中国很多农村家庭都有着和黄妈妈一样的忧愁。为儿子娶媳妇花光了全家的积蓄,使他们债务缠身。A prerequisite for marriage, the bride price, a tradition that can be traced back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-711), remains a common custom in most rural areas across China.礼作为婚姻的前提条件,可以追溯至中国古代周朝时期(公元前1046-711年),这个习俗至今仍存在于中国大部分农村地区。;You cannot get a wife without spending more than 500,000 yuan,; Xu told the Global Times.老许在接受环球时报采访时说,“不花个5万元以上,根本娶不到媳妇。”As Xu explains, a family with a son must have a house, built in the countryside or bought in the town. After that, there is the matter of the bride price and the ;three gold objects; - gold rings, a gold necklace and gold earrings - and a multitude of other pricey necessities.正如老许所说的,有儿子的家庭必须有一套房子,不管是在农村盖的还是在城里买的。接下来,就是礼和“三金”——金戒指、金项链和金耳环——以及其它一些昂贵的必须品。;Most need to borrow to get a wife,; Xu said, ;if an ordinary family has two or more sons, without even asking you know that they must be heavily in debt.;他说,“大多数家庭都需要借钱娶媳妇。如果一户普通人家有两个或更多的儿子,无需多问你便知道他们家一定是负债累累。”Comparisons between women is one cause of spiraling bride prices. When one family demands an above-average price and succeeds, word sps and other families see it as a new standard to follow. Thus the average price is raised.女人间的攀比,是礼价位不断上升的原因之一。当一个家庭要求高于平均水平的价格,且成功了,流传出去后,其它家庭就把它当成一个新的标准来追随。这样,礼就在不断上涨。In some regions, professional match-makers play a role in growing prices. As Pingliang Weekly reported, in Pingliang, Gansu, some match-makers demand 5 to 10 percent of the bride price as commission. To get more money, some match-makers deliberately inflate prices.还有一些地方,专业的红娘也在礼上涨中也起了一定作用。如平凉周报所报道的那样,在甘肃省平凉市,一些红娘收取礼钱的5%到10%作为佣金。为了多赚钱,红娘故意抬高价格。But these standards are flexible depending on the suitor.不过,标准也根据男方条件的不同而有差异。;An ugly man from a poor family might be asked for 150,000 yuan. But a man who is good-looking will only need to give 66,000 yuan. The girl#39;s family will take all factors into consideration,; Xu said.老许说,“家庭贫困且长相不好的,一般被要求15万的礼。而长相不错的只用给6万6就够了。女孩的家庭会综合性考虑。”As rural young people head to the cities to work, women have found it easier to find husbands and stay in urban areas compared with men looking for brides. As a result the aly-skewed gender balance in rural areas is becoming increasingly pronounced and girls are scarce. According to a report by Pingliang Weekly, in a village in Gansu the proportion of men to women has reached 4:1.由于农村年轻人前往城市打工,与男孩相比,女孩们更容易找到对象,且能留在城市里。其结果是农村地区原有的性别失衡正变得越来越显著,女孩数量也更少了。据平凉周报的一份报告,在甘肃省某村庄,男女比例已经达到4:1。But Li Hongxiang argues that it is changing mindsets, rather than shifting demographics, that are driving up bride prices.婚姻法专家李鸿翔却称,并非人口学的变化,而是人们心态的改变,抬高了礼价。;An important reason probably is, in the social context of rapid economic development, people have changed their mindset and expect to get rich quick,; Li analyzes.他分析称:“一个最重要的原因可能是,在经济快速发展的社会背景下,人们的心态发生了改变,期待快速致富。” /201602/427709泉州市的女子医院

泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院在哪里If you thought wearing a pair of tights is a simple matter, you#39;d be wrong. A male scientist has devised a mathematical formula to help women choose the perfect pair of tights to keep their legs warm this winter.如果你以为穿一件紧身袜是件简单的事,那你就错了。一位男性科学家设计了一条数学公式,用于帮助女性挑选在冬天为双腿保暖的完美紧身袜。Dr James Hind came up with the equation to determine the most suitable fabric thickness depending on the weather conditions.詹姆斯·欣德(James Hind )士想到根据天气状况,用公式来决定最佳紧身袜纤维材料的厚度。The 39-year-old says the secret to deciding what stockings to pop on the morning all depends on wind speed and temperature. The formula then helps calculate what denier, or thickness, to choose to avoid being too hot or cold throughout the day.39岁的欣德士说,决定早上穿什么袜子的秘密,完全由风速和气温决定。这条公式帮助人们计算,应选择哪种旦尼尔或厚度,从而避免一天下来感到太热或太冷。The mathematician designed the equation after he had to wear green stockings when he worked at the Tales of Robin Hood, a former tourist attraction in Nottingham.这位数学家之所以设计这条公式,是因为他在诺丁汉(Nottingham)曾经很能吸引游人的罗宾逊纪念馆(the Tales of Robin Hood)上班时,不得不穿绿色长袜。He said: #39;I worked in tights day in and day out for a year and I know the value of properly warm tights on a cold day. I worked there 15 years ago in 1997. My 110 denier thick tights saved my life in the winter. I made those tights my basis for the formula because they should see anybody through cold and windy weather, and then when it#39;s lovely and sunny, the denier recommendation reduces.#39;他说:“我每天穿着长裤袜工作已经一年了,因此我知道寒冷天气里,一双刚好够暖的裤袜的重要性。15年前,即1997年,我就在那里工作了。我的110旦尼尔(纤维强度标准,越高表示越结实)厚裤袜,在寒冬里救了我的命。我用我袜子的旦尼尔数作为方程的基数,因为那就够帮任何人度过寒冷且大风的天气了。当天气暖和明媚,建议的旦尼尔数就会减少。”The mathematician claims the complex-looking formula will work across the UK as it takes into consideration local weather conditions.欣德士称,这条看起来很复杂的公式在全英国范围内都有效,因为它考虑了当地的天气状况。His formula builds the temperature (t) and wind speed (w) into a forecast to calculate the thickness of tights most appropriate. The equation uses the sigmoid curve to create a scale to determine the denier or density of fiber needed (d).他的方程将气温(t)和风速(w)构建成一个预测模型,用以计算最合适的裤袜厚度。等式使用函数曲线创造一个模型,来决定裤袜所需的丹尼尔数或纤维密度(d)。It can be altered to allow for warmer southerly winds and colder northerly winds by using kilometers per hour for colder winds and miles per hour for warmer ones.可通过调整,较暖的南风以千米每小时作单位,较冷的北风则以英里每小时作单位,来使方程适应不同的天气。Dr Hind, who lives with science lecturer wife Dr Laurice Fretwell, 33, in Beeston, Nottingham, added: #39;I used the Sigmoid formula here. It took a lot of tinkering and tampering for a few hours at a time but I think it#39;s turned out really well.#39;欣德士,和现年33岁作为科学讲师的妻子劳里斯·弗雷特韦尔(Dr Laurice Fretwell),一同居住于诺丁汉的比斯顿(Beeston)。他补充道:“我就在这里使用这个函数公式。我曾花了好几个小时来修改和修正它,但我觉得它最终表现得很好。” /201510/405791 泉州市新阳光妇产医院人流价格是多少泉州市第一医院妇科体检



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