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泉州治疗妇科那家好泉州市妇保医院官网The rather gentlemanly way stalk-eyed flies凸眼蝇settle their differences over females温和的争风吃醋is not the only way.并不是唯一的求爱之道Some animals are much more violent.有的动物暴力多了Its the dry season in Zambia.现在是尚比亚的旱季The lagoons are either baked dry,泻湖不是被炎阳烤干or the mud is so thick animals get stuck,就是变成黏稠的污泥with fatal consequences.受困其中的动物凶多吉少This male hippo has been living in one small lagoon,这只公河马 原本住在一个小小的泻湖里but as it dries, its turning into a death trap.但泻湖干涸后,变成致命陷阱Understandably, the females that once shared it with him have all left.可想而知,原本和它住在一起的母河马 走得一只都不剩Even if he wants to,不管它有多舍不得he cant stay much longer.都得被迫离开He needs water to keep cool and females to mate with.它需要水来消暑 也需要能交配的母河马And this is where they all are.原来它们都在这里Almost all the hippos in the area本区几乎所有的河马are in what is left of the Luangwa River,都来到卢安瓦河because its the last place where theres still deep water.因为这里是 唯一还有深水区的地方This bend is controlled by an all-powerful male.这里的河弯 由一只河马老大掌管Since the drought many more females have joined his herd.时序进入旱季后 有很多母河马来投靠它201307/247840泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院 泉州那家医院缩阴好

泉州哪家治疗妇科病的医院泉州医科大学第一医院住院部电话 Ukraine To Restart Anti-Terrorism OperationUkraines acting president orders renewed military action against pro-Russian separatists after two ;tortured; bodies are found.新闻背景:4月6日以来,乌克兰东部地区局势恶化,不断发生地方政权机关办公楼被持抗议者占领的情况,乌克兰当局将这些抗议者视为“恐怖分子”,于13日决定让军队参与此前由警方开展的“反恐行动”。美国副总统拜登当地时间4月21日造访乌克兰,称美方将会向乌克兰提供多方面援助。同日,代行总统职务的乌克兰议长图尔奇诺夫要求军队和警方恢复在本国东部地区的“反恐行动”。俄罗斯方面对此表示,乌克兰当局应尽快采取行动履行日内瓦文件,取消对平民使用军队的命令。拜登称,美国永远都不会承认“俄罗斯对克里米亚的非法占领”,美国将为一个统一的乌克兰而努力。俄罗斯外交部则称,拉夫罗夫对克里表示,乌克兰必须采取紧急措施,执行旨在化解乌克兰危机的日内瓦协议。 Katie Stallards been to the funeral of 3 people killed on Sunday in that checkpoint shooting north of Donetsk in the town of Slavyansk. Her report include images of open caskets at the service.Even on the steps of church outside their funeral, they cant agree how these men died. The man with a microphone says they were killed by a knife. Hes interrupted by a man in a balaclava in the crowd.He says there was a sniper, there was a machine gunner, they were killing us with gunfire, not with a knife. These were professional, he says.Death to the murderer, they chant.Inside for all of the orthodox grandeur and the reverence, there are mourners and cameras side by side. Priests and journalists standing next to each other. For each family, this is a personal tragedy. But whats happening here in a small town in eastern Ukraine has consequences much further afield. Russia says this proves the authrotities in Kiev are losing control. The government there says the checkpoint shooting was fabricated that all sides must abide by the Geneva peace deal agreed last week. But no one is really listening to them here.The exact circumstances in which these men died remains far from clear, but to people here, it doesnt really matter, they believe that they died defending this town, they are honouring them here today as local heroes, and Geneva accord means absolutely nothing to people here.What can I say? theres not gonna be a way out. Its them who are sending people in kill our kids. They talked about a ed Ukraine, but theres no ed Ukraine.I want it to be calm of our town so people can leave their houses and I would not be afraid to work outside with my baby. We met the self-proclaimed mayor of Slavyansk nearby, his bodyguards carrying assault rifles, and wearing the Russian victory ribbon. He said he doesnt answer to Kiev.We do not recognize the Kiev, we cant even call them a government. They are not the authorities for the majority of people in Ukraine, particularly here in Slavyansk.He said if Russia wont send peacekeepers, they would like weapons that they have plenty of people here y to fight.And then they carry them out of the church to a round of applause. They chanted glory to the heroes of Donbass. /201404/293331泉州妇幼保健院预约

福建石狮妇幼保健院门诊怎么样 Teddy Shattock, managing director of Aldridge Jewellers on London show us how to choose a wedding ring. The selection of a wedding ring could be one of the most critical decisions of your life; so get it right with VideoJugs assistance.伦敦Aldridge珠宝公司总经理Teddy Shattock向我们展示怎样挑选结婚戒指。结婚戒指的挑选将是你一生中最关键的选择之一。所以,在VideoJug的帮助下正确地选择结婚戒指。Step 1: Determine your ring size1.确定戒指大小Before buying your wedding ring, make sure that you know your ring size. Use a ring sizer that you will find at a jewellers to determine your ring size. You can also watch our film, ;How to work out your ring size; for some helpful tips.You should allow enough time, about eight weeks, before your wedding for the ring to be fitted or altered in any way so it is y for the big day.在购买之前,确定知道自己应该戴多大的戒指。使用珠宝商店的戒指尺寸测量器来确定尺寸。也可以观看我们的视频“怎样测量戒指尺寸”来获得有用的建议。你还应该有足够的时间,大约婚礼前八周的时间,这样就可以认真的挑选或修改,迎接那个重要的日子。Step 2: Match your engagement ring2.与订婚戒指搭配The most helpful starting point when choosing a wedding ring is to remember that it should complement the engagement ring. Choose the same metal for your wedding ring as that of your engagement ring. Traditionally, the wedding ring goes on first. Try them on together to see if the wedding band needs to be specially shaped to fit the engagement ring. It is not essential to wear the wedding ring on the same finger as the engagement ring. You may prefer to move your engagement ring to your right hand once you are married to make space for the wedding ring on the left hand, especially if it is elaborate in style. This allows each ring to stand alone and shine in all their glory.挑选结婚戒指的时候最有帮助的一点就是考虑一下哪一种可以与订婚戒指相得益彰。选择与订婚戒指同样的材质。传统来讲,结婚戒指是最重要的。两个戒指一起试戴,看一下结婚戒指的指环是否需要特别的形状来搭配订婚戒指。结婚戒指不需要和订婚戒指戴在同一个手指上。如果已经结婚了,可以把订婚戒指转移到右手的手指上,左手的手指用来戴结婚戒指,尤其是如果款式比较精巧。这样可以让每一个戒指都散发出自己独特的光辉。Step 3: Which metal?3.哪种材质Wedding rings are usually made from yellow gold, white gold or platinum. They can be 9k, 18k or 22k gold. The higher the karat number, the softer the gold so if you work with your hands, buy a lower karat to avoid scratches. White gold is a popular choice as it can also be worn with silver or platinum jewellery. Platinum is the hardest metal and does not need to be mixed with an alloy so it is safe for allergy sufferers. It is a more expensive choice than gold.结婚戒指通常是由黄金,白金或铂金制成的,可以是9k, 18k或22k金。克拉的数值越高,金子越柔软。所以,如果你需要用双手劳作,购买克拉数值比较低的戒指,以防刮花。白金戒指是比较流行的选择,因为可以和银质饰品或铂金珠宝一起佩戴。铂金是最坚硬的金属,不需要与其他合金混合,因此对于皮肤过敏的人来说比较安全。不过铂金比黄金的价格更高。Step 4: Gem set rings4.点缀宝石Although some cultures only allow plain wedding bands, gem set wedding bands have become very fashionable. These can sometimes overpower the engagement ring when worn on the same finger. If you do decide to buy a diamond set wedding band, you may find it looks best worn alone on your left hand.尽管一些文化只允许朴素的结婚戒指指环,然而点缀一些宝石已经逐渐成为时尚。和订婚戒指戴在同一个手指上的时候,可以超越订婚戒指的光芒。如果你决定购买有钻石的戒指,你会发现单独戴在左手上效果更好。Step 5: Wedding Rings for men5.男士的结婚戒指Although this was not always the case, it is now very common for men to wear wedding rings. The mans ring usually matches the womans and is made from the same metal. It should be a slightly wider band to suit a more masculine hand shape. The most common choice for mens wedding rings are plain bands. If you are not used to wearing a ring, a comfort fit ring is recommended. This is oval in cross section and has rounded edges so allows more flexibility.尽管并不都是如此,现在男士佩戴结婚戒指已经非常普遍。男士结婚戒指通常与女士的搭配,用同样的材质制成。可能指环更宽一点,以符合更加男性化的气质。男士戒指最常见的选择是朴素的指环。如果你不习惯戴戒指,建议选择佩戴比较舒适的。这种戒指在连接处是椭圆形的,边缘比较光滑,因此更加灵活。Step 6: The right choice6.合适的选择Whichever wedding ring you choose, make sure it is one that you are happy to wear for the rest of your life. It can be any design you like as long as it reflects your personality and style. The right wedding ring will be as timeless as your relationship.无论你选择哪一种结婚戒指,一定要是你未来的日子喜欢佩戴的。只要符合你的个性和风格,任何设计都可以。合适的结婚戒指将像你们的婚姻一样经久不衰。Thanks for watching How To Choose A Wedding Ring.感谢收看“怎样选择结婚戒指”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/245141德化县中心医院门诊地址泉州上环会怀孕吗



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