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泉州第三医院 开展无痛人流吗泉州妇科医院Science and Technolgy科技Foie-gras production论鹅肝How much is too much?多少是个度Why some duck livers are delicious, and others nasty为什么有的鹅肝是珍馐,有的却让人恶心FOIE GRAS is one of the most controversial dishes on earth. To protagonists, it is simply the finest foodstuff that exists. To those opposed, it is a product of cruelty that is not far short of criminal. The overfeeding of ducks and geese, so that their livers bloat to between six and ten times their normal size and take on a buttery consistency valued by gourmets, exploits the ability of these birds to store large amounts of calorie-rich fat, which was needed to propel them on the long migrations that their wild ancestors would routinely have undertaken. The moral argument over the way foie gras is produced (by feeding the birds with grain, through a tube or a funnel) turns on whether this is merely the permissible exaggeration of a natural inclination, or is tantamount to abuse. Intriguingly, a newly published piece of research on foie-gras production suggests the quality of the product depends on exactly the same distinction.鹅肝是这世上最富争议的食物之一。持鹅肝的人说它是最美的珍馐;而反对者则认为制作鹅肝与犯罪无异。鸭鹅被过度灌食后,肝脏将变为正常水平的6至10倍并呈现出美食家所推崇的黄油状,肝脏贮存脂肪的能力被充分挖掘。鸭鹅的祖先需要定期长途迁徙,而这些脂肪可以为其提供充足的能量。制作鹅肝*(用管子或漏斗对鸭鹅灌饲谷物)涉及一个道德问题:这种做法究竟是在可接受的范围内将动物自身的功能发挥至极致,还是一种虐待行为。有意思的是,最近发表的一篇关于制作鹅肝的研究认为,鹅肝的质量取决于这一问题。From the chefs point of view, one of the disturbing things about foie gras is how variable it is. Some livers, when cooked, retain their fat and thus their rich flavour. Others lose fat when heated and end up tasting terrible. To try to work out why, Caroline Molette, a biologist at the University of Toulouse, did some experiments. Her results, just published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, suggest that the difference is whether the liver in question is truly healthy or not.在厨师看来,鹅肝的麻烦事之一是质量参差不齐。有些肝脏烹饪后还保留着脂肪、油腻感十足。有些肝脏在加热后脂肪就没了,相当难吃。为了搞清楚其中缘由,法国图卢兹大学(University of Toulouse)的生物学家Caroline Molette进行了实验,并将结果发表于《农业与食品化学杂志》(Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)。她认为其中差别在于所用肝脏健康与否。Dr Molette and her colleagues raised 150 male mule ducks (a cross between Pekin and Muscovy ducks that is often used to produce foie gras) for 13 weeks in standard poultry-house conditions and then transferred them into individual enclosures. For a further 12 days the birds were fattened up with a mash of grain and flour—the usual procedure for enlarging their livers. They were then slaughtered, their livers removed, and those livers immediately trimmed of their blood vessels and chilled for six hours.Molette士与其同事将150只雄性杂交鸭(北京鸭与疣鼻栖鸭的杂交种,常用于生产鹅肝)在家禽饲养场标准条件下养殖13周,然后转入单独的笼子中。在之后的12天,用谷物和面粉的混合物灌饲鸭子——这是让肝脏变大的常用步骤。然后处死鸭子,取肝脏,快速剔除血管,冷藏六小时。So far, so normal. But instead of cooking the whole things, Dr Molette removed a 200-gram sample from each liver (an average liver weighed 550 grams) and put the rest in cold storage. She then placed each sample into a jar with a bit of salt and pepper, and cooked it for an hour. As she expected, some livers released a lot of fat when cooked while others released little. Armed with this information, she was able to turn her attention back to the uncooked sections of the livers and see if she could find any systematic chemical differences between them.到此阶段,一切正常。然而Molette 士并没有使用整个肝脏,而是从每份肝脏(均重550克)中取200克作为样品,其余冷藏。她将每个样品分别放置在罐子中,加入少许盐和胡椒,烹饪半小时。正如她所料,烹饪时有些肝脏释放出大量脂肪,而有些却不是。获得这一信息后,她就将目光转向至还没处理的那部分肝脏,她想知道这二者之间是否存在系统性化学差异。Using a combination of electrophoresis (which sorts proteins according to their size and electrical properties) and mass spectrometry (which sorts fragments of those proteins according to their weight), she was able to do just that. The upshot was that the fat-retaining livers were rich in a variety of proteins known to help the body digest and store food. In the fat-shedding livers, by contrast, she found high concentrations of a protein called fatty-acid-binding-protein 4. In a human liver, this would be a marker of disease. Put simply, the fat-retaining livers are healthy while the fat-shedding ones are not.Molette 士使用电泳(根据蛋白质的分子大小和电荷差异,将蛋白质分离)和质谱(根据分子量将蛋白碎片分离)测定来进行实验。结果发现,保留脂肪的蛋白质富含多种有助于人体消化和贮存食物的蛋白质。相比之下,她在没有脂肪的肝脏中发现了一种名为脂肪酸-结合蛋白4的蛋白质,且浓度很高。在人类肝脏中,这种蛋白是一种疾病指示物。简单的说,保留脂肪的肝脏是健康肝脏,而没有脂肪的肝脏不健康。Both sides of the debate, then, are right. Foie-gras production can be a form of abuse but is not necessarily so, for an enlarged liver can still be healthy. The question is, how do you draw the line?所以,讨论双方说的都对。生产鹅肝可以是一种虐待行为,但也可以不是,因为超大肝脏仍然可以是健康的。问题在于,分界线在哪里?Dr Molettes ducks were all treated similarly, and their livers were of more or less the same size (certainly, the fat-shedding ones were not systematically heavier). The search is therefore on for some way to tell in advance which animals will respond positively to extra helpings and which will not. That knowledge would help farmers, gourmets and animal-lovers alike.Molette士的鸭子,处理方法相似,肝脏大小差不多一样(当然,没有脂肪的肝脏总体来说不会更重)。所以,这项研究可以从某种角度提前告诉我们:哪些动物对过度喂食反应良好,哪些不是。这一点也可帮助农民、美食家、以及动物爱好者。 /201210/203567福建妇幼保健医院院长 泉州哪个医院做无痛人流

泉州3度宫颈糜烂多少钱Its Thursday, June 16th,2011. Im Wilson Tang on Cnet.com. And its time to get loaded.今天是2011年6月16日,周四。我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang。是时间接收本周的最新资讯了。The Boy Genius report has an exclusive first look at Googles nexus flagship Android phone, which will possibly be called the Nexus4G. The Nexus4G will feature a next generation dual-core 1.2 or 1.5 gigahertz CPU. The display will be 720 PHD and as its name implies it will have a 4G LT radio, one gigabyte of ram, a one megapix of front-facing camera and a five megapix of rear camera. Finally its expected to run android 4.0, codename Ice Cream Sandwich, and it wil launch on Thanksgiving.《天才少年》对谷歌的Nexus安卓手机进行了全方位的独家报道,这款手机有可能被命名为Nexus4G。这款Nexus4G将配置双核1.2或1.5处理器,720H高清屏幕和4G LT无线网络,1g内存,1兆像素前摄像头,5兆像素后摄像头。这款手机还将运行安卓4.0系统,也叫做Ice Cream Sandwich操作系统。预计这款手机将于感恩节发售。Hulu is picking up more and more content in its quest to be the number one premium streaming vedio site. Hulu announced it has picked up the often politically incorrect animated series South Park. Hulu Plus subcribers will get access to the current season of South Park 21 days after they air. And the entire back catalogue of 15 seasons. Regular Hulu viewers will get access to the current clips of the show.Hulu网正在大量更新内容,目标成为盈利最多的视频网站。Hulu还收录了讽刺政治的系列动画片《南方公园》。Hulu Plus的用户可以在直播21天后收看当季的《南方公园》。用户还可以收看过去的15季内容。定期关注Hulu的用户还能收看本节目的节目片段。US lawmakers have announced a legislation for the first time that will require law enforcement to obtain a court warrant to get GPS data from a suspected cellphone. The Geolocation privacy and surveillance act says location data from phones, car trackers, GPS devices and laptops should be protected by the Fourth Amendment. The bill proposes that law enforcement should have probable cause before requesting GPS data.美国立法机关宣布了一项法案,执法机关需要获得法庭批准,才能从嫌疑人手机中获得GPS数据。地理定位和隐私法案规定,从手机,汽车追踪,GPS设备和笔记本电脑获取的地点数据都应该受到第四修正案的保护。这项法案提议执法机关在获取GPS数据前提供合理原因。The hacking group LulzSec has been the news a lot lately, the group has attacked numerous sites like Bethesda softwares and Nintendo, Sony, and even a FBI affiliate and the CIA. Well, now, LulzSec has opened a call-in line where people now can suggest new hacking targets. The group has actually posted a phone number, and says that as of yesterday they had 5000 missed calls and 2500 voicemails. But now they are aly redirecting calls to businesses as an old fashioned denial-of-service attack on phones.黑客组织LulzSec最近一直是新闻焦点,这一组织袭击了多家网站,例如Bethesda softwares,Nintendo,Sony,甚至是FBI的隶属机构和CIA。现在LulzSec还提供了一条热线,方便客户提出攻击对象。这一组织公布了一个电话号码,并表示仅就昨天一天他们就有5千个未接来电和2500条语音邮件。但现在该组织把这条热线重新定位于商业务,并通过电话联系提供老式的“拒绝务”攻击。Sony announced several new laptops through its VAIO C and VAIO E series. These slip new laptops come with a new-design and colours. C series laptops come with a 14 or 15 inch screen, intel core i3 and i5 processors, and AMD Radeon HD graphics. Optional features include blue-ray drives, intels WiDi technology and backlit keyboards. The E series will have a 17.3 inch form factors, well, they can also intergrate with Bravi TVs and the PS3, and now they have options for AMD processors.索尼公司宣布将推出其VAIO C和VAIO E系列的新型笔记本电脑。这几款新型笔记本电脑将采用全新设计的外形和颜色。C系列笔记本电脑配置有14或是15英寸屏幕,英特尔i3内核和i5处理器,AMD高清显卡处理器。可选择的配置包括蓝光驱动,因特尔widi无线技术和背光键盘。E系列配备有17.3英寸屏幕,融合了Bravi电视和PS3的功能,可选择的配置包括AMD处理器。The music identifying app Shazam has added a new feature called LyricPlay which will sync the song youre listening to and display the lyrics in sync. The features currently only available on paid Shazam Encore and Shazams red apps on the iPhone and Ipod touch. And the feature worth with 25000 plus songs and more. It looks like its karaoke time for sure.音乐识别应用Shazam添加了一项名为LyricPlay的新功能,这项新功能可以将用户所听歌曲与对应歌词同步。这项新功能现在只能在Shazam Encore中付费购买,或是在iPhone和iPod touch商城中购买使用。这项功能可应用于2万5千多首歌曲。用户还能用它来唱卡拉OK。Those are your headlines for today, Im Wilson Tang for Cnet.com. Youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的头条,我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang。感谢您的收看。Hey, folks, Brian Cooley from cnet.com. Now when we check the performance a piece of tech. We check the performance of a piece of tech. If you love vedios of cars and all their high-tech and high performace glory, check out the Cnet car tech podcast, cent.com/car-tech tv.嘿,大家好,我是Cnet.com的Brian Cooley。现在当我们检验一款科技产品的功能时,我们通过使用这款产品来检查。如果你是爱车一族,关注汽车相关的科技新闻,就请登录Cnet的汽车科技视频客。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/210355泉州第一医院收费 泉州市第一人民医院人工流产

泉州医科大学第二医院有人工授精吗Science and Technology科技Materials science材料科学Dont slag it off废渣别融掉How to make bricks out of industrial waste怎样用工业废渣制造砖块BUILDING houses and offices out of toxic waste sounds like a pretty eccentric idea.用有毒废料建造住房和办公室的点子听起来真怪。Yet it may become commonplace if Ana Andres of the University of Cantabria in Spain has her way.但是如果西班牙坎塔布里亚大学的Ana Andres成功的话,这项技术就会广泛应用。For Dr Andres and her colleagues suggest, in Industrial amp; Engineering Chemistry Research, that the humble brick need not be made of pure clay.Ana Andres士和她的同事们在《工业与工程化学研究》中提出,一般的砖不需要全用粘土烧制。Instead, up to 30% of its weight could be slag—the toxic gunk left over when steel is made.反而,高达30%的重量可以是矿渣,这是一种在制钢过程中产生的有毒废料。Waelz slag, to give its technical name, is composed mainly of silica but is also undesirably rich in poisonous metals like lead and zinc.学名是威尔兹的废渣主要由硅土组成,也不可避免的含有诸如铅和锌之类的有毒金属。Getting rid of it safely is thus a problem. Getting rid of it usefully might sound like a miracle.如何安全的去除这些金属是一个问题。能够去除听起来就是个奇迹。But that is what Dr Andres proposes.但这正是Andres士打算解决的。A series of experiments she has conducted over the past three years suggests this is not only possible but will make bricks cheaper and more environmentally friendly.再过去的三年中,她所做的一系列实验表明,安全去除有毒物质不仅可行,还可以降低制砖成本,更加环保。Her research started after she of previous work which had shown that many ceramics suffer no loss of integrity when the clay used to make them is mixed with other materials, and that the molecular structure of some ceramics acts to trap atoms of toxic heavy metals.一些研究表明,在用于烧制的粘土中添加了其他材料后,陶瓷整体的性质没有减弱,一些陶瓷的分子结构捕捉有毒重的金属原子,读到这些后,士开始了她的研究。She wondered whether these things might be true of brick clay and Waelz slag, and she began experimenting.她想知道这些原理对制砖粘土和威尔兹废料是否同样适用,她开始实验。The answer, she found, was that they are.发现是,同样适用。Bricks show no loss of useful mechanical properties even when 20-30% of their content is slag. Nor do they leak.就算20-30%的是废料,砖的力学性能也没有降低。有毒物质也没有泄露。To check that, Dr Andres and her team ground their bricks into powder and soaked them in water, shook them in special machines for days at a time, and even tried to dissolve them in nitric acid.为了验这一点,士和她的科研小组将砖头打成粉末,浸泡在水里,在特殊装置里几天不停地摇晃,甚至在硝酸中溶解粉末。The pollutants stayed resolutely put.污染物没有一丝一毫泄露。Moreover, adding slag to the clay reduced by a third the amount of carbon dioxide each brick released during its manufacture, because wood pulp is added to clay before it is fired, and less clay means less pulp is needed.而且,通过在砖头中增加废料,可以在制砖的过程中减少三分之一的二氧化碳排放,因为添加在粘土中的木浆没有经过燃烧,粘土越少,需要的木浆越少。The cost, too, fell, because slag is free, whereas clay costs money.成本也有所降低,因为废料是免费的,只有粘土需要用钱购买。There is, of course, the problem of customers.当然,消费者是个问题。Whether people will be willing to live and work in structures that double as waste dumps is moot.人们是否愿意住在工作在砖头含有有毒物质,但面积增加一倍的建筑物中还不得而知。But for those who want to make an eco-point, what better way could there be than, literally, to build their green credentials?但是对于那些想做点对生态有益的人,说实话,什么会比建造环保建筑这一绿色明更好的方式呢? /201211/209660 泉州二医院泉州东南医院怎么样



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