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Jobs report better than expected CNN#39;s Alexandra Field looks at a better than expected jobs report for November.Well, it’s a big leap actually getting a paycheck instead of working for a minimum wage. I mean I can actually do stuff now. Jeff Delorenzo graduated from Rodgers University with a degree in engineering. He was underemployed for a year, serving coffee before come full time job in his field at Flexline, an engine new jersey manufacturer. We figured that there was a great potential there, and an engineering degree and we grabbed him.Young people like Delorenzo and the recently unemployed are reaping the benefits of an economy that’s adding jobs. The latest jobs report puts the national unemployment rate at a 5 year low of 7%. 203,000 jobs were created in November and more of them are in higher paying sectors.We saw, you know the predictable retail jobs in leisure and hospitality, bars and restaurants because of the holidays. But we also saw things like manufacturing; we saw things business and professional services, again tend to pay a bit more money, so these were broad base job gains this month. And that’s important.The November jobs report was better than expected. For a 3rd year in a row, more than 2 million jobs are being created. Still that’s not enough to make up for the 9 million jobs loss between 2008 and 2009.Did you think it was gonna be difficult to find a job?To be completely honest, no, I thought I was going to be handed a job, I thought people were going to be asking me to have a job.In the last year, employment dropped nearly a 4 percentage point, but 11 million people are searching for jobs and the long-term unemployed are struggling the most. In some places people are fighting for work. Last month, Walmart opened 2 stores in Washington DC, there were 600 job openings, and 23,000 job applicants.If you look at that as a rate, that means less than 3% of them would get hired. Harvard has a higher acceptance rate.Alexandra Field, CNN, New York. /201312/268571

In Chinese medicine,在中医里it#39;s believed that rhino horn can reduce fever犀牛角能减缓发热症状and some Vietnamese sell it as a cure for everything,一些越南人则把它当做万能药在卖from cancer to hangovers.包治癌症或宿醉It#39;s made of keratin,犀牛角由角蛋白构成 the same substance as hair and nail,与头发 指甲的成分一致and it has no clinically proven medicinal value.尚未有临床实验能明此物的药用价值But it has made every black rhino in Africa a target.但那已使得非洲的黑犀牛成为偷猎目标They#39;ve all been killed in Uganda and Rwanda,乌干达和卢旺达的黑犀牛都被杀光了and there are only around 600 left here in Kenya.在肯尼亚也只有约600头幸存But these are not poachers.但这些人不是偷猎者These are protectors.他们是保护者And that protection is overseen那种保护是在犀牛专家by rhino expert Dr Matthew Mutinda,马修·穆廷达医生的监管之下进行的one of the Kenya Wildlife Services#39; top vets.他是肯尼亚野生动物务部门的最优秀兽医之一 Article/201405/301395

I#39;m in the North American gallery of the British Museum, among the magnificent feather headdresses, and in a case beside the totem poles, is a very interesting bit of rubbish indeed. It is the business end of a deadly weapon; a spear - the shaft, of course, is long gone.在大英物馆的北美洲展馆部分,众多五缤纷的羽毛头饰与华丽壮观的图腾柱中间,一颗不起眼却很有趣的小“垃圾”静静地躺在一个小展台上。它便是一件致命武器的最尖端。这根长矛的矛杆当然早就腐朽在漫漫岁月中了。It#39;s made of stone and it was lost by a person like you or me in Arizona over 13,000 years ago.一万三千年前,这石制矛头被某个像你我一样的人类遗弃在亚利桑那州。The spearhead is made of hard flint and it#39;s about the size of a small, slim mobile phone, but it#39;s in the shape of a long thin leaf. The point is still intact and still very sharp. The surface of both sides has beautiful ripples and, when you look closely, you can see that these are the scars from its making, where the flakes of the flint have been carefully chipped off.这矛头是由一颗坚硬的燧石制成的,大概一部超薄手机大小,细细长长的叶子状。它的矛锋完好无损,仍然相当的尖锐。表面的两侧有美丽的涟漪痕迹。细细观察下来,就可以看出那是打磨过程中留下来的。当年工匠精工细磨,慢慢地在这燧石片上敲下片片碎石,就留下了道道的痕迹。It#39;s a lovely thing to touch and it#39;s very well adapted to its lethal purpose - a thing of beauty and a kill forever!它把弄起来玲珑可爱,但却十足胜任了它生来赋于的致命使命——永恒的美丽、永恒的凶器!This spearhead raises many questions. But perhaps the most surprising fact is that it was found in America. After all, for most of our history we humans have been a resolutely land-locked African, Asian and European species. So how did the people who made spears like this get to America, and who were they?这矛头引出了许多问题。但也许其中最让人吃惊的一点是它出土于美洲。毕竟在我们历史的绝大部分时期,人类这物种总是生存繁衍在非洲、亚洲及欧洲等内陆地区。当然,当初这些制造类似这种长矛的人类,是如此到达美洲的?他们又是谁呢?This stone spearhead is by no means unique; it is just one of thousands that have been found across North America, from Alaska to Mexico. They#39;re known as Clovis points, after the small town in the US State of New Mexico where they were first discovered in 1936, alongside the bones of the animals they#39;d killed. And so the makers of these stone points, the people who hunted with them, are known as Clovis people.这石矛头决不是独一无二的,仅仅是几千件之一;出土的大量石矛头遍布了从阿拉斯加到墨西哥的北美各地。它们被称为克洛维斯尖矛头,根据它们首次出土地的那个美国新墨西哥州小镇命名;当时随之出土的还有被这些矛头杀害的动物骨头残骸。因此,这些石制矛头工匠们及其他们的同伴,那些一起狩猎的人类,被称之为克洛维斯人。The discovery at Clovis was one of the most dramatic leaps forward in our understanding of the history of the Americas. These spearheads are the firmest evidence yet found for the first human beings to inhabit America.克洛维斯大发现在对我们美洲历史的认知上,可谓是一个最戏剧性的飞跃。这些矛头是有史以来明美洲首批人类定居踪迹的最有力物。Almost identical Clovis points have been found in clusters from Alaska to Mexico, and from California to Florida, and what they show is that these people were able to establish small communities right across this immense area as the last Ice Age was coming to an end, about 13,000 years ago.从阿拉斯加到墨西哥,从加利福尼亚到佛罗里达州,成批成批的克洛维斯矛头相继出土,几近相同。它们向我们说明了,大概在最后一次冰河时期即将结束的一万三千年前左右,这些人类已经能够在北美这广宽无垠的土地上建立起一处处小聚居的部落。Are the Clovis people really the first Americans? The leading expert in this period is Professor Gary Haynes:这些克洛维斯人是否是真正的北美人呢?这时期的领头学者加里·海恩斯教授说道: Article/201403/280470

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