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Item Ten.A new report says the number of boys born in the ed States and Japan has decreased every year since 1970.The report says the reason the decrease is unclear.But it says environmental and other influences might be involved.American and Japanese researchers studied 30 years of birth records from the two nations.The researchers say they found fewer boys were born in comparison to girls.They say the decrease is births was equal to 5,000 white males in the ed States.In Japan, the decrease was equal to 7,000 fewer males. 35365819  Jim Davis, Creator of Garfield  Jim Davis, is an American cartoonist who created the popular comic strip Garfield in 1978. As an Art and Business major at Ball State University, Davis distinguished himself by earning one of the lowest accumulative grade point averages in the history of the school. Prior to creating Garfield, Davis worked a local advertising agency. Garfield is now one of the most popular cartoon characters in the world. The Garfield character is a selfish, overweight, orange and black cat with drooping eyelids.  Davis was born on July , 195, in Indiana, where he grew up on a small farm with his parents and brother Dave. His love of cartooning emerged during the time he would normally be doing chores, but couldnt due to asthma. Davis inspiration Garfield probably came from his childhood on the farm, where he was surrounded by some 5 cats. The Garfield character is named after Davis grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis, a big short-tempered man. Garfield is a tribute to the lazy person in all of us. His idea of a daily routine is sleeping, eating and occasionally biting a mail man or two just the fun of it. Everyone can relate to Garfield in some way because most of the humor is about eating or sleeping, something we all do. Garfield is owned by a young man named Jon Arbuckle who also owned a happy, slobbering little dog named Odie, whom Garfield is always taunting. Davis childhood on a farm parallels the life of Garfield owner, Jon Arbuckle, who was also raised on a farm with his parents and brother Doc Boy. Jon, too, is a cartoonist.  Garfield, now syndicated in over ,500 newspapers, has been the subject of such prime time animated TV specials as Here Comes Garfield, Garfield in the Rough, Garfield in Paradise, The Garfield Halloween Adventure, and A Garfield Thanksgiving as well as his own Saturday morning program Garfield And Friends CBS1988~1995 and the theatrical cartoon Garfield: The Movie().  Davis now lives in Muncie, Indiana where he and his staff continue to produce Garfield under his own company, Paws, Inc. which started in 1981. He is married to Carolyn, a singer and teacher whom he met while both were attending college, and has a son named James.  Oddly, Davis did not have cats when he started Garfield and still does not today, as his wife is allergic to them. He does, however, have a dog named Molly. 18Comprehension Decide whether these statements are TRUE or FALSE 1 Johnny doesn't need to use a crutch now Joe is with his mother 3 Johnny is going to see his doctor Harry thinks Johnny is important 5 Magda asked a question at her interview 6 Magda arrived late her interview 89

Voice 1: Mostly, Mechai tries to remove the stigma from condoms. He tries to take the mystery out of this object. And he often uses humour to get his message across.声音1:米猜一直在努力消除人们对安全套的耻辱感他试图去掉安全套的神秘他通常会用幽默的方式让人们理解他的意思Voice 3: ;Sex sells. So does humour ... I wanted to take the seriousness and (shame) out of birth control and make it a clean fun thing. I wanted people to accept (condoms) the same way they do (cleaning) soap and toothpaste. Sometimes I shocked people, sometimes I made them laugh. The important thing was to make them think and react.;声音3:“性可以买卖幽默同样可以……我想去掉有关计划生育的严肃性和羞耻感,让它成为一件有趣的事我希望人们像接受清洁皂和牙膏一样接受安全套有时我令人们感到震惊,有时我让他们开怀大笑重要的是要让他们思考和做出回应”Voice : Mechai encourages people to think and react through many different methods and projects. Mechai sps his message through advertisements. The advertisements include t-shirts, special cartoon characters, and holiday greeting cards. These objects show pictures of condoms. They may also include a message encouraging people to use condoms.声音:米猜鼓励人们对众多不同的方法和计划进行思考和做出回应米猜通过广告来传达他的想法广告包括T恤、特殊的动画人物以及节日问候卡片这些物品都展示了安全套的图片广告中还包含鼓励人们使用安全套的信息译文属 93377

Robert: OK...well, then how much is one jin?Uranda: Ginseng comes in 6 different grades. It runs from 5,000 to 30,000NT a jin.Robert: 30,000NT ginseng?! Do I have to buy a whole jin?Uranda: You can get a liang if you want. A liang is one-sixteenth of a jin. That would be 330NT.Robert: Whew! That sounds more like my price range. Ill take two liangs.Uranda: Ill have my brother cut some you.参考译文:罗 伯:好……那么一斤是多少钱呢?优兰达:人参有六种等级一斤的价格从五千到三万都有罗 伯:花三万块买人参?!我非得一斤一斤买吗?优兰达:要的话你也可以论两买一两是十六分之一斤,也就是三百三罗 伯:呼!那听来比较符合我的预算我买二两优兰达:我叫我大哥切给你重点词汇:grade (n.)  等级liang (n.)  此指一台两,十六台两为一台斤price range  价格的上下限,此指「花钱的预算」 9

Illinois, checks and bills, periods and full stops, April Fool Day, just vs. only, to make up one mind, “in the eye of the beholder,” behind vs. beyond, MIA, vs. on my part, pronouncing sheepship, feetfitWords:clipLake Michigan;Windy City?;breezebarbecuepork and beef ribsslaveryrunning tabrudeto play a trick on someonepractical jokehoaxacronym 97

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