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As Jiu Yehui, author of Fleet of Time, wrote in her novel’s preface, the book is meant to resonate especially with the post-1980s generation. The novel’s movie adaptation, which is to be released on Dec 5, targets the same demographic.正如《匆匆那年的作者九夜茴在小说的序言中所写,这本书是献给中国所有80后的根据小说改编的同名电影今天上映,目标锁定这一观众群The story begins with Chen Xun (Eddie Peng) and Fang Hui (Ni Ni) meeting during their first year of senior high school, the time when love’s kindred spirit first begins to awaken. Peng’s character possesses all the characteristics of a high school hunk. He’s got a handsome face, he’s class monitor, and he’s an excellent basketball player. Ni Ni’s character on the other hand is plain, introverted and sensitive.故事伊始,刚上高一的陈寻(彭于晏 饰)与方茴(倪妮 饰)初相见,他们心中爱的种子一点点生根发芽陈寻拥有所有高中时“男神”的必备特质:长相帅气、担任班长、还打得一手好篮球倪妮饰演的方茴却相对平凡,内向而敏感You can probably guess what happens next. A crush develops between the two. They begin dating and share their first kiss, and then they begin to quarrel bee finally drifting apart from each other.接下来的故事不说你也能猜到随着暧昧情愫的不断生长,他们经历了第一次约会、初吻,也不可避免地开始争吵,最后以分手告终The closing song plays over a dramatic scene in which Chen, with tears in his eyes, looks upon his love the first time after a long separation. The audience is left to wonder whether the two get back together again.片尾描述了戏剧性的一幕:分别多年后,陈寻满眼泪水地注视着这个第一次让自己心动的姑娘……他们到底还能不能重新走到一起?此时,片尾曲响起,电影把这个悬念留给了观众The film stands on themes of youth, first love and friendship, helping it to rouse the collective memory of many in the post-1980s generation. We’re also taken back to China’s successful bid the Olympic Games and the national soccer team’s first appearance in the World Cup, both of are hazy memories in the minds of post-1980s kids.影片以青春、初恋以及友情为主题,想要唤起80后的共同记忆我们再次回顾了许多童年大事,比如中国成功申办年奥运会,比如年中国足球第一次出现在世界杯的赛场The film’s soundtrack is also worth mentioning. When (from TV series Return of the Pearl Princess) and I Want to Shout I Love You (from Japanese animation Slam Dunk) played, I was taken back to my high school days.除了剧情,影片的配乐也值得一提《当(《还珠格格的主题曲)、《好想大声说喜欢你(日本动画片《灌篮高手片头曲)这些熟悉的音乐在剧中响起的时候,我仿佛又回到了中学时代As a fan of the novel, I couldn’t help but grumble at how the movie focuses less than the book on the couple’s time together in high school. It was during this time that they were most idealistic, believing they could stay together ever if they just put in enough eft. In not spending enough time with the characters in their youth, the movie feits some of the emotional weight of the novel.不过身为原著党,我还是忍不住想吐槽影片对原著中陈寻和方茴的高中时代内容删减过多那时,他们还是理想主义,相信只要足够努力就能永远在一起由于影片对那段时光着墨不够,主人公的感情也不及小说来得厚重There’s nothing profound or even thought-provoking about Fleet of Time. But is it right to even expect that from a young adult movie? When Fang Hui stood courtside cheering her basketball star, and when the five classmates promised to remain friends ever by carving their names into a tree, I saw a little bit of myself. That, I think, is just what the film aims to do everyone.《匆匆那年并不能称得上深刻或发人深思但对一部青春电影来说,我们是否也不应该要求太高?看着方茴站在操场边为她心中的男神加油,看着故事中五个好朋友在树上刻字要永远在一起,我也看见了自己的影子我想,这正是这部电影想要向我们传达的信息吧 6995

The English version of Empresses in the Palace, both drama and TV movie, was favored by many well-known overseas television stations in Mipcom in France, receiving strong attention from various media and achieving purchase intention with many television stations, Sina news reported on Monday.新浪网报道,在法国戛纳举行的国际秋季电视节(Mipcom)影展上,《甄嬛传电视剧和电视电影的英文版受到许多海外知名电视台的喜爱,得到许多媒体的关注,并且多家电视台表达其购买意愿The movie was edited and produced with American first-class production team. Sun Media Group founder Wu Zheng, drama director Zheng Xiao Long, and Justin Lin, the most successful Chinese American film director in Hollywood who presented Fast and Furious, are co-genreral producers of the drama and TV movie. Zheng are also the general director.电视电影版的《甄嬛传是由美国一流制作团队制作编辑阳光传媒(Sun Media Group)创始人吴征(Wu Zheng)、《甄嬛传电视版导演郑晓龙(Zheng Xiao Long)和最成功的华裔好莱坞导演同时也是《速度与的导演林诣彬(Justin Lin),是美版《甄嬛传的联合出品人郑晓龙仍是美版《甄嬛传的总导演Well-known drama producer Danielle Woodrew, who merly was in charge of Fox drama department and who received five Emmy awards in , are in the production team as well.前福克斯(Fox)电视台电视剧部门的主管,年获五项艾美奖的著名电视剧出品人丹妮尔·伍德罗也将加入制作团队Based on the 76-episode drama in the original Chinese version, the six-episode TV movie and -episode American drama reproduced the TV music and retook the shots of the life in old age of the main character Zhen Huan, presented by Chinese popular TV star Sun Li.76集的中文版《甄嬛传将被改编成6集的迷你电视电影和集的美版电视剧,重新制作电视配乐,中国电视明星孙俪补拍甄嬛晚年生活的镜头Both the opening song and the ending song were created and edited by Benjamin Wallfisch, famous musician who has produced music many Hollywood films. The opening song named ;A New Day; was presented by Yo Hong Fei, Chinese soprano from China National Opera House, national first-level actress. The music of ;A New Day; was released in Mipcom; the ending song will be released a little later.片头曲和片尾曲将由著名音乐家、曾为许多好莱坞影片配乐的本杰明·沃菲斯齐(Benjamin Wallfisch)制作片头曲名为《新的一天(A New Day),由中央歌剧院(China National Opera House)国家一级演员、女高音歌唱家尤泓斐演唱《新的一天的音乐录影带已在电视节公布而片尾曲则随后公布Empresses in the Palace will be first released in the pay-TV platms in Comcast through In Demand and Time Warner, which cover 1 million users in North America. At the same time, many Asian main stream TV stations which have shown the Chinese version bee look ward to the English drama and TV movie as well.《甄嬛传将通过iN Demand公司和时代华纳在康卡斯特(Comcast)电视台的付费频道首播,康卡斯特在北美拥有1.1亿观众同时,许多播放过中文版《甄嬛传的亚洲主流电视台也对英文版《甄嬛传的电视剧和电视电影非常期待 1393

A scientist has discovered actor Benedict Cumberbatch and King Richard III are cousins.一位科学家发现,演员本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇是理查三世的远亲Professor Kevin Schurer has revealed a link between Cumberbatch and the king which makes them third cousins, times removed.教授凯文·席尔透露,康伯巴奇是这位国王的第代曾堂孙In a present-day twist the Sherlock star is set to play the mer monarch on screen later his year.在作为当今的一个转折点,这位夏洛克影星晚些时候要在荧幕上出演前君王理查三世It is estimated that between one million and million people in the UK are connected, in some way, to Richard , whose remains were discovered buried beneath a council car park in Leicester in .据估计在英国,00万人中有0万人和理查有血缘关系,理查三世的遗骸在年被发现埋在了莱斯特一个委员会停车场的下面But Prof Schurer, of Leicester University, said: “He (Cumberbatch) is more direct because he is a third cousin.但是莱斯特大学的席尔教授说:“因为他(康伯巴奇)是第三代堂兄弟,更有直属关系”Cumberbatch will play Richard in the upcoming B Two drama series ‘The Hollow Crown - King Richard III’.康伯巴奇将在B二套即将播出的英剧《空王冠:理查三世中饰演这位国王Prof Schurer traced the line of descent, originating from Edward III - Richard III’s great great grandfather - all the way to Cumberbatch.席尔教授追溯了血统系,从爱德华三世开始到理查三世高曾祖父——一直到康伯巴奇Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 85 during the War of the Roses and buried in a church in Leicester, which was later destroyed.理查三世在85年的波斯沃斯“玫瑰之战”中被杀死,葬入莱斯特教堂,之后被毁坏 63

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe set Broadway again in first musical role   哈利·波特主演丹尼尔·雷德克里夫再次现身百老汇出演音乐剧   Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is heading to Broadway his first musical. The -year-old actor has been announced as the lead How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.   哈里·波特的扮演者丹尼尔·雷德克里夫日前前往百老汇,准备出演他的第一部音乐剧这位岁的明星早前就已经宣布要领衔主演音乐剧《财星高照 530

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