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2020年01月28日 00:33:17

Ministerial-Level Korea Nuclear Talks Set for Singapore六方会谈下周将举行部长级会议  The State Department said Friday all six parties to the talks on North Korea's nuclear program will convene at the ministerial level for the first time next week in Singapore. The meeting will bring together Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her North Korean counterpart, Pak Ui Chun. 美国国务院星期五表示,参加北韩核项目问题六方会谈的各方将于下星期在新加坡首次举行部长级会议。美国国务卿赖斯和北韩外务相朴义春都将出席。The six-party meeting, on the sidelines of an ASEAN foreign ministers dialogue in Singapore, is being described here as an informal gathering. But it will nonetheless be a significant milestone in the Chinese-organized nuclear negotiations, which have been underway since 2003. 这次六方部长级会议将在东南亚国家联盟外长在新加坡举行论坛期间召开,被称为一次非正式会议。不过,在由中国主持的北韩核项目问题六方会谈中,这次会议仍然是一个重要的里程碑。北韩核项目问题六方会谈从2003年开始举行。North Korea agreed in principle in 2005 to give up its nuclear program in exchange for energy aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties to the talks - the ed States, Japan, Russia, South Korea and host China. 北韩2005年原则上同意放弃核项目,以换取从参加会谈的其它各方得到能源援助和外交好处,这些国家是美国、日本、俄罗斯、韩国和东道国中国。A detailed agreement was completed last year, and the process gained momentum in late June when North Korea issued a promised declaration of its nuclear activities, and the ed States begun the process of lifting sanctions against the reclusive communist state. 各方去年完成了一份协议。北韩今年6月底申报先前保过的北韩核项目活动清单,美国启动了开始解除对这个与世隔绝的共产党国家的制裁的程序,使销毁北韩核项目的工作出现强劲的势头。Briefing reporters, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the ministerial-level gathering will be a useful follow-on to a heads-of-delegation meeting held earlier this month in Beijing. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克在向记者介绍情况时说,这次部长级会议是这个月初北京六方会谈团长会议的继续,非常有帮助。McCormack said the ministerial talks would be loosely structured and unlikely to produce any specific outcome. But, he said, the talks would be important in that in the wake of the North Korean declaration, the ministers will begin to chart the final phase of the process yielding a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. 麦科马克说,这次部长级会议的安排比较松散,不大可能产生具体结果。不过他表示,这次会议的重要性在于,在北韩申报核项目活动清单之后,各方部长将开始为朝鲜半岛无核化进程的最后阶段制定计划。"We have made progress up to this point, all the parties," said McCormack. "North Korea has made progress on fulfilling its commitments. We are doing so ourselves, as are the other parties to the six-party talks. And once we complete phase two, we are going to be moving to a crucial phase, phase three, and that phase ends with the de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula. There are no interim steps, and that means North Korea being completely out of the nuclear business." 麦科马克说:“到目前为止,参加六方会谈的各方都取得了进展。北韩在履行承诺方面取得了进展。我们自己也在取得进展,六方会谈其它各方都在取得进展。一旦我们完成第二阶段,我们就要进入关键的阶段,就是第三阶段,这个阶段最终要实现朝鲜半岛无核化。没有什么过渡性阶段,也就是说,北韩要彻底放弃核项目。”McCormack said there was no current plan for Rice to meet separately with her North Korean counterpart but he expects them to interact fully in the six-way session.  麦科马克说,赖斯目前没有单独会晤北韩外相的计划,不过他预计双方在六方部长会议上会充分互动。The agreement reached last year anticipates a formal ministerial level conference and McCormack said such a meeting will still be held, and that the Singapore discussion is not a substitute for it. 去年达成的协议预定要召开一次正式的部长级会议。麦科马克说,这个会议仍然会举行,在新加坡的这次会议不会取代正式的部长级会议。Rice is scheduled to be in Singapore next Wednesday and Thursday, on a foreign tour that takes her first to Abu Dhabi early next week for informal meetings with Gulf foreign ministers. 赖斯计划利用出访时间于下星期三和星期四到新加坡。在这次出国访问期间,她将首先于下星期早些时候到阿拉伯联合酋长国的阿布扎比出席海湾国家外长非正式会议。After the ASEAN-related meetings in Singapore, she visits Australia and New Zealand and attends a meeting of Pacific island leaders in Samoa. 赖斯在新加坡出现与东盟有关的会议之后,将访问澳大利亚和新西兰,并且到萨亚出席一个太平洋岛国领导人会议。200807/44329永春县妇女儿童医院男科好不好泉州新阳光妇科医院Hello, welcome back to Tip Top Trading.你们好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading。An office meeting has been scheduled, but Paul is running late.办公室会议要按计划开始了,但是保罗迟到了。Hes asked Anna to take charge and start the meeting without him.他让安娜主持会议,并且在他没到场时开始。Here you go Anna, its a print-out of the agenda for the meeting.给你,安娜,这是会议日程打印版。Thank you. Oh dear, Im not sure if I know the right words to start meetings.谢谢。上帝,我不确定是否知道开始会议的正确用词。Well, you can say something like: Thank you for coming.你可以像这么说:谢谢你们的到场。There are five items on the agenda today.今天的工作事项中有五件事要做。Items? Its a fancy way of saying things.Items(事情)? 这是表达“事情”的另一种高级说法。Then you list them: Firstly, secondly, after that, and then, finally...然后你例举出它们:首先,其次,之后,然后,最后……Yes, thats easy.是的,这样很简单。At the end there is often something called: Any other business.最后经常会说:还有其他事情吗?Any other business?还有其他事情吗?Thats anything else that wasnt listed on the agenda, but that people want to talk about.这是指不在日程上,但是有人想要讨论的其他事。I expect Tom will want to talk about how great he is and Denise will want to talk about her new hairdresser or something.我想汤姆会说他自己有多么出色,丹尼斯会想说她的新理发师之类的。Then when its time for the meeting to end, you can say: Lets wrap up. It means Lets finish.然后当会议要结束时,你可以说:Lets wrap up 意思是让我们散会吧。To wrap up. OK, Ill do my best. Ooh, its time, everyone is gathering.会议结束。好,我会尽力。时间到了,大家都来了。Thank you… thank you for coming.谢谢,感谢到场。Paul will be here soon, but he asked me to start the meeting.保罗马上就到了,但他让我先开始会议。 /201701/483855泉州人流哪家好

泉州无疼人流多少钱泉州的人流医院Zimbabwe Farmers Wait for Promised Compensation津两派协议批评土改但称不可逆转 One of the reasons Zimbabwe's economy is such a mess is the collapse of the commercial farming sector. This is due in part to the government's chaotic and sometimes violent land-reform program launched in 2000. The recently signed political power-sharing agreement states that the land reform is irreversible. 津巴布韦经济如此混乱的原因之一是商业化农业的崩溃。造成这一局面的部分原因是政府自2001年以来进行的混乱,有时暴力的土地改革。最近签订的政治权力分享协议说明,土地改革是不可逆转的。Agriculture used to be Zimbabwe's number-one foreign currency earner. But since the land-reform program began taking farms from whites, the country has had to rely on food imports and aid handouts. The black farmers who took over the land were ill equipped in terms of farming skills and capital to maintain production.  农业曾经是津巴布韦外汇首要的来源。但是自从津巴布韦开始土地改革,从白人手中取得土地后,这个国家就一直倚赖食物进口和物资援助。夺到土地的黑人农民没有完善的耕种设备和技术来维持生产。The mostly white Commercial Farmer's Union and the Justice for Agricuture group represent less than 1,000 commercial farmers. Of these less than 300 are actively farming, down from 4,000 at the beginning of the farm seizures.  以白人为主要成员的“商业农民场主联盟”和“农业正义”团体仅代表不到一千个商业农民。其中,不到三百人在持续耕作,而在占领农田开始的时候有四千名农民进行耕作。Some white farmers have left Zimbabwe, but others are still in the country fighting to get their farms back or to be compensated. 一些白人农民已经离开津巴布韦,但其他仍留在那里的一直在为收回土地或领取补偿而奋斗。The Zimbabwean government has said it would only compensate farmers for improvements on the farm, not the land.  津巴布韦政府说,政府只补偿那些改良农地的农民,而不补偿土地。It says former colonial-power Britian should compensate for the land. The recently signed power-sharing deal underscores this and also adds that land acquisition and redistribution is irreversible. 最近签署的权力分享协议强调了这一点,而且还说获取土地和重新分配是不可逆转的。The Commercial Farmers' Union did not respond to VOA's request for an interview, but Justice for Agriculture's John Worsley-Worswick said while the agreement addresses compensation for land, responsibility for other compensation lies squarely on the shoulders of current and future Zimbabwean governments. “商业农民场主联盟”对美国之音采访的要求没有作出回应。但“农业正义”成员约翰沃斯利沃斯维克说,权力分享协议提到了补偿土地的问题,但是补偿的责任完全落在现在和未来的津巴布韦政府肩上。"They are talking about compensation for the land, our compensation issues are not confined to the land only; we are talking about the fixed improvements on farms, we are also looking at the fact that no farms have been legally acquired and no farmer has been compensated fairly or equitably," he said. 他说:“他们讨论的是土地补偿,但我们的补偿议题不限于土地;我们讨论的是针对农地的改善。我们也看到没有农地是合法取得的事实,没有农民得到公平或平等的补偿。”Worsley-Worswick listed grievances for which farmers are demanding compensation - including loss of earnings, loss of equipment, relocation costs and cost of litigation.  沃斯利沃斯维克列出农民不满,因此要求补偿的方面,包括收入损失,设备损失,重新搬迁的费用和诉讼费用。He said his organization would rather negotiate with the government than continue with litigation, which he described as a fallback position. The Justice for Agriculture spokesman warned that should the government not be prapered to compromise, his organization would try to block international assistance necessary for Zimbabwe's recovery. 他说他的组织宁可与政府协商而不要继续诉讼,他把诉讼看作是退让的立场。“农业正义”发言人警告政府,如果它们不准备妥协,他的组织将设法阻止为帮助津巴布韦恢复的国际援助。"We have got to find a way forward that frees up the title in this country and re-engages international financial support," said Worsley-Worswick. "Certainly if our property rights continue to be infringed we will make every effort to have that support culminated." 他说:“我们必需找出方法重新得到国际的经济持。肯定的是,如果我们的财产权持续被限制,我们将尽全力结束这些经济持。”A spokesman for the British Embassy in Harare told VOA that while Britain views support of rural recovery as part of a wider recovery package for Zimbabwe, it has never accepted responsibility for the compensation of farmers. The power-sharing agreement acknowledges the haphazard manner of the land-reform program and proposes a non-partisan land audit for the purpose of establishing accountability and eliminating multiple-farm ownerships.  权力分享协议承认土地改革进行得杂乱无章,并提出进行不分党派的土地审计,目的在于建立政府的责任制以及终止多方面土地拥有权。Critics of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe have accused him of giving the best land to ranking members of his government and party. They also charge that some of the beneficiaries have more than one farm while many Zimbabweans are still land hungry. 批评津巴布韦总统穆加贝的人指责他将最好的土地分给自己政府和政党里的高级成员。他们还说,某些得到好处的人拥有不止一个农场,但大多数津巴布韦人民还没有土地。200809/49068ecliptic ------ 黄道(天文学名词) 英文释义(noun, ASTRONOMY) The great plane containing the orbit of the earth and all other planets around the sun. 例句The ecliptic is marked on many globes as being a circle inclined at an angle of 23 degrees from the equator.在很多地球仪上,黄道被标成一个圆形,与赤道形成23度夹角。 /201610/471170泉州做人流医院那家好泉州哪家医院外阴瘙痒较好

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