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天河长安医院怎么样东莞哪家医院做人授手术Ugg boots and their sheepskin counterparts have been a winter-weather staple for several years now, combining function, comfort, warmth and even some style. What many Ugg-enthusiasts don’t know is that their coveted boots are a breeding ground for bacteria and cause foot problems.雪地靴和羊毛靴一直是近些年来冬季的必备单品,温暖舒适,既实用又还挺有型。但大部分雪地靴爱好者可能不知道,她们的靴子是细菌的滋生地,还会引起足部问题。Podiatrists and chiropadists believe the boots, which are particularly popular among young teenage girls, are leading to a rise in the number of people suffering pains in their feet and knees.足科医生们认为,深受年轻女孩喜欢的雪地靴正是导致饱受足部和膝部疼痛的人数增多的原因。Dr Ian Drysdale, head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, believes because the foot does not get the proper support on the inside, it will lead to more ankle, knee, hip and back problems.来自英国骨科医学院的伊恩-特拉斯代尔医生表示,因为足部在靴子里得不到适当的撑,可能会导致更多踝关节、膝盖、臀部和背部等多处问题。;These boots are not designed for outside wear. Just because something becomes a trend or fashionable doesn#39;t mean it#39;s good or right,; he said.他表示:“雪地靴其实不适合在室外穿着,虽然它成为流行趋势,但这并不代表这种穿法正确或是对身体有好处。”;The particular problem with this type of footwear is it is unsupported. It#39;s a slipper. You wouldn#39;t normally expect to be doing outdoor activities from something that#39;s indoor. If you decide to wear your pyjamas outside all the time, someone will come up and say it#39;s not a good idea.;“这种靴子实际的问题是对足部没有持,只能算是拖鞋类,只适合穿在室内,穿着它通常不适合进行室外活动。就算你在室外穿着睡衣有人会上来质疑你一样,在室外穿雪地靴也不是个好主意。”Dr Drysdale explained that the feet issues become a particular problem among young teenage girls, whose bones are ;plastic; and developing when they are growing.特拉斯代尔医生解释说,现在的年轻女性足部问题非常特殊。年轻的女孩子们骨骼比较脆弱,她们也还在长身体的时候,所以骨骼还处在发育过程中。;If that structure is developing in an inappropriate way,; he said, ;Then the ultimate structure will be deformed.;他表示:“如果骨骼结构发育不当的话,最后的成型骨架可能会变形。”Mike O#39;Neill, a consultant podiatric surgeon, said: ;As the foot slides around, you get wear and tear on the joints on the inside of the foot. The ankle is in the wrong position, the thigh bone also changes position, and you get an abnormal movement in the pelvis, which leads to back problems.;足部外科顾问医生迈克-奥尼尔说:“因为穿着雪地靴四处拖动,足部的关节是日益磨损,踝关节的位置不对,股骨的位置也会发生改变,这会导致骨盆移动异常,造成背部疼痛。Ugg Australia, who make the designer version of the boots, told The Daily Mirror that their boots are ;comfort; rather than ;performance footwear; and consumers should be aware of ;knockoffs; which lack reinforced heels or insoles in their boots.澳大利亚UGG公司是雪地靴的设计者,该公司对《每日镜报》表示,雪地靴的确比较舒适,但不是性能鞋类。消费者在购买的时候要小心劣质仿制品,这些山寨产品都没有加固的高跟和内鞋垫。 /201212/216069番禺妇幼医院官网 The average cost of rehabilitate one seal after the Valdez oil spill in Alaska was ,000. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively-saved animals were released into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers. A minute later, a killer whale ate them both.  阿拉斯加瓦尔迪兹发生石油泄漏之后,救援每只海豹的平均费用达到8万美元。在一个特殊仪式上,有两只斥资巨大而拯救回来的海豹,在人们的欢呼和掌声中被放回大自然。一分钟之后,它们双双被一头杀人鲸吞入腹中。  Two animal rights protesters were protesting the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughter-house in Bonn. Suddenly the pigs, all two thousands of them, escaped through a broken fence and stampeded, trampling the two hapless protesters to death.  波恩的两名动物权利保护者正在抗议将猪送到屠宰场的残忍行为的时候,2000头猪从破篱笆里惊慌跑出来,踩死了那两名倒霉的保护者。  (这个这个......着实够倒霉......请童鞋们默哀。)  A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen, shaking frantically with what looked like a wire running from his waist towards the electrical kettle. Intending to jolt him from the deadly current, she whacked him with a handy plank of wood by the back door, breaking his arm in two places. Until that moment, he had been happily listen to his walkman.  一位妇女回到家中,发现她的丈夫在厨房里疯狂地摇晃着,他的腰间貌似有根电线连着电暖壶。为了救他于危难之中,她顺手从门后抄起一个木板向他劈去,而她的丈夫的胳膊被劈成两段。其实他一直在听着随身听。 /201308/254727President Barack Obama gets photographed, well, a lot. So it’s a good thing he knows how to have some fun in front of the camera.的确,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马被偷拍了很多。所以,这对他如何在镜头前面玩来说,是一件好事。In a recently released photo that quickly went viral, the leader of the free world (and recent Time magazine Person of the Year) stands in the White House, pretending to be nabbed by a pint-sized Spider-Man. The photo, which was shared on Obama’s Facebook page, quickly racked up over half a million “likes.” The young web-slinger is believed to be the son of a White House staff member.最近发布的一张照片迅速走红,自由世界的领袖(以及最新的《时代》杂志年度人物)站在白宫,假装被一个小蜘蛛侠逮捕。这张照片在奥巴马的Facebook页面上分享,迅速累积超过五十万“喜欢”。这个年轻的蜘蛛侠是白宫工作人员的儿子。广州番禺医院生孩子

广东省广州计划生育医院检查排卵广州荔湾中医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱 If you#39;re single, there#39;s a good chance that at one point or another, someone you know has wanted to set you up.如果你单身,某一两点上有很大可能你认识的某个人想设计你。And if you#39;re happily single, your friends and families#39; well-meaning wishes to see you paired up can get old pretty quickly. Why can#39;t they see there#39;s just as much value in being single as there is in being in a relationship?如果你单身很快乐,你的朋友和家人希望看到你配对的善意可以让人老得更快。他们为什么不能看到单身和恋爱一样有价值呢?It#39;s an issue that many divorcés have had to deal with, including HuffPost blogger Jennifer Ball. On Wednesday, the writer and divorced mom addressed the experience of having to field questions about why she#39;s still not dating anyone -- and why she actually relishes the time she has to herself.这是很多离婚中不得不处理的一个问题,包括《赫芬顿邮报》主詹妮弗鲍尔。周三,这位作家以及离婚妈妈陈诉了不得不圆满回答为什么她还没有约会任何人的体验,以及为什么她其实渴望拥有自己的时间。;There is something very freeing in being single,; she wrote. ;I have perfected the art of being alone, but not being lonely. I feel as though this is one of the weird little parting gifts of divorce, one that took me a long time to discover and even longer to appreciate. The gift of learning how to be by yourself.;“单身有一些非常自由的东西,”她写道。“我已经完善了孤独的艺术,但不孤单。我觉得这是离婚的一个奇怪的小离别礼物,我花了很长时间才发现,甚至更长时间来领会。学习怎样独处的礼物。”Knowing she couldn#39;t be the only one to find single life liberating, we decided to ask our ers on Facebook and Twitter what they appreciated about being relationship-free.知道她不能是唯一一个发现单身生活是一种解放的人,我们决定向我们在Facebook和Twitter上的读者询问他们喜欢自由生活的哪些东西。 /201306/244029广州妇科彩超

广州治疗盆腔炎大概多少钱LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22) The guy who#39;s sitting next to you in the elegant restaurant, shouting to his personal assistant on his cell phone? Probably a Leo. It#39;s only natural that a sign that is blessed with creativity, charm and wit feels tempted to show off. Actually, this desire to brag is rooted in insecurity. The sooner Lions learn to compliment others, the quicker they#39;ll receive the praise they crave.狮子:坐在你旁边,在一个极其高雅的餐厅就餐的人为什么会在电话里对他的助手大喊大叫呢?这家伙八成就是狮子座的。这个星座的人有着非凡的创造力、聪明且极具吸引力,当然他们往往也爱炫耀。实际上,这种坏毛的根源在于没有安全感。狮子座的人若能越快学会称赞他人,他们也就越快地得到别人发自内心的赞美。VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23) These nit-pickers sometimes compromise their own pleasure for the sake of perfection. Deep down inside, these folks are really sensualists at heart. They need to learn that it is better to feel good than to look good. Allocating a few minutes each day for fun but messy activities like baking, painting, or sculpting can cure Virgos of their fear of filth.处女:挑剔的处女座有时为了寻求完美会牺牲自己的快乐。他们是真正感性的人。他们必须要明白的是感觉上好的东西比看上去好的东西真实。每天当然应当安排些时间,但干些像烤东西、刷墙壁之类的杂活对治愈你的洁癖也是大有好处的哦。 /201208/197513 广州长安网上预约广州武警医院看不孕不育




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