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Digital messaging used to be so simple. Once the modem#39;s screeches, clucks and beeps ended and I was connected to AOL#39;s servers, all my friends would be right there, y to chat. When cellphones untethered us from our computers, texting was all we needed. Sure, it turned our thumbs into gymnasts, but it was manageable.发送信息曾经再简单不过了。一旦调制解调器发出刺耳的哔哔声,我就连上了美国在线(AOL)的务器,我所有的朋友都会在那儿,做好了聊天的准备。当手机将我们从电脑上解放下来后,短信能够满足我们所有的需求。当然,这也使我们的大拇指变成了上下飞舞的体操运动员,但是一切都在掌控之中。Now I feel like taking cover behind the couch to dodge the messages flying at me from every which way -- text messages, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Twitter direct messages.而现在,我的感觉就像是躲在沙发后面,躲避着从各个渠道扑向我的信息―文本短信、iMessage、Facebook Messenger、谷歌环聊(Google Hangouts)和推特(Twitter)私信。Having more options doesn#39;t feel like a good thing. Everyone#39;s on different services, which makes group conversations hard. Most popular services are also missing features like voice memos and receipts.选择过多并不见得是件好事儿。每个人都在使用不同的务平台,这令群聊难以进行。大多数热门的务平台都不具备语音备忘录和已读回执等功能。Plenty of upstart apps offer more powerful messaging plus lots of fun features, including sketch pads and meme generators. You haven#39;t fully expressed yourself until you#39;ve used animated stickers.很多新晋应用程序都具备更强大的信息收发和其他许多有趣的功能,包括素描板和搞笑图片制作工具等。只有你在用过卡通贴图之后,你才能淋漓尽致地表达自己。I set out on a journey with friends and family to test four services: WhatsApp, which gained fame for Facebook#39;s billion acquisition of it, along with Kik, WeChat and Viber. I even called on my parents, who usually stick to texting and emailing, and have no patience for complicated apps and social networks.我发动我的朋友和家人对以下四种应用务进行了测试:WhatsApp、Kik、微信(WeChat)和Viber,其中WhatsApp以Facebook对其斥资190亿美元的收购获得了外界的关注。我甚至还邀请了我的父母,他们通常只是发短信和邮件,对于复杂的应用程序和社交媒体,他们全无耐心。All of these apps work similarly. You download it (most are available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and even BlackBerry) and enter your phone number. Then you watch as the app scans your phone#39;s address book for contacts who use the service.上述四种应用程序使用起来大体相同。你把它们下载下来(大多数应用程序都持iPhone、安卓(Android)手机、Windows手机、甚至黑莓(BlackBerry)手机),然后输入自己的手机号码。接着等待应用程序扫描你手机通讯录上该应用程序的现有用户。You can send a text to those not yet on the service, requesting the favor of their presence. Once your people start turning up, you can chat with them privately or form groups.你可以向尚未启用该应用程序的联系人发送消息,邀请他们加入。当你的联系人接受邀请后,你就可以同他私信或群聊了。I began with WhatsApp, the easiest for getting started and creating chat groups. When I enlisted my mom, she asked why these were different than text messaging, but quickly answered her own question.我最先测试的是WhatsApp,这款应用程序最容易上手,也最容易创建群聊。当我向我母亲发出邀请后,她问我,这款应用程序与短信究竟有什么区别,但是她自己很快就找到了。She said chatting felt speedier than texts and iMessage. She loved sending short recorded voice messages to my sister and me. The app makes it easy to throw in photos and , and to set your status so people know if you#39;re available.她说,相较于短信和iMessage,她觉得WhatsApp更迅捷。我母亲很喜欢给我和我发送语音信息。这款应用程序令照片和视频分享变得很简便,另外,设置自己的状态也很容易,这样别人就知道你是否有空了。WhatsApp was the only one my parents didn#39;t need help figuring out. But the app lacks features, digital stickers and other multimedia gimmicks.在这四款测试应用中,WhatsApp是唯一一款我父母不需要指导就能掌握的。但是,WhatsApp的功能有限,不具备数字贴图和其他多媒体工具。It also doesn#39;t have functional tools such as desktop chat, which lets you keep up with your mobile buddies while chained to your computer.WhatsApp还缺乏一些功能工具,比如桌面聊天等。当手机和电脑连接后,桌面聊天功能可以使你在电脑上和朋友继续聊天。Kik, incredibly popular with teens because of the crazy multimedia features, allows you to search the Web for fun stuff such as GIFs and YouTube s and drop them into your chat. You can doodle, insert stickers (yes, I paid for a South Park pack), even add your own words to popular meme photos. There#39;s a Snapchat-like feature to transmit self-destructing images.Kik在青少年中极其风靡,原因是它具有非常强大的多媒体功能,该应用程序允许用户在网络上搜索GIF和YouTube视频等有趣的内容并在聊天中进行分享。你可以随意涂鸦、插入贴图(我就花费2美元购买了一套南方公园的贴图),你甚至可以在流行的搞笑图片上写上自己的话。Kik还附带类似于Snapchat “阅后即焚”的功能。Kik, though, doesn#39;t offer easy access to basic and audio messaging that my family loved in WhatsApp. And for all the fun I had using Kik with friends and colleagues, my parents couldn#39;t have been less interested. Kik#39;s interface is cluttered and confusing, like a teenager#39;s bedroom.我们全家都非常青睐WhatsApp上轻松收发视频及语音信息的基本功能,但Kik并不具备这一功能。并且,我和朋友、同事在使用Kik时所得到的那种乐趣对我父母没有产生丝毫吸引力。另外,Kik的用户界面混乱不堪,就如同青少年的卧室。Huge in China, WeChat falls between Kik and WhatsApp, with a handy Web chat mode and a large selection of stickers -- including animated ones from Pixar movies.在中国极受追捧的微信介于Kik和WhatsApp之间,微信拥有便于使用的在线聊天模式,并且附带大量的贴图―其中包括皮克斯(Pixar)电影中的卡通贴图。Initially I scoffed at the chat sticker trend, but the cartoons are a fun way to respond to messages without having to say much.起初,我曾对贴图的风靡嗤之以鼻,但是卡通贴图确实一种是勿需多言并且有趣的信息回复方式。WeChat#39;s standout feature is an amusing walkie-talkie mode. Hold down the large circular button to talk, release it to hear your friends. Fun for a few minutes? Yes. Practical for everyday use? Probably not.微信的出色之处还在于其有趣的边走边聊模式。按住大圆键即可讲话,松开即可听取好友的留言。用个几分钟是否有趣呢?是的。日常使用是否实际呢?可能是否定的。WeChat is short on some basics. The overall interface is dull and certain expected features, like showing a message has been received, are missing. Also, my mom and my sister found it the hardest to set up.微信在某些基本方面表现不足。微信的整体界面较为乏味,并且缺乏一些应有的功能,比如显示信息已被对方获取的功能。此外,我母亲和都认为微信是最难设置的。I looked at other popular apps -- Line, Telegram and KakaoTalk among them -- but they were so similar to WhatsApp and WeChat, I felt underwhelmed.我还关注了其他一些流行的应用程序―其中有Line、Telegram和KakaoTalk―但是,这些应用程序和WhatsApp与微信极其相似,毫无新意。Until I found Viber.直到我发现了Viber。Viber has many of the same text options as the others, but focuses on audio calling. Like Skype, if both users are on Viber, you can make audio calls over Wi-Fi or a data connection. Sound quality was good, though there was an echo on some calls.Viber拥有与其他应用程序相同的很多文本信息发送选项,但更侧重于视频通话功能。和Skype相同,如果双方用户都登录了Viber,你就能通过Wi-Fi或者其他数据连接方式进行视频通话了。While the app doesn#39;t pack as many tricks as Kik, it puts a good chunk of them into a tidier control panel. It also has Mac and Windows desktop applications.尽管Viber并没有附带Kik那么多的花样儿,但是它把不少有趣的功能都设置在了一个更为简洁的操作界面中。并且这款应用程序还有Mac和Windows的桌面客户端。As smart as Viber is, it needs a user-interface makeover before it can compete with WhatsApp.即便拥有强大的功能,但Viber也需要重塑其用户界面才能与WhatsApp相抗衡。(The company says it is working on an update to its outdated iOS app.)(该公司表示,正在开发iOS旧版客户端的更新版本。)So my journey ended with an edict that my family and close friends have group chats over WhatsApp, even though I#39;ll miss stickers and could benefit from Web chat. (WhatsApp declined to comment on its road map.)鉴于我的家人和好友都加入了WhatsApp上的群聊,我的测试也宣布告终。尽管,我将怀念微信贴图,并且本可以受益颇多。(WhatsApp未就自身的路线图置评。)I may never get everyone on the same chat service, but I#39;ve aly got some of my favorite people gathered on WhatsApp.或许,我永远不可能让每个人都齐聚在同一个务平台上,但是我已经把我最喜欢的一些人聚集在了WhatsApp上。Besides, the Facebook acquisition has piqued enough curiosity that more are starting to turn up everyday. It#39;s almost like those simpler AOL days, but without the melodious modem sounds.除此之外,Facebook对WhatsApp的收购也激发了强烈的好奇,越来越多的人开始使用这款应用程序了。以前那种使用美国在线的简单日子似乎回来了,只是少了调制解调器悦耳的声音。 /201403/280483


  Alibaba fancies itself the eBay, Amazon.com and PayPal of the Chinese Internet. Now it wants to add YouTube and Netflix to the list. 阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)把自己比作中国互联网世界的eBay、亚马逊(Amazon)和贝宝(PayPal),现在它想再加入一点YoutTube和Netflix的成份。In the latest in a string of entertainment industry acquisitions, Alibaba said Monday it will jointly take an 18.5% stake in New York-listed Youku Tudou for .22 billion, alongside an investment vehicle linked to Chairman Jack Ma. 阿里巴巴集团周一宣布,阿里巴巴将与马云(Jack Ma)创立的一家基金联手斥资12亿美元收购纽约上市公司优酷土豆18.5%的股权。为进军文化产业,阿里巴巴展开了一连串的并购活动,入股优酷土豆是其最新举措。In March, Alibaba acquired a majority stake in ChinaVision Media, a film and television production studio. Earlier this month, a separate investment vehicle owned by Mr. Ma and another Alibaba co-founder took a 20% stake in Wasu Media, an Internet television company with a small cable network. Add the three deals together, and that is a billion spending spree. 今年3月份,阿里巴巴收购了影视剧制作公司文化中国传播集团有限公司(ChinaVision Media)的多数股权。本月早些时候,马云和阿里巴巴的另一位创始人通过旗下另一个投资平台购入互联网电视公司华数传媒控股股份有限公司(Wasu Media) 20%的股权。这三桩交易加在一起的总投资约为30亿美元。As Alibaba gears up for a massive initial public offering, a picture is emerging of an ambitious, vertically integrated strategy encompassing content creation, broadband distribution and online streaming. Just how the pieces fit together, including the role played by Mr. Ma#39;s investment vehicles, remains unclear. 在阿里巴巴正在为大规模的首次公开募股(IPO)做准备之际,一幅雄心勃勃的整合策略蓝图逐渐形成:阿里巴巴打算对视频产业进行垂直整合,涉足内容创作、宽带平台建设以及线上流媒体等领域。目前还不清楚阿里巴巴将如何把这些资产(包括马云的投资工具所扮演的角色)整合在一起。Youku is one of China#39;s top Internet sites, combining user-generated and professional content. But it faces intense competition from search engine Baidu#39;s unit, as well as diversified Internet giant Tencent Holdings and New York-listed portal Sohu.com, both with their own services. 优酷土豆是中国顶尖的视频网站之一,是将用户自创内容与专业内容相融合的一个平台。不过该公司正面临激烈的市场竞争,竞争对手包括搜索引擎百度(Baidu)旗下的视频子公司、综合性互联网巨头腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd., 简称:腾讯控股)以及纽约上市的门户网站搜狐公司(Sohu.com Inc.),其中腾讯控股和搜狐公司都有自己的视频业务。The next logical step in China#39;s Internet deal frenzy could be a tie-up between Tencent and Sohu, since the two companies are aly allied in search. Tencent was earlier in talks with Youku over a possible investment and will want to keep toe-to-toe with Alibaba. 按照逻辑,中国互联网交易热潮的下一步可能是腾讯控股与搜狐公司视频业务的整合,因为这两家公司已经在搜索业务上展开合作。腾讯早些时候与优酷土豆就潜在投资进行了谈判,预计将与阿里巴巴直面交锋。Regulatory risks hang over the entire sector. Chinese censors recently pulled four popular U.S. television shows from the Web, including one, #39;The Good Wife,#39; which Youku had the rights to. Last week, Beijing stripped portal site Sina Corp. of some publishing licenses over pornographic material, sending shares down 10% over two days. 监管审查是整个视频行业面临的一大风险。中国审查机构最近将四部美剧从国内视频网站下架,优酷土豆拥有其中《傲骨贤妻》(The Good Wife)的播放权。上周,中国政府吊销了新浪公司(Sina Co., SINA)的《互联网出版许可》和《信息网络传播视听节目许可》,导致其股价在两天内下跌10%。Nor is Youku coming cheap. The deal will be done at .50 per share, 26% higher than Youku#39;s closing price on Friday. But because Youku will issue new shares in the transaction, this understates the premium that Alibaba is paying. Youku as a whole will be valued at .6 billion, 63% above its Friday market cap, or 13 times 2013 sales for the loss-making company. 优酷土豆的售价并不便宜。阿里巴巴将以每股30.50美元收购优酷土豆股权,较优酷土豆上周五收盘价高出26%。但由于优酷土豆将在交易中发行新股,因此溢价幅度有所降低。优酷土豆的整体估值将为66亿美元,较上周五市值高出63%,相当于这家亏损企业2013年销售额的13倍。Alibaba is aly asking investors to support what could be the biggest IPO in U.S. history. Now it will also ask them to invest in a hastily agglomerated strategy. Alibaba needs to make the case why. 阿里巴巴已经请求投资者持可能是美国历史上最大规模的IPO,现在又希望投资者赞成一个仓促成形的视频战略。阿里巴巴需要做出解释。 /201404/292956。


  An Earth-size planet has been spotted orbiting a nearby star at a distance that would makes it not too hot and not too cold - comfortable enough for life to exist, researchers announced September 29.据美国太空网9月29日报道,研究人员最新宣称探测到一颗类似地球的行星,其环绕邻近恒星距离适中,得以保持适宜的气候和温度——舒适程度足以让生命存活下来。If confirmed, the exoplanet, named Gliese 581g, would be the first Earth-like world found residing in a star's habitable zone - a region where a planet's temperature could sustain liquid water on its surface. And the planet's discoverers are optimistic about the prospects for finding life there.如果得以实,这颗被命名为“Gliese 581g”的系外行星将成为第一颗类似地球的世界——该行星的温度可维持表面存在液态水。而探测者们则因此对找到外星生命充满希望。"Personally, I would say, my own personal feeling is that the chances of life on this planet are 100 percent," said Steven Vogt, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California. "I have almost no doubt about it."“就个人角度而言,我认为这颗行星上存在生命的概率为100%,”美国加州大学圣塔克鲁兹分校天体物理学家史蒂文-沃格特说。“对此我几乎毫不置疑。Gliese 581g is one of two new worlds the team discovered orbiting the red dwarf star Gliese 581, bumping that nearby star's family of planets to six. The other newfound planet, Gliese 581f, is outside the habitable zone, researchers said.”Gliese 581g是环绕红矮星Gliese 581两颗行星中的其中一颗,它的发现使该行星系内行星数量增加至6颗。研究人员称,另一颗新发现的行星是Gliese 581f,位于适宜居住区域之外。  The star is located 20 light-years from Earth in the constellation Libra. Red dwarf stars are about 50 times dimmer than our sun. Since these stars are so much cooler, their planets can orbit much closer to them and still remain in the habitable zone. Estimates suggest Gliese 581g is 0.15 astronomical units (One astronomical unit is the average distance between the Earth and sun) from its star, close enough to its star to be able to complete an orbit in just less than 37 days.而红矮星Gliese 581位于天秤星座,距离地球20光年,大约比太阳昏暗50倍。由于这样的恒星温度相对较低,它的行星在近距离环绕其运行的同时还能保持着适宜的气候和温度。初步分析认为Gliese 581g与恒星的距离为0.15个天文单位(一个天文单位约等于地球至太阳的平均距离),较近的轨道距离使得该行星公转一周只需37天。Gliese 581g has a mass three to four times Earth's, the researchers stimated. From the mass and estimated size, they said the world is probably a rocky planet with enough gravity to hold onto an atmosphere. Just as Mercury is locked facing the sun, the planet is tidally locked to its star, so that one side basks in perpetual daylight, while the other side remains in darkness. This locked configuration helps to stabilize the planet's surface climate, Vogt said. Between blazing heat on the star-facing side and freezing cold on the dark side, the average surface temperature may range from minus 31 to minus 12 degrees Celsius, the researchers said.研究人员估测Gliese 581g行星的质量大约是地球的3到4倍。基于该行星的质量和预测体积,研究人员称该行星很可能是一颗岩石行星,具有足够的引力维持大气层。与水星总有一半固定地面对太阳相似,该行星总是始终保持一面朝向恒星,使得星球的一半永久处于阳光之中,而另一半则永久位于黑暗。沃格特称,这种特征有助于稳定行星的表面气候。研究人员还称,在炽热和寒冷的两个半球之间,该星球平均表面温度为零下31摄氏度至零下12摄氏度。 /201010/115140On Microsoft’s quarterly earnings conference call yesterday, the company’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, said the word “one” nine times in his prepared remarks.日前,在微软(Microsoft)的季度收益电话会议上,公司首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德拉讲话中9次提到了“一”这个字。“Cloud”? Nineteen, if you can believe it, not including product names. “Microsoft”? Just three times. “Innovation”? Two. (Bless his heart.)另外,你或许难以相信,纳德拉19次提到“云”,这还是除去提到云产品名称的时候。相比之下,他仅三次提到微软”,两次提到“创新”。(上帝保佑。)Nadella, who took Microsoft’s top post in February, has been trying mightily to set a single course for his sprawling technology company . In July, he issued a memo to more than 128,000 employees outlining his vision; a week later, he issued another explaining why he decided to cut 18,000 of them. In between, he dropped by Fortune‘s Brainstorm Tech conference, where he reiterated that cultural change was necessary to revitalize the company—a more elegant way of repeating the well-worn maxim that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.纳德拉于今年2月就任微软掌门人,从那时起,他一直努力试图为这家涉猎甚广的科技公司设定一条路线。7月,纳德拉给公司128,000多名员工发了一份备忘录,概述自己的愿景;一周后,他又发了一份备忘录,解释为何决定裁掉18,000名员工。在这期间,纳德拉参加了《财富》科技头脑风暴技术大会(Brainstorm Tech conference),并在会上重申,要振兴微软,必须变革公司文化。这是用比较文雅的方式表述一条老生常谈的格言,即:墨守成规,一遍遍做同样的事情,期望借此获得不一样的结果,绝对是痴人说梦。Nadella is certainly moving swiftly. In his remarks yesterday, he revealed that the next version of Microsoft’s Windows, still a cash cow for the company but in recent years more of an embarrassment, would meld “three operating systems into one,” a single piece of software “for screens of all sizes.” (For those keeping track at home, that would be Windows, Windows Phone, and the system software for the Xbox gaming console.) Microsoft’s developers should spend their time working on a single application or service that works across devices, Nadella seemed to say, rather than versioning each of them out for different environments.纳德拉的行动相当迅速。在季度收益电话会议上,他透露下一版Windows将把“三个操作系统合为一体”,将“适用所有尺寸的屏幕”。Windows仍是微软的摇钱树,但近年来也越来越令该公司尴尬。(这三个操作系统是指Windows、Windows Phone以及Xbox游戏机的系统软件。)纳德拉似乎是说,微软的开发人员应当致力于开发一款能应用于多类设备的应用程序或务,而不是针对不同环境开发不同的应用程序或务。This makes sense. The convergence of operating systems has been underway for some time, and many Microsoft customers may not realize that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, each formally released in 2012, share the same underlying core architecture. (This was not the case for previous versions.) That leaves the Xbox gaming console, Microsoft’s anchor in the living room, which runs three different operating systems of its own: one to boot the device and create virtual machines, another to run games, another to run applications. It’s the third in this series that shares underlying architecture with Windows and Windows Phone, and the one on which Nadella is placing his bets.这合乎情理。操作系统的融合已经进行了一段时间,许多微软用户可能没意识到,2012年正式发布的Windows8以及Windows Phone8有着相同的基础核心架构。(之前的版本可不是这样。)这样一来,就只剩下微软推出的客厅设备——Xbox游戏机。Xbox本身有三个不同的操作系统:一个用于启动设备、创建虚拟机;另一个用于运行游戏;最后一个用于运行应用程序。最后一个操作系统的基础架构与Windows和Windows Phone一致,纳德拉下注的正是这个操作系统。Anyone who has worked at a large company knows that platforming and standardization are two tools that executives love to trot out; anything less reeks of inefficiency. In a connected, multi-device world, it’s nothing short of imperative. Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to reunite its disparate parts—which began, arguably too late, under former CEO Steve Ballmer—have finally begun to be seen in a monetary light as the company loses traction with developers, the economic engines of the Connected Age.任何曾在大公司任职的人都知道,平台化和标准化是高管们最爱用的两个法宝;其它解决方案都有低效之嫌。在互联互通的多设备时代,这可谓是当务之急。微软从前任首席执行官史蒂夫o鲍尔默时期开始,努力统一操作系统,其起步就已经太晚。如今,这个问题的财务影响终于被认识到:微软对开发者渐渐失去吸引力,而开发者正是互联时代的经济引擎。So far, Nadella has framed his tenure as one that will be marked by clarity, drive, and efficiency rather than entrepreneurialism or revolution. “We will be relentless in our focus,” he said at one point during the call. He’d go on to repeat the “f” word eight more times.就纳德拉上任以来的表现看,他任期的特点将是清晰、推动和效率,而非企业家精神或革命。他在电话会议上说道:“我们将不懈的突出重点。”他会重复“重点”一词多达八次。 /201407/315176

  The drones are coming, according to the world#39;s largest unmanned systems industry organization. And they are likely to bring high-tech jobs, millions in tax revenues, and tens of billions in economic impact with them. A report released today by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) forecasts that if the Federal Aviation Administration meets its 2015 deadline for integrating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the national civilian airspace, the total domestic economic impact will reach more than .1 billion between 2015 and 2025 -- creating more than 100,000 high-paying jobs in the process.全球最大的无人操纵系统行业组织称,无人机的时代正在向我们走来。无人机将会创造许多高技术岗位,带来上千万美元税收,还将产生数十亿美元的经济效益。无人机国际联盟(AUVSI)今天发布的一份报告预测,如果联邦航空局(FAA)能实现2015年将无人驾驶机系统(UAS)整合到国家民航系统中的目标,则2015年到2025年间为美国国内带来的经济效益将超过821亿美元——在此过程中将创造超过10万个高薪岗位。In the near term, says AUVSI, the outlook appears even rosier. More than 70,000 of the total 103,776 new jobs forecast nationally by 2025 will be created in just the first three years after airspace integration is completed, along with .6 billion in overall economic impact in the same span. Meanwhile states where the UAS industry is strongest will begin collecting what will eventually amount to 2 million in tax revenue in the decade following full airspace integration.AUVSI称,从近期看,前景似乎更为美妙。全美到2025年将产生的103,776个新工作机会中,超过7万个将在航空整合完成后的三年内出现,同期产生的总经济效益将达到136亿美元。同时,在航空整合彻底完成后的十年内,无人驾驶机系统产业最发达的那些州,税收将高达4.82亿美元。That#39;s assuming integration happens at all. Under the 2012 FAA Reauthorization Act, Congress ordered aviation authorities to develop a regulatory framework for the testing and licensing of commercial drones by 2015, a deadline that the FAA may not meet. The process of naming six federally approved UAS testing sites necessary for developing the kinds of technologies that will enable safe airspace integration was delayed indefinitely last year while the agency dealt with various public privacy concerns (the process resumed last month), and a variety of critical technical problems -- not least of which involve ;sense and avoid; technologies, which allow unmanned systems to maintain safe distances between each other as well as manned aircraft -- have yet to be resolved.而这个前景的前提是航空整合必须真正实现。根据《2012年联邦航空局修订法案》,国会要求航空当局必须到2015年前为商用无人机的试飞和牌照发放开发一套监管框架。去年,国会曾经要求指定6个联邦批准设立的UAS测试点,但这项工作遭遇无限期搁置。然而,要开发确保航空融合能顺利实现的各种技术,这些测试点不可或缺。同时,当局还要应付公众有关隐私权的各种问题(上个月,这项工作已经重新启动)。而各种关键技术问题也亟待解决,尤其是其中涉及到“感知、避开”的技术。这种技术能让无人机彼此之间、无人机与有人驾驶的飞机之间保持安全距离。For every year the FAA delays the integration of UAS into the national airspace, the economy loses billion in potential economic gain, the report claims, a number that#39;s not lost on states vying not only to play host to the FAA#39;s UAS test sites but also to woo UAS-related companies. The drone economy won#39;t be sp evenly; the AUVSI report names California, Washington, Texas, Florida, and Arizona as the states most likely to reap the economic rewards of a domestic drone boom. Other states are scrambling to capture a piece of the industry as well. Oklahoma has been noticeably visible at various industry trade shows of late, while Indiana and Ohio have partnered in an effort to make their shared economic region a more attractive place for the FAA to place a test site, which both states expect could generate thousands of jobs and billions in economic activity between them.这份报告还称,在UAS融入美国航空系统的进程上,联邦航空局每耽误一年,美国经济的潜在损失就高达100亿美元,而对那些既积极争取联邦航空局UAS测试点落户、又主动招揽UAS相关公司进驻的州来说,就不会出现这样的损失。无人机经济不会平均施惠于各州;报告指出,加州、华盛顿州、德克萨斯州、佛罗里达州和亚利桑那州是最有可能从这场无人机发展热潮中获得实惠的州。而其他州也在努力从这个行业的发展中分一杯羹。我们在近期举办的各类行业展会上看到,俄克拉荷马州频频亮相。同时,印第安纳州和俄亥俄州也开始携手努力,让它们共享的经济区成为对联邦航空局安置测试点更有吸引力的区域。这两个州都希望由此可带来上万个工作机会,产生巨额的经济效益。Who exactly will be buying all these domestic drones? It#39;s probably not who you think. While legitimate privacy concerns surround the proliferation of small UAS in the civilian airspace, sales of small surveillance drones to state and local authorities are only expected to make up a small portion of that spending. Agricultural applications dwarf all other categories, the AUVSI report claims, accounting for .6 billion of total national economic impacts by 2025, whereas government authorities like police, firefighters, and other first responders will generate just .2 billion. All other applications -- which range from weather and environmental monitoring, to oil and gas exploration, to aerial imaging and mapping -- will also result in a .2 billion impact over the same period.谁会是这些国产无人机的买主呢?可能并不是大家通常所认为的对象。由于公众担心小型无人机广泛进入国内空域会引发侵犯隐私权问题,各州和当地政府购买的小型无人侦察机未来只会成为总销售中的一小部分。这份报告称,无人机在农业领域的应用将远超其他领域,到2025年为全美带来的经济效益将达756亿美元。而给其他政府机构如警察系统、消防系统和其他应急机构等带来的经济效益将只有32亿美元。而同期,其他所有领域的应用——如气候和环境监测,油气勘探,航空测绘——也会产生32亿美元的经济效益。 /201303/230335

  Agroup of leading authors, including Donna Tartt, Stephen King and Malcolm Gladwell, has attempted to intervene in the dispute between publisher Hachette and retailing behemoth Amazon. Observers of the music industry are familiar with this tactic; prominent musicians are persuaded that the interests of music publishers are aligned with their own. The reality is very different.包括唐娜#8226;塔特(Donna Tartt)、斯蒂芬#8226;金(Stephen King)以及马尔科姆#8226;格拉德威尔(Malcolm Gladwell)在内的一批知名作家试图干涉出版商阿歇特(Hachette)和零售业巨头亚马逊(Amazon)之间的争端。音乐产业的观察者对这套战术很熟悉,那些知名的音乐家们相信自己与音乐出版商的利益一致。然而实情非常不同。Music and print media are among the industries most fundamentally changed by digitisation. When Amazon likens the change to the arrival of the paperback, it makes a grave underestimation; the invention of printing is a better analogy. Costs and barriers to entry in distribution have almost disappeared.音乐和印刷媒体都是被数字化从根本上改变的行业。亚马逊把这种改变比作平装本的出现,实在是严重低估了数字化的影响;与印刷术的发明相提并论还更贴切些。分销的成本和进入壁垒几乎已荡然无存。Established companies in all industries are inhibited in their response to radical change by vested interests inherent in their existing business models. Music publishers tried to block new technologies, and were marginalised by better-run businesses:各行各业的公司在回应巨变时,都难免受到现有商业模式中的既得利益的桎梏。音乐出版商曾企图阻止新技术,结果被苹果(Apple)、沃尔玛(Walmart)和Spotify等运营更好的企业边缘化。图书出版商最初在回应电子书时,最初拿出了纸质书的拙劣复制品。当这些书销量不佳时,他们便退而维护现状。Apple, Walmart and Spotify. Book publishers responded initially with dismal reproductions on screen of their printed books. When these failed to sell, they retired into protecting the status#8201;quo.改变游戏规则的是硬件制造商,他们生产出了阅读体验可与纸质媲美的显示屏。很快这些显示屏的阅读体验将更好。而亚马逊的配送能力使其能够挑战出版商的顽固反抗。The game changer was the ability of hardware manufacturers to produce displays that provide a ing experience almost as pleasant as the printed page. Soon they will be better. Amazon’s distribution capability enabled it to challenge publishers’ recalcitrance.图书出版商的地位一直建立在对分销渠道的准入控制之上。有抱负的作者一贯以“发表作品”为理想。图书出版公司除了决定要出版哪本图书,传统上还提供一系列配套务:对底层文学事业的鉴定、持和资助,手稿的编辑,终稿作品的营销和推广。The role of the book publisher has been based on control of access to channels of distribution. The ambition of the aspirant author has always been to “get published”. Along with the decision as to what should be published, the company has traditionally provided a collection of associated services: identification, support and finance of the underlying literary project, editing of the draft manuscript, and marketing and promotion of the finished work.但这些主宰着出版业的大集团被一群爱钱胜过爱书的人经营着。为了最大化分销渠道准入控制环节的营收,出版商削减了配套务。如今的畅销书排行榜上充斥着以往畅销作品的效仿之作:足球运动员回忆录、名厨菜谱、吸血鬼小说和以女性为目标群体的情色文学。But the large conglomerates that have come to dominate publishing are run by people who love money more than they love books. These support activities have been cut back in the interest of maximising the revenue, from control of access to distribution. Today’s bestseller lists are filled with imitations of books that have aly been successful; footballer’s memoirs, celebrity chefs, vampires and female-oriented erotic literature.这样的出版商不适合新环境。我不知道纸质书在20年后的存在程度。但电子书的销量足以说明,阿歇特或企鹅兰登书屋(Penguin Random House)这样的公司已不再是出版图书的决定性因素。企鹅兰登部分股权为培生集团(Pearson)持有,该集团还拥有英国《金融时报》。Such publishers are ill-placed for the new environment. I do not know the extent to which the printed book will remain extant in two decades. But enough ebooks are aly being sold to signify that being published by a company such as Hachette or Penguin Random House (part-owned by Pearson, which also owns the Financial Times) is no longer critical.影响一本书成与败的是见解的高低、基础项目的执行力、编辑的水平以及营销与推广的效果。What matters to the success or failure of a book is the quality of conception and execution of the underlying project, the competence of the editing, and the effectiveness of marketing and promotion.作者自行出版的新书大多通不过上述考验,尤其是它们往往明显缺乏称职的编辑。但这种情况现在同样存在于老牌出版商出品的许多图书。Most new self-published titles fail these tests; in particular, the lack of a competent editor is often obvious. But this is also true of many titles now published by established houses.某些现有的出版商靠着为作者提供配套务的优势还能兴旺下去。但大多数出版商将开始走下坡路。精明且懂行的作家们(往往在代理人的帮助下)将能够利用比传统版税模式高得多的销售分成,来购买编辑和营销技能。音乐界的教训之一是,营收的天平已从发行权转向现场演出和商品化。类似音乐界在某种程度上已经发生的变化,对作家的大笔预付款项将被针对未来营收流的券化取而代之。图书项目有可能获得风投资金,或许会从大学教科书和从业者手册开始。Some existing publishers will thrive on the basis of their strengths in author support services. But most will not. Savvy and well-advised authors, often helped by agents, will be able to buy editing and marketing skills with the receipts from a much larger share of the sales proceeds than the traditional royalty model allows. One of the lessons of the new world of music is that the balance of revenues has shifted from publishing rights to live performance and merchandising. The blockbuster advance for authors will be replaced, as has to some degree happened in music, by securitisation of future revenue streams. Venture capital funding of book projects – perhaps starting with university textbooks and practitioner handbooks – is possible.读者会怀念传统书店,还有图书馆的舒适氛围。我们对技术过时的蒸汽机车和烛光晚餐有种怀旧情感。改变极少是不折不扣的好事。但签署公开信的作者错过了图书业发展最重大的商业后果:当今的作者置身于他/她应有的地位:负责。 /201408/322920

  North Korea launched four Scud missilesinto the sea off its eastern coast Thursday, the South Korean Defense Ministrysaid.韩国国防部称,朝鲜周四在东部海岸发射的四枚飞毛腿导弹掉入了海里The missiles were fired in the direction ofRussiaand fell into the sea, according to the Pentagon, which described the launch asa very low-level matter.美国国防部称,导弹是朝俄罗斯的方向发射的,随后掉入了海中,美国还称这次发射的水平非常低The missiles were fired just days after thestart of annual joint military exercises between South Korea and the ed Statesthat North Koreaopposes. The joint military exercises routinely spark tension between North Korea, South Korea and the ed States.这次发射正好是发生在韩美每年联合军演开始之后几天。两国每年常规的军演总会引发韩国,美国和朝鲜的紧张局势For example, last year#39;s exercisestriggered weeks of heightened tensions between the nations and North Koreanthreats of nuclear war.比如,去年的军演引发了数周的紧张局势,当时朝鲜威胁核战争The South Korean and U.S. militaries have not beenspecific about where they are conducting their drills.韩国和美国军队没有提供进行军演的地点细节The South Korean Defense Ministry said thatthe North had fired the Scuds in a northeasterly direction and that theyprobably fell into North Korean waters of the East Sea, which is also known asthe Sea of Japan.韩国国防部称朝鲜是朝东北方向发射飞毛腿的,可能是掉入了东海的朝鲜海域,这也被称为日本海It was the first time North Korea had firedScud missiles, which have a range that covers the whole of the KoreanPeninsula, since 2009, South Korea said.韩国称,这是朝鲜自2009年以来首次发射飞毛腿导弹,这种导弹可以覆盖整个朝鲜半岛;We consider it to be threatening anda military provocation,; said South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman KimMing- seok, although he acknowledged the firings may have been a test launch orpart of military drills.韩国国防部发言人KimMing- seok说,“我们认为这是有威胁的军事挑衅”,虽然Kim Ming- seok也承认这次发射可能是一次测试或者是军演的一部分 /201403/277910。

  Amazon is offering its corporate customers the option of running internet services and holding data in Germany as it addresses concerns from European businesses about the threat of online spying in the US.亚马逊(Amazon)正向企业用户提供在德国运行互联网务及保存数据的选项,这是为了应对欧洲企业对美国网络间谍活动的担忧。The retailer’s cloud computing arm has unveiled plans to build centres in Frankfurt as businesses and governments in continental Europe have been increasingly alarmed at revelations of internet surveillance, exposed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.这家零售商的云计算部门公布了在法兰克福建立数据中心的计划。对于美国国家安全局(NSA)告密者爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)有关互联网监听活动的爆料,欧洲大陆的企业和政府日益感到恐慌。US and UK security services were shown to be capable of breaking into the networks of the US’s leading technology companies, while there was uproar over revelations that the personal phone of German chancellor Angela Merkel had been tapped. European companies hoping to gain some protection from this surveillance have demanded that data be held on servers within the EU, which is seen to have stricter data protection laws than elsewhere in the world. This is particularly the case in Germany, which has powerful online privacy watchdogs.从爆料内容看,美国和英国的安全部门能侵入美国主要技术公司的网络,同时德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)的个人手机被曝遭监听,引发轩然。希望针对这种监听获得一些保护的欧洲企业要求将数据存储在欧盟(EU)境内的务器上。欧盟被视为世界上数据保护法律最严格的地区,德国尤其如此,该国设有权力极大的网络隐私监督机构。Andy Jassy, senior vice-president of Amazon Web Services, said the decision was because of the “cultural preferences” of companies in the region. “We have thousands of German customers and a number of those customers have told us that they would like to move their workload and data to AWS, but can’t do so until we have infrastructure here in Germany.” Previously, enterprises hoping to build their web operations using Amazon’s pay-as-you-go infrastructure would have used the company’s data centres in Ireland or nine other locations outside the EU.亚马逊网站务 (Amazon Web Services,简称AWS)高级副总裁安迪#8226;雅西(Andy Jassy)称,做出这个决定是因为欧洲企业的“文化偏好”。“我们有成千上万的德国客户,其中一些客户告诉我们,他们希望能将工作量和数据转移到AWS平台,但只有当我们在德国拥有基础设施后他们才会这样做。”此前,希望使用这个按使用量付费的基础设施平台来进行web运作的企业,需要使用亚马逊设在爱尔兰或者欧盟以外地点的9个数据中心。Research suggests that US-based cloud providers may be losing business to overseas competitors because of alarm at online snooping. Last year, a report from think-tank the Information Technology amp; Innovation Foundation found US cloud companies could lose bn by 2016 because of this trend.研究表明,网络监控引发的恐慌可能使位于美国的云务提供商被海外竞争者抢走业务。去年,智库“信息技术创新基金会”(Information Technology and Innovation Foundation)的一份报告显示,到2016年,这种趋势可能使美国的云务企业损失350亿美元。Aaron Levie, chief executive of Box, said his cloud enterprise company was looking at creating bespoke services built on data centres in Europe. But he argued that improved encryption and security were a better way to convince European groups to trust US tech providers. “The Snowden issue has obviously prompted more caution.”云务提供商Box的首席执行官阿龙#8226;利维(Aaron Levie)表示,Box在考虑依托欧洲的数据中心提供定制务。但他认为,要说欧洲企业信任美国技术提供商,改善加密和安全技术是更好的办法。“斯诺登事件显然促使人们更为小心。”Amazon does not disclose figures for its AWS business. But Macquarie Capital estimates the unit’s revenues will rise from .3bn this year to .1bn in 2015.亚马逊并不公布AWS业务的详细业绩。但据麦格理资本(Macquarie Capital)的估算,该业务的收入将从今年的53亿美元升至2015年的81亿美元。 /201410/338068

  Ever since Apple#39;s iPod revolutionised the digital music industry, Microsoftexecutives have been drawn by the allure of producing their own consumer devices.自从苹果(Apple)iPod带来数字音乐行业革命以来,微软(Microsoft)的高管们就一直受到诱惑,想要生产出自己的消费者产品。Enthusing about the iPod#39;s simple scroll wheel, the hardware interface that made it easy to sift through large libraries of music, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft chief executive, said at the time that his company might have to develop more of its own hardware if it wanted truly to compete with Apple.微软首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)对iPod简单的滚动轮很感兴趣。这个滚动轮是一种硬件接口,使得在大型音乐库之间来回切换变得很容易。鲍尔默当时表示,微软如果真心想与苹果竞争,可能就不得不自行开发出更多的硬件产品来。Now, seven years later, the moment may finally have arrived.七年之后的今天,这个时刻可能终于到来了。The world#39;s biggest software company has been gearing up to introduce its own tablet computer, which would compete head-to-head with Apple#39;s iPad, according to people familiar with its deliberations.了解微软思路的知情人士表示,这家全球最大的软件公司最近正准备推出自己的平板电脑,与苹果的iPad展开正面竞争。The move would mark a sea change in the 30-year history of the personal computing industry. But with Apple threatening to disrupt the way of doing business on which its fortune is founded, Microsoft may have little choice.微软此举将标志着,已有30年历史的个人电脑行业将发生翻天覆地的变化。但由于苹果有可能破坏微软的财富所依赖的经营模式,微软可能没有多少选择机会。 /201206/187531


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