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广州小阴唇肥大治疗广州天河区新塘医院地址在哪新东方英语900句 Lesson 30:HotelCore Sentences1. Can I book a room for this weekedn?2. What kind of room would you like?3. What is the rate for the room?4. Does that include breakfast?5. My name is James, Carson. I had a reservation here for tonight.6. Have you got any rooms? I'd like to check in.7. I love a room on the higher floor, so I can have birdeye view of the city.8. Please fill out this form and sign the register.9. When is the check out time here?10. Here is the key and room card to room 606.11. The elevator is just around the corner.12. If you need taxi, just call the reception desk.13. There is a sauna, a bowling alley and in our hotel.14. I'll leave tomorrow, please prepare my bill.Dialog ExerciseNumber one, Checking into a hotelA. Good morning, Sir . May I help you?B. Yes, my name is Peter, Brown. Have you got any rooms tonight?A. Have you reserved a room?B. No, I'm afraid not. A. How many people are there in your party?B. Two, my wife and I.A. What kind of room do you want, Mr. Brown?B. A double room, none smoking. Besides We want to live on the higher floors so that we can enjoy the night sense of the city's.A. Please wait a moment, Mr. Brown. I'll have to check the computer records. How about a double room on the eighteen floor?B. Fine. How much is it for one night?A. Nighty dollars per night. B. What is that include?A. Breakfast, and one launder services. May I see your passorp?B. Here you are.A. How would you pay?B. Cash.A. These are keys for room eighteen O six. The lift is at the left corner. The bellman will show you up with your luggage.B. Xiexie, you been very help.Number two, Making a hotel reservationA. I will be staying in Paris for several days. Can I book a room for December, 27?B. Sure, what kind of room would you like Mr. Hill?A. I want a double room, the queen size bed.B. One moment please. I'll just have a look. Yes, we have got a double room on that date. So how long will you be staying with us, Mr. Hill?A. I'm not sure. At least five days, but it could be longer.B. That's no problem. We will make a reservation for December, 27. Just let us know if you need extend your stay.A. Is the room with or without a bath?B. It's a room with shower and tolit, Mr. Hill.A. How much will the fee for one night?B. About four hundred franks?A. What does that include?B. It includes morning newspaper, breakfast and service.A. Is there extra charge for children?B. If the children is under sixteen and need put an extra bed in your room, the charge is seventy five franks. Do you want the room?A. Yes, for december 27. B. May I have your name and phone number, please?A. Phillipe, Barkley. My phone number is 619 930 7185.B. Will you be using a credit card or will you pay when you check in?A. Credit card, here it is.B. Now, your reservation is grantee, Mr. Hill.A. Thank you, you have been most help. /200604/5875广州长安做精索静脉曲张手术 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457837So you decided to take the IELTS exam, great choice! It#39;s the test that was tried and trusted throughout the world.你决定考雅思了,真是明智的选择!雅思考试是被全世界广泛接受和参与的一项语言测试。The IELTS listening test is designed to assess your ability to understand spoken English.雅思听力测试的目的在于评估你理解英语口语的能力。The listening test is the same regardless of whether you#39;re taking the IELTS Academic or General Training Module.不论你参加的是学术类雅思考试,还是培训类雅思考试,听力部分的考题是一样的。These are key details of the IELTS listening test.雅思听力考试包括很多关键细节。The paper includes forty questions sp over four sections in thirty minutes.试卷共有四组考题,每组10题,考试时间30分钟。The sections get more difficult as you progress through the test.四部分考题的难度逐渐加深。You will only hear each passage once.每篇文章只放一遍。It#39;s vital you follow the instructions, for instance, if the question says write no more than three words, any answer with four words or more is automatically marked wrong.审题至关重要,如果题目要求你用最多三个词作答,那么任何四个词或以上的都算答错。At the end of the listening, you have ten minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.听完所有文章后,你有十分钟的时间把誊到答题纸上。Write your answers carefully; spelling is important; capitalization however is not.书写时要认真细致;单词拼写会影响得分,采用大写或小写均可。There are no penalties for wrong answers, so attempt all the questions even if you#39;re not sure of the answer.不要怕答错,即使不确定是否正确,也不要留空不写。Here are some tips to help you prepare for the test.以下是一些帮助你备考的小技巧。You are given time to the questions ahead of listening.在听录音之前会给你时间读题。It#39;s vital you analyze the questions here.此时仔细分析问题至关重要。Look for key words in the question, usually the nouns or verbs, underline or circle them.寻找问题中的关键词,通常是名词或动词,把他们标记出来。Make sure you know the type of answers needed, for instance, is it a name, a telephone number, an adjective?自己要知道是什么类型的,比如说,应该是个名字,一个电话号码,还是一个形容词?Try to predict as much as you can before you listen.在听录音之前尽你所能地预测问题。Ask yourself: What is the situation? What is the topic? Who might be speaking? What might be the answers?问问自己:这个对话发生在什么情景下?话题是什么?说话的可能是谁?可能是哪个?等等。Synonyms are important, there is often a word in a question and a different word with a similar meaning in the listening.同义词要留神,录音中往往有个词的意思和问题中的某个词相近。Expect tricks. The speaker may try to confuse you, for example, they may give an answer and then change their decision.对于欺骗性要有所准备。说话的人可能故意误导你,比如他们可能会给出一个,接着却改了主意。Also be wary of negatives.同时要留意否定词。Speakers might sometimes slip the word ;not; into a sentence, don#39;t choose in answer just because you hear specific words.讲话者有时候会丢一个表示否定的“not”在句子里,不要只是听到中的几个词就盲目选择。Considering the overall meaning carefully.仔细揣上下文的整体意思。Changes in the tone of voice can indicate this, for example, #39;excitement#39; or #39;disappointment#39;.语气变化也可以做为提示,比如(兴奋地说)‘excitement’和(失落地说)#39;disappointment#39;。Always have the next question in mind.要时刻留意下一个问题。It#39;s easy to miss several answers if all of your focus is on one question.要是你把所有注意都集中在一个问题上,很容易错过很多问题的。It#39;s important to practice listening to a range of resources that might include television, films, radio, lectures or online s.用尽量丰富的资源去练习听力很重要,这些资源最好是来自电视节目、电影、广播、讲座或在线视频。Aim for a variety of sources of spoken english, particularly different accents.寻找尽可能多的听力资源,最好涵盖不同的英语方言。There is no substitute for practice.练习是无可取代的。For more information on IELTS please see our other s on speaking writing and ing.更多雅思信息请参考我们关于口语、写作的阅读的视频。 Article/201706/514199天河治不孕医院哪家好

广州省人民医院正规吗栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460634佛山什么医院第三代试管最好 新英语900句视频版 第9课:我需要一份工作 文本如下:FRIEND: Don#39;t cry, Laura. You don#39;t have to work there.劳拉你不要哭, 你不一定要在那里工作.LAURA: But I need the money!可是我不能喝西北风! (可是我需要钱呀!)FRIEND: Why don#39;t you look for a new job?你为什么不找一份新的工作?LAURA: Where? How? I don#39;t know my way around New York. I feel lost.到哪里找? 怎么找? 我对纽约不熟, 我感到茫然.FRIEND: What#39;s wrong with the job, Laura? What don#39;t you like about it?劳拉, 那份工作哪里不好? 你是哪一点不喜欢呢?LAURA: My boss. I don#39;t understand him.我的老板, 我不了解他.FRIEND: What don#39;t you understand?你哪一点不了解?LAURA: I don#39;t think he#39;s human.我觉得他不是人.FRIEND: What do you mean?我不懂?LAURA: For him, business is everything. Business is his life.对他来说, 生意就是一切, 生意就是他的生命.FRIEND: Oh, Laura. He can#39;t be so bad.噢, 劳拉, 他不可能那么差劲.LAURA: Oh, yes he is. He#39;s a machine.他的确那么差劲. 他像机器一样.LAURA: No friendly words, no smiles, no little compliments. Nothing. Just business.从来不说一声友善的话, 从来不微笑, 从来不称赞人家一下. 什么都没有, 就只有生意.LAURA: He isn#39;t human.他没有人性.FRIEND: What about your work? You like it, don#39;t you?你的工作怎么样? 你喜欢, 对不对?LAURA: Yes, I do. And I know I#39;m a good secretary, but...是的, 我喜欢. 而且我知道我是个好秘书, 可是...FRIEND: But what?可是怎么样?LAURA: To him, I am nothing. A machine. A late machine. I am not a machine.我在他的眼里一文不值, 是部机器. 一部过时的机器, 但我不是机器!FRIEND: Why don#39;t you talk to him?你为什么不和他说呢?LAURA: Because he#39;s impossible. Leopards don#39;t change their spots. I have to look for a new job.因为他不可理喻, 本性难移. 我必须找份新工作.PAUL:What are you doing?你在做什么?JOANA: I#39;m writing a note to the Crawfords. I want to thank them for dinner.我在写一封信给郭佛家人, 以感谢他们的晚餐招待.PAUL:Why don#39;t you call them? Here people always use the phone.为什么不打电话? 这里的人都是用电话的.JOANA: Well, okay.好吧.PAUL:Why don#39;t we invite them to dinner?我们为什么不请他们来吃晚餐?JOANA: That#39;s a good idea. I want Mama to meet Mrs. Crawford.这个主意很好, 我希望妈妈能认识郭佛太太.PAUL:What about Mr. Crawford? Don#39;t you like him?郭佛先生呢? 你不喜欢他吗?JOANA: He#39;s impossible.他不可理喻.PAUL:Be nice to him.你要对他好一点.JOANA: You can be nice to him. I don#39;t like him.你可以对他好, 我可不喜欢他.PAUL:Are you inviting Michael, too?你也要请迈克尔吗?JOANA: Of course.当然.PAUL:He was very happy last night.他昨天晚上很开心.JOANA: I was, too.我也很开心.PAUL:But Michael is always so quiet. And last night, he was talking and laughing.可是迈克尔总是那么沉默. 而昨天晚上他却有说有笑.JOANA: What do you think about Michael?你对迈克尔印象怎么样?PAUL:I think he#39;s a great guy, but he isn#39;t very ambitious.我认为他人非常好, 可是不太上进. /200808/46953广州番禺哪家妇科看的好

广州长安不孕不育医院治输卵管堵塞It#39;s the same wedding, it#39;s the same celebration no matter what table you#39;re at这是相同的婚礼,无论你坐在哪里都是同样的庆祝方式You okay? You#39;ve got something growing up here你还好吗?你看起来很心烦啊This is where I#39;m sitting, so if you end up in the High Teens, you know where to find me我就坐在这里。如果你想约我的话,就知道在哪里可以找到我。Today will not suck. Hi今天不会有事的。嗨Hello, my God. Hi, I#39;m Renzo. I have achieved puberty and I#39;m in a rock band你好,我的天呐。嗨,我是伦佐。我是摇滚乐队成员。I#39;m Walter, I#39;ve also achieved puberty我是沃尔特,我们还实现了青春期I#39;m Francie Millner#39;s first nanny我是弗朗西斯·米尔纳的第一个保姆I can smell the toilets from here, that#39;s how well we know the bride and groom我可以从这里闻到厕所的味道,这代表我们和新娘新郎有多么熟悉I#39;m Eloise, I got dumped by Francie#39;s brother, the best man back there at Table 1我叫埃洛伊,我被弗朗西斯的哥哥,坐在一号桌的伴郎甩了Uhh, no kidding. This is a great table, it#39;s a great one.呃,真的假的。这一桌真不错,相当不错。No, it isn#39;t. Yes. No, it isn#39;t.不,这不是。是。不,这不是。We didn#39;t think you#39;d be coming. You RSVP#39;d no, and then yes on an RSVP card that you barbequed我们没想到你会到来。你回复了不来,之后又在被你烧过的婚礼请柬上回复说要来After two years you break up with me over text两年前是你发短信跟我说分手;Good luck with your future endeavours.; Were you firing me? What the... Right here.“希望你未来的努力给你带来好运”,你以为你是在解雇我么?搞什么啊?看这边。Do you know what Francie#39;s mother calls Table 19?你们知道弗朗西斯的母亲管19号桌叫什么吗?The table that should have known to send regrets, but not before sending something nice off the registry. What?邀请一些你抱有歉意的人,但希望他们并不会出席。什么?The table that could disappear in the middle of the wedding and no one would even notice就算这桌在婚礼中间消失,也没有人会发现We#39;re the table of people they don#39;t care about?我们这桌都是他们不在乎的人么?What the hell are we doing back here? Let#39;s go.那我们在这儿干嘛?我们走吧What if you came here for a different reason today?假如你今天是为了完全不一样的理由来参加婚礼呢?What if you went away with something better?假如你能带走更好的东西呢?We could be beautiful.我们可以变得美丽。Do you ever have that kind of day where the things that come so easy to everyone else just seem so, elusive?你是否有过这么一天,那些对其他人来说很容易的事情似乎都变得难以捉摸?Say you#39;ll never let me go说你永远不会让我走No. Yeah, me neither没有。是啊,我也是。I come to you asking for Megan Ann#39;s hand in this dance, and the rest of her body along with that hand.我想邀请你的手跟我一起跳舞,还有剩余的身体部位。This is not gonna happen. So you can just stand awkwardly in front of another table这事没戏。不过,你还是可以愚蠢地到别桌试试。This is lovely, dancing with you和你跳舞真开心How did I not just get kissed?我怎么没有被吻?It happens more often than you think这事发生得比你想象得频繁You are Romeo and Juliet and we all wish you the same happy ending你们就是罗密欧与朱丽叶,我们都希望你们有着同样的美好结局Say you#39;ll never let me go说你永远不会让我走I will give you if you stand up right now如果你现在站起来的话,我给你20美元Alright. Hmm. What? Honey? Oh. How long have you worked here?好啊。嗯。什么?亲爱的?哦。你在这儿工作多久了? Article/201705/507731 If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?如果你可以和任何人共进晚餐,活着或过世的都可以,你会选谁?Kylie Minogue. Marilyn Monroe.凯莉·米洛。玛丽莲·梦露。Oh God, I wouldn#39;t have a clue.老天,我不知道耶。I know, straight up. Paul Hogan.我知道,真的。保罗·霍根。Kim Kardashian. No! No, no.金·卡戴珊。不!不、不。I#39;d like to have dinner with Justin Bieber.我想和小贾斯汀一起吃晚餐。What? He#39;s not coming to my house.什么?他才不能来我家。I#39;d have Bob Hawke. Dave Hughes. Barry Humphries. Jimi Hendrix.我要和鲍勃·霍克。戴夫·休斯。贝瑞·亨弗里斯。吉米·亨德里克斯。People who have made a difference in the world—maybe Nelson Mandela at the dinner table.为世界带来影响的人--或许和曼德拉一起吃晚餐。Hello! Come in! I don#39;t know what he#39;s gonna say. I#39;m scared.哈啰!进来吧!我不知道他会说什么。好害怕。If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose?如果你可以和世界上任何一个人吃晚餐,你会选谁?Probably our whole family, like, our whole extended family.可能是我们全家人,像是,整个大家族。Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.妈妈和爸爸。妈妈和爸爸。Does it have to be a celebrity? Could it be family?一定要是名人吗?可不可以是家人?We love it. We talk about how school is. We ask Mom and Dad how their day was.我们爱一起吃。我们会聊学校怎样。我们会问爸爸妈妈他们今天过得好吗。Family. Yeah. Mom and Dad.家人。嗯。妈妈和爸爸。Family! Who would you like to have dinner with?家人!你又是想和谁一起吃晚餐?They just want to be with us while they#39;re eating food, which is pretty cool.他们吃饭时只想和我们一起,那真是满棒的。They see us above everything. Oh, I#39;m gonna get...他们把我们看得比一切重要。噢,我要...Yeah. Yeah. Bit of message in it for me. Yes!嗯。嗯。给了我一些启示。没错!What are we having for dinner?我们晚餐要吃什么? Article/201612/482010潮州结扎疏通什么医院最好天河长安医院效果好吗



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