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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/447659North Korea is said to have attempted to carry out another ballistic missile test which failed.据称,朝鲜已试图进行另一次弹道导弹试验,但失败了。South Korean military officials say Pyongyang tried to fire a missile from the country’s east coast, but the launch did not work.韩国军方官员称,平壤试图从该国的东海岸发射导弹,但发射并没有成功。The North is banned by the UN from using any ballistic missile technology.联合国禁止朝鲜使用任何弹道导弹技术But in March leader Kim Jong Un ordered further tests of nuclear warheads and missiles.但在3月,金正恩下令对核弹头和导弹进行进一步测试。This South Korea military spokeman said, Today North Korea attempted to launch an unidentified missile in the area of Wonsan, and our military currently presumes that it failed. That’s all I’ll say for now.韩国军方发言人表示,今天朝鲜试图在元山地区发射不明导弹,目前我们军方认为发射失败了。这就是我现在要说的。Pyongyang is believed to have up to 30 missiles which theoretically could reach Japan but whose trials have never been successful.平壤被认为有多达30枚导弹,在理论上可以打到日本,但其试验从未成功。Its fourth nuclear test in January was followed by several missile launches, sparking regional tension.一月进行的第四次核试验是继多次导弹发射之后,引发了地区的紧张。译文属。 /201606/447063There#39;s an elevator.It#39;s not gonna have power to it, this, though.那里有部电梯 肯定没有通电 If we get into the shaft,you can actually use this to get down.如果我们可以进入竖井 就可以利用这里下楼Elevators usually have a firemen#39;s emergency access point.电梯通常有个给消防员使用的紧急开关It#39;s probably this. Let#39;s see.应该是这里 试试And they have this point just so firemen can get into lifts when there#39;s no power to it.有了这个紧急开关 消防员 可以在断电的情况下进入竖井 Let#39;s see if we can trigger the catch on this.Steady, steady, steady.看看是不是能扳得动它 当心 当心 当心There#39;s definitely no lift on this floor.there must be at least seven floors down there.These elevator cables could be one option.电梯肯定不在这楼 电梯离这里至少有七层楼 需要想办法下楼These elevator cables could be one option.The problem is that it#39;s just grease city on there.可以利用电梯的缆绳 问题是这上面涂了许多润滑油 It#39;s gonna be so slippy.Need something just to give a bit of friction on that.会非常滑 需要别的东西增加擦力and I#39;ve found just the thing.Use this fire hose.这里我找到了好东西 用这个消防软管The tough material of this fire hose will protect my hands and forearms and create friction on the greasy cables.软管粗糙的布料可以保护我的手和前臂 还能增加油乎乎的电缆的擦力Okay.Gee whiz. Not the time to look down.I#39;m 80 foot up and need to get a grip.好了 天呐 这时就不该往下看 这有24米多高 一定得抓牢了 Article/201609/469203

新英语900句之生活篇 Lesson19:Camping露营271. We should set up campu here. 我们应该在这里扎营。272. It's not safe to keep food in your tent. 把食物放在你的帐篷里不安全。273. This is a good campsite. 这里是很好的露营地。274. Someone starts a fire to cook supper. 有人生火做晚饭。275. My tent is waterproof. 我的帐篷是防水的。276. I’ll go gather firewood. 我去收集柴火。277. Does anyone have a flashlight? 谁有手电筒?278. Hunting is not allowed in this part of the woods. 在这片林子里,不允许打猎。279. This is a popular camping area. 这里是很受欢迎的露营区。280. It's not safe to go camping by yourself. 你一个人去露营不安全。281. I can't believe there are so many things to buy for our camping trip. 我简直不敢相信我们去露营要买这么多东西。282. Starting a fire without matches, building a shelterz from wood, cooking over a campfire, and lots more. 在没有火柴的情况下生火,用树木做简易掩体,用篝火做饭,还有很多。283. I thought we were going to make our own fire with wood we gathered. 我以为我们要用收集来的木柴生火。284. Well, the most obvious is that the animals will eat all our food and we'll be left with nothing to eat. 最明显的是,动物会把我们的食物都吃光,那我们就没东西吃了。285. The smell of the food might attract dangerous animals to our campsite. 食物的气味还可能会招引危险的动物到我们的营地来。【生词解读】1. camp [kAmp] n. 野营;营地;兵营;帐篷2. campsite [5 kAmp7saIt] n. 露营地3. waterproof [5wC:tEpru:f] a. 不透水的,防水的4. firewood [5faiEwud] n. 木柴;柴火5. flashlight [5flAFlait] n. 手电筒6. shelter [5FeltE] n. 遮盖物;躲避处;避难所7. campfire [5kAmp7faiE] n. 营火,篝火 /200812/19242

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