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Lawyers Britain royal family will go to court in France on Monday in a bid to stop further publication in that country of topless photos of William wife Kate, the prince office said Sunday.威廉王子办公室上周日表示,英国王室的律师将于本周一向一家法国法院提起诉讼,以阻止法国杂志继续刊登凯特王妃的半裸照St. James Palace says lawyers will seek an injunction against Italian media group Mondadori, which publishes France Closer and Italy Chi gossip magazines.圣詹姆斯宫表示,律师将要求禁止意大利蒙达多利传媒集团旗下的法国名人八卦杂志《靠近和意大利八卦杂志《Chi刊登这些照片The palace also will seek damages from the publisher, which is owned by mer Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi. Last week Closer published paparazzi snaps of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, sunbathing during a holiday at a relative chateau in Provence. Chi says it will publish 6 pages of the images — taken with a long lens from hundreds of meters away — on Monday.英国王室还要求这家出版商做出赔偿,而该出版商的老板就是意大利前总理贝卢斯科尼上周,《靠近刊登了仔队拍摄的英国王妃凯特的照片,当时她正在王室亲属位于普罗旺斯的一座城堡度假《Chi还宣布将在周一刊登6幅照片,这些照片都是仔队在数百米外通过长焦镜头拍摄的An Irish tabloid reproduced the Closer photos on Saturday, but no British publication has run them, and Britain tabloids have lined up to denounce them as an invasion of the duchess privacy.爱尔兰一家八卦小报上周六对《靠近杂志的照片进行了转载,但英国媒体都没有刊登英国的八卦小报一致谴责其侵犯了王妃的隐私The palace condemned publication of the images and said it was considering ;all proportionate responses; against Chi, though no decision has been made on legal action against it or the Irish Daily Star.英国王室对刊登照片的行为进行了谴责,表示正考虑对《Chi杂志进行“所有适当的回应”,但还没有决定对《Chi和爱尔兰《每日星报采取法律行动The strong response stands in contrast to the reception of naked photos of Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas, which appeared online last month and were later published in Britain Sun tabloid. The palace shrugged off the photos, snapped during a game of strip billiards, and took no action against those who published them.英国王室对此事的强烈反应与对待哈里王子派对裸照一事的态度形成了鲜明对比哈里的裸照上月出现在网上,之后被英国《太阳报刊登英国王室对这些照片不屑理睬,对刊登照片的媒体也没有采取行动当时哈里王子和众人玩起了“脱衣台球”Some see British papers reluctance to run the Kate photos as a sign the country once-rambunctious tabloids have been cowed by a scandal over phone hacking and other wrongdoing, which brought public opprobrium and an ongoing media-ethics inquiry.一些人认为,英国报纸不愿刊登凯特的照片,可以看出英国一度难以掌控的八卦小报受到了电话窃听丑闻和其他丑闻的影响,这些丑闻导致了公众对媒体的责骂,以及持续进行的媒体道德质询The storm over the photos erupted as William and Kate made an official tour of Singapore, Malaysia and the South Pacific. They arrived in the Solomon Islands on Sunday and will end their trip Tuesday in the island nation of Tuvalu.裸照风波是在威廉和凯特对新加坡、马来西亚和南太平洋进行正式访问时爆发的他们在上周日抵达了所罗门群岛,并将在本周二结束访问之旅,终点站是岛国图瓦卢 01May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love! 愿新年带给你和你所爱的人许多美好的事物和无尽的祝福! Rich blessings health and longevity is my special wish you in the coming year. 祝你在新的一年里身体健康,多福多寿 Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year. 祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年 With best wishes a happy New Year! 祝新年快乐,并致以良好的祝福 I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year. 谨祝新年快乐幸福,大吉大利 With the compliments of the season. 祝贺佳节 May the season\'s joy fill you all the year round. 愿节日的愉快伴你一生 Season\'s greetings and best wishes the New Year. 祝福您,新年快乐 Please accept my season\'s greetings. 请接受我节日的祝贺 To wish you joy at this holy season. Wishing every happiness will always be with you. 恭祝新年吉祥,幸福和欢乐与你同在 Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year. 恭祝健康、幸运,新年快乐 May the joy and happiness around you today and always. 愿快乐幸福永伴你左右 Please accept my sincere wishes the New Year. I hope you will continue to enjoy good health. 请接受我诚挚的新年祝福,顺祝身体健康 Allow me to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes your perfect health and lasting prosperity. 恭贺新禧,祝身体健康、事业发达 0195381Thailand government is up in arms over a tweet by pop sensation Lady Gaga about buying a fake designer watch in a Bangkok street market and has complained to the ed States, Reuters reported.据路透社报道,美国歌星嘎嘎在推特上发布消息称,想去泰国曼谷假货市场买块假劳力士手表,激怒众人,泰国政府竭力反对并向美国政府提出抗议Gaga May 3 tweet, two days ahead of a sellout concert in Bangkok, struck a raw nerve with some Thais who said the zany artist had dented the country reputation.5月3日,即嘎嘎曼谷售票演唱会举办前两天,她在推特上发布的消息触动了部分泰国人敏感的神经,他们称,歌手的可笑举动有损泰国声誉Gaga contentious tweet to her million followers said: ;I just landed in Bangkok baby! Ready 50,000 screaming Thai monsters. I wanna get lost in a lady market and buy a fake rolex.; 嘎嘎向00万粉丝发布了这条有争议的消息:“我已经到曼谷了,宝贝!准备跟5万名泰国小怪兽们碰面我想去女人街血拼,还想买块假劳力士表” 185

In “The Empress of China,” Fan Bingbing portrays Wu Zetian, the only woman in Chinese history to rule in her own right. When the highly anticipated television show “The Empress of China” was abruptly pulled from Chinese airwaves just days after its premiere on Dec. 1, many speculated that the reason might have had less to do with technical problems, as the show’s producers claimed on its official microblog , than with one aspect of the show that was, well, impossible to miss: the plunging necklines and tightly squeezed bosoms.在《武媚娘传奇中,范冰冰饰演中国历史上唯一一位直接统治国家的女皇帝武则天月1日,这部备受期待的电视剧开播,但仅几天后就突然停播,许多人猜测原因或许并非制片方在其官方微账户上所说的技术问题,而更多的是因为该剧不可忽视的一个特征:低开的领口和被紧紧挤压的胸部That speculation was confirmed on Thursday evening when the show, a palace drama set in the Tang dynasty (A.D. 618-9) and featuring the actress Fan Bingbing, who also had roles in the Hollywood films “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Iron Man 3”, resumed. Although the story line appeared to have been unaltered, it was clear that the show’s aesthetic had undergone a major transmation. The ample chests that once filled television screens were suddenly nowhere to be seen.周四傍晚,当该剧复播时,这一猜测被实了尽管故事情节似乎没有变,但显然,该剧的审美经历了重大转变曾经占满屏幕的丰满胸部突然不见了该剧是一部宫廷剧,时间设定在唐代(公元618年-9年),由曾出演过《X战警:逆转未来(X-Men: Days of Future Past)和《钢铁侠3(Iron Man 3)的女星范冰冰担纲主演The online reaction among the show’s loyal fans has been nothing short of outrage.在网上,该剧的忠实粉丝对此举大为光火“I really hate SAPPRFT!” wrote one user on Sina Weibo, referring to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, China’s top broadcast regulator. “The show was so beautiful! It’s the Tang dynasty — the characters are supposed to have plump bosoms! Now you’ve cut it so all that’s left is a big head. Thumbs down.”“真恨广电总局!”一名用户在新浪微上写道这名用户指的是中国广播电视最高监管机构国家新闻出版广电总局“这部剧这么美!那是唐代,那些人物就应该是大胸!现在被你剪得只剩大脑袋了抗议”Another user wrote: “I really had no idea that 1st-century people could be this conservative. They’re not even as open-minded as people from the Tang dynasty one millennium ago.”另一名用户写道:“真没想到1世纪的人会这么保守,甚至不如千年前的唐人开放”Revealing décolletage is only the latest target to come into the cross hairs of China’s entertainment censors. In the past, the regulator cracked down on television shows that depicted time travel (thought to “lack positive thoughts and meaning”), adultery and one-night stands, and, most recently, wordplay and puns, which are thought to be “contradictory in spirit to the continuation and enhancement of outstanding traditional Chinese culture,” according to regulators.中国审查机构对很多东西发起过指责,袒胸露肩装不过是最新的一个早前,监管机构还曾打击过讲述穿越(被认为“缺乏积极的思想意义”)、通奸和一夜情的电视剧就在最近,监管机构还以“与传承和弘扬中华优秀传统文化的精神相违背”为由,禁止使用文字游戏和双关语Nor is it the first time that the authorities have stepped in to disrupt the screening of a television show or film. Minutes after the midnight premiere of “Django Unchained” in , the Quentin Tarantino film was suddenly pulled from theaters, ostensibly because of objections to graphic scenes involving nudity and bloodshed that censors had apparently overlooked earlier. And, just last month, the premiere of the Chinese director Jiang Wen’s new film, “Gone With the Bullets,” was postponed at the last minute, also reasons that are thought to be related to racy scenes.“The Empress of China,” or “The Saga of Wu Zetian,” as it is known in China, is broadcast on Hunan Satellite Television, a provincial television station known its popular programs. The station, often seen as one of the major competitors to CCTV, China’s state broadcaster, has been the target of censors in the past. In , the authorities canceled a weather show with scantily clad presenters, and in , they pulled the plug on the hugely popular talent show “Super Girl,” similar to “American Idol,” which had been criticized by government officials being “vulgar” and “manipulative.”这也不是当局第一次介入、中断电视剧或电影的播出年,在《被解救的姜戈(Django Unchained)举行零点首映几分钟后,昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Tarantino)的这部影片突然在影院被叫停,表面上是因为反对涉及裸体和流血暴力的画面监管机构早前似乎忽略了这些画面此外,就在上月,中国导演姜文的新片《一步之遥的首映式在最后时刻被推迟,原因也被认为和露骨的画面有关《武媚娘传奇在以流行节目著名的省级电视台湖南卫视播出该电视台常被视作中国的国家级电视台中央电视台的主要竞争对手之一,是审查机构的目标年,当局取消了一档由衣着暴露的主持人主持的天气节目年,他们叫停了极受欢迎的才艺节目《快乐女声政府官员指责这档类似于《美国偶像(American Idol)的节目“低俗”且“具有操纵性”Speaking after the cancellation of the talent show, a spokesman the television station said it would be replacing the show with programs that promoted healthy morals, public safety and “practical inmation about housework.”在这档才艺节目被取消后,湖南卫视的一名发言人称将代之以宣传美德、增强社会稳定和“家务活小助手”等健康向上的节目“The Empress of China” is based on the life of Wu Zetian, the only woman in Chinese history to rule in her own right. Ms. Fan plays the seventh-century imperial concubine-turned-empress, celebrated in historical s her cunning, ruthless drive power, wanton sexuality and, in her younger years, mesmerizing beauty.《武媚娘传奇取材于中国历史上惟一一个由本人直接统治国家的女皇帝武则天的生平范冰冰饰演的便是生活在7世纪的武则天,她从皇帝的一个妃子,变成了女皇在历史记载中,她因巧妙且执着地追求权力、肆意的性生活以及年轻时令人着迷的美貌而著称

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