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Question really is, like, whats the ROI on not giving a fuck and being apologetically yourself?问题是一点也不付出,只做自己的投资回报率是多少?Cause thats kinda where—Speed.因为那有点儿像...速度。Speed. When youre not spending any time worrying,速度。你不把任何时间花在忧虑上,youre spending time on executing.而是花在执行上。Speed is the game in what we all do for a living.速度是一场比赛,我们每个人都为之奋斗。And if youre not worried about dwelling on what people think, youre in execution mode.当你不再担心揣其他人的想法时,你就进入到了执行模式。And I do everything in my possession,我会做好分内的每件事,everything in my power, excuse me, to put myself in full execution mode at all times.用好我的每份权力,让自己一直全力做事。201706/515079TED演讲视频:日常的用品 悲剧的历史齐亚·加非克拍摄日常用品--手表,鞋子,眼镜。这些照片看似平常;但这些物品都是从波斯尼亚战争中的万人冢中挖掘出来的。加非克作为一个TED研究员和一个土生土长的萨拉热窝人,为了给那些身份不明的牺牲者创造一个活生生的档案,拍下了每一件坟墓里的物品。201705/510149

North Korea is showing off its military power in a less explosive way.朝鲜正以不太爆炸的方式炫耀其军事力量。The country unveiled a series of missiles Friday in a military parade. Experts believe they were land and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.周五,朝鲜在阅兵式上公布了一系列导弹。专家认为它们是陆上和潜艇发射的弹道导弹。The annual parade celebrates the birth of North Koreas founder, Kim Il-sung.这是一年一度游行庆祝朝鲜创始人金日成的诞生。But this year the holiday came as tensions run high between North Korea and another world power.但今年假期到来时,朝鲜和另一些世界大国间关系相当紧张。The U.S. sent military forces to waters near the Korean Peninsula to deter another nuclear test. The North had been teasing a ;big event; all week.美国向朝鲜半岛附近海域派遣军事力量阻止另一次核试验。朝鲜整个星期都在玩弄一个“大事件”。After that, North Korea threatened to hit the U.S. in a ;merciless retaliatory strike.;在那之后,朝鲜威胁要“无情报复性打击”美国。U.S. officials admit the situation is tricky. Moving forces near the peninsula, even as a preemptive measure, could increase the risk of a large-scale conflict.美国官员承认情况很棘手。向半岛附近调遣部队,即使是先发制人的措施,也可能增加大规模冲突的风险。But South Koreas top diplomat said the U.S. would consult with Seoul before any serious decisions are made.但韩国最高外交官表示,在作出任何严肃决定之前,美国将与韩国协商。译文属。201704/504023

And apart from Patch, who is the blue,除了帕奇 蓝色的那只and he does have a further range,他活动的范围更大he does go much further than the others,比其他几只走得更远theyre very, very much centred around your home,他们都集中在你家周围活动around your garden,在花园附近and the really interesting thing is,真正有趣的事情是theyre all there at the same time.他们是同时在那儿出现- Fantastic. - None of them are moving particularly quickly,-太神奇了 -没有一只走得特别快theyre all just bumbling around together, really.他们几乎是同时在一起走动That, for us, is fascinating,这在我们看来很神奇because a whole group of unrelated cats...因为对于几只没血缘关系的猫猫来说we just wouldnt necessarily expect that at all.我们从没想过会出现这种情况Out of all the lot weve had,在所有的研究中this has been the ones that have gelled the most.这些猫猫是共处最融洽的Especially the boys, theyre always...尤其是男孩们 他们通常...Youll see them playing together,你会看到他们经常一起玩they will lie together.睡在一起Pumpkin and Ralph lie on top of each other,南瓜和拉尔夫会躺在对方身上not just next to each other.而不仅是挨着对方睡Its so cute the way they get on so well together.他们相处融洽的样子真是太可爱了Do you ever see them rubbing their faces against each other?你看过他们擦对方的脸吗Yes.有And Pumpkin and Ralph spent a lot of time grooming each other.南瓜和拉尔夫会花大量时间为对方梳理毛发重点解释:1.apart from 除 ... 以外例句:She lives in seclusion apart from her friend.她远离朋友,过隐居生活。2.at all 完全例句:Im not at all sure, actually.实际上我根本不能肯定。3.none of 当中谁都不例句:Its none of your business. Dont concern yourself with it.这不关你的事,别管闲事。201609/466453

Introducing Google WiFi谷歌WiFi介绍A new kind of system designed to keep up with how we use WiFi today,这是一款旨在满足人们当下无线网络使用习惯的新系统from playing to streaming to calling.无论是玩游戏 看视频 还是可视通话Heres how it works.它的工作原理是这样的You simply replace your existing router with Google WiFi point,你只需要将家里的路由器换成谷歌WiFi路由器or points if you have a larger home.如果你的家很大 可以多放几个These points work together with your current modem, and Internet service to provide fast, seamless WiFi for your whole home.这些路由器与你现有的调制解调器与网络务联动工作,为你家里提供全方位无死角的快捷无线网络务Google WiFi is set up and controlled through a mobile app.谷歌WiFi是通过手机应用来设置与操控的It gives you a host of features for simple, straightforward access to your network, no matter where you are.它集中了一系列特性,让你无论何时何地都能享受到简单快捷的网络Like letting you see which devices are connected at any one time, or giving you parental control.比如它可以让你在任何时间都能知道哪些设备是联网的,或者你可以使用家长控制模式So if its time for dinner or time for bed, you can give them a little time off.在吃饭或睡觉时间时 你可以让它们休息一会It lets you easily find and share your WiFi password with guests有了它 你会很容易查找并与客人共享网络密码and even allows you to prioritize specific device for faster speeds.甚至可以设置哪些设备优先享用更快的网速So the important stuff never gets interrupted.如此以来 你重要的工作永远不会被打断And Network Assist technology works in the background to make sure you always get the fastest possible speeds.谷歌WiFi的网络助手技术会在后台运转 以保你总是能享受到最快的网速It takes care of things like WiFi channel selection.它能解决一些诸如无线频道选择的问题Hight traffic on the channel youre using can slow down your WiFi speed.用户所在线路的高流量使用会降低无线网络速度Google WiFi constantly monitor it to make sure you are on the least congested channel.而谷歌WiFi能持续监测流量使用状况 并确保你用到最少拥堵的线路And when youre moving from room to room, it makes sure you are connected to the closest WiFi point,当你从一个房间移动到另一房间时,谷歌路由器能让你连接到最近的无线站点and the strongest, fastest signal.并且有最强最快的信号Itll even let you know if you could improve WiFi performance, by moving a WiFi point to a better location.谷歌WiFi还能提示你 把路由器移动到更好的地方能否提高无线网络性能Designed for your homes complex WiFi needs yet simple the control,为家庭复杂的网络需求而设计 但操作起来更简单Google WiFi – Home WiFi simply solved.这就是谷歌WiFi 家庭无线方案就这么简单201706/513854

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