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石城县钽铌矿职工医院割包皮手术西华山钨矿职工医院治疗阳痿早泄Vice President Joe Biden says the US is prepared for a military solution if no political settlement can be found to the ISIL problem.美国副总统拜登表示,如果找不到政治解决方案准备使用军事方式。He was talking at a press conference in Istanbul where he met the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.在伊斯坦布尔,拜登会见了土耳其总理达武特奥卢,并在新闻发布会上讲话。The two talked about Syria, Islamic state militants and Kurdish separatists, a priority issue for Turkey, a country that shares a border with Syria and faces security threats both internal and external.两位谈及了叙利亚、伊斯兰国武装分子以及库尔德分裂分子,土耳其优先考虑的问题,国家领土与叙利亚接壤,面临内部和外部的安全威胁。We do know that it’s better if we reach a political solution but we are prepared,We are prepared, if that’s not possible, to have a military solution to this operation in taking out Daesh. Again,ISIL is not the only existential threat to the people of Turkey. The PKK is equally a threat and we are aware of that.我们知道,如果我们达成政治解决方案是更好的,但我们做好了准备,如果政治方案不可行则采用军事手段消灭达伊沙(Daesh)组织。我再一次说明,ISIL不是土耳其人民的唯一威胁。库尔德工人党同样是威胁,我们都知道。Biden agreed with Turkey that as far as he is concerned there is no difference between ISIL, the PKK and al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda group fighting against the Syrian government, adding that they are all terrorist groups.拜登同意土耳其,就他而言伊斯兰国(ISIL)与库尔德工人党(PKK)以及努斯拉阵线(al-Nusra)没有区别,基地组织打击叙利亚政府,并补充道他们都是恐怖组织。译文属。 /201601/423711赣州南康医院治疗阳痿哪家医院最好 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201511/410579南康区医院电话号码

章贡区妇幼保健院男科预约栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201601/407630赣南人民医院专家咨询 Stephen was aly ill. Jane knew it.史蒂芬那时已经确诊 简也清楚地知道And it was another instance of Stephens luck, you know这是史蒂芬又一个幸运之处meeting the right person at the right time.在对的时间遇见对的人because Stephen was very, very badly depressed,你想想 史蒂芬那时无比沮丧and he wasnt very much inclined to go on with his work.并不怎么情愿继续他的工作Hed been told hes only got 2 and a half years.What can you do in that time?他被告知生命只剩两年半的时间 在那种境况下你能做什么But meeting Jane really put him on his mettle and he started to work.然而与简的相遇给他注入了勇气 接下来 他又开始了工作I wanted to understand how the universe began.我曾想探寻 宇宙是如何起源的Einsteins theory of general relativity showed that the universe was expanding.爱因斯坦的广义相对论 表明宇宙正在膨胀But there was no answer to the crucial question但并没有一个来直接回答最关键的问题;Must there have been a Big Bang a beginning to time?;;一定要有一个大爆炸 来开启时间的进程吗;Then, in my third year at Cambridge Roger Penrose made his discovery about the death of stars.然后 当我在剑桥上三年级时 罗杰·彭罗斯有了关于 恒星死亡的发现I remember talking to this friend, Ivor Robinson and we were having this animated conversation.我记得和一位朋友 艾弗·罗宾逊的讨论 那次讨论真是一场思想的碰撞and then we had to cross a road and as we crossed the road, of course, the conversation stopped and then we got to the other side.后来我们得过一条马路 当然 我们过马路的时候 谈话中断了 然后我们到了路的另一边Evidently, I had some idea crossing the road but then the conversation started up,and it got completely blotted out of my mind.很碰巧的是 我在过马路的时候想出一个点子 但接下来我们了捡起之前的话题 那个点子就从我脑子里不翼而飞了It was only later, after my friend had gone home and I began to have this strange feeling of elation feeling wonderful.直到晚些时候 在朋友回家之后 我突然感到一阵奇妙的兴奋 那感觉妙极了And I couldnt figure out why I should feel like that,so I went back over the day.我不知道自己当时为何那样 于是我向前梳理这一天的思绪thinking all possible things which might have contributed to such a feeling.回想究竟是什么事情 让我产生了这种感觉and then gradually I unearthed this thought which Id had while crossing the street.后来我慢慢挖掘出这个想法 就是在大街上的那个201604/435132赣州市包皮手术哪医院好

赣州市长安医院地址查询Another study done in 2004 found similar results.2004年做的另一项研究得到了相似的结果Researchers added genistein and daidzein to研究者们进行细胞培养时estrogen-sensitive breast cancer cells in cell culture在雌激素依赖性癌细胞中加染料木素和豆苷and found that the products of the breakdown of发现异黄酮分解后的产物isoflavones caused damage to the DNA of the mammary对乳腺细胞的基因造成了伤害cells and thus initiated tumor growth and progression.因而导致了肿瘤的生长发展As with the previous study research done in cell和之前的研究一样cultures and animal models provide用细胞培养和动物标本做的研究a limited amount of information提供的信息量有限whereas studies in humans are more credible.而对人体的研究更加可信Another important note about this study is the这个研究的另一个重要的地方difference in isoflavones used.是使用的异黄酮的不同In this case the isoflavones were in a purified form这项研究所使用的异黄酮并不是in which they did not have to be broken down通过从其他成分中降解或者分离得到or separated from other components.而是事先经过了提纯But in many human studies the isoflavones are但在许多人体研究中used within a soy product and thus need to be异黄酮是在放在豆制品内使用separated from other nutrients before they因而在为身体所用之前它需要can be used by the body.与其他营养成分分离Despite these concerns these studies do provide a great暂不考虑这些因素 这些研究确实为base for increasing research in this area.这一领域的深入研究打下了坚实的基础But show that there is a disconnect between information但是我们也能看到 研究人员所提供的research can provide from using isolated isoflavones信息之间出现了断层 无法将在细胞培养中in a cell culture to that of what humans would consume单独使用异黄酮和人类仅仅通过食用from simply eating soy products.豆制品而获得异黄酮联系起来The reason it is so difficult to determine a conclusive得出总结性的结论和有关大豆摄入量result and recommendation concerning soy consumption及乳腺癌患病几率的建议and risk of breast cancer is that the findings是如此困难是因为of different studies vary based on the ethnicity不同研究的结果因参与者的and age of participants as well as the status民族和年龄 以及癌症发展的状况of cancer in the participants.不同而不同Other aspects include differences in dosage of soy其他因素还包括大豆异黄酮用量的不同isoflavones as well as the form of isoflavones used.以及所使用的异黄酮的形态As mentioned on the previous slide purified isoflavones如上一张PPT所说 经过提纯的异黄酮and isoflavones found in soy products will和豆制品里的异黄酮对实验结果affect results differently.会产生不同的影响Different soy products also have differing contents不同的豆制品也会因处理方法不同of isoflavones due to variances in processing.而含有不同成分的异黄酮All of these factors must be taking into account在阅读分析期刊文章时when ing and analyzing journal articles and所有这些因素都必须考虑进去they are also factors that can be left out when another但是同时 如果在网站讨论或者文献中site discusses and article they used as a reference.被作为参照 这些因素也可以被忽略For this reason it is very important to always 因为这个原因 阅读原始的研究很重要the original research in order to determine if a website这样才能确定一个网站是否accurately explained the significance of a data set准确地解释了一组数据的重要性or if information was taken out of context.或者是否断章取义了After reviewing this portion of the presentation在回顾了这段课堂演示后what do you think?你怎么想Would you include or increase soy in your diet?你会在饮食中食用大豆或增加大豆的食用吗What are your reasons?原因是什么呢There really is no right answer to the question实际上对于大豆是好还是坏这个问题of whether soy is good or bad.没有一个正确的Unfortunately more research needs to be done人们还需要做更多的研究before a conclusive argument is made in support才能得出一个大量食用大豆of or against high consumption of soy products.是好还是坏的总结性结论201507/387773 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201603/431271赣州前列腺炎尿道炎南康区人民医院男科预约



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