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Women tend to have a lot of ‘what if’ in life. We all have that someone who we wish we can turn back time and see what if it did not happen, or what if we did not say that? Would it have changed something?女人的生活中总是会有许多“假如……会怎么样”。我们都会有一个人,他会让我们希望自己能够时光倒流去看一下如果没有发生的话会怎么样,或者如果我们没那样说会怎么样?那样会改变什么吗?Maybe for me, he was never an ex, not the one who got away, just an almost-something, almost maybe, the biggest what if but never the answer to my questions.或许对我来说,他永远不会是前任,不是可以逃离的人,几乎是一种存在,近乎也许,最大的假设,但是从来都不会是我问题的。No matter how many years have passed, he is the one person who can make all the feelings come back just by a sight of him, only because I keep on asking myself what went wrong.无论多少年过去了,只要看他一眼,就会将你所有的感觉全部诱惑出来,只是因为我总是一直问自己到底是出了什么问题。Why do we have a hard time forgetting someone?为什么我们很难忘记某个人?Maybe the heart will never forget because it is where love was cultivated. It is where it hurts the most too and with a love and pain like that, how can I forget and truly say it moved on?或许你的心永远不会忘记,因为那里是滋养爱的地方。那里也是受伤最多的地方,爱和痛并存的地方,我又如何能忘记,真正说已经过去了呢?I have always been a fan of all the romantic ideas, maybe because what is cliche feels perfect, and human loves the idea of perfection, but as soon as the grandeur of all those things starts to fade, I can feel that wrenching part inside of me, because if all good things must come to an end, why would it had to be that short? It seems unfair and cruel.我一直是着迷于所有浪漫的想法,或许因为那些陈词滥调让我感觉很棒,人类喜欢完美的思想,但是一旦所有那些美好都开始褪去的时候,我会感觉内心的痛苦挣扎,因为如果所有美好的事物都要最终结束,为什么会如此短暂呢?这似乎不公平,很残忍。Every time we meet someone, we hold on to what seems like forever, without realizing that it was just a borrowed time, we grasped on to it like a dream and relish it, but not having too much time to say everything we want.每次我们见到某个人的时候,我们总是坚持那些看起来永远的想法,没有意识到那只是借来的时间,我们就像是抓住了一个梦,然后享受,但是却没有太多时间去说出我们想要的一切。 /201701/489943。

  • Recent archaeological finds reveal that the Vikings were not only fierce, bloodthirsty warriors but also farmers, skilled craftsmen, impressive mariners, and expert traders as well. As more discoveries are made, our knowledge of the Vikings will widen even more—dispelling many myths surrounding this fascinating group of people.最新考古发现表示,维京人不仅是凶暴嗜血的战士,还种地、有成熟的手工艺和船队,还精于贸易。随着更多遗迹被发现,我们对维京人的认识也将越来越深,笼罩这个有趣族群的很多谜团也将揭开。10.Tomb Of Viking Power Couple10.贵族夫妇的墓In 2012, engineers building a highway in Harup, Denmark, discovered a wooden building. Later on, the discovery was identified as a Viking tomb. Also known as dodehus or death house, the tomb contained the remains of a couple archaeologists believed held a high social status in Viking society.2012年,在丹麦Harup村修路的工程师们发现了一间木屋,后来确认为维京人的墓,人称“死亡之屋”,内有一对夫妇的遗骸。考古学家认为他们曾是维京社会的上流人物。Experts discovered two interesting items buried alongside the couple: a large battle axe and two keys. The axe, which was found together with the man, was considered to be the ;machine gun; of the Viking era. Europeans back then trembled at the sight of this battle axe. The keys, on the other hand, were ;a symbol of (the woman#39;s) power and status as a great lady.;专家们另外还发现了两件有趣的东西:一把大战斧和两把钥匙。斧子在男子身边,应该是维京时代的“”,让当时的欧洲人闻风丧胆。而钥匙则象征了夫人的权利和崇高社会地位。The researchers also discovered a third body buried alongside the couple. They surmised that the man was added at a later date, and he might have been the couple#39;s successor.研究人员还发现了第三具遗骸,应该是后来葬在夫妇身边的,可能是他们的继承人。9.Viking Women Colonized New Lands Too9.维京妇女也参与了殖民新大陆A new study involving ancient Viking DNA suggested that Viking women played a significant role in the colonization of overseas lands. Experts arrived at this conclusion after discovering that the maternal DNA of the Vikings ;closely matches that of modern-day people in the North Atlantic isles,; especially that of Shetland and Orkney Islands in the ed Kingdom.一项有关维京人DNA的研究发现,维京妇女在海外殖民中扮演了重要角色,因为维京人的母系DNA与现代北大西洋岛民非常相近,尤其是英国的设得兰群岛和奥克尼群岛。This discovery also debunked the widely held assumption that the Vikings were merely pillagers and raiders. They were family-oriented people as well who ;established settlements and grew crops; and even engaged in trade. In addition, this recent finding challenged a study published in 2001 that suggested that Viking men would travel alone and then bring local female captives when they colonized new territories.这个发现也驳斥了广为流传的“维京人只会掠夺”的偏见。他们其实也很重视家庭,“建立了定居点并种植庄稼”,甚至进行了贸易。此外,这项新发现还挑战了2001年发表的一个研究,该研究认为,维京男人会独自航行,并带回征新殖民地时的女俘虏。8.Viking Fortress8.维京堡垒In 2014, a team of archaeologists discovered a Viking fortress in the Danish island of Zealand. They believed that the structure dated back to the 10th century. Before the discovery of this specific fortress, three others were unearthed in Denmark: Aggersborg, Trelleborg, and Fyrkat. These structures are collectively known as the ;Trelleborg; fortresses.2014年,一个考古小组在丹麦西兰岛发现了一个维京人的堡垒。他们相信,这个建筑可以追溯到10世纪时。此前丹麦已有三处堡垒出土:Aggersborg, Trelleborg, 和Fyrkat,统称特雷勒堡。The newly discovered fortress, which is located south of Copenhagen, is quite huge, spanning 165 meters (476 ft) across.新发现的堡垒在哥本哈根以南,它相当大,横跨165米。This discovery showed that the Vikings were not only a ;fierce band of warriors with cool headgear; but were also decent architects, capable of building magnificent fortresses. In addition, this discovery gave archaeologists the opportunity to better understand Viking conflicts and wars.这个发现明了维京人不仅是“驾驶冷酷战船的凶暴战士”,还是优秀的建筑师,能建造壮观的城堡。另外,这个发现还让考古学家有机会一窥维京人的冲突和战争。7.North America#39;s Second Viking Site7.北美的第二个维京据点Known for using satellite technology in her excavations, ;space archaeologist; Sarah Parcak, together with her team, discovered a second possible Viking settlement in North America. They arrived at this conclusion after finding the remains of turf walls and an iron-working hearth in Point Rosee in Newfoundland, Canada.“太空考古学家”莎拉·帕卡克善于借助卫星科技,她的团队发现了北美第二个可能的维京人定居点。他们在加拿大纽芬兰的Rosee角发现了草皮墙和铁炉台的遗迹。The presence of an iron-working hearth at the site is a strong evidence of a Viking settlement since they used iron nails to build their ships. It also eliminated the possibility of the site belonging to Native Americans or Basque fisherman. In addition, after doing radiocarbon testing, Parcak and her team were able to date the site back to 800 and 1300 AD—the same time the Vikings were at their peak.这个炉台明了这个定居点属于维京人,因为他们的船也用了铁钉,而美洲土著和巴斯克渔民则没有这种能力。通过放射性碳定年法,帕卡克团队还确定了该定居点可以追溯到公元800-1300年,正是维京人的鼎盛时期。This discovery is monumental since it can potentially dethrone Christopher Columbus as the discoverer of the New World.这个发现有划时代的意义,因为它能颠覆哥伦布“新大陆发现者”的地位。6.Viking Treasure Trove6.维京宝藏In September 2014, metal-detecting enthusiast Derek McLennan discovered one of the biggest Viking treasure troves in Scotland. The trove, which consisted of more than 100 precious artifacts including solid gold jewelry, was unearthed on church land.2014年9月,金属探测器爱好者德里克·麦克伦南发现了苏格兰最大的维京宝藏之一。这个宝藏位于教堂之下,内有100多件珍贵文物,包括纯金首饰。Stuart Campbell of Scotland#39;s treasure trove unit considered this discovery historically significant since it could potentially alter the way Scots view ;their historic relationship with the Vikings.; Contrary to popular belief, the Vikings didn#39;t only carry out raids in Scotland. They also settled and traded in some parts of the country, including the area where the treasure trove was discovered.苏格兰宝藏部门的斯图尔特·坎贝尔认为这个发现很有历史价值,因为它可能会改变苏格兰人对“他们和维京人的历史关系”的看法。与大众认识相反,维京人除了从苏格兰抢东西,还带来了不少,并定居在一些地方,包括这个宝藏被发现地。 /201704/504899。
  • 1. Using a standing desk.使用站立式办公桌A recent long-term study looking at data on nearly 4,000 US adults found no benefit in terms of overall risk of dying from standing as opposed to sitting.近日,一项对4000名美国成年人数据的长期研究发现,从整体的死亡风险的角度,站着并不比坐着更有好处。In the short-term, however, standing does burn more calories per minute; so if losing weight is all you#39;re worried about, stand on!然而,就短期而言,站着每分钟消耗的热量的确更多;因此,如果你只是想减肥的话,那就站着吧!2. Using toilet seat liners.使用马桶坐垫Viruses like HIV and herpes are fragile, meaning they don#39;t survive very well outside of a nice, warm human body. By the time you sit down on a public toilet seat - even if it was recently shared by someone else — most harmful pathogens likely wouldn#39;t be able to infect you.艾滋病病毒和疱疹病毒这类病毒非常脆弱,这意味着它们无法在温暖且宜于生存的人体之外的地方正常生存。当你坐上公用的坐便器(即使是刚有别人使用过的)时,大部分此类有害病原体无法感染你。Plus, your skin is an effective block against any microbes. (Unless, of course, you have a cut or open wound there, which could allow the bacteria to get in.)此外,皮肤能够有效抵御任何微生物。(除非你有开放性伤口,这可能让细菌趁机而入。)3. Applying hand sanitizer.使用洗手液If you wash your hands regularly throughout the day, hand sanitizer is almost entirely unnecessary. Plus, it can#39;t kill all the germs that plain old soap and water can.如果你每天经常洗手,那么几乎没必要使用洗手液。而且洗手液并不能杀死普通香皂和水能杀死的全部细菌。Norovirus and C. difficile, for example, are immune to sanitizing gels.例如,消毒凝胶剂对诺瓦克病毒和梭状芽孢杆菌没有效果。4. Ear candling.耳烛疗法The practice of ear candling - yes, ear candling - involves putting a lit, cone-shaped candle inside your ear. People who do it say it#39;s helpful for relieving earwax and treating some infections. According to the Mayo Clinic, not so much.耳烛疗法就是把点燃的锥形蜡烛伸进耳朵里。耳烛疗者认为这样有助于去除耳垢,治疗某些感染。据梅约疗养院(注:美国著名私人医院)称,耳烛疗法其实没有这么多疗效。;Research shows,; they write, ;that ear candling is ineffective at removing earwax and is also not an effective treatment for any other conditions.; Plus, the practice can end up pushing earwax deeper into your ear. Even worse, you can burn your face, hair, scalp, or ear. So don#39;t.“研究显示,耳烛疗法无法有效清除耳垢,而且对其他病症也没有什么疗效。”此外,这么做还可能将耳垢推得更深,更糟糕的是可能还会烧到你的脸、头发、头皮或耳朵。因此,还是算了吧。5. Avoiding gluten.避免谷蛋白Unless you#39;re one of the 1% of Americans who suffer from celiac disease, gluten probably won#39;t have a negative effect on you. In fact, studies show that most people suffer from slight bloating and gas when they eat, whether they consume wheat or not. So go ahead and eat that bagel.除非你是百分之一的美国腹腔疾病患者中的一员,否则谷蛋白可能不会影响你的健康。事实上,研究表明,大多数人进食时都有轻微的胃胀气,无论是否吃了小麦。所以放心地吃面包圈吧。6. Juicing.榨汁When you juice fresh fruits and veggies, you remove all of their fiber, the key ingredient that keeps you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal.把水果和蔬菜榨汁会破坏果蔬纤维,这是制造饱腹感且让你撑到下顿饭的关键成分。What you keep is the sugar. In the short term, a high-sugar, low-protein diet means constant hunger pangs, mood swings, and low energy. In the long term, you can lose muscle mass since muscles rely on protein.而榨汁保存下来的是糖分。从短期来看,高糖低蛋白饮食会导致持续的饥饿感、情绪波动以及低能量。长此以往你的肌肉可能会减少,因为肌肉依赖于蛋白质。7. Avoiding MSG.避免味精Monosodium glutamate is an ingredient added to many foods to enhance their flavor. It#39;s completely safe to ingest.许多食物中都添加了味精来提味。食用味精完全是安全的。MSG is often associated with a series of symptoms, from numbness at the base of the neck to a general sense of fatigue, that are commonly lumped together and called ;Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.; Eating too much is the more likely culprit here, not eating MSG.人们通常将味精与颈部下端麻木、疲劳感等一系列症状联系到一起,并将其统称为“中国餐馆综合症”。但这些病症的罪魁祸首可能是吃得太多,而不是吃了味精。8. Going on a ;detox; diet.“排毒”饮食No one needs to detox. Unless you#39;ve been poisoned, you aly have a superefficient system for filtering out most of the harmful substances you eat. It#39;s made up of two toxin-bashing organs: the liver and the kidneys.没有人需要排毒,除非你中毒了。肝脏和肾脏是净化毒素的两大器官,它们已经可以高效过滤人体摄入的大部分有害物质。 /201612/483575。
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