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青岛市第九人民医院名中医Business Business under Japans new government Are nukes back?商业 日本新政府背后的交易 重启核电站?The nuclear industry may get a reprieve核工业可能被判缓刑ELECTION victory celebrations in Japan are usually sober affairs: no booze, the obligatory ;Banzai!;, and the endearing habit of holding aloft a fresh sea bream, which is a good-luck charm and a tasty ingredient for soup to ladle out to supporters.日本人庆祝大选胜利向来淡定:不必酒宴相庆, 只需大呼;万岁!;,这被视为好运的呼声,以及令人喜爱的习俗:奉上一条新鲜的海鲤,烹制出美味的海鲤汤,供持者们伏惟尚飨。Not so on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.东京券交易所也不例外。Jubilation at the landslide win of Shinzo Abes Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on December 16th raised share prices to the rafters.12月16日自民党主席安倍晋三以压倒性的胜利赢得选举,股价以涨幅收盘。The markets were celebrating a slide in the yen, which may make ailing Japanese exporters such as Sharp, an electronics firm, more competitive.市场则以日元贬值来庆祝这场胜利,这样可以让病态的日本出口企业,如电子公司夏普,更具竞争力。Sotto voce, there was also joy that Japans ;nuclear village; appears to be back in business.嘘!这同样对日本 ;核村庄;回归经营状态是个喜讯。During earlier decades in power, LDP governments backed nuclear energy to the hilt, brushing aside worries about safety.自民党政府在早期几十年的执政期间,就曾置民众对完全问题的担心于不顾,不遗余力地持核能。In the two days after the election the shares of Tokyo Electric (TEPCO), the owner of the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant, surged by 56%.大选过后的两天时间里,拥有福岛第一核电站的东京电力(TEPCO),其股价飙涨了56%。Investors bet that the new government would allow Japans reactors, almost all of which have been idle since being struck by an earthquake in 2011, to restart.投资者们打赌说新政府会重启因受2011年地震打击而闲置的日本核反应堆。That may be wishful thinking.这恐怕有些痴心妄想了。Mr Abe may want to steer clear of the sensitive nuclear issue until upper-house elections in mid-2013.在2013年中期举行上议院选举之前,安倍首相可能不愿谈及原子能这样的敏感话题。If so, a time frame agreed with TEPCOs 77 banks for restarting the first of its seven Kashiwazaki-Kariwa reactors in Niigata prefecture may be missed.若真是这样,与东京电力77家达成的关于重启位于新泻县七个柏崎刈羽核反应堆中一个的时间期限可能错过。TEPCO says each stalled reactor costs it 100 billion yen (.2 billion) in lost profit each year.东京电力公司表示,每一个停顿反应堆造成每年损失100亿日元(约合12亿美元)利润。Furthermore, the nuclear industry now has an independent watchdog, the Nuclear Regulation Authority, which is showing teeth.此外,核工业现在已经有独立的监管部门,呲牙相向的原子能规制委员会。Its investigators have so far issued seismic warnings against two nuclear power plants, which may lead to their permanent mothballing.迄今为止,其调查人员已经对两个核电站发布了地震预警,这可能导致这两个核电站永久封存。By law, even an LDP government should be unable to boss the watchdog around.根据法律,即使自民党政府亦无权指挥监管部门围着政府转。Yet a share-price rally may still be warranted.然而股价反弹可能仍然言之过早。TEPCOs share price is barely a tenth of what it was before the disaster.东京电力的股价只不过是灾难前的十分之一。That reflects a genuine fear that the company may go bust.这也反映出对该公司可能破产确实存在担忧。Surely, investors mutter, the LDP remains chummy enough with Japans nuclear utilities not to let any of them collapse into bankruptcy?确实,投资者们揣度的是,自民党与日本原子能事业亲密无间的关系就不会放任他们中的任何一家公司倒闭吗? /201212/216884青岛做人流医院哪安全 The bio-suit will also have a mind of its own. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in smart fabrics, micro-plastic electronics will be woven into the suit itself so that it will be able to sense the wearers measurements, allowing the suit to mode itself precisely to his or her body.生物太空将能够自我思考。多亏了近年来在智能纤维上的重大突破,微塑性电子产品将会应用到太空里,这样太空就能感知穿者的尺寸,然后精确地自动调整,使宇航员穿上更加合身。;Another great use of smart material is for physiological sensing. Smart wires in the suit would tell you your thermal temperature, how much oxygen you have been using.;“另一种对智能材料的伟大应用在于生理状态感应。太空内的智能导线会告诉你热量温度,以及剩下多少氧气。”Dr. Newman believes that in the near future these suits will be available to everyone and that everyone will have reason to wear one.纽曼士认为在不久的将来,任何人都有机会穿这种装,每个人都有理由穿它。;I hope that you can go online, buy your bio-suit, do some exploration. I would love to see human mission tomorrow is in 2014, 2018, but absolutely by 2030.;“我希望你能上网买一套生物太空去探险。我很乐意看到人类在2014年,2018年就实现这个使命,然而在2030年绝对能实现。”;I believe that going to Mars is within my lifetime and I think we have the means and the technology to take us there, and to survive there.;“我相信在我有生之年能看到人类登陆火星,我们有方法技术作担保,我们能在火星上存活。”Were much closer today to be able to send humans to Mars than we were to be able to send man to the moon in 1961, and we were there 8 years later.比起1961年将人类送上月球的可能性,今天将人类送上火星的可能性更大。1961年后人类又花了八年时间才到达月球。And maybe that for human exploration of Mars is a long term task. I think of myself like maybe the architects or bricklayers did who first started building the Cathedrals in Paris. Those who first started never saw the final Cathedrals. But they were an important part of the process that led to that magnificent structure that we see today. Modern sense may be Mars exploration is like that. And those of us working on it now take comfort in the fact that were the first part of this longterm process.也许人类的火星探险是一个长期的过程。我自己的观点是,这就像建筑师或者砖瓦工在巴黎第一次开始修建大教堂。这些第一次开始尝试的人绝看不到最终的大教堂。但是他们是造就这辉煌结构过程中的重要组成部分。火星探险也许是一样的道理。现在正在刻苦钻研的我们,可以从我们是第一批探索火星的人这一事实中找到安慰。As exciting as going to Mars will be, there is one future journey that is even more awe-inspiring, a trip through time.登录火星将是何等的振奋人心。未来的旅途是一次穿梭时空的旅行,这将会更加令人惊叹。原文译文属!201208/195622青岛新阳光医院医院做血常规检查

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