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We all know time is a construct, and right now, it#39;s kept by the very precise tick of an international network of around 500 atomic clocks.我们都知道时间是个复杂的概念。目前,世界上有一个由大约500台原子钟组成的网络,而我们就通过这些原子钟精确的滴答进行计时。But now researchers have shown that time could be kept even more accurately with a new-generation of clocks called optical clocks, and they want to use the new system to redefine a second - which would mean we could squeeze even more into our days. The optical clock they#39;ve just measured is so precise that it would have lost less than two minutes if it had been running since the birth of the Universe, which is pretty incredible once you wrap your head around it.但是现在研究人员表示,新一代钟表——光学钟——可以更准确地计时,而且他们想用新系统来重新定义一秒钟的长度,这也就意味着我们的日子里甚至可以挤进去更多光阴。刚刚测量的光学钟非常精确,如果它从宇宙诞生之日起开始运行的话,到现在误差还不到两分钟,仔细想想简直不可思议。Global time-keeping is important, because #39;the second#39; - as defined by the International System of s (SI) - is what our GPS devices, electrical power grids, and financial networks all rely on.全球计时是非常重要的,因为我们的GPS设备、电网和金融网络全都依赖着由国际计量系统(SI)定义的“秒”。That#39;s why we use atomic - or microwave - clocks, which measure the vibration of a caesium atom to keep time, just like the tiny swinging of a pendulum. And since 1967, a SI second has been defined as 9,192,631,770 cycles of those vibrations. But, as specific as that sounds, even the best atomic clocks can still accumulate an error of about 1 nanosecond over a month.这也是我们应用原子钟或微波钟的原因,它们通过测量铯原子的摆动来计时,就像一个钟摆在轻微摆动。自1967年以来,国际计量系统定义的一秒就是91亿9263万1770次这种微小摆动。但是,尽管听起来很精准,即使是最好的原子钟在一个月的时间内也仍然会积累出十亿分之一秒的误差。Optical clocks, on the other hand, are even more precise. They work similarly to atomic clocks, but they measure the oscillations of atoms or ions that vibrate at frequencies about 100,000 times higher than microwave frequencies - which is a whole lot faster, and therefore more accurate.另一方面,光学钟却更为精确。它们的工作原理与原子钟相似,测量原子或离子的振动,但这些原子或离子的摆动频率大约是微波频率的10万倍左右——这要快得多,因此也更为准确。;Our study is a milestone in terms of practical implementation of optical clocks,; said one of the researchers, Christian Grebing, from the National Metrology Institute of Germany, ;The message is that we could today implement these optical clocks into the time-keeping infrastructure that we have now, and we would gain.;德国国家计量研究所的一位研究人员克里斯蒂安·格雷宾说:“就光学钟的实际应用而言,我们的研究是一块里程碑。也就是说,今天我们可以把这些光学钟纳入目前拥有的计时基础设施之中,而且,我们会有所收获。”That gain is the ability to squeeze more into every second. Us slow humans wouldn#39;t really notice, but things like financial time stamps would be more specific ,and banks would be able to complete even more transactions per second.收获就是可以在每一秒之中挤入更多的时光。我们这些慢腾腾的人类不会真正注意到这点变化,但是金融时间戳之类的东西会更为精准,而甚至会在每秒钟完成更多的交易。 /201606/449951Building a huge ball out of more than 175,000 rubber bands(1) is dangerous business. Really. "The rubber bands ... sometimes they'll break. That hurts," said Steve Milton, whose 4,594-pound rubber band ball was certified Tuesday as the world's largest by Guinness World Records officials. "As long as you wear your safety goggles(2), you're good."Milton, 26, of Eugene, Ore., watched as four bodybuilders rolled the multicolored(3), rubbery mass — 5 1/2 feet high and 19 feet around — onto a giant scale in downtown Chicago for the official weigh-in(4).He raised his arms over his head in Rocky-esque style when Guinness judge Sarah Wagner announced his ball had bounced(5) the previous 3,120-pound record-holder from the books. That record was set by John Bain of Wilmington, Del., in 2003."It was just a great project with me and my kids," said Milton, who worked on the ball with his 6-year-old son, Bryce Milton, and soon-to-be stepson(6), Austin Johnson, 7. "We did a little bit of research on how big rubber band balls are, and realized there was one out there that was 3,120 pounds and we knew we could do it."Milton credited his success to a simple credo(7): add to the ball every day, even if it was for just a few minutes."We tried to do at least ten to 20 pounds a day," said Milton, who moved the ball to the garage after it dawned on(8) him the growing globe would soon be too big to fit through the door. "Some days we'd take off, and not do anything, but we definitely stuck with it."Milton's fiancee, Nicole Johnson, said she thought at first that her family might be a little crazy."I was wondering," Johnson said. "But it turned into a fun project for all of us."Milton bought the rubber bands, finally striking a deal with a manufacturer to buy them in bulk(9).Guinness judge Wagner, who is based in London but flies around the globe certifying records (her previous assignment was the world's longest line of pizza in Italy), said the atmosphere for the weigh-in was great."You meet all kinds of people all over the world, and it's lovely because people have passions and you get to help realize them." 用175000根橡皮筋做成一个球是很危险的工作。真的。Steve Milton说:“有时候,橡皮筋会断,会伤到人。除非戴上护目镜,否则很危险。” 周二,他制作的4594磅橡皮筋球通过吉尼斯世界纪录官方审核成为世界最大橡皮筋球。26岁的俄勒冈州尤金小伙儿Milton看着四个大力士将高5 1/2英尺、周长19英尺的色橡胶团推上位于芝加哥的巨型天平,进行官方称重。吉尼斯评委Sarah Wagner宣布Milton打破2003年特拉华州威尔明顿John Bain创下的3120磅纪录。Milton像拳击获胜者一样把手臂高举过头顶示意。Milton与六岁的儿子Bryce Milton和7岁的准继子Austin Johnson一起制作,他说:“这是我和孩子们的大工程。我们首先了解到世界上最大的橡皮筋球为3120磅,我们认为我们可以超越。”Milton透露简单的成功秘诀:每天都缠,哪怕只缠几分钟。Milton说:“我们试图每天增加10至20磅,中途也停止过,不过最终又专心制作了。” 当他意识到这样下去球会越变越大,可能很快就出不了门的时候,他把球移到车库中。Milton的未婚妻Nicole Johnson说,最初她认为她的家人有点疯狂。Johnson说:“开始我觉得很困惑,但是后来这变成全家人的活动。”Milton负责购买皮筋,后来索性从生产商那里批量购买。基尼斯评委Wagner说称重时候的氛围太棒了。Wagner住在伦敦,终日在世界各处飞来飞去为世界纪录做见人,上一次是在意大利见世界最长的比萨队。“你在世界各地见到各种各样的人,很高兴看见人们心怀,而你能帮助他们实现梦想。” /200805/39778

Apple is to release a whole host of new products in the coming weeks, according to rumours.谣传苹果公司将在接下来的几周中发布一整套新产品。The company will hold its fairly regular spring event this year and use it to introduce updates to the iPad Pro as well as new models of the iPhone, according to reports.据报道,苹果公司将在今年继续举办其相当有规律的春季发布会,并在该发布会上介绍苹果平板电脑的更新情况以及新款的苹果手机。Though Apple hasn#39;t yet announced that event – and there are only a few days left in spring – the company is still expected to unveil the new hardware in the coming weeks, and perhaps in early April, according to rumours.据传,虽然苹果公司还没宣布此次活动,而且春季也只剩下几天了,但该公司仍有望在接下来的几周,也可能是四月初,推出新的硬件设备。The headline release is likely to be new versions of the iPad Pro, the larger version of which hasn#39;t been updated since September 2015. Alongside updates to both the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch versions of the tablet, it#39;s expected to launch a 10.5-inch model that might also bring with it a new design and new features.发布的重点产品可能是新版的平板电脑(iPad Pro),这款平板自2015年9月就没再更新过了,而新版本的平板屏幕会更大。除了这款平板9.7英寸和12.9英寸的更新版本,苹果公司还有望推出一款10.5英寸的平板,这款平板可能会带来新的外观设计以及新的特色。As well as the iPad Pro, Apple is expected to unveil a red version of its iPhone 7, however, it isn#39;t expected to bring with it any major updates apart from the colour.除了平板电脑(iPad Pro),苹果有望推出一款红色的苹果7,不过,除了颜色,这款手机预计不会再有其他重要更新了。The iPhone 8 and 7s, which together will bring far more significant updates to the iPhone, are expected to be unveiled in September.苹果8以及苹果7s预计会在9月推出,这两款手机将同时带来更重要的更新。It#39;s not clear where the company will hold the event. In recent years it has held those events on its campus, but it is currently in the middle of moving away from that Town Hall.目前并不清楚苹果公司会在何处举办这场发布会。最近几年,苹果公司都是在公司园区“苹果校园”中举办这些活动的,然而目前苹果公司正处于搬离市政厅的途中。It said in its statement on the new version of that campus, the Apple Park, that its Steve Jobs Theater would be opening ;later this year;. That was presumed to mean later than April, but it#39;s possible that the spring event could also serve as the reveal of that campus.苹果公司在新园区“苹果公园”的声明中指出,史蒂芬·乔布斯剧院将“在今年晚些时候”营业。人们以为这意味着会晚于4月,但是,苹果公司也可能在春季发布会上公开新园区。 /201703/498506

  Some chief executives rescue a company from the brink of collapse. 有的首席执行官将公司从崩溃边缘拯救出来,有的首席执行官带领着已经很优秀的公司走向伟大,但很少有人两样都能达成,Others lead aly good companies to greatness. 而约尔根.维格.克努斯托普(J#248;rgen Vig Knudstorp)过去12年在乐高(Lego)就做到了。But few, like Jorgen Vig Knudstorp at Lego in the past 12 years, do both.但很少有人两样都能达成,而约尔根.维格.克努斯托普(J#248;rgen Vig Knudstorp)过去12年在乐高(Lego)就做到了。In a valedictory interview before stepping down as chief executive to become chairman at the year’s end, Mr Knudstorp details how he revived the maker of plastic bricks and turned it into the most profitable toymaker in the world — and how his management challenges have shifted over time.克努斯托普在年底将卸下首席执行官职务,成为董事长,他在一次告别采访中详述了自己如何让这家塑料积木制造商重新振作,变成全球最赚钱的玩具制造商,以及他面临的管理挑战是怎样随时间推移而改变。Sitting in his office in Lego’s home town of Billund in the heart of rural, central Denmark — 克努斯托普的办公室在乐高的比隆总部,这里位于丹麦中部乡村地区的核心。surrounded by sets that include a gigantic Disney castle — the spiky-haired 48-year-old retains a boyish air. 这个48岁、头发楞着的首席执行官坐在自己的办公室里,看上去仍像个男孩,周围摆满了乐高积木系列,其中包括一座巨大的迪士尼城堡。He was introduced to the toymaker as a child by his teacher and engineer parents when initially all he wanted was a racing car.童年时,他那对教师和工程师父母将这家玩具商介绍给他——而他一开始想要的是一辆赛车。But Mr Knudstorp is no wide-eyed romantic. 但克努斯托普绝非天真浪漫,他还为乐高带来了自己身为麦肯锡(McKinsey)咨询顾问的大量专业背景。He also brought to Lego much of his professional background as a McKinsey consultant. 克努斯托普自2004年执掌乐高,带领乐高走过了五个阶段,他分别简洁概述为:生存、目标、释放增长、加速、腾飞。He gives each of the five phases he has led Lego through since 2004 a pithy description — survive, purpose, let growth loose, step up, leap — before adding: I apologise for the management lingo.说完他补充道:请原谅这些管理术语。The first person outside the founding family to run Lego, his initial task was to staunch the bleeding, as journalists prepared obituaries for the lossmaking and over-extended toymaker. 作为执掌乐高的第一位非创始家族成员,克努斯托普的头一个任务就是止血,当时记者们已经为这家连续亏损、过度扩张的玩具制造商准备好了讣告。Mr Knudstorp adopted a strict focus on cash, selling off peripheral businesses such as theme parks and games, and cutting the number of parts Lego made. 克努斯托普对现金严加关注,卖掉了主题公园、视频游戏等周边产业,减少了乐高零件生产量。Foreign outposts were scaled back or closed down. 国外机构或缩小规模,或关闭。Tiny Billund again became the heart of the group.小小的比隆再次成为乐高集团的心脏。In a second phase, he worked on productivity and identity 在第二个阶段,克努斯托普致力于提高生产率,建立品牌身份。by moving much of Lego’s production to countries such as Hungary and Mexico, and boosting the brand. 他将乐高大部分生产转移到匈牙利和墨西哥等国,同时提升品牌形象。Only in the third period — 2009-11 — did he feel the toymaker could look to growth again. 到2009年至2011年的第三个阶段他才觉得,这家玩具商可以再次期待增长。Every time you grow, you are hiding your problems. 他说:每次你增长时,你都隐藏了自己的问题。Growth is like sugar-coating your problems, he adds.增长就像给问题裹上糖衣。As Lego became more successful, so the problems changed. 随着乐高越来越成功,所面临的问题也在改变。By 2012, the issue was responding to growth rates 到2012年,问题变成了如何响应增长率。that have seen Lego’s revenues increase by an average 17 per cent a year under Mr Knudstorp. 在克努斯托普带领下,乐高的收入以年均17%的速度增长。He decided to create what he calls a circular management team in which the 20 people who reported to the top handful of managers on the executive committee met once a month. 他决定打造一个循环管理团队,团队由向执行委员会的少数最高级别高管述职的20人组成,每月开一次会。The idea was to allow Lego’s supply chain to continue humming even as it expanded into the likes of Asia. 这一想法旨在保即使乐高扩张到亚洲等地,其供应链依旧保持运转。If you make a decision in product design, you need to mirror it in manufacturing, says Mr Knudstorp.克努斯托普说:如果你在产品设计上作出一个决定,你需要在制造上反映出来。The latest phase, beginning last year, was born out of the difficulties of becoming so big. 最新阶段始于去年,它脱胎于乐高规模庞大后面临的诸多难题。Small problems developed: Lego was fined EURO130,000 for preventing German stores from offering discounts; employee satisfaction levels were flat, and the number of staff increased by a quarter in just one year.一些小问题开始出现:乐高因阻止德国商铺打折而被罚款13万欧元,员工满意度走平,员工人数在短短一年内增加了四分之一。Mr Knudstorp says he worries about what consultants at Bain call the westward winds, forces that push bigger companies away from what made them successful in the first place. 克努斯托普表示,他担心贝恩(Bain)的咨询顾问所称的东风,即推动大型企业脱离起初让它们获得成功的东西的力量。It is bureaucracy, it is because you are getting bigger, the pressure of scaling, of finding the right talent, of having the entrepreneurial spirit despite being a very big company, Mr Knudstorp adds.他补充道:是因为官僚主义,是因为企业做得越来越大,还有扩大规模、找到对的人才、以及尽管公司非常大但仍要保持创业精神的压力。As Lego opens a new factory in China to service its rapidly growing Asian business, Mr Knudstorp and his successor Bali Padda — the current chief operating officer — work hard to ensure it has the same culture and values as its other factories, as well as a good supply chain. 随着乐高在中国建设新工厂以满足公司快速增长的亚洲业务,克努斯托普及其继任者、现任乐高首席运营官巴利.帕达(Bali Padda)正全力以赴,确保中国工厂与其他工厂保持相同的文化和价值观,同时也保持良好的供应链。Under its two in a box principle, an experienced Lego general manager works alongside a new Chinese general manager.根据双重管理的原则,一名经验丰富的乐高总经理将与一名新的中国总经理并肩工作。Some of the same issues that confronted Mr Knudstorp in 2004 are creeping back in. 克努斯托普2004年遭遇过的一些问题正在悄然再现。The number of parts used by Lego has increased, but he stresses that so has turnover. 乐高使用的零件数量增加了,但他强调,销售额也增加了。Offices have been opened in London, Singapore and Shanghai but Billund remains the company’s centre. 乐高在伦敦、新加坡、上海设立了办事处,但仍以比隆为中心。A new headquarters is being built, and an architecturally impressive Lego House to show off the brand. 一座新的总部正在建设,还有一座展示乐高品牌的、建筑风格令人印象深刻的Lego House。We are careful about not losing our soul, Mr Knudstorp says.我们小心翼翼避免丢失自己的灵魂,克努斯托普说。He also stresses humility, saying Lego has learnt that it cannot do everything.他还强调了谦虚,称乐高明白自己并非无所不能。It is a wonderful thing to have Legoland [the theme park]. 拥有乐高乐园(Legoland)是件好事。But Lego wasn’t a great owner, Mr Knudstorp says. 但乐高过去并不是一个很好的所有者,克努斯托普说。Films and games have followed the same model of having another company better suited to those fields using the Lego brand.在电影和视频游戏方面,乐高也遵循同样的模式,即让另一家更适合这些领域的公司使用乐高品牌。With scale has come the potential to attack Lego in various ways. 伴随规模的扩大,乐高开始受到各种各样的攻击。In recent years, it has faced controversy for not supplying Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (the company later agreed to the request, blaming a misinterpretation of company policy on political neutrality for the mistake); has been the butt of gender protests over pink toys for girls in the Lego Friends range, and stopped collaborations with Royal Dutch Shell and the Daily Mail newspaper after those companies faced public protests.近年来,乐高曾因拒绝向中国艺术家艾未未供货而面临争议(公司后来同意了艾未未的要求,并将这一错误归咎于对公司政治中立政策的曲解);因在乐高好朋友(Lego Friends)系列中为女孩推出粉红色玩具而成为性别抗议人士攻击的对象,并被迫停止与遭到公众抗议的荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell)、《每日邮报》(Daily Mail)等公司的合作。Mr Knudstorp says: There is no doubt that being such a popular brand we are a good target for so-called brand hijacking. 克努斯托普表示:毫无疑问,作为一个如此受欢迎的品牌,我们是所谓品牌劫持的好靶子。Lego now follows popular opinion closely on Twitter and Mr Knudstorp personally answers some letters sent in by children and parents. 如今,乐高密切关注Twitter上的公众舆论,克努斯托普亲自回答孩子和家长们发来的部分信件。It’s really important to listen. 倾听真的非常重要。Twitter and social media give us the possibility to gauge the issue. Twitter和社交媒体使我们能够评估这一问题。Sometimes we are caught off guard, he adds.有时我们也会措手不及,他补充道。Stepping back from the day-to-day business will allow Mr Knudstorp to focus on new business areas. 从日常事务中退下来可以让克努斯托普专注于新的业务领域。As well as being chairman of the toymaker, he will head the new Lego Brand Group, an entity that pools all the founding family’s Lego-related interests.在担任这家玩具制造商董事长的同时,他将执掌新成立的Lego Brand Group——汇集创始家族与乐高相关的所有利益的一个实体。Mr Knudstorp says it will ensure the family is an active owner, one who smells the roses, who knows what the business, the culture are like. 克努斯托普表示,Lego Brand Group将确保整个家族成为一个活跃的所有者,一个能欣赏平凡事物、熟悉公司业务和文化的家族。The crucial balance for him will be between brand protection and brand development. 对克努斯托普而言,关键是要在品牌保护与品牌发展之间实现平衡。The split will allow Lego to concentrate purely on plastic bricks.新成立Lego Brand Group可以让乐高完全专注塑料积木业务。 /201612/485922

  幸福婚姻有助于缓解女性压力A new study has found that all women need to lower their stress levels is a strong and happy marriage.A new study has found that all women need to lower their stress levels is a strong and happy marriage.A team of researchers led by James A. Coan, a University of Virginia neuroscientist has found that women under threat who hold their husbands' hands show signs of immediate relief, which can clearly be seen on their brain scans.Coan, an assistant professor in the U.Va. Neuroscience Graduate Program and the Department of Psychology, and his team conducted a study involving several couples who rated themselves as highly satisfied with their marriages.The researchers designed a functional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) study in which 16 married women were subjected to the threat of a very mild electric shock while theyby turnsheld their husband's hand, the hand of a stranger (male) or no hand at all.They found that the MRI was able to show how these women's brains responded to this handholding while in a threatening situation.The researchers noted a large decrease in the brain response to threat as a function of spouse handholding, and a limited decrease in this response as a function of stranger handholding.Moreover, spouse handholding effects varied as a function of marital quality, with women in the very highest quality marriages benefiting from a very powerful decrease in threat-related brain activity."This is the first study of the neurological reactions to human touch in a threatening situation." said Dr. Coan.The study is published in the December 2006 issue of the journal Psychological Science. 一项最新研究发现,牢固美满的婚姻有助于缓解女性的压力。弗吉尼亚大学神经学家詹姆斯·A·可恩负责的一个研究小组通过脑部扫描发现,女性在受到威胁的情况下如果抓住丈夫的手,压力会立刻缓解。可恩是弗吉尼亚大学神经系统科学硕士项目和心理学系的副教授,他所负责的研究小组对几对婚姻很美满的夫妇进行了一项研究。研究人员设计了一项功能磁共振成像研究,他们让16名已婚女性在受到弱电击时分别握住丈夫的手、握住一位陌生男性的手以及不握手。结果发现,功能磁共振成像可以显示出这些女性在受到威胁的情况下,握住不同人的手时的大脑反应。研究人员发现,受到威胁的女性抓住丈夫的手时,脑部反应明显减弱;而抓住陌生男性的手时,脑部反应的变化则没有那么明显。此外,这种握手所起到的效果受到婚姻质量的影响,婚姻很美满的女性握手时压力明显缓解。可恩士说:“这一研究首次对人在受到威胁的情况下进行身体接触所产生的神经学反应进行了探究。”这项研究结果在《心理科学》的12月刊上发表。Vocabulary:by turns: 轮流;交替 /200803/30489。

  In a bid to convince drivers in Aichi Prefecture to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, a new Japanese smartphone app offers free coffee coupons to drivers who don’t check their phones for at least 100 km.为了督促爱知县的司机认真开车看路,日本新推出一款智能手机App,向那些开车100公里以上不看手机的司机提供免费咖啡券。For the last 13 years, Aichi Prefecture has recorded the highest rate of traffic fatalities in Japan. 过去13年中,爱知县的交通死亡率一直居日本首位。Last year, there were 443,691 accidents that resulted in injuries or deaths, and 50,101 arrests involving the use of smartphones while driving. 去年443691例交通事故死亡中,就有50101例是由于驾驶时使用智能手机造成的。With handhelds becoming such a big part of people’s lives, there appears to be an increase in violations of this nature, and authorities have yet to come up with an effective plan to combat the problem.随着手机在人们生活中地位的提升,由此引发的交通事故也越来越多。但截至目前为止,官方还未提出有效计划来解决这一问题。Interestingly, a trio of Japanese company seem to think that an ingenious new app could incentivize drivers to restrain themselves from checking their phones at the wheel and reduce the number of traffic accidents. 有趣的是,日前有三家日本公司认为,新开发的一款独具特色的App,可给予驾驶过程中不看手机的司机以物质奖励,从而有效减少交通事故的发生。Toyota Motor Corporation, Komeda Co Ltd and KDDI Corporation have teamed up to create Driving Barista, an app that uses the phone’s gyro sensor to sense the tilt of the device, and the GPS to determine the distance driven. 日本丰田汽车公司、日本老牌咖啡连锁Komeda咖啡馆以及日本电讯商KDDI三家公司联合推出的Driving Barista手机App,This allows it to calculate the number of kilometers a driver has traveled with the smartphone facing down.可使用手机陀螺仪传感器来感知手机的倾斜程度,使用GPS来检测汽车的行驶里程,从而计算出司机保持手机屏幕朝下所行驶的距离。When Driving Barista determines that the smartphone has not been tampered with for at least 100 kilometers, it will reward the driver with a coupon for a cup of blended or iced coffee at a Komeda Coffee Shop. 当Driving Barista感知到手机在至少100公里内没有被摆弄时,就会奖励司机一张Komeda咖啡馆的混合咖啡或冰咖啡免费券。The reward is earned after every 100 kilometers driven without checking the phone. 在不看手机的情况下每行驶100公里,就可以获得一张咖啡券。If you tinker with it before reaching the mandatory 100km, the app will reset back at 0km.如果在未到达规定的100公里之前摆弄手机,行驶距离则归零。Toyota claims that this is the first smartphone app that attempts to tackle traffic safety issues. 丰田公司称,这是第一款致力于解决交通安全问题的手机app。In line with contributing to the ultimate goal of achieving zero traffic fatalities and zero traffic accidents, Toyota has implemented automobile safety measures as one of its top priority management concerns, said Shuichi Murakami, managing officer at Toyota. 丰田高管村上秀一说:为了能为实现交通零伤亡零事故这一最高目标尽一份力,丰田已将汽车的安全措施列入管理的重中之重。By carrying out a new traffic safety education initiative together with Komeda and KDDI, we hope to further reduce traffic accidents.我们希望通过三家合作,践行这一交通安全教育新倡议,进一步减少交通事故的发生。Driver Barista launched on September 20th and is available for both iOS and Android devices. 这款软件于9月20日投入使用,苹果和安卓用户均可下载。For now, it only works in Aichi Pefecture.目前该软件只在日本爱知县使用。 /201609/468921

  The most accurate predictor of earning power is literacy. According to a number of international studies, it is a better indicator than years of education.Literacy does not just mean being able to , but also refers to how well you cope with the written language. This is greatly affected by the number of words you heard or as a child, or have learned since. For this reason, immigrants often have low literacy levels in the language of their new country. Improving literacy is something you can work on at any time, on your own, without going to school or taking special programs.Nearly all publications thus reduce the complexity of written communications, as measured by various ability indicators. This is undoubtedly a sensible idea for communicating with and appealing to the majority of people. However, if you as an individual want to improve your word power, you should head in the opposite direction. Time Magazine and Newsweek are only written at a Grade 10 level and most popular novels are at a Grade 7 to 10 level. If everything you is at a grade 10 level or less, your literacy level will stagnate. Try to more challenging material to increase your literacy fitness and earning power.Give yourself a literacy workout, regularly. Soon, you will see a difference in the way you use words and in the way people react to your input. Here's how:Find articles on the Internet: Look for articles that are interesting but a little difficult or complex to digest. There is almost no limit to the variety of content available on the web, at all levels of difficulty. BNET and Gutenberg are just some examples of great sources of articles and e-books.Push yourself beyond your comfort level. You may do most of your ing away from the computer, but the Internet is a great place to hone your skills. On the Internet you can identify the difficulty level of different types of ing, as I will explain. In addition you can access online dictionaries and other language resources which can help you.Know the complexity of your ing material: Find out where your comfort level is. Copy a sample page from a source or article that interests you and paste it into Google Documents. There you can go to File/Word Count and you will see several ability indicators. I use the Automated Reader Index which indicates the number of years of schooling required to understand a text.Now try to content that is a level or two higher, whatever that level is. Keep challenging yourself with harder and harder material until you are comfortable with content that is at an index of 12 or 15 or higher. Once you have an idea of the complexity of different types of ing you can target this kind of content for your off line ing too.Measure the richness of the vocabulary: While you have selected text still on your clipboard, go to Tom Cobb's Vocabulary Profiler. There you can see how many words are within the first 1000 most frequent words, how many are "academic" (AWL), and how many are Off-List words. Try to get to the point where you are comfortable ing material that has around 10% or more words in both the AWL and the Off-List categories. Don't hesitate to use online dictionaries and other word learning systems for increasing your vocabulary, if you need to.Listen and : If you want to train your brain to become comfortable with complex language content, seek out sites which offer audio with transcripts for free download. Voice of America, and Interesting Things of the Day are but two examples of such sites. To improve your ability to complex content, listen to the same content as you are ing. This is an effective way to learn languages, and works wonderfully for improving your ing skills, whatever your level.Writing that seemed unnecessarily complicated or confusing will gradually seem clear. If you are up to it, try something like James Joyce's Ulysses. I could never Proust, but I now enjoy him through audio books.Try an example. Listen to and this article on Biometrics. It has the following profile:Readability Index: 15 years of educationFirst 1000 frequency words: 70 %Academic Word List words: 8 %Off-List words: 13 %You can train yourself to get used to language that at first seems difficult to understand. As your language skills improve, you will find that your writing and oral expression will also improve. You will not need to take those remedial writing, or "higher level thinking" courses which are offered in college to students with poor literacy skills. And your earning potential will increase, for life. /200804/347811. You’re constantly checking your social networks during work hours.1.你经常不断地在工作时间内查看自己的社交媒体。I get that work probably isn’t the most exciting thing going on in your day, but if you find that you’re constantly checking and re-checking your social networks at work, then let’s face it: you’re probably not getting much done.我想你的工作每天并不是令你最精神抖擞的事情,但是如果你发现自己总是在工作的时候,不断地看了又看自己的社交媒体网站,让我们来面对这样一个问题:你可能每天完成的工作不多。Your need to check, scroll, comment, or like posts on social media isn’t just a huge time- and productivity-suck, but it’s also damaging to your career as well. It’s for this reason that some companies enforce a no-phone policy during work hours. Bottom line, you get paid to work, not check on what everyone else is doing on the internet.你需要在你的社交媒体网站上查看内容,翻页,或者发帖等,这不仅需要花费很多时间,而且会降低你的工作效率,甚至也会对你的职业生涯造成恶劣影响。出于这一原因,一些公司禁止员工在工作时间看手机。底线就是,老板付钱让你工作,你就不要在网上看其他人在做什么了。2. You become obsessed with your online identity and forget about the real world.2.你会沉溺于你的网上身份,忘记真实的世界。Wanting attention from others isn’t a crime, but when it interferes with your life and career, it’s a huge problem. Your obsession with your online identity can make you lose touch with reality because you find more value in likes, follows, and comments than you do with what’s going on in real life. Instead of focusing on working hard and being a star employee, you’ve looking for more attention online – and I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re not getting cut a check for your 25 likes on Instagram.希望得到其他人的关注并不是犯罪,但是当这种行为妨碍了你的生活和事业的时候,那问题可就大了。你对网上身份的痴迷,会让你逐渐放弃与真实世界的联系,因为你发现在网络上你能找到更多喜欢的东西,跟随者以及,这比现实世界要多很多。这样你就不会专注地努力工作,成为明星员工,而是寻求网上的更多关注——我可以很大胆地推测你可能不会放弃Instagram(一款图片分享软件)上的25个兴趣群。 /201607/452872

  Researchers at the University of Bristol have found a means of creating a battery capable of generating clean electricity for five millennia.英国布里斯托大学的研究人员日前发现了一种可产生够使用5000年的清洁能源电池的制造方法。Scientists found that by heating graphite blocks - used to house uranium rods in nuclear reactors - much of the radioactive carbon is given off as a gas.这一成果是科学家们通过加热石墨块发现的,这种石墨块是核反应堆中用来嵌入铀棒的,其中放射性碳大部分会变成气体释放出来。This can then be gathered and turned into radioactive diamonds using a high-temperature chemical reaction, in which carbon atoms are left on the surface in small, dark-colored diamond crystals.然后这些碳气体被收集起来,利用高温化学反应,可以转化为放射性金刚石,碳原子以小小的黑色金刚石晶体的形式沉积于表面。These man-made diamonds produce a small electrical charge when placed near a radioactive source.当被置于一个放射源附近的时候,这些人造金刚石能够产生一个小电荷。The radioactive diamonds are then encased safely within a layer of non-radioactive diamond. The surface of a complete diamond emits less radiation than a banana.这些放射性金刚石随后被安全地包裹进一个非放射性金刚石层。因此形成的金刚石电池组表面发出的辐射量比香蕉还低。The Bristol scientists have aly created a working diamond battery from nickel-63, a radioactive isotope more stable than carbon-14, which is prevalent in nuclear waste.布里斯托的科学家们用镍-63制造出有效的金刚石电池。镍-63是另一种放射性同位素,比碳-14还稳定,在核废料中十分普遍。They will create their first carbon-14 batteries in the New Year.在新年的时候,科学家们将制作出第一批碳-14电池。;There are no moving parts involved, no emissions generated and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation,; said Tom Scott, Professor in Materials at the University of Bristol Interface Analysis Centre.布里斯托大学界面分析中心材料学教授汤姆·斯科特表示:“这种电池没有活动部件,不排放废气,也不需要维护,就是直接发电。”;By encapsulating radioactive material inside diamonds, we turn a long-term problem of nuclear waste into a nuclear-powered battery and a long-term supply of clean energy.;“通过将放射性材料封入金刚石,我们就把核废料这个长期问题变成了核电池,长期提供清洁能源。” /201612/483477Chopsticks筷子Similar to people of other nationalities,ancient Chinese people grasped or tore food with their bare hands at the beginning.与其他民族一样,中国最初的食用方法也是“以手奉饭”,也就是用手抓,或用手撕。Chopsticks,forks, knives and spoons were used much later, of which chopsticks,with a history of thousands of years, are a wonder of Chinese dining utensils.至于使用筷子、叉、刀、匙等进餐用具,则都是较晚的方法。 其中,筷子是中国进餐习俗中的一绝,至今已有数千年的历史。Chopsticks are the dining utensils most frequently used in Chinese people’s daily life.筷子是日常生活中经常用到的一种进餐工具,也是中国人进餐时的必备用具。In ancient China, they were called zhu.古代称为“箸”,今俗称筷子。When the Chinese began to use chopsticks as an eating instrument is anybody’s guess.中国人什么时候开始使用筷子进餐的,已经无从查起。They were first mentioned in writing in Liji ( The Book of Rites ), a work compiled some 2 000 years ago.最初的记载是在2000年前所编辑的一本叫做《礼记》的书中。Chopsticks may be made of any of several materials: bamboo, wood, gold, silver, ivory, pewter, and plastics.筷子可以用许多材料制作,如竹筷、木筷、金筷、银筷、象牙筷、锡筷、塑料筷,等等。In cross-section, they may be either round or square.其形或下圆上方、或上下全圆。Some of them are engraved with coloured pictures or calligraphy for decoration.有的镶有色图案或书法用以装饰。Ordinary chopsticks used in Chinese homes are of wood or bamboo, those for banquets are often ivory, whereas gold ones belonged only to the royalty and aristocracy.现在中国家庭使用的普通筷子多以木头或竹子制成,宴会通常使用象牙筷子,古代皇宫和贵族则使用金筷。 /201509/394031

  The Indian government has said it plans to measure the height of Mount Everest for a second time to assess whether it changed as a result of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.为了确认珠穆朗玛峰高度在2015年尼泊尔大地震后是否出现变化,印度政府日前表示,计划重新测量珠峰的高度。Surveyor-General Swarna Subba Rao said an expedition would be sent to the world#39;s highest mountain in two months.印度测量部门总监拉奥称,印度测量局即将在两个月内派遣科考队赴实地测量这座全球最高峰。Nepalese officials, however, told the B that no agreement had been reached on allowing an Indian team access.然而,尼泊尔方面的官员却向B透露,目前两国间并未就允许印度科考队入境测量达成协议。Satellite data has indicated the quake impact reduced the height of the peak.根据卫星数据显示,该次地震确实给珠峰的高度造成了一定影响。The most widely recognised height, 8,848m (29,028ft), came from an Indian survey 62 years ago.最广泛认可的珠峰高度为8848米(29028英尺),是印度于62年前测出的。Scientists have said that the height of a swathe of the Himalayas dropped by around one metre shortly after the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake.在尼泊尔经历了7.8级强烈地震后不久,科学家就推测珠峰高度下降了近1米。They added at the time that a ground survey and GPS or an airborne mission would be needed to determine whether the world#39;s highest peak had seen a change in its height by a few centimetres.他们还补充说道,要确认珠峰高度是否变化了,需要通过地面测量、卫星定位或是一次空降任务来判定。Mr Rao said it was still unclear whether the earthquake had affected Everest#39;s height.拉奥表示,地震是否影响了珠峰的高度,目前尚不能确认。He told the Press Trust of India news agency that a 30-strong team would take about a month to make its observations and another 15 days to compute and declare its data.他向印度报业托拉斯透露,此次印度方面预计将派出一个30人的团队,用约一个月的时间进行观测,另外用15天的时间对数据进行计算并最终公布结果。 /201702/491455



  Today I have been both murderous and merciful. 今天,我既凶残又仁慈。I have deliberately mown down pensioners and a pack of dogs. 我故意杀死了领取养老金者和几条。I have ploughed into the homeless, slain a couple of athletes and run over the obese. 我撞了无家可归者,杀死了两名运动员,轧过了肥胖者。But I have always tried to save the children.但是,我始终努力救孩子。As I finish my session on the Moral Machine — a public experiment being run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — I learn that my moral outlook is not universally shared. 我在道德机器(Moral Machine)——麻省理工学院(MIT)运行的一项公开实验——上完成测试后发现,我的道德观跟很多人不一样。Some argue that aggregating public opinions on ethical dilemmas is an effective way to endow intelligent machines, such as driverless cars, with limited moral reasoning capacity. 有些人辩称,在道德困境上把公众意见汇集到一起,是向无人驾驶汽车等智能机器赋予有限道德推理能力的有效手段。Yet after my experience, I am not convinced that crowdsourcing is the best way to develop what is essentially the ethics of killing people. 然而,在测试之后,我不相信众包是形成杀戮道德(本质上就是这么回事)的最佳途径。The question is not purely academic: Tesla is being sued in China over the death of a driver of a car equipped with its semi-autonomous autopilot. 这个问题并不单纯是学术层面的:一辆配备半自动式Autopilot的特斯拉(Tesla)汽车的驾车者死亡,导致该公司在中国被起诉。Tesla denies the technology was at fault.特斯拉否认那起事故的过错在于该项技术。Anyone with a computer and a coffee break can contribute to MIT’s mass experiment, which imagines the brakes failing on a fully autonomous vehicle. 任何人只要有台电脑,利用咖啡时间就可以参加麻省理工学院的大众实验。The vehicle is packed with passengers, and heading towards pedestrians. 该实验想象一辆全自动驾驶汽车的刹车失灵。这辆车载满了乘客,正朝行人开过去。The experiment depicts 13 variations of the trolley problem — a classic dilemma in ethics that involves deciding who will die under the wheels of a runaway tram.实验给出了这一无轨电车难题的13个版本。这是一个经典的道德难题,需要决定谁将死于一辆失控电车的车轮之下。In MIT’s reformulation, the runaway is a self-driving car that can keep to its path or swerve; both mean death and destruction. 在麻省理工学院的重新设计中,失控的是一辆自动驾驶汽车,它既可以按原来路线行驶,也可以急转弯;两种情形都会造成死亡和破坏。The choice can be between passengers and pedestrians, or two sets of pedestrians. 被选对象可以是乘客或行人,或者两组行人。Calculating who should perish involves pitting more lives against less, young against old, professionals against the homeless, pregnant women against athletes, humans against pets.计算谁应送命,需要在较多生命和较少生命之间、年轻人和老年人之间、专业人士和无家可归者之间、怀女性和运动员之间,以及人类和宠物之间做出抉择。At heart, the trolley problem is about deciding who lives, who dies — the kind of judgment that truly autonomous vehicles may eventually make. 电车难题的核心是决定谁生、谁死——这正是真正自动驾驶的汽车最终或许要做出的那种判断。My preferences are revealed afterwards: I mostly save children and sacrifice pets. 我的偏好在实验后被披露出来:基本上,我会救孩子,牺牲宠物。Pedestrians who are not jaywalking are spared and passengers expended. 没有乱穿马路的行人得以幸免,而乘客被牺牲了。It is obvious: by choosing to climb into a driverless car, they should shoulder the burden of risk. 很明显:选择上一辆无人驾驶汽车的人,应当分担一部分风险。As for my aversion to swerving, should caution not dictate that driverless cars are generally programmed to follow the road?至于我不愿急转弯,难道谨慎没有意味着无人驾驶汽车的程序指令通常是沿道路行驶吗?It is illuminating — until you see how your preferences stack up against everyone else. 这很有启发意义——直到你看到自己的偏好跟其他所有人有多么不同。In the business of life-saving, I fall short — especially when it comes to protecting car occupants. 我在救命这件事上做得不够好——尤其是在保护汽车乘员方面。Upholding the law and not swerving seem more important to me than to others; the social status of my intended victims much less so.相比其他事项,守法和避免急转弯似乎对我更重要一些;我选择的受害人的社会地位对我完全不重要。We could argue over the technical aspects of dishing out death judiciously. 我们可能对于明智而审慎地分发死亡的技术方面争论不休。For example, if we are to condemn car occupants, would we go ahead regardless of whether the passengers are children or criminals?例如,如果我们宣判汽车乘员死刑,那么无论乘客是孩子还是罪犯,我们都会照做不误吗?But to fret over such details would be pointless. 但是,为此类细节烦恼将是毫无意义的。If anything, this experiment demonstrates the extreme difficulty of reaching a consensus on the ethics of driverless cars. 如果说有任何收获的话,那就是这个实验明,要在无人驾驶汽车的道德上达成共识是极其困难的。Similar surveys show that the utilitarian ideal of saving the greatest number of lives works pretty well for most people as long as they are not the roadkill.类似调查显示,对大多数人而言,救下最多条命这个功利主义观念合情合理——只要他们自己不在车轮下丧生。I am pessimistic that we can simply pool our morality and subscribe to a norm — because, at least for me, the norm is not normal. 我对于只是把大家的道德集合到一起、然后遵守一个规范感到很悲观,因为,至少在我看来,这个规范不是正常的。This is the hurdle faced by makers of self-driving cars, which promise safer roads overall by reducing human error: who will buy a vehicle run on murderous algorithms they do not agree with, let alone a car programmed to sacrifice its occupants?这是自动驾驶汽车厂商面临的障碍。他们承诺通过减少人类过错来提高整体道路安全,但是谁会购买一辆由他本人并不认可的杀戮算法操控的汽车呢?更别提程序设定牺牲车上乘客的汽车了。It is the idea of premeditated killing that is most troubling. 最令人不安的正是这种预谋杀戮的构想。That sensibility renders the death penalty widely unpalatable, and ensures abortion and euthanasia remain contentious areas of regulation. 那种敏感性让死刑普遍难以接受,并确保堕胎和安乐死仍是引起争议的监管领域。Most of us, though, grudgingly accept that accidents happen. 不过,我们大多数人咬牙接受事故可能发生。Even with autonomous cars, there may be room for leaving some things to chance.即便是自动驾驶汽车,或许也应该留下让某些事情听天由命的空间。 /201609/468720

  Asia 亚洲   The Himalayas 喜马拉雅山   Great Wall, China 中国长城   Forbidden City, Beijing, China 北京故宫   Mount Fuji, Japan 日本富士山   Taj Mahal, India 印度泰姬陵   Angkor Wat, Cambodia 柬埔寨吴哥窟   Bali, Indonesia 印度尼西亚巴厘岛   Borobudur, Indonesia 印度尼西亚波罗浮屠   Sentosa, Singapore 新加坡圣淘沙   Crocodile Farm, Thailand 泰国北榄鳄鱼湖   Pattaya Beach, Thailand 泰国芭堤雅海滩   Babylon, Iraq 伊拉克巴比伦遗迹   Mosque of St, Sophia in Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey 土耳其圣索非亚教堂 /200803/28681

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