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500 million humans live in the world#39;s desert lands,more than the combined population of Europe.五亿人口住在沙漠地带比欧洲人口还要多。They know the value of water.他们懂得水的价值。They know how to use it sparingly.他们也爱惜涓滴。Here, they depend on wells replenished by fossil water.在这里 他们依赖水井中的原生地层水。Which accumulated underground in the days when it rained on these deserts.它是由二万五千年前降于沙漠的雨水。25,000 years ago.聚集而成。Fossil water also enables crops to be grown in the desert to provide food for local populations.原生地层水令谷物得以在沙漠生长为当地人口提供食粮。The fields#39; circular shape derives from the pipes that irrigate them around a central pivot.圆形的农田由围绕中心的管道进行灌溉。But there is a heavy price to pay.但代价沉重的。Fossil water is a nonrenewable resource.原生地层水不可再生。In Saudi Arabia, the dream of industrial farming in the desert has faded.在沙地阿拉伯在沙漠作现代耕种的梦已褪。As if on a parchment map,the light spots on this patchwork show abandoned plots.这像一张羊皮纸地图,光点显示了被放弃的计划。The irrigation equipment is still there.灌溉设备仍在。The energy to pump water also.抽水的能量仍在。But the fossil water reserves are severely depleted.但原生地层水已严重枯竭。Israel turned the desert into arable land.以色列把沙漠变成耕地。 Article/201410/336910。

栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201509/399347。

从火箭发射到股票市场,人类社会最惊人的创举大都由数学持。那为何孩子会丧失学习数学的兴趣呢?康拉德·沃尔夫拉姆指出部分原因在于,我们注重笔算的教学方式,不但沉闷繁琐,还与我们实际生活毫无关联。在这个演讲中,他为我们呈现了他鲜明的观点:通过计算机编程教导孩子学习数学。 Article/201508/393272。

Skiing Variable Snow进阶滑雪when skiing off piste in variable snow, the conditions can be constantly changing在不同的雪况下滑下滑雪道,客观条件是不断变化的It can be tracked out, soft snow,harder snow ,so you as a skier have to be constantly adjusting具体情况可能会是被滑过很多的雪,松软的,硬的等等,作为一个滑雪者,你需要不停的调整。there are two main adjustments forward/back adjustment and side to side主要有前后调整,左右调整but there are many variations on those movements, that isn#39;t a simple formula但是这些基本动作中有很多的变数,不是固定公式那么简单your feet working independently and how much weight you have on each foot will depend on the snow condition你的脚要各自分工,根据雪况来判断每只脚承重多少I#39;m really having to work down here to stay in balance我在保持平衡上真的要下很大功夫and constantly reacting to the changes in the conditions而且不断应对客观条件的变化my core and stance stay strong allowing my knees and legs to absorb the bumps and drive through this chopped up snow我的重心和姿势保持稳固才能使我的膝盖和腿部完全承受雪包的冲击力,离破碎的雪面。and being pushed around from foot to foot and constantly adjusting外力的冲击在雪板之间转换,而且不断调整strong pole plant is helping me lean for turns and keep the momentum flowing有力的点杖可以帮助我侧倾转弯,而且保持这一良好的势头。I#39;m looking ahead to find the best conditions as I hit the more consistent snow当进入结实雪面的时候,我始终朝前看寻找最好的路况the adjustments is far more subtle I can just let it flow调整幅度更细致入微,然后我可以顺其自然you get a vast amount of information to your feet and legs when you skiing当你滑雪的时候,脚和腿会得到大量的信息with a good stance you can use this information react accordingly and stay in balance有一个好的滑雪姿势,顺势应对并保持平衡as you become more experienced, your ability to interpret the conditions and anticipate changes will improve等你滑雪变得非常有经验时,你理解并应对这种雪况及时变化的能力将会提高you can see this slope here from a huge amount of wind现场你可以看到风很大these marks here call (a foreign name for this type of mark) tells the story wind pass across这里中断,因为风大it also…重复了前面you can tell just by looking at the slope it#39;s a huge amount of wind你可以从痕迹上看出来风很大(整个意思都是说风大,牵涉到未知专门词汇,但不影响理解故简化)these marks here call (a foreign name for this type of mark) tells the story wind pass across雪的表面因此结成了壳it also create a bit of crust从而对你的滑行造成很大阻力just gonna give you a lot more resistance as you coming through the snow the speed is really gonna help a very smooth gradual movements一定的速度可以让你的轨迹更流畅the body position is key, my hands in front, don#39;t forget that progressive pole is gonna help you drive through身体姿势是关键,我的手在前方,不要忘记持续的点杖可以帮助你通过。And keep your body in a good strong position let#39;s give it a go同时保持稳定的姿势,让我们试一下。A confident but patients start of the turn to help the skis drive through the crusted snow转弯开始的时候自信和耐心会帮助你滑过这些有硬壳的雪地maintaining a strong body position means that even hitting this rock doesn#39;t completely threat the balance,stance is everything保持一个很稳固的姿势意味着即使你撞上石头也不会完全失去平衡,姿势最重要。ski in variable snow is really exciting it#39;s always changing在不同的雪况中滑雪非常的刺激因为它是不断变化的you need a good strong stance, you need be looking ahead and you need to adjust for the snow stay positive and go for it你需要的就是一个标准稳固的姿势,向前看,顺势调整,积极应对,加油吧注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201508/391628。

栏目简介:The Chinese team bagged two golds, one silver and two bronzes at the IAAF Diamond League Shanghai, which wrapped up this weekend. Organizers say the event helped Chinese athletes become more competitive on the international stage. Cui Hui#39;ao has the details. Article/201703/496728。

请在TED里与面包师、食物学家、大厨、农民和饕餮们共坐一桌,探究食物的真知。 Article/201506/378384。

If you’re still living in the Ice Age—that is, with a non-defrosting freezer—you’ll need these ancient skills.如果你仍然生活在冰河世纪——冰箱没有解冻——那么你需要下面这些古老的方法。You Will Need你需要Cardboard boxes纸板盒Newspaper or cloths报纸或布A pan that will fit at the bottom of your freezer可以放在冰箱底部的平底锅A towel毛巾Steps步骤STEP 1 Empty freezer1.清空冷冻室Remove all food from your freezer and place it in cardboard boxes. Cover them with newspaper or cloths to keep the food from thawing.把冷藏室里所有的食物拿出来,放在纸板盒里。用报纸或布盖上,防止食物融解。If you have a neighbor who can store some items in her freezer, that’s the best way to go. Or plan a feast around your newly-thawed food.如果可以把你的食物暂时放在邻居的冰箱里,那再好不过了。或者用刚刚融化的食物做一顿大餐。STEP 2 Empty trays2.清空托盘Remove ice trays and empty the cubes into the sink. Let them melt down the drain.取下冰块盘,把冰块倒入水槽中。让他们融化后流入下水道。STEP 3 Empty fridge3.清空冷藏室Remove all the food from your refrigerator and place it in cardboard boxes covered with newspapers or cloth.把冰箱里所有的食物取出来,放在盖有报纸或布的纸板箱里。STEP 4 Set to “defrost”4.设置解冻Turn your temperature control to #39;defrost.#39;把温控开到“解冻”状态。If you don’t have a #39;defrost#39; setting, simply unplug your refrigerator.如果没有“解冻”开关,直接拔掉电源插头。STEP 5 Place a pan5.放置平底锅Place a large square pan at the bottom of your freezer to catch the melting water. Empty and replace it as necessary.在冰箱底部放一个大的方形平底锅,用来装融化的水。如果必要的话,倒空,替换。If your unit aly has a pan there’s no need to use another one.如果冰箱里已经有一个平底锅,没必要专门放置一个。STEP 6 Place a towel6.放一条毛巾Place a dry towel underneath the refrigerator to catch melting water.在冰箱下面放一条干毛巾来吸收融化的水。Never use a sharp object to chip away at the ice coating your freezer. This could severely damage your unit.千万不要用锋利的物体刮冰箱表层覆盖的冰,否则会损坏设备。STEP 7 Wash trays7.清洗托盘While the ice is melting, wash and dry your ice cube trays.在冰融化的同时,清洗并干燥冰块托盘。To speed up the melting, put a pan of hot water in the freezer.为了加速融化过程,可以在冰箱里放一盘热水。STEP 8 Chill8.冷冻Return food and newly-filled ice cube trays to the freezer. Then return the food to fridge. Now you’re y to chill.把食物和新装满的冰块托盘放回冰箱里。然后把食物放到冷冻室。然后把食物放回冷藏室。现在冰箱可以开始工作了。Up until the 1920s, when electric refrigerators came into use, people kept their food fresh in ice boxes—literally boxy cabinets that held a huge chunk of ice.20世纪20年代之前,当电冰箱开始使用之前,人们把新鲜的食物放在用冰制成的箱子里——名副其实的用一大块冰做成的箱子。 Article/201502/360319。

Bees play a crucial role on Earth-some even claim that if they go extinct,humanity would be next.So with the dramatic decline in bee population,should we be worried? What happens if the bees all die?蜜蜂在地球上扮演着重要的角色----甚至有人说如果蜜蜂灭绝了,下一个说是人类,所以,如今迅速减少的蜜蜂数量,是否值得我们担忧?如果蜜蜂灭绝会如何?Simply put,if a plant produces a flower,you can bet that bees help them reproduce.This long-standing,working relationship evolved with flowers being bright and fragrant to attract bees,and the bees fuzzy,velcro-like bodies helping them to efficiently transfer pollen from the male part of the plant to the female part.简而言之,如果一棵植物开了一朵花,那么蜜蜂肯定会帮它们繁殖,自古以来,它们有着固定的分工,花儿负责开得娇艳芬芳吸引蜜蜂,而蜜蜂那长着毛像魔术贴一样的身体则负责,将植物的花粉从雄花上移到雌花上。This seemingly simple mechanism is directly responsible for the production of 70% of fruits,vegetables,seeds and nuts that we consume on a daily basis.70% !Which translates into almost 0 billion in global agriculture revenue.This huge responsibility is accomplished by droves of commercial bees,reared by professional beekeepers for the sole purpose of being transported to farms and orchards to pollinate crops.这个看似简单的机制正是,70%水果,蔬菜,种子和坚果生产的直接原因,而这些食物是我们的日常所需,70%!就全球农业收益而言,相当于2000亿美金,这个巨大的收益是由一群商业蜜蜂完成的,专业养蜂人唯一的饲养目的就是,桨它们送去农场和果园为庄稼授粉。But since 2006,these hardworking,busy bees have been mysteriously disappearing.This Colony Collapse Disorder has seen an average of 1/3rd of commercial bees abandoning their hives.In fact,some beekeepers have even reported that 90% of their bees have simply buzzed off.In some colonies,mites,viruses and parasites have been to blame,but many are now looking at a class of insecticides called neonicotinoids.但是 2006年之后,这些勤恳忙碌的蜜蜂不知如何故不断消失减少,蜂群衰竭失调症导致,约三分之一的商业蜂抛弃了它们的蜂房,事实上,有养蜂人报告说,他们蜂房90%的蜜蜂都跑掉了,有些蜂群出问题,是因为螨虫,病毒和寄生虫,但是更多地方可能是受头号杀虫剂新烟新烟碱的影响。This neurotoxin is used to kill off crop eating insects and pests,but also affects the central nervous systems of bees when they consume contaminated nectar.And since nectar is brought back to hives,the entire colony can be affected,leading to mass confusion and disorientation.这种神经毒素被用于消灭吃庄稼的虫子和害虫,当蜜蜂吸食了被它污染的花蜜时,中枢神经系统就会受影响,花蜜被带回蜂房后,整个蜂群都会受影响,导致大规模的混乱和迷失方向。On top of this,other factors such as extremely cold and long winters,a lack of genetic diversity in commercial bees,and less variable nectar in the fields may be at fault.If the trend continues,entire food chains and webs may be at risk.Take almond planets for example;the hulls of these nuts are used as feed for farm cattle and chickens.另外,其他因素,例如极其漫长的严冬,商业蜂群缺少遗传多样性,田里花蜜种类单一都可能会造成问题,如果继续发展下去,整个食物链食物网都会出问题,以杏仁植物为例,这些坚果的外壳,过去曾用于喂养农场里的牛和鸡。Fewer bees means fewer almonds,which could mean declining livestock,and ultimately less milk,cheese,eggs and meat production.Not to mention almonds are used in cereal,baking and many other food products.Beef and dairy cows would also be harshly affected by the vanishing alfalfa fields which are used to harvest hay for cattle.蜜蜂减少杏仁花也会减少,这意味着家畜也会减少,最终牛奶,奶酪,鸡蛋和肉类都会减少,更不用说,杏仁还广泛用于谷物,烘焙和许多其他食品生产过程,苜蓿田的消失也会大大影响肉牛和奶牛,这种植物收割晒干后用于养牛。Looking for a morning buzz?Considering bees pollinate Coffea arabica,whose seeds we grind for coffee,you can count that out.Without bees,our diet would consist of mostly corn,wheat and rice,as they are wind pollinated plants.Like your clothes?Not only is cotton the biggest cash crop in the US,it also makes up about 35% of the world#39;s fiber use.So you can forget those blue jeans,towels,mattresses and high quality paper products.在找清晨活力?考虑到咖啡树是靠蜜蜂传份的,猜猜我们用来磨咖啡的豆子是谁的种子,没有了蜜蜂,我们的主要食物会是玉米,小麦和米饭,它们都是风媒传粉植物,喜欢你的衣物?棉花不仅是美国最重要的经济作物,它还是世界上35%纤维制品的原料.以后就不用惦记牛仔裤,毛巾,床垫,和高品质的纸制品了。Simply put,we#39;d be living in a completely different world without bees,not to mention suffering a substantial economic strain from their disappearance.So while we may not necessarily go ;extinct; should the downward trend persist,a world without the buzz of bees would definitely...sting!简而言之,没了蜜蜂,我们会生活在一个截然不同的世界,更别提蜜蜂消失带来的巨大的经济压力,因此,虽然继续让蜜蜂消失,我们也未必会灭绝,但是一个没有蜜蜂的世界,绝对会让人相当痛苦。 Article/201504/371200。

Some of the simplest ways of assessing ageing评定衰老程度最简单的方法don#39;t need specialist equipment.不需要用到特殊器材Oh, this is good.做得很好Balance is controlled by your inner ear.平衡功能由内耳决定As you age, ear structures deteriorate在你老化的同时 内耳结构也会衰老and your balance gets worse.而你的平衡性会随之降低One more.再来一次You can test it by你可以通过standing on your weaker leg with your eyes closed.闭上双眼 以非惯用腿单腿站立来测试How long did I make?我坚持了多久6.59 seconds. Not very good.6.59秒 不算太好Not good at all.一点也不好The average 55-year-old should manage 8 seconds.#39;五十五岁的人通常可以撑八秒You#39;re down to...你已经保持了...Yeah, you#39;re doing well for the average 20-year-old.在二十岁的人中你也算做得很好的Over 30 seconds is what most 20-year-olds can manage,多数大约二十岁的人可以撑30秒but it#39;s one of those skills that drops off dramatically.但这是一种会很快弱化的技能I think you#39;ve proved a point.你用实际行动说明你可没老- You can stop. - You can stop, yes.-可以停了 -停下来吧Another good test is reaction time,另一个有效的方法是反应时间which drops off with age.#39;这也会随着年老而延长Not good. Eight.不算好 20厘米This one only needs a ruler.这次只需要一把尺子At our age, you should be able to在我们这个年龄catch it around the five-inch mark.应该可以在12厘米处抓住尺子重点解释:1.get worse 越来越差例句:As time go by my memory seem to get worse.随著时间的流逝,我的似乎越来越差。2.drop off减弱;减少例句:Interest in the book began to drop off.人们对这本书的兴趣开始减退了。3.be able to会; 能例句:You#39;ll be able to come, won#39;t you?你能来的,对吗? Article/201509/398735。