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郴州人民中妇幼保健医院男科预约郴州医院预约I want to make sure that the people that are in the theater that are nominated that are very nervous enjoy the show and feel respected like Im talking to them.我希望现场的人们 那些被提名的 非常紧张的演员们能享受演出 同时觉得受到尊重 觉得我在同他们交流But I think its more important they are equally important.但我认为更重要的是 同样重要的是to be talking to the people at home and making sure the people与电视机前的观众们交流 确保这些人们that are the larger group of people that are watching it at home feel that Im talking to them.大多数在家里 收看节目的观众 同样感觉到我在同他们交流And theyre not excluded from the party.让他们觉得自己也参与到了这个晚宴中But if I spend too much time talking to them但如果我花太多时间同他们交流I am excluding the people whose party it is.我又会忽视了在现场的观众们Thats right.So thats kind of the balance.Its a fun line - It is.是这样的 要找到一个平衡点 会很有趣的 -是的Because you know you have got a billion people from all of the world watching it.你要知道全世界有 超过十亿的观众会收看And you have that room of nervous people.你还要面对一屋子紧张兮兮的人So, but itll be so much fun.You are such a great host.所以 这肯定会非常有趣 你是非常棒的主持人Its gonna be fantastic. Well, I tell you - You are gonna be great.一定会很棒的 嗯 我想说 -你会表现得很完美的Here is...here is my biggest concern.我最 我最关心的是 /201511/407568郴州男科哪家医院比较好 One brother was the last king of Guge, his name was Khri-bKra-shis-Grags-pa-lde and he was considered both a religious and political ruler of the land.哥哥正是古格王朝的最后一位国王,他的名字是赤扎西扎巴德被认为是古格王朝的宗教及政治统治者。The other, was the chief abbot of one of Tibets greatest monasteries.弟弟是西藏当时的宗教领袖,拥有强大的宗教力量作为后盾。What is said to have begun as an argument of authority turned into a bitter ongoing dispute, fueled by jealousy and the thirst for power.据说刚开始的权力争执是因为嫉妒及对权力的渴望而发展成长期激烈的矛盾。This, it is speculated, is one plausible explanation for the eventual demise of Guge.推断这是古格王朝没落的一个可能原因。There are a lot of stories out there about how Guge kingdom finally ended.外头流传了许多关于古格王朝是如何走向灭亡。We know that all through its history, there were intrigues, there were times that the royalty was assassinated, the king lost his position, usurped by a brother or half-brother.我们知道贯穿整段历史的是一连串的阴谋,当时的皇族权贵遭到暗杀列王丧失他们的王位。And so there were prompts all along the way.一直以来不断上演王位遭兄弟或同父异母兄弟篡位的事件。King Khri-bKra-shis-Grags-pa-lde, came from a long line of royalty, who had ruled the kingdom from extraordinary complex at Tsaparang.赤扎西扎巴德国王是世袭皇族出身,他的皇族在札布让要塞统治古格王朝。This unusual structure, was once a burgeoning metropolis, a city fortress.这座不寻常的古城曾是发展快速的首都一座堡垒。Today, its an archaeological bonanza for explorers like Bellezza.今日它是贝勒查等探险家的考古天堂。Oh, Tsaparang is a wonderful place to wander about.札不让是个非常棒的探险之地。Its like reliving your childhood and we are exploring all the nooks and crannies, seeing things for the first time.仿佛带你重回童年时期探索每个角落和缝隙看到前所未有的东西。I mean, you never know what you are gonna discover in th ruins.我想你永远也想不到会在废墟里发现什么。So I mean, it brings this civilization alive, and its people and its beliefs.意思就是它将它的文明人民和信仰重新注入生命。The heart of Khri-bKra-shis-Grags-pa-ldes city was a sophisticated labyrinth of tunnels, connecting the many caves called Pugo.札布让有着复杂的地道迷宫连接许多洞窟。 译文属201601/421158郴州苏仙区人民医院妇幼保健割包皮

郴州前列腺增生最好的医院郴州阳痿治疗效果好的医院 All right,so Mindy you planned a lot of weddings for a lot of peopleMindy 你为很多人策划了婚礼and I know that brides are difficult,right,sometimes,sometimes我知道新娘一般比较难应付 恩 有时 有时I mean its really stressful,I learn that,its a very stressful thing有时真的会有压力 我知道 这真的是一件非常有压力的事情How do we compare cause you have two brides than that other poeple you have done跟其他一个新娘的比起来 我们这有两个新娘 你怎么比较这两者呢Well I think if we had a big wedding it would have been a big problems我觉得如果我们举办盛大的婚礼 那将会有很大的麻烦But because it got really small,I mean truely I have admited that you did everything但因为你们的婚礼规模真的很小 而且我得承认你几乎计划了所有事情I just follow the directions,no,yeah,no,yeah我做的仅仅是执行你的计划 不会吧 是的 不会吧 是的But we did,we had a huge like 150 to 200 people originally,we were gonna do a huge wedding但我们原先打算邀请150人到200人参加我们的婚礼 我们打算举办盛大的婚礼and at the last minute we said please call and uninvited everybody,because we just cant do it,its too stressful但最后的时刻我们决定说请打电话给大家 我们决定不邀请那么多人了 因为我们不能做到 压力太大了and then we got the calls from the certain people thinking that they were the only one uninvited然后我们接到了一些人的电话 他们以为只有他们没受邀请So that they were offended,Im kept telling them,no you are still,you would have been there所以他们感觉被冒犯了 我不停的告诉他们 不 你是在邀请名单内的 你本来是要来参加的yeah,we did the right thing,we only had 21 people,so it was perfect我们做了正确的选择 我们的婚礼只有21个人 是的 这人数非常合适and even then it was so hard to decide the seating chart,cause the further away people get from you the more offended they are但仍然 你很难去决定座位表 因为离你坐得越远越会觉得他们被得罪they feel terrible,they analyze it,to see exactly who is next to you他们会感觉很糟糕 他们会试图分析 看看谁会坐在旁边Its a big deal,a political class but to see it.but we were pretty calm,right这可是件大事 看到才会明白是典型的官方反应 但我们都很冷静 对吧Very calm,from the minute I got there that morning,you were kind of flying around非常冷静 那天早上我到达场地的时候 你到处在那走来走去I was a little worried than I before,oh god here we go,not one我比之前想的还要紧张一些 哦 天啊 真的要开始了 不只一位新娘 /201608/460087郴州什么医院可以治梅毒

郴州人民医院看病口碑I will not show you all of them, Ellen, just a few.艾伦 我不会让你看全部 只让你看个大概Cause that way I can easily print them.因为这样的话 我能轻易地把它们打印出来Which is fantastic that my parents dont have an Ipad.很赞的是 我父母没有iPadSo I put it in a postcard and sent it to Germany.所以我把它当做明信片 然后寄到了德国Before I do so, I always make a copy,otherwise the data might get lost.邮寄之前 我总是会备份下 以防数据丢失I know this app doesnt make any sense,我知道这个应用可能不太有意义but its fun and I think that facetime as well.但是很好玩 其实Facetime也是这样So let me call a friend of mine.I hope hes y.Thats you, audience.我来打给我的一位朋友 希望他在线 那是你们 观众们Hi, Gustav.Hi, Simon.Can you hear me?Yes, I can hear you.你好 古斯塔夫 你好 西蒙 能听到吗 是的 很清楚Ok, are you y?Im y.Please, do your best, Im with Ellen.好的 你准备好了吗 准备好了 请一定尽全力哦 我跟艾伦在一起呢Okay, here you are. Ok, like then.Perfect.好的 这个 好的 很赞So thanks to this straw here.I can easily.One straw. - One straw, yes, thank you.所以 这根吸管 我可以很轻松地拿出来 一根吸管 -一根吸管 是的 谢谢Ellen, thanks to this straw,I can share all music s but also coke.艾伦 有了这根吸管 我可以跟你们分享音乐 视频同时还可以喝可乐 /201511/408421 Leni Sinclairs camera captured the music scene of Detroit in the 60s and 70s even as she played a seminal role in the growing countercultural movement in Southeast Michigan.Sinclair was born in Konigsberg, East Germany, and escaped to West Germany three years before the Berlin Wall was erected. She was 18 when she emigrated to America in 1959, settling with relatives in Detroit. Sinclair photographed musicians from John Coltrane and the MC5 to Iggy Pop, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley and many, many more.She and her then-husband, John Sinclair, helped to found the White Panther Party, later the Rainbow Peoples Party. They fought against the Vietnam War and racism, and worked to legalize marijuana and reform the prison system.Now Sinclair has been named the 2016 Kresge Eminent Artist. She becomes the eighth artist to receive the ,000 award in recognition of her contributions to the art, culture, and people of Detroit.Sinclair tells us she was overwhelmed when the Kresge Foundation designated her the 2016 Eminent Artist.;In my mind Im still the little girl running around barefoot on the farm, and here Im getting an award as one of the eminent artists of Detroit,; she says. ;Its very flattering and I just feel totally honored and humbled by this.;Kresge Foundation President and CEO Rip Rapson said of her, ;Leni Sinclair both contributed to the social changes of the 1960s and 70s and documented the movements fleeting moments for posterity.; Sinclair tells us documenting and preserving history was basically her intention from the very beginning.;I came to this country from another place, so Im really not a native. So I looked at what was going on around me with a little bit foreign eyes, and what I saw happening in front of me was just all so important to me, I just, you know, I was lucky I had a camera so I could take some pictures,; she says.She tells us she wanted to document her life in America to share with her family back home in Germany.;I wanted to share my life, and this award from the Kresge Foundation is just the topping of it all. Now I can show off I made something of myself in America,; Sinclair says with a laugh.Sinclair tells us that becoming a photographer was never the plan. She says she only ended up buying a camera because ;there was really nothing else that was of any value to buy in East Germany.; Her only desire at the time was to simply document her life, but the hobby evolved into something more.The Kresge Foundation notes that Sinclair ;captured a pivotal era in American history when art and politics intertwined.; But Sinclair tells us that even after all this time, art and politics are as tightly wound as ever.;I think artists always are political. I think most artists become artists because they have something to say,; she tells us. ;I was involved in organizing things and I always documented what I helped organize, and I always had one foot inside and one foot outside. I sometimes refer to myself as the participant observer. I observed the scene, but I also was part of it.;Sinclair became involved in Southeast Michigans growing countercultural movement in the early 60s, when she joined the Students for a Democratic Society as a student at Wayne State University. She tells us she admired people like Tom Hayden and others involved in the civil rights movement.;So I was radical,; she says. ;Thats what they called us, we were radical.;When she met John Sinclair, she says radicalism took on a new tone.;It did not involve going to meetings and demonstrating with placards and stuff, it involved working and creating a whole new society that we could feel comfortable in. And of course that included being against wars and against racism and against poverty.;Sinclairs collection has been said to now include some 100,000 photos, but she tells us that number is a little deceiving.;For instance, I have a proof sheet, a contact sheet, of my pictures of Jimi Hendrix, and really only one came out real nice,; she says. ;I have 100,000 negatives and slides probably, but God only knows how many of those are good and usable and good enough to save.;Sinclair is confident that the ,000 award from the Kresge Foundation will go a long way to making as many of her photos publicly available as possible, and shes thankful the award came when it did.;This award … its like a light at the end of the tunnel. I can see where maybe I will get done at least most of the stuff that needs to be done and that only I can do before I pass or before my memory fades,; she says. ;It couldnt come a minute too soon … because every year I might forget a few more of the names or people I used to know, so its just perfect. Its just, for me, its just like a divine interference that its happening to me at this point in my life, you know?;Leni Sinclair is the 2016 Kresge Eminent Artist. Along with the ,000 award, the honor includes an artist monograph that will chronicle her life and portfolio. It will be released later this year. 201602/425359湘南附属医院治疗男性不育多少钱郴州医院包皮多少钱



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