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郴州市儿童医院割包皮手术价格郴州东方网上预约3.Into the Storm3.不惧风暴Disaster movies based on weather events often stretch the science nearly to a breaking point. In ;Into the Storm,; a flick about a massive attack of giant tornadoes, the filmmakers definitely took more than a few liberties with their portrayal of funnel clouds.基于天气事件的灾难片经常挑战科学的极限《不惧风暴讲述了一场超级飓风的大突袭制片方画漏斗云的时候一定很放浪不羁The story centers on an exceedingly unlucky Oklahoma town that is battered by four tornadoes in only hours. It not entirely impossible four twisters to strike the same area in a short time, but it isnt likely.这个故事发生在一个极其不幸的俄克拉荷马州小镇上,它在小时内接连遭受了次飓风的打击个飓风在短时间内袭击同一个地区不是完全不可能,但还是不太现实History has seen multiple large-scale tornado outbreaks when the weather conditions are ripe.历史上天气状况很差时,也有过多个大飓风接连袭击同一个小地方的先例In reality, funnel clouds do occasionally have multiple vertices surrounding a primary focal point. These are rare, though, and in situations where they merge they dont actually m ever-larger and more destructive storms, as in the movie.事实上,在一个焦点周围,漏斗云偶尔确实会有多个顶点但这很罕见,而且它们融合后,不会像电影里那样,形成更大、更有破坏力的风暴Finally, destruction in the film is sometimes silly and sometimes way, way over the top.最后,电影里的破坏场景有时很傻,有时又太过头One of the most dangerous aspects of tornadoes is flying debris, but somehow no one onscreen ever suffers any real injuries from airborne lumber or metal.飓风的一个最危险之处在于,它能刮起大残骸,但不知为什么,电影里却没人真的因为飞机残骸或金属而受伤Yet the same storms grab entire plane fleets and launches them into the stratosphere.同样是这场风暴,却把整个飞机舰队吹进了平流层Then again, all of the hokey science of ;Into the Storm,; that aspect may have been least worrying part of the movie. The acting was more artificial than the weather.还有,这些做作的科学可能是《不惧风暴最小的缺点了其实演员的表演比天气更做作.Volcano.火山In 1997 ;Volcano,; Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche scramble as a huge volcano spontaneously appears from under Los Angeles, Calinia spewing fireballs and lava that devastate the city.1997年的电影《火山中,加州洛杉矶突然出现了一座火山,爆发时火球岩浆喷得到处都是,给这座城市带来了灭顶之灾,汤米李琼斯和安妮海切从这座城市逃难出来Never mind that volcanos dont generally emerge abruptly and without warning. The movie would have you believe that these enormous geologic events can happen practically overnight.开诚布公地说火山不可能突然出现,火山爆发也不可能毫无预警这部电影似乎想让我们相信的是这些剧烈的地质活动是一夜之间突然爆发的The bigger issue is that there is no geological basis at all volcanoes to occur in L.A.更大的问题是洛杉矶根本就没有形成火山的地质基础Volcanoes m only in subduction zones, that is, where one tectonic plate is slipping beneath another, subsequently unleashing hot magma that flows to the surface of the Earth crust.火山只有在俯冲带才可以形成,也就是说,当某个地方地质板块正在向下滑,才会释放出热的岩浆,岩浆冲出地壳表面,才形成火山喷发As it turns out, there is no subduction zone anywhere near Calinia. The infamous San Andreas Fault is what called a strike-slip fault.而实际上,在加州附近根本就没有俯冲带臭名昭著的圣安德烈亚斯断层被称为走向滑移断层Here, the plates merely slide horizontally, rubbing against each other in way that doesnt allow magma flow or volcano mation.不过这儿的板块仅仅是水平移动,互相擦,但这个程度并不足以涌出熔浆或是形成火山In cases where volcanos do from along strike-slip faults, they are typically smaller and less destructive.就算是在“走向滑移断层”形成的火山,也是很小只的,没有什么杀伤力的That means a horrifyingly huge magma monsters arent going to upend West Coast cities anytime soon.这意味着无论什么时候可怕的熔浆怪兽都不至于摧毁西海岸的任何一座城市1.Sharknado1.天降鲨鱼The cult hit ;Sharknado; illogically (and hilariously) combines two primal fears — sharks and tornados.剧迷认为“sharknado”这个词虽很不合逻辑地甚至是可笑地将两个最原始的恐惧结合在一起——鲨鱼和龙卷风The idea is completely nuts, but that beside the point. Absurdity is the order of the day in this B film.这个想法是很疯狂,但并不是重点因为在这部B级电影中,荒谬才是最主要的Once again, it poor, beleaguered Los Angeles that at the center of this disaster flick. But the city has never seen a catastrophe quite like this one.可怜的洛杉矶再一次被围困起来,成为了灾难的中心,虽然事实上那儿从来都没有经历过像这样的大灾难Huge waterspouts m off of the coast, causing enormous waves and flooding. More ominously, the spouts suck hundreds of sharks into their funnels.巨大的海上龙卷风从海岸袭来,掀起惊涛骇浪和洪水更不幸的是,这场龙卷风把成百只鲨鱼吸进去了The toothy fish are then spewed all over the metro area, lacerating the locals and essentially sping chaos of the most bizarre kind.后来这些满嘴凶牙的鲨鱼都涌进了地铁站,咬伤了当地的居民,并且还传播了一些奇异的疾病We probably dont need to spend much of your time reviewing the inconsistencies and unrealities of a flying shark infestation.我们也许根本就不需要花很多时间来思考剧情的前后矛盾以及这场“天降鲨鱼”感染病的不真实性But in the unlikely occurrence that such a powerful storm struck a major city, youd have much more to fear from the hurricane-like power of the weather than you would any toothy, flying fish.但话又说回来,万一这种席卷全城的大风暴真的发生了(实际上不可能),你更需要担心的是飓风的力量,而是多齿的,会飞的鱼群Whether it sharks, volcanos or superheroes Hollywood is always going to take more than a little theatrical license with its products.无论是鲨鱼,火山又或是好莱坞的超级英雄,总会是想要运用戏剧性的手法来表现实际生活While the more literal of us will roll our eyes at the silly and egregious scientific mistakes in these movies, it these exaggerations and outright fantasies that make films so much fun.虽然大部分像我们一样有学识的人看到这些电影中愚蠢至极的科学错误,会吃惊地瞪大双眼,但是也正是这些夸张以及出奇的幻想才让电影变得有趣生动 657郴州妇保医院男科专家挂号 Italy has been one of the best honeymoon place in Europe and lovers, let them be of any nature or attitude, love this place a lot as it is rich in its cultural history. Imagine a scene of you holding your lover's hand while standing on one of the famous beaches of Italy. Let me tell you some of the important cities of Italy as regards to honeymoon and their features. VENICE is among the world's most romantic cities and there are a lot of things to do there. Visit Piazza San Marco and avail the opporty to feed the human-friendly pigeons there. ROME is the capital of Italy and offers a stunning night life enjoyment in places such as Trastevere and Campo de' Fiori. FLORENCE is known all over the world its rich art and eye-catching architecture. If you are a wine-lover then don't get to visit Chianti region where you can taste some of the best wines in the world. 位于欧洲的意大利是新人最佳的蜜月场所不管你的品味如何,丰富的文化底蕴都会让你爱上这个地方想象这样一个场景,你牵着爱人的手站在意大利著名的沙滩上是多么美妙推荐给你几个非常适合度蜜月的意大利城市吧,是世界上最浪漫的城市,参观圣马可广场,找机会去喂喂与人友好的鸽子就是非常适合情侣做的事情罗马是意大利的首都,Trastevere 和Campo de’ Fiori是享受令人心动的夜生活的地方佛罗伦萨丰富的艺术品和宏伟的建筑定会让你流连忘返如果你是一个爱酒者,Chianti是一个你可以品尝世界上最好的酒的好去处 965China has surpassed the U.S. and Japan to become the new leader in the game category of the iOS app market in the latest quarter, according to a report released by U.S.-based analytics firm -- App Annie last Tuesday.美国应用分析调研公司App Annie上周二发布的报告表明,今年第二季度,中国iOS系统应用市场游戏营收超越美国和日本,跃居全球第一位It said with the iOS Games category taking home about 75 percent of all revenue, the country leap to the top is attributed to explosive growth locally developed massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).据悉,游戏类应用程序的收入占iOS总收入的75%中国在收入上的领先主要得益于本土大型多人在线角色扮演游戏爆炸性的增长The county iOS revenue more than doubled in the first quarter compared to the same period last year, according to the company.App Annie公司表示,中国今年第一季度的iOS收入比去年同期翻了一倍多Another mobile market monitor -- Newzoo noted that China is set to reach a billion mobile games market this year, saying Tencent and NetEase are by far the most dominant publishers in the nation.另一个移动市场研究机构Newzoo表示,中国今年将向移动游戏市场投入个亿目前为止,腾讯和网易是中国游戏市场最主要的开发商According to Newzoo, NetEase ranked the top grossing publisher on domestic iOS game market this month while Tencent alone claimed about 5 percent of Chinese Android game revenues in May, publishing 3 of the top 0 titles.Newzoo表示,网易本月跃居中国iOS游戏市场开发商榜首;在今年5月份中国最畅销的前0款安卓游戏中,腾讯发行的游戏作品数量占到3款,而它们的收入占畅销安卓游戏TOP 0总收入的5%Earlier this month, Tencent announced investment in Finnish mobile gaming company Supercell Oy, spending 6 billion to acquire up to 8 percent of the latter shares, which is believed by the industry as a strategy to accelerate the globalization of the company.今年早些时候,腾讯宣布投资芬兰移动游戏公司Supercell Oy,花费60亿收购Supercell Oy公司8%的股份,行业人士认为这是腾讯推动国际化的重要策略In a recent exclusive interview with China Daily, Bertrand Schmitt, CEO and co-founder of App Annie, said China s about percent of the world gross app store revenue and it is expected to take about 30 percent of total revenue by .App Annie首席执行官和联合创始人伯特兰·施密特在接受《中国日报独家采访时表示,中国占世界应用商店总收入的%,年将有望占总收入的30%The country gross app store revenue totaled 7 billion in and will reach 9 billion in , according to App Annie.年,中国应用商店总收入达到70亿App Annie公司预测,年中国应用商店总收入将达到90亿 56850桂东县中医院包皮手术怎么样

郴州北湖区治疗龟头炎多少钱The biggest surprise in the opening episode of the final season of “Downton Abbey” wasn’t about “Downton” at all; it was — ohmygod, there’s Wickham! Wickham, you old scoundrel, is that really you? And has it really been years?《唐顿庄园(Downton Abbey)最后一季第一集最大的惊喜完全与唐顿庄园无关,而是——天哪,那是威克姆(Wickham)!威克姆,你个老流氓,真的是你吗?真的已经过了年?It was years ago this month, as it happens, that the television costume drama genre hit its high-water mark (muddy hems and all) with the broadcast of “Pride and Prejudice,” a co-production of the B and Aamp;E starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet. Adrian Lukis played the cad Wickham, and he showed up in last Sunday’s episode of “Downton Abbey” as a neighbor of the Crawleys ced to sell the ancestral pile.正好就是年前的这个月,随着《傲慢与偏见(Pride and Prejudice)播出,电视剧里的古装戏类型达到了新高度(沾满泥巴的裙摆等等)这部电视剧由B和Aamp;E联合制作,由科林·费斯(Colin Firth)饰演达西先生(Darcy),詹妮弗·埃尔(Jennifer Ehle)饰演伊丽莎白·班内特(Elizabeth Bennet)阿德里安·卢基斯(Adrian Lukis)饰演无赖威克姆上周日(1月3日),他在《唐顿庄园中亮相,饰演克劳利一家的一位被迫卖掉祖产的邻居Enough about Downton. Let’s talk about Pemberley (Darcy’s Downton-like home). There are few universally acknowledged truths, but on this anniversary, Friday File revisits the show that gave birth to a Jane Austen cottage industry big enough to include faithful adaptations of the Austen oeuvre, sculptures of Mr. Firth and zombie Janes. The mystery novel “Death Comes to Pemberley,” a sequel by P. D. James, featured Matthew Goode as Wickham in the television adaptation. Mr. Goode, it is noted, will also feature in this “Downton” season. We know this because, like “Pride and Prejudice,” “Downton” went bee British eyes first.不说唐顿庄园了咱们说说彭伯利庄园吧(Pemberley,达西的宅邸,与唐顿庄园相仿)关于彭伯利庄园,几乎没有什么公认的事实,但是在此周年纪念之际,Friday File栏目组重温了那部电视剧它衍生出一个庞大的简·奥斯汀产业,包括对奥斯汀全部作品的忠诚改编,费思和僵尸简的雕像P·D·詹姆斯(P. D. James)续写的悬疑小说《彭伯利谋杀案(Death Comes to Pemberley)后来也改编成电视剧,剧中的威克姆由马修·古德(Matthew Goode)饰演据说,古德也将出现在这一季《唐顿庄园中我们知道他也会亮相是因为,和《傲慢与偏见一样,《唐顿庄园也是先在英国播出Writing in The New York Times on Jan. , 1996, the television critic John J. O’Connor, noting that “Pamp;P” had set ratings records in England, called it “a splendid adaptation, with a remarkably faithful and sensitively nuanced script by Andrew Davies.”1996年1月日,电视家约翰·J·奥康纳(John J. O’Connor)在《纽约时报上指出,《傲慢与偏见在英国创下收视率新高,称它为“精的改编”,说“安德鲁·戴维斯(Andrew Davies)的剧本非常忠于原著,细腻而微妙”In the ed States, it was broadcast over three nights on Aamp;E, and Mr. O’Connor quibbled only about the pacing:这部电视剧在美国的Aamp;E频道分三个晚上播出奥康纳对它的唯一不满是节奏有点慢“Scattered portions of this handsome production might seem a bit slow American viewers (British imports are often snipped and speeded up consumption here),” he wrote. “There are perhaps too many languorous walks across the meadows, and one or two ornately choreographed dances seem to go on ever.”他写道:“对美国观众来说,这部制作精良的电视剧有点散乱,节奏有点慢(从英国引进的电视剧通常会进行剪辑,加快节奏,以适应美国观众的习惯)在草地上悠闲漫步的画面太多了,有一两出编排华丽的舞蹈场景似乎没完没了”It turns out that American viewers not only didn’t mind the languor, but the old VCR also got a workout. “Pamp;P” became a phenomenon. Peter M. Nichols, writing in The Times in 1997, said that the Aamp;E mini-series “had viewers vying quickly depleted supplies of s after it played on television early last year.”谁料想,美国观众完全不介意悠闲漫步,原版录影带都卖脱销了《傲慢与偏见成为一个现象1997年,彼得·M·尼科尔斯(Peter M. Nichols)在《纽约时报上写道,“去年年初”,Aamp;E的这部迷你剧“在电视上播出之后”,“观众们抢购录影带,很快脱销”He concluded, “So powerful is the hold of the two-cassette ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ which has sold some 0,000 copies, that it is only half-jokingly reputed to have jeopardized jobs and strained personal relationships.”最后他说:“两盒装的《傲慢与偏见录影带非常抢手,共卖出约万套半开玩笑地说,有些人因为录影带丢了工作,搞僵了私人关系”Writing in The Times earlier that year, the book critic Christopher Lehmann-Haupt nearly placed the mini-series above the novel.那年年初,书评家克里斯托弗·莱曼-豪普特(Christopher Lehmann-Haupt)在《纽约时报上对这部迷你剧的评价几乎高于这部小说“Plenty of bad movies have been made of good books, and a fair number of good movies have come from bad books. But a great movie of a great book?”“有很多根据好书改编的烂电影,也有不少根据烂书改编的好电影但是你见过根据一本很棒的书改编的很棒的电影吗?”He had missed the production on TV, “but when a friend lent me the tapes,” he wrote, “I did not get free until I had watched the entire five-hour production three or four times.”他写道,这部迷你剧在电视上播出时,他错过了,“但是一位朋友把录影带借给我后,我把五小时长的电视剧全部看了三四遍才罢休”Then he experimented. “Best of all was the way the film spurred me to the book again after 0 years and to re-experience as literature the wayward romances.”然后他开始进行试验,想看看书和电视剧哪个更棒“最棒的是,那部电影激励我在0年后重读那本书,重新体验文学的肆意浪漫”He was surprised to find that “the book proved somewhat disappointing at first. As the friend who lent me the tapes rightly put it when I asked him how the book compared with the film, ‘It makes you fear literature.’他意外地发现,“一开始,那本书有点令人失望我的感觉跟借给我录影带的那位朋友一样借录影带时我问他小说和电影哪个更好,他回答说,‘它让你开始担心文学的前途’”“ ‘Oh! Shocking!’ as Miss Bingley would say. To admit that the literalness of film might surpass the stimulus to the imagination of Austen’s language. ’Abominable!’ ”“如果承认电影的生动具体可能超越奥斯汀语言的想象力所带来的兴奋,那么人们的反应可能会像宾利(Miss Bingley)那样:‘哦,太可怕了!真讨厌!’”But there was love both. “By the end, I’m relieved to report the book’s richness overtakes the film’s,” he wrote.不过,书和电影都有人爱他写道:“最后,我欣慰地发现,书的丰富性超越了电影”Still, “this er will never again be able to open the pages of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ without picturing the actors in this ungettable television production.”不过,“作为读者,我一翻开《傲慢与偏见,脑海中就会浮现出这部令人难忘的电视剧中的演员形象” 035郴州桂阳县不孕不育医院预约挂号 When this elephant seal strayed on to their bit of the beach, these penguins werent going to take it lying down.amp;nbsp;当这只象海豹误闯入企鹅聚集的海滩时,这些企鹅不打算轻易妥协As a result, the young seal suffered a painful pinch on the behind as the gentoo penguins on Antarctica South Shetland Islands saw off the intruder.amp;nbsp;结果,在南极洲南设得兰群岛的巴布亚企鹅驱逐了入侵者这只年轻的象海豹后面挨了一记火辣的狠啄Clearly, the peck to the bottom hurt as the seal titled its head back and cried out in visible pain.看得出,屁股挨的这一记老娘的烈焰红唇确实很疼,疼得这只象海豹仰着头地痛哭流涕喊爹喊娘With space on the shoreline limited, such encounters are inevitable and the penguins appeared eager to lay claim to the pebbly beach.由于海岸线寸土寸金,这样的遭遇战难以避免,而企鹅似乎坚定捍卫这卵石遍布的海滩The other penguins seemed rather unperturbed by the seal cry, with only one gazing up to witness the action.其他的企鹅似乎对那只象海豹的哭喊视若无睹,只有一只抬头凝望,见了这一行为The image was taken by professional wildlife and award-winning photographeramp;nbsp;Roy Mangersnes.这幅图片是由获奖的专业野生动物摄影师罗伊·曼格斯尼斯所拍Antarctica is accessible only between November and March. amp;nbsp;amp;nbsp;人们只有在月至3月之间能进入南极洲This elephant seal was pecked on the bottom by a gentoo penguin on a pebbly beach in the Shetland Islands在设得兰群岛的一个遍布卵石的海滩,这只象海豹挨了一只巴布亚企鹅的狠狠一啄The sharp peck from the penguin beak caught the seal by surprise and led to it crying out in pain企鹅以犀利的喙一记狠啄直接命中象海豹,象海豹大吃一惊,疼得哭喊出来 670郴州看梅毒医院

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