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南海中医院男科医生佛山中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱广东省佛山看男科好吗 India's Economy Maintains 9 Percent Growth油价和通胀将拖累印度强劲经济?   India's economy grew by nine percent last year making it the world's fastest-growing major economy after China. But the news is not all good. There are worries that high crude oil prices and runaway inflation will slow down growth. 印度经济去年增长百分之9,成为仅次于中国的经济增长最快的国家。但也有人担心,高企的原油价格和失控的通货膨胀将拖慢印度的增长步伐。India has pegged economic growth in the last fiscal year at a higher-than expected nine per cent. It is the third successive year that the economy has grown at this pace. 印度上个财政年度经济增长百分之9,高于预期,而且是连续第三年实现这个增长速度。The numbers should have brought cheer to the government. But Indian officials are not celebrating as they battle two emerging concerns, high global crude oil prices and rising inflation.  政府本应对此感到欣慰,但印度官员并没有额手相庆,因为他们正在努力应对两个正在出现的问题,这就是高企的全球原油价格和不断攀升的通货膨胀率。Record high crude oil prices are hurting India significantly because it imports about 70 percent of its needs.  由于印度石油需求的大约百分之70靠进口,因此创记录的原油价格正在使印度受到严重伤害。The government heavily subsidizes prices of petroleum products. But public sector oil companies are now reeling under losses, and have warned they could face a cash crunch if retail prices are not raised. 印度政府对石油产品价格进行大量补贴,但国营石油公司仍旧亏损严重。国营石油公司警告说,如果不提高零售价格,他们将面临现金危机。The government is likely to raise prices of gasoline soon, but there are concerns that the move will fuel inflation, which is aly running high. 印度政府可能很快就会提高汽油价格,但是也有人担心,这样做会导致已经很高的通货膨胀率进一步攀升。India's inflation rate surpassed eight percent last week, its highest level in four years. 印度的通胀率上星期超过百分之8,是四年来最高的。Finance Minister P. Chidambaram says the government is trying to get a grip on prices. But he says there are no "easy solutions or instant answers."  印度财政部长奇丹巴拉姆说,政府正在努力控制物价,但是没有什么灵丹妙药或立竿见影的解决办法。"Nobody is drawing any great satisfaction with an inflation [rate] of 8.1 [percent]," said Chidambaram. Eight-point-one is worrisome inflation. But we are confident that we will gain mastery over the situation, and inflation will be contained over a period of time. Of course it depends on crude oil prices and commodity prices." 他说:“没有人会对百分之8.1的通胀率感到高兴,百分之8.1的通胀率令人担忧。但我们有信心,我们会控制局面,在一段时间后遏制通货膨胀。当然,这取决于原油价格和商品价格。”However, the finance minister expressed optimism that the economy will maintain a growth rate of 8.5 percent in the current year. 不过,奇丹巴拉姆仍对经济今年保持百分之8.5的增长率表示乐观。Economists say that may not be an easy task. There are aly signs that the economy is slowing somewhat. Growth in the manufacturing sector came down substantially in the early part of the year, partly due to slowing demand from consumers being hurt by high prices. 经济学家指出,这不是件轻松的任务。现在已经有迹象表明,经济增长开始放慢。今年头几个月,制造业增长幅度回落很多,部分原因在于消费者受高价格影响,减少了需求。Indeed, the year ahead could be challenging for India. Economists say the government faces a daunting task in trying to maintain a high economic growth rate and keep inflation in check, which is hurting millions of poor people in the country. 今年对印度来说很具挑战性。经济学家指出,印度政府面临的艰巨任务是保持高增长率,同时遏制使这个国家数百万穷人受到伤害的通货膨胀。200806/40703Hello! Welcome back to the offices of Tip Top Trading, where Annas interview for a sales job continues.你好,欢迎回到Tip Top Trading办公室,安娜还在这里应聘她的销售岗位。When we last said goodbye, Tip Top boss Paul had asked Anna why she wanted the job.在上次我们说再会的时候,Tip Top的老板保罗询问安娜为何想要这份工作。First she said: Errr...mmmmm...她首先说:呃……嗯……Since then, shes added: Mmmm...errr...之后她又说:嗯……呃……And as we join her again, Anna is saying: Well, errrr...Im errr.当我们再和她在一起时,安娜说:那么,呃……我……Come on, Anna! If you cant think of the word you need, find another way of saying it.拜托,安娜,如果你找不到合适的词,换个别的方式表达。I am...Well, I really, really want this job and I am willing to work very hard if I get it.我真的很想要这份工作,如果应聘成功我会非常的努力工作。So you’re very motivated, then?那么你很有积极性?Motivated! Yes, that’s it. I am really motivated.积极性!没错。我很有积极性。Good! Why?很好,为什么?Now over to you Anna; structure your answer!现在轮到你了,安娜。组织好你的回答。Say, firstly, then give your first reason, secondly and then a second reason.说“首先”,然后给出你的第一条理由,“其次”然后给出第二条理由。Then say, above all and give a really, really good, enthusiastic final reason!然后说,“最重要的”给出最好,最积极的最后一条理由!Go for it: firstly!加油吧:首先! /201611/479862佛山在线咨询阳痿早泄

顺德区人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱laundry list ---- 细目清单(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) A long, random list of items, minor duties, or activities.例句When I need to travel to a foreign country, I always have a laundry list of various tasks that must be done first.当需要去外国旅行时,我总是带着一份详细的请单,上面的事情都是首先要做的。 /201609/466458佛山市医院综合实力排名 佛山市顺德区乐从医院泌尿外科

佛山省妇幼保健院龟头炎症Scripts:First to the Bush plan. Oh, it does seem that it excludes more people than it includes?That's right. I mean that if you look at who the plan's aimed at, it is really borrowers who are, seem to be solvent not more than thirty days behind payment or sixty days throughout the course of the year with regards to their payments. So I think the in(itial), the original indication that it will help about 1.2, or 1, over 1 million subprime borrowers seems to be a bit mislaid if you like. And I think if when the market digests the full implications of the plan, there may be a bit of a reassessment thanks to its reaction to it.Oh, really, so, because we did see the markets rally yesterday. So you think that was just a knee-jerk reaction that we are seeing something.You also, you always see a knee-jerk reaction. I think what the plan did suggest or does suggest is that the actual extent of the subprime fallout from foreclosures. I mean if foreclosures do accelerate through a resetting of mortgage rates. What that's likely to do is put further pressure on house prices which is good for nobody. Home builders or the consumer. So that the initial reaction is to say, hey, this is gonna actually stand that impact and it is seen as er, US positive. I think going forward, as the plan is actually further analyzed. I think the obstacle will be more evident.And here in the UK, we saw interest rates cut yesterday. Now is this also a response to the credit crisis in a way?I think more, it is, the credit crisis has backed a lot of central banks into a corner. I mean there's no doubt within the UK that we are seeing, we have seen a softening picture within the economy house prices are at falling floor three months in a row. I think that the consumer sentiment and consumer activities softened and zoomed out considerably. But I think most analysts were really expecting the Bank of England to start their interest rate cutting cycle towards the, at the start of next year. So to see the move this early does suggest that the credit market impact is, was a big factor.It's one of the reasons that perhaps brought it forward a little bit.Definitely, I mean , I think you can't discount the impact of the Northern Rock, er, fiasco. The Bank of England was, has been one of the least active in terms of providing liquidity in the face of this credit turmoil so, I think they don't want to give the impression that they weren't sensitive to what was going on in the banking sector.Now to be proactive . And of course speaking of interest rates, what's gonna happen with the FED next week.Well, I think a 25 basis point cut is being pretty priced in by the market and analysts have been, increasingly have been talking about a 50, 50 basis point cut. I think if you look at the situation in the US, we are still seeing little evidence from the actual real economy to justify rate cuts. All of these responses are definitely related to the credit market and what's happening within the financial sector. I think if we see a 25 basis point cut from the dollar's point of view because it has been pretty priced in. I don't see that as a dollar negative mood whereas if we do see a 50 basis point cut next week, that could lend a bit of pressure against the dollar.Notes:Fiasco: A complete failureKnee-jerk reaction: an automatic response200807/43416 Could I have your attention please! I need your full attention. Please stay calm.大家听我说!请大家配合。现在先冷静下来。Im sure theres not a fire, just a bit of smoke. Is there anybody missing?我敢确定没发生火灾,只是有些烟。有人没到吗?Well, theres no smoke without fire, hey Tom! Tom? Tom? Has anyone seen Tom?好吧,无火不起烟,喂,汤姆呢!汤姆?汤姆?有人看见汤姆了吗?Thats Tom coming out of the building and hes carrying someone on his shoulder!快看,那是汤姆刚从门口跑出来,还背着一个人!Its Mr Ingle from the warehouse!那是库房的英格尔先生!Its OK everyone… Ive put the fire out… it was in the warehouse.没事了……我已经把火灭了……在库房。Mr Ingle had been smoking.英格尔先生吸烟引发的。Mr Ingle! Err… yeah… sorry.英格尔先生! 对不起。Sorry indeed! Mr Ingles in serious trouble now.确实需要道歉!英格尔先生现在是真的有麻烦了。But well done Anna for dealing with that emergency and getting everyone out of the building.不过安娜处理这次紧急事件做的还是很到位的,她让每个人都安全走出了办公室。 /201702/491104佛山治疗膀胱炎到哪家医院佛山市第一人民医院肿瘤医院龟头炎症



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