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暨南大学附属顺德医院男科专家佛山割包皮那家好In Spain different set of gift-giving traditions exists. The holiday season extends to Jan. 6, known as Three Kings Day or the Epiphany.1 It is not until Three Kings Day that Spanish children receive their gifts. On the eve of the Epiphany, children set out a pair of shoes to be filled with treats2 by the Three Kings. Usually, three plates of food and three glasses of wine are left out for the visitors, and the waiting shoes are often stuffed with straw for the camels the Magi ride.3   Although gifts are not given until Three Kings Day, the Spanish still celebrate on Christmas Day. One of the most important Christmas traditions is the construction of the Nativity scene, which depicts the stable Christ was born in, complete with parents, angels and animals.4 These scenes are often elaborate and require a good deal of materials and craftsmanship.5 The need for building materials gave rise to6 another Spanish tradition: the Christmas market. These outdoor markets consist of a series of booths7 set up on streets and in squares. The booths sell everything from ornaments and small gifts to figures and building materials for the Nativity scenes.  The Spanish have a number of unique dishes that are traditionally served on Christmas. While some serve turkey, the worldwide favorite, many prefer a distinctly Spanish . This meal would consist of almond8 soup followed by seafood. For desert, a candy called marzipan9 is served. Marzipan is made from almonds, eggs and sugars.  Notes:  1. extend: 延续;Three Kings Day: 三圣节,又称Epiphany(主显节),基督教纪念耶稣向世人显现的节日,通常在每年1月6日。  2. treat: 好东西。  3. 通常,三盘食物和三杯酒是为招待三位访客特意留下的,准备(装礼物)的鞋子中一般都会填满稻草以供东方三士所骑的骆驼食用。Magi: 东方三士,为《圣经》中人物,指向初生的耶稣朝拜献礼的东方三圣,下文中提到的the Three Wisemen与此同义。  4. Nativity scene: 也作Nativity play,圣诞剧,关于耶稣诞生的戏剧,通常由儿童在圣诞节期间演出;depict: 描述;stable: 马厩,根据《圣经》记载,耶稣诞生在马厩中。  5. elaborate: 精心计划或制作的;craftsmanship: 技能,技术。  6. give rise to: 引起,导致。  7. booth: 货摊,摊位。  8. almond: 杏仁。 /200803/29063佛山治疗慢性前列腺炎费用 打造“生活健身馆” 让身体动起来Fifty years ago, most people's daily levels of activity were equivalent to walking three to five miles a day; today, the average person fails to cover that distance in a week.It's no wonder the incidence of obesity has soared - with serious implications for health.The culprit? Inertia. What we have gained in convenience from labour-saving devices over the past half-century, we have paid for in terms of a sharp decline in physical activity.We use cars, buses or trains to get to work; our children are driven to school; escalators and lifts have replaced conventional stairs in shopping centres, offices and apartment blocks.Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and electric mowers all minimise the effort required to maintain a clean and tidy home.Television has us tethered to the sofa.Almost one third of adults spend over ten hours sitting down every day, adding up to a staggering average of 32 years and four months over a lifetime.Hardly surprising, then, that researchers blame this sedentary lifestyle for our weight gain.Of course, our diets have changed, too, but the fact is we consume fewer calories now than in the 1960s.Our waistlines are expanding for one major reason: increasing inactivity.So what is the solution?The secret is integrated exercise. This involves going about your normal daily life - but doing it with more gusto.It might mean standing to answer the phone and pacing the room, tapping your feet on the floor as you work.It means never taking the car when you could walk; it means standing on short train and bus journeys, or walking at a pace where you feel you might break into a run if you were to go any faster.A Dutch study found that people who spend more time doing moderate, integrated-style exercise burned more calories than those who performed shorter, sharper workouts. 半个世纪前,大多数人每天的活动量相当于步行三至五英里,而如今,普通人一周的活动量还不到这个水平。所以肥胖率的上升不足为奇,而这一问题则对健康造成了严重影响。罪魁祸首是谁?懒惰!半个世纪以来,我们从各种节省人力的设备中得到很多便利,但这是以我们身体活动的大大减少为代价的。我们上班要么开车、要么乘公交或坐城铁;我们开车送孩子上学;购物中心、办公大楼和公寓里传统的楼梯都换成了扶梯和电梯。洗衣机、吸尘器、洗碗机和除草机让我们不费力气就能保持家庭整洁。电视机让我们陷入沙发,不能自拔。近三分之一的成年人每天坐着的时间超过十小时,照此计算,他们一生中坐着的时间竟达到三十二年零四个月!所以,研究人员将发胖归咎于这种久坐的生活习惯不无道理。当然,我们的饮食也发生了变化,但事实在于,与上世纪60年代相比,如今我们消耗的能量减少了。身体活动的日益减少是我们腰围见长的一个主要原因。那么如何解决这个问题呢?秘诀就是“综合性锻炼”。这得从你的日常生活做起——但一定要充满热情地去做。比如,你可以站着接电话、可以在房间里溜达、办公时双脚可以拍拍地板。可以步行时,绝对不要“以车代步”;乘短途火车和坐公交车时最好站着;快步走,以再快一点就会跑起来的速度走路。荷兰一项研究发现,经常进行适度综合性锻炼的人比在短时间内进行高强度健身的人消耗的热量多。 /200803/30967顺德区人民医院官网专家在线咨询

佛山龟头炎怎么冶科学家揭秘为何冬季多发流感It is a mystery that has baffled doctors for decades.But experts believe they have now finally solved the tricky question of why winter is notoriously known as the flu season.According to new research, the influenza virus coats itself in a protective fatty shield that is tough enough to withstand cold temperatures.The butter-like material only melts when it hits the respiratory tract, leaving the virus free to infect cells - a process scientists say is like an Mamp;M melting in the mouth.However, in warmer outdoor temperatures, the protective coating melts before it reaches a person or an animal, killing the germs before they can infect someone.Joshua Zimmerberg, from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), in the US, which led the study, said: 'Like an Mamp;M in your mouth, the protective covering melts when it enters the respiratory tract.'It's only in this liquid phase that the virus is capable of entering a cell to infect it.'In the past scientists have worked on theories that flu is more common in winter because people spend more time inside or the radiation from the sun in summer kills off germs.But no research has successfully explained the sp of the disease.Researchers have aly claimed that the report, which is published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, could lead to new ways to prevent and treat flu.Duane Alexander, the director of NICHD, said: 'The study results open new avenues of research for thwarting winter flu outbreaks.'Now that we understand how the flu virus protects itself so that it can sp from person to person, we can work on ways to interfere with that protective mechanism.'Influenza and other respiratory viruses are sp in small droplets broadcast by coughing, sneezing and talking and which can also settle onto surfaces, to be picked up on fingertips. 为何冬季为多发流感?这可是困扰了医生们几十年的一个谜。不过,专家们现在终于解开了这个难题。一项最新研究发现,流感病毒表面包有一层脂肪保护外壳,这种外壳十分坚硬,能抵御严寒。这种油状物质在进入呼吸道后才会融化,病毒被释放后即会感染细胞。科学家称这一过程如同Mamp;M巧克力豆在嘴里融化。然而,在温度较高的环境下,这层保护壳在进入人体或动物体内之前就会融化,因此病毒在感染细胞之前即被杀死。研究负责人、美国儿童健康与人类发展研究所的约瑟华#8226;兹姆格说:“这层保护壳在进入呼吸道时即会融化,就像放入口中的Mamp;M巧克力豆一样。”“而就在这一液态阶段,病毒才得以入侵并感染细胞。”科学家们过去一直在研究冬季易发流感的原因,一些理论称这是因为冬季人们多在室内活动,或是因为夏季的阳光辐射会杀死细菌。但没有一项研究能真正解释流感传播的原因。研究人员们称,这项研究成果能为防治流感提供新办法。研究报告将在《自然化学生物学》期刊上发表。美国儿童健康与人类发展研究所主任杜安尼#8226;亚历山大说:“研究结果为控制冬季流感爆发开辟了新途径。”“现在我们明白了流感病毒是如何保护自己并在人际间传播的,因此我们可以研究如何‘干扰’这种保护机制。”流感及其他呼吸道病毒主要通过咳嗽、打喷嚏或说话时散播的飞沫传播,它也会附着在物体表面,通过被污染的手指接触传染。 /200803/30494顺德人民医院早上几点开门 佛山治疗尿道炎哪家医院最好

高明中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱Absence does not always make the heart grow fonder. On Thursday shares in ZTE, the Chinese telecom equipment maker, resumed trading after a one-month suspension. The market sold them down by one-tenth. 小别未必带来好感。周四,中国电信设备制造商中兴通讯(ZTE)在停牌一个月后恢复交易。股价下挫十分之一。 They may have further to fall. In early March, the company said it was under investigation by the US for violating controls on exports to Iran. US companies were barred from selling products to ZTE (although they were subsequently permitted to do so under licences that run until June). On Thursday, at the reopen, ZTE said the outcome of the investigation was “highly uncertain”. 中兴股价还可能进一步下跌。3月初,该公司表示正在接受美国商务部调查,原因是涉嫌违反美国对伊朗的出口管制。美国公司不得向中兴销售产品(尽管随后他们又被允许按照许可销售至今年6月)。中兴在周四恢复交易时表示,调查结果仍有“重大不确定性”。 The incident is a reminder of Chinese companies’ reliance on US technology. Nomura estimates that ZTE sources up to 15 per cent of its inputs by value from the US. Given the risks that have come to light, this will have to change. But China’s efforts to acquire US technology outright has had mixed results. State-backed Tsinghua Unigroup’s bid to buy Micron failed, although chip designer Integrated Silicon Solutions was sold to a Chinese buyer. ZTE peer Huawei, which announced stellar numbers last week, has taken an alternative tack: last year, it spent 15 per cent of revenues on research and development, up one percentage point from 2014. That is in line with tech leaders such as Broadcom, and a few percentage points above ZTE. 这起事件提醒世人,中国公司依赖美国科技。野村券(Nomura)估计,按价值计算,中兴从美国采购高达15%的投入。鉴于这次显露的风险,这一局面必须改变。但中资直接买断美国科技的努力迄今有成有败。政府背景的清华紫光(Tsinghua Unigroup)竞购美光(Micron)失败,但芯片设计企业芯成半导体有限公司(Integrated Silicon Solution, ISSI)被卖给了中国买家。中兴的同行、上周发布了可喜业绩的华为(Huawei),则选择了另一种策略:去年,华为将总营收的15%投入研发,比2014年高出一个百分点。这一水平与通(Broadcom)等科技行业龙头企业一致,比中兴则高出几个百分点。 ZTE must spend to grow. Delayed 2015 results, also released on Thursday, showed revenues up less than a quarter, lagging behind both forecasts and Huawei, four times larger but growing at 37 per cent. The uptick in ZTE sales was skewed towards domestic infrastructure spending, expected to slow next year. Although there were impressive gains in the US handset market, growth in Europe, the Americas and Oceania (which are lumped together) was a measly tenth. 中兴必须加大出以推动增长。推迟至周四发布的2015年业绩报告显示,营收增长低于四分之一,逊于预期和华为;华为的规模四倍于中兴,却实现了37%的营收增长。中兴的销售增长主要来自国内基础设施建设开,预计明年将放缓。虽然在美国手机市场取得令人印象深刻的进展,但欧洲、美洲和大洋洲(合并报告)的增长只有区区十分之一。 One way ZTE can try to improve these metrics is to lift its brand, currently focused on low-end phones. Its strategy of investing in high-profile US basketball sponsorships has helped it gain share in the handset market, but with prices as low as it must sell a lot to make much difference. Moving upmarket will demand a step-change in Ramp;D, likely to hit short-term profits. 中兴可以尝试改善这些指标的方法之一是提升其品牌,目前重点是在低端手机市场。该公司赞助美国重大篮球赛事的投资帮助其赢得了手机市场份额,但以低至30美元的价格,它得卖出很多手机才能实质性提升业绩。向高端市场进军就需要在研发上有大动作,这可能会影响短期利润。 Whether or not the US ultimately forgives ZTE’s transgressions, the company’s profitability is about to become more notable by its absence. 不管美国官方最终是否原谅中兴违反管制的行为,该公司缺乏盈利能力的问题值得关注。 /201604/436606 HONG KONG — China is abuzz with craft brewing, with small-scale operations popping up around the country and churning out beer tasting of everything from goji berries to green tea. 香港——在中国,精酿啤酒正在成为一种风尚,小型精酿作坊在全国各地纷纷冒出,酿造从枸杞到绿茶等各种口味的啤酒。But like many things in China, what’s new isn’t that new. In this case, it’s about 5,000 years old.但是就像中国的很多东西一样,新的风尚其实古已有之。大约5000年前,中国人就已经在酿造啤酒了。A group of researchers in China and the ed States have analyzed pottery vessels discovered at a site in Shaanxi Province and determined that they are the first direct evidence of a beer-brewing operation. And the ingredients they discovered are as eclectic as any trendy brewpub’s: broomcorn millet, tubers and a grain known as Job’s tears.中国和美国的研究人员对陕西省发现的一批陶器进行了分析,明它们是啤酒酿造活动的首个直接据。他们在陶器里发现了黍、根茎作物和薏米的成分,这样不拘一格的选材可以和当下的时髦啤酒酿造坊媲美。The scholars’ paper, which was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the ed States of America (PNAS), says the mix of ingredients was probably achieved through trial and error. The tubers, which included snake gourd root, contribute starch and sugars for fermentation and also add a sweet flavor to the beer, they wrote. 他们的论文本周发表在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,简称PNAS)上,研究者称这种成分组成可能是通过不断试错的方法获得的。他们写道,根茎包括丝瓜根,它可以促进淀粉和糖分发酵,给啤酒添加香甜口味。The study was based on analysis of a “beer-making tool kit” that includes a funnel, shards of pots and amphorae, and a pottery stove that would have been used for mashing. Radiocarbon dating of the Mijiaya site near the Chan River in Shaanxi Province dates it to 3400 to 2900 B.C.这项研究的对象是一个“啤酒制作器物套件组”,其中包括一个漏斗、一些阔口罐和小口尖底瓶的碎片,还有一个用于淀粉糖化的陶灶。根据放射性碳测年技术的测定,陕西省陈河附近的米家崖遗址介于公元前3400年到公元前2900年之间。A yellowish residue from inside the funnel and pot shards was analyzed to discern the ingredients. The starches showed signs of damage that resemble what happens in the process of beer brewing, the authors said.他们对漏斗和壶碎片上发黄的残留物进行分析,辨别它的成分。结果发现,残留物中含有很多出现损伤迹象的淀粉粒,与酿酒过程中淀粉粒的损伤特征类似。“It makes a very convincing case that this was a beer-making facility,” Patrick McGovern, scientific director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Project at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, told the blog PNAS Journal Club. He was not involved in the study. “这是很有说力的据,说明它们是酿酒器物,”宾夕法尼亚大学物馆(University of Pennsylvania Museum)生物分子考古项目的科学主管帕特里克·麦戈文(Patrick McGovern)对PNAS Journal Club客说。他没有参与这项研究。The presence of barley, which did not become an important subsistence crop until the Han dynasty, 3,000 years later, led the authors to suggest that alcohol production was an important reason for the grain’s introduction from western Eurasia, where it was first domesticated.大麦首先最初是在欧亚大陆被驯化的,在中原,直到3000年之后的汉代,大麦才成为了一种重要口粮作物,所以作者们认为,酿酒是中原从西域引入大麦的一个重要原因。“Beer was probably an important part of ritual feasting in ancient China,” one of the study’s authors, Jiajing Wang of Stanford University, told the Journal Club. “So it’s possible that this finding of beer is associated with increased social complexity and changing events of the time.”“啤酒可能是中国古代仪式盛宴的重要组成部分,”这篇论文的作者之一、斯坦福大学考古专业士生王佳静告诉Journal Club客。“我们在古代中原地区发现的酒,可以和当时发生的社会变化联系起来。”Although the brew remnants that were discovered are truly ancient, they are not the oldest that have been uncovered in China. Mr. McGovern and a team of scholars from China, Germany and the ed States wrote a 2004 paper for PNAS that analyzed 9,000-year-old pottery jars found in a neolithic village site in Henan Province called Jiahu. Based on their analysis, the jars held a rice, honey and fruit beverage. 虽然他们发现的这些酿造残留物的确来自古代,但却不是已发现的中国最古老的这类遗迹。在2004年的一篇PNAS论文中,麦戈文和一个由中国、德国和美国学者组成的团队对一些有9000年历史的陶罐进行过分析,它们来自河南省一个名叫贾湖的新石器时代村落遗址。据他们分析,这些陶罐曾盛载过用水稻、蜂蜜和水果酿造的饮料。Mr. McGovern worked with Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware to recreate that recipe in a beverage known as Chateau Jiahu. 麦戈文与特拉华州的角鲨头啤酒坊(Dogfish Head Brewery)合作,复原了这个古代配方,用它酿造了一种名为“贾湖城”(Chateau Jiahu)的饮料。 /201605/446135佛山人民医院泌尿科医生顺德新世纪男科医院看男科好吗



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