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Playboy magazine has announced it is bringing back nudity, reversing a decision made last year.《杂志日前宣布,将重新开始刊登裸照,改正去年的错误决定The move was announced by Playboy new chief creative officer Cooper Hefner, who said the decision to remove nudity entirely ;was a mistake;.《杂志的新任创意总监库珀?海夫纳宣布了这一举动他说彻底停止刊登裸体照片的决定“是个错误”;Today were taking our identity back and reclaiming who we are,; he tweeted.“从今天起,我们要找回自己的定位,重申自己的特色,”海夫纳在推特上表示The US magazine also promoted its March-April edition with a picture of its playmate of the month with the hashtag #NakedIsNormal.《杂志也宣传了3月-月刊的封面,并附上这期的照片,标签是“#裸体是正常的”Some social media users welcomed the U-turn, describing it as a ;good call;, while others said the decision was taken ;because the magazines werent selling too well. Too bad free porn is still easy to access;.一些社交媒体用户十分欢迎《重新刊登裸体内容,称之为“回头是岸”然而也有人表示,重新刊登裸体照片“是因为《销量下滑,让民众能够如此容易地接触到色情内容,这让人遗憾”On Monday, Mr Hefner wrote: ;Ill be the first to admit that the way in which the magazine portrayed nudity was dated.海夫纳本周一写道:“我将第一个承认,《杂志描绘裸体的方式已经过时”;Nudity was never the problem because nudity isnt a problem,; added the 5-year-old son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.5岁的库珀?海夫纳是《杂志创办人休?海夫纳的儿子他说:“裸体从不是问题所在,因为它本身就不是一个问题”Samir Husni, a journalism professor at the University of Mississippi, said Playboy ban on nudity had probably alienated more ers than it attracted.密西西比大学新闻学教授萨米尔?胡斯尼表示,《的“裸体禁令”可能使流失的读者数量超过了吸引的读者数量;Playboy and the idea of non-nudity is sort of an oxymoron,; he told the Associated Press.他告诉美联社:“《和禁止裸体的概念本身就是矛盾的”The magazine still had to find a way to appeal to a younger audience in a digital age where nudity has become commonplace, Mr Husni added.胡斯尼教授补充说,在裸照如此常见的数字时代,《仍然需要找到吸引年轻群体的方式Playboy, which was founded in 1953, stopped printing nude photos in March .《杂志创刊于1953年年3月,《杂志宣布停止刊登裸体照片The cover of the March issue features Instagram-famous model Sarah McDaniel simulating a sexy Snapchat - her arm held up as if holding the camera with a text banner ing heyyy :)年三月刊的是网红嫩模莎拉?麦克丹尼尔,封面中的她伸长胳膊像是在自拍要上传到Snapchat的性感照片一样同时,封面图片还配有文字“嘿~ :)”Its US owners said at the time that the internet had made nudity outdated, and pornographic magazines were no longer so commercially viable.当时的美国老板表示,网络已经使得单纯的裸体内容过时,情色刊物也不再那么有利可图Playboy circulation has dropped from its peak 5.6 million in the 1970s to below 700,000 last year.在世纪70年代的巅峰时期,《的年销量曾经突破560万份而去年,《的年销量只有不到70万份 936

6.永远要求供货商提供折扣价Always ask a discount7.不要以为,天底下只有你想到了这个主意Your idea isn't unique.与他人分享创意,会让你得到意料之外的好处Sharing your idea with others will lead to benefits you can't predict9.越简单越好Keep it as simple as possible30.人们认同公司,甚于认同产品People identify with companies more so than products

Beauden Barrett登·巴雷特Athlete运动员New Zealander Barrett won the World Rugby Player of the Year award. Barrett also holds the world record consecutive wins.来自新西兰的巴雷特赢得了年度最佳世界橄榄球运动员的称号巴雷特还持有世界连胜纪录Alia Bhatt阿莉雅·布哈特Actress, Entrepreneur演员兼企业家With a huge fan-following in India and overseas, Indian actress Alia Bhatt has been recognized multiple times her acting, including winning the Filmfare Award best Actress. Bhatt also launched own eponymous fashion-label, Indian e-commerce portal Jabong.印度女演员阿莉雅·布哈特在印度及海外有大量的粉丝,她的演技也多次被认可,在年她赢得了印度奥斯卡最佳女主角布哈特还在印度电商平台Jabong上推出了与她自己同名的时尚品牌Ray Chen陈锐Musician音乐家Ray Chen, a Taiwanese-Australian violinist, has permed at prestigious events like the Nobel Prize concert in . He has won coveted awards like the International Yehudi Menuhin Violin Competition in .澳大利亚籍台湾人陈锐是一位小提琴演奏家,他曾在久负盛名的活动上演奏,如年诺贝尔奖音乐会他还获得过令人垂涎的大奖,在年赢得了国际耶胡迪·梅纽因小提琴竞赛的大奖Fu Yuanhui傅园慧Athlete运动员Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui may not have brought home any Olympic gold medals, but she won the hearts of millions. After winning a bronze medal in the 0 meters backstroke, Fu surprised reaction to her win in an interview quickly went viral, with press calling her ;the most loveable athlete at the Rio Olympics”.中国游泳选手傅园慧也许并没有带回任何一枚奥运金牌,但她赢得了数百万人的心在赢得0米仰泳铜牌后的一次采访中,傅园慧对获胜的诧异反应迅速走红,媒体还称她为“里约奥运会上最可爱的运动员”Kayla Itsines凯拉·伊茨茵尼斯Itsines cofounded The Bikini Body Training Company in . In , TIME Magazine named her as one of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.年伊茨茵尼斯(与合伙人)共同创立了比基尼形体训练公司年,《时代周刊提名她为“30位在互联网上最有影响的人”之一Jessica Jung郑秀妍Singer歌手Jung, a South Korean singer, actor and designer, released her debut solo album ;With Love J; in May . An instant hit, it topped Korean charts. She started her career as a singer with the Kpop group Girls Generation leaving it in - the same year she launched her fashion line Blanc amp; Eclare with her partner.韩国歌手、演员兼设计师郑秀妍于年5月发行了她的首张个人专辑“With Love J”这张专辑一经发表立即轰动一时,登顶韩榜她通过流行音乐团体少女时代出道,开始了歌手生涯,并于年退团同年她和伙伴一起推出了自己的时尚品牌“Blanc amp; Eclare”Liu Wen刘雯Supermodel超模Liu Wen is widely regarded as China first supermodel. Today, apart from ting the catwalk, Liu appears in global campaigns a host of major fashion and cosmetics brands. bes estimates Liu banked million in earnings last year, making her one of the highest-paid models in the world.刘雯被公认为中国第一超模如今,除了走T台,刘雯还参加了许多时装和化妆品主导品牌的国际性活动去年福布斯估算刘雯的个人收入达700万美元,这使她成为全球收入最高的模特之一Lorde洛德Singer歌手In and at just , two-time Grammy winner Lorde took the music world by storm with her debut single ;Royals; which topped the Billboard Hot 0 weeks.年,年仅岁的洛德以个人首张单曲“Royals”(皇族)轰动全球,该单曲连续数周位居音乐公告牌百首热门金曲榜榜首,她还两次获得过格莱美奖Ann Louie Li安·路易·李Founder, annlouieli.comannlouieli.com网站创办者Li is an actress, model and fashion blogger who has more than one million followers on Facebook. Li won the Shorty Awards fashion in .安·路易·李是一名演员、模特兼时尚主,她在脸书上有0多万名粉丝年,安·路易·李获得了时尚肖蒂奖Eric Nam艾瑞克·纳姆Singer歌手Korean-Americansinger Eric Nam is one of the most recognized figures in Korea entertainment industry today. Nam was also the founding director Kollaboration Boston chapter, a nonprofit that promotes Asian-American talents across the U.S.韩裔美国人艾瑞克·纳姆是一名歌手,也是现今韩国界最知名的人物之一纳姆也是“共事”组织波士顿地方分会的创办董事“共事”组织是美国的一个非盈利机构,致力于扶持亚裔美国籍人才Neelofa妮洛法Founder, NH Prima International Sdn BdNH第一国际公司创立者Actress and TV host Neelofa first claim to fame was winning a local teen beauty contest in . Four years later, she launched a fashion business catering young and stylish Muslim women. Among her handful of brands, the ;Naelofar hijab; line now sells in 38 countries.演员兼电视节目主持人妮洛法在年因赢得当地青少年选美比赛的冠军而成名四年后,她投身时尚行业,为年轻时髦的穆斯林女士提供产品和务在她的几个品牌中,“Naelofar hijab”这个品牌如今已销往38个国家Samuel Okyere塞缪尔·奥克加雷Actor演员Considered one of the most influential eign entertainers in Korean show business, Okyere works to bridge the gap between Korea and Africa and change local misconceptions about Africans.奥克加雷被视为韩国界最有影响力的外国艺人之一,他致力于缩小韩国和非洲之间的差距,改变当地人对非洲人的误解Jay Park朴宰范Singer歌手Park is a Korean-American permer, and founder of the independent Korean hip hop label AOMG. In , Park was named Artist of the Year at the Korean Hip Hop Awards and Musician of the Year at the Korean Music Awards.朴宰范是韩裔美国籍演艺人,也是韩国嘻哈乐独立品牌AOMG的创办者年,朴宰范获得韩国嘻哈乐年度艺人称号,他还获得了韩国音乐赏年度音乐家的称号Pony Park朴惠敏Makeup Artist化妆师Park, known online as Pony, is one of the top-viewed YouTubers from Korea. She launched her cosmetics brand Pony Effect last year, and became NE1 (famous K-pop group) CL makeup artist.朴惠敏,在网上也被称为“Pony”,她是韩国视频播放量最多的油管人(自己制作视频并在Youtube视频网站上分享的人)去年她推出了自己的化妆品品牌“Pony Effect”(朴惠敏效应),并成为著名的流行音乐团体NE1成员CL的化妆师Margot Robbie玛歌特·罗比Actor演员With a leading role in one of top earning films, Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie is now one of the most buzzed about actresses in Hollywood. Robbie also founded her own production company in .玛歌特·罗比在年的一部卖座影片《自杀小队中担任主角,如今她已成为在好莱坞忙得团团转的女演员之一年,罗比还成立了她自己的制作公司Joseph Schooling约瑟夫·斯库林Athlete运动员Joseph Schooling became a national hero Singapore last summer, when he won the country first ever Olympic gold in Rio in the 0 meters butterfly.去年夏天,当约瑟夫·斯库林在里约奥运会0米蝶泳项目中为新加坡赢得有史以来的第一枚奥运金牌时,他就成为了新加坡的民族英雄Troye Sivan特洛伊·希文Singer歌手Troye Sivan first album, ;Blue Neighborhood,; earned gold certification in the U. S. -- and with more than million YouTube subscribers.特洛伊·希文的第一张专辑“Blue Neighborhood”(忧郁年少)在美国获得了金唱片奖,而且他在Youtube视频网上有00多万名粉丝Son Heungmin孙兴民Athlete运动员Son is a star striker on Tottenham Hotspur and the South Korean national soccer team. Last year, Son broke a record as the first Asian to win the Premier League award of the month in September.孙兴民是托特纳姆热刺足球俱乐部以及韩国国家足球队的明星前锋去年9月,孙兴民打破记录,成为第一位赢得当月英超联赛大奖的亚洲人Paradise Sorouri帕里黛丝·索罗利Singer歌手Paradise Sorouri is Afghanistan first female rapper. She remains a vocal advocate women rights, and has been recognized by the UN her work.帕里黛丝·索罗利是阿富汗第一位女性说唱歌手她还是一位敢于直言的女权倡导者,而且联合国也认可了她的贡献Suboi苏伊Singer歌手Vietnam ;Queen of Hip Hop,; otherwise known as Suboi, rapped mer U.S. President Obama - while he beatboxed - on his trip to Vietnam last year. Suboi is the first of her kind to achieve major commercial success her unique brand of rap, a style that gotten her noticed by major brands such as Adidas and Budweiser.越南“嘻哈乐女王”又被称为Suboi(苏伊)去年美国前总统奥巴马访问越南的时候,她曾与奥巴马配合表演,由奥巴马表演口技,她来说唱苏伊是同类歌手中第一位因独特的说唱风格而取得重大商业成就的人,她的风格也使她获得了阿迪达斯和百威等主流品牌的关注Akane Takada阿凯恩·塔卡达Dancer舞蹈家Starting ballet lessons aged three, Akane became a principal dancer the UK Royal Ballet Company in . Vogue Japan selected her as one of its Women of the Year in .阿凯恩3岁就开始学习芭蕾舞,年她成为英国皇家芭蕾舞团的首席舞者,并被日本Vogue时尚杂志评为年度风云女性之一Kris Wu吴亦凡Actor, Singer演员兼歌手Originally from China, Kris Wu shot to fame as a member of Korean K-pop group EXO. He the first Chinese actor to attend the prestigious Met Gala.来自中国的吴亦凡通过韩国流行音乐团体EXO而一举成名他是第一位参加久负盛名的纽约大都会物馆慈善晚宴的中国演员Vivy Yusof维维·尤索夫Cofounder, FashionValetFashionValet时尚品牌网站的联合创始人Yusof is the cofounder of FashionValet, a fashion site that carries Asia leading designer labels. She is also a model, blogger, fashion icon, and a mother of two. As a Muslim woman, Yusof has also launched her own brand of scarves and branded accessories.尤索夫是FashionValet时尚品牌网站的联合创始人FashionValet这家时尚品牌网站入驻了亚洲主流设计师品牌的产品她还是一位模特、主兼时尚达人,也是两个孩子的母亲作为一位穆斯林女性,尤索夫还推出了她自己的围巾和配饰品牌 57uy@ORLdK^nX~PN.g+_vytnxV0W(S+rrQ_uo;3!+zi_(@_Young Boy, AfghanistanLGJG_BK(6YHk+Ou,Outside Kunduz Province, Afghanistan. The anguish on this young Afghan face is not from the desperation of extreme poverty; it is instead a face of jealousy, given that his older brother (not pictured) just took away his soccer ball.~;z%Ut5N8I9ph+bo男孩,阿富汗yJHTV%*I#6taWjk在阿富汗Kunduz外,我们看到了这张年轻的充满了悲伤的脸庞,不是因为极度的贫困,而是因为他的哥哥(不在照片中)抢走了他的足球U9UX[rDi,C|A0RnvanQJ1i)mPLg+%jJTLsDI6S5KMK_iUQk61Ef,mhBATQOpoON3 765A stuntman has set the new world record being a human torch after set alight by his wife.一个特技演员在妻子帮助点燃后,保持全身燃烧状态的时长创造了新的世界纪录Austrian Joe Toedtling, 33, managed to walk around the streets of Aalzburg burning five minutes and 1 seconds bee the heat became unbearable.33岁的奥地利男子乔保持全身燃烧状态,在奥地利城市萨尔茨保的街道上行走了5分1秒,直到高温让他难以忍受才停下He was set on fire by his wife Julia, and he said: he always knows how to get me hot, so she was the obvious choice turning up the heat on this stunt.他的妻子朱莉亚帮他引燃了火焰他说:“她很清楚如何让我迅速升温,所以在这项特技上,她是帮助我点燃火焰的最佳人选”But it was nevertheless enough to give him the title in the category Longest Duration Full Body Burn (without Oxygen Supplies).这段惊险的表演足以让他在吉尼斯世界大全 “全身燃烧持续时间最长者” (没有氧气供应)这个类别中成为纪录保持者Although Guinness does not encourage dangerous records, the stuntman said that professional stunt men and women were allowed to offer records professional scenes.尽管吉尼斯世界纪录并不鼓励这些危险性颇高的纪录,但乔解释道,专业的特技演员可以进行专业的表演来创造新纪录He beat the previous record holder the American Jayson Dumenigo who burned five minutes and 5 seconds.他打败了此前的纪录保持者,来自美国的杰森,他全身燃烧时长为 5分5秒Mr Toedtling wore a special suit from the Salzburg based firm Texport under the standard flame restricting materials.乔所穿的制是由奥地利萨尔斯堡的Texport公司根据严格的防火材料标准制成的 6681

A girl born as Britain smallest baby ever has celebrated her tenth birthday by being made captain of her school football team.英国出生的最小的女婴,在庆祝十岁生日的时候收获了一份她梦寐以求的大礼——当上了学校足球女队队长Aaliyah Hart was just seven inches long and weighed ounce when she was born three months prematurely in .艾丽娅.哈特出生于年,当时早产三个月的她,只有七英寸长,盎司重Doctors gave her a one per cent chance of survival when they found that her lungs had not developed properly.她出生时肺部发育不足,医生断定她只有百分之一的几率存活下来But Aaliyah - who was small enough to sit in the palm of her mother hand - astounded medics by surviving.然而只有妈妈巴掌大的艾丽娅却顽强存活了下来,她的存活让所有的医护人员吃了一惊When she started school five years ago her mother, Lorriane, 7, was nervous she would be knocked over in the playground because she only weighed the same as a two year old.当艾丽娅5岁入学时,7岁的妈妈罗润英很担心艾丽娅会被其他孩子欺负,因为它实在太小了,她只有两岁正常孩童的体重But the youngster has since grown into a healthy schoolgirl and is now a similar size to her classmates - standing at foot and weighing stone.而如今,艾丽娅再也不是小不点了,她和她的同学一样身高,健康的她身高英尺,体重石Amazingly, sporty Aaliyah now loves nothing more than playing football against a team of boys and has been named captain of the girl football team at the independent Rosslyn School in Hall Green, Birmingham.让人惊奇的是,活波好动的艾丽娅最热衷的运动是足球,她经常和男孩子一起比赛,现在是伯明翰罗斯林学校足球女队的队长Ms Hart, who was told her daughter might die in the womb, said she was amazed at how Aaliyah had taken to sports.艾丽娅的妈妈对这个曾经被医生下了死亡通知书的孩子,能成长为今天的足球小将也感到十分惊奇She said: ‘Aaliyah a little tomboy - she loves playing with the boys and she developed a really sporty side recently.她讲到“艾丽娅是个假小子,喜欢喝男孩子一起玩,她的运动天分随着成长渐渐凸显出来”‘She very good at running, she likes rounders and gymnastics.“艾丽娅跑的很快,他喜欢儿童棒球和体操”‘Over the last six weeks she really got into her football and has been made captain of the girls team.“经过六个星期的训练,她爱上了足球,现在,她成为了足球女队的队长”‘It 50 at her school so they usually have the girls against the boys.“她学校的男女比例是一半一半,所以,足球女队经常挑战足球男队的孩子;‘The social side really appeals to her, everybody loves Aaliyah.’“艾丽娅很有人缘,人人都喜欢她”She added: ‘It just nice to see her doing normal things, getting involved and jumping around, happy with a smile on her face.艾丽娅妈妈补充道“看着她健康成长真好,她能融入孩子的群体,成天开心地跑跑跳跳”‘When she was born ten years ago I didnt imagine shed be running around a football pitch.“十年前,当她刚出生,我简直不能想象她可以在足球场上疯跑”Social worker Ms Hart added that Aaliyah - who turned ten last month - had moved from a state to an independent school in to help her schoolwork and build her confidence.艾丽娅妈妈说艾丽娅在年时从国立学校转入私立学校,目的就是让她能更好的的学习,建立自信心She added: ‘As she was always smaller than her friends her confidence had suffered.艾妈妈解释道“因为她以前总是比别的孩子个子小,所以她以前很不自信”‘But it much better than it used to be now - she the same size as her classmates, although she quite thin.“现在好了很多,她个子和别的孩子差不多,虽然还是很瘦”‘She been given lots of responsibilities at school such as milk monitor, it allows her to assert herself.“学校老师为帮助她建立自信心,让她担任了许多职务,比如牛奶监管员”‘She really has come a long way - it been one hell of a journey.’“她能走到今天很不容易,毕竟她的路比别的孩子更难走”Aaliyah said she enjoyed getting a chance to play football with friends and her idol was Wayne Rooney.艾丽娅告诉我们她真的很爱足球,她最崇拜的球星是韦恩#86;鲁尼She said: ‘I really like playing football, it a lot of fun playing with my friends.‘Being the captain makes me feel very proud. I like school but I really love sports.她说道“我真的喜欢足球,和我的朋友在一起玩耍十分有趣,我很骄傲我能当上足球队长,我喜欢上学,但我最喜欢的是足球”‘I know Im a bit smaller but I try not to let it make a difference.‘My favourite team is Manchester ed, I really like Wayne Rooney.’我知道我比别人个子小一点,但我经量让别人觉得我和其他人是没有差别的我最喜欢的足球队是曼联,我最喜欢的球星是韦恩#86;鲁尼“Headteacher Jane Scott said Aaliyah was showing good progress at school and was delighted to see her playing football.艾丽娅的校长简.斯科特说,艾丽娅的学业进步很大,也很高兴艾丽娅喜欢踢足球She said: ‘She really is holding her own and it wonderful to see.她讲到“艾丽娅很有主见,很高兴她能这样”‘She is progressing well academically and is a very popular little girl. She is full of confidence and has a wonderful character.“她学业进步很大,在学校也很受大家喜爱,她很自信,性格也十分好”‘To see where she has come from to playing football with the boys in the playground is an incredible story considering she was only given such a slim chance of survival.’“如今看到她在足球场上和男孩子一起竞技真的是一件很奇妙的事情,因为她曾经的存活几率是那么的小” 773

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