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郴州市第一人民医院南院有泌尿科吗郴州市第一人民医院南院割包皮The educational materials presented here今天展示的教育材料were developed by students and faculty是由爱荷华州立大学营养学of the department of food science and human nutrition和人体营养学系的at Iowa State University.学生和老师提供的Funding for this project was provided by grants该项目的资金由from the American Cancer Society Mid West美国中西部地区癌症协会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.及兰斯,阿姆斯斯壮基金会提供The materials are intended for educational use这些材料仅用于教学and are not meant to provide medical advice.并非用以提供医疗指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.欢迎大家对这些材料做出反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请用主页上提供的调查评价链接to provide your comments and suggestions.提交你们的和建议Caffeines role in tea, coffee and cancer.咖啡因在茶,咖啡与癌症方面所起的作用Caffeine is found in many beverages and foods.许多饮料和食物都含有咖啡因This chart compares the amount of caffeine这个图表比较了咖啡因found in coffee and tea.在咖啡和茶中的含量As you can see the coffee is significantly higher可以看见咖啡所含的咖啡因in caffeine content than tea.要远远高于茶The way coffee is prepared also affects the amount冲制咖啡的方式也会影响of coffee in the beverage. Black, white and green tea咖啡因的含量,红茶,白茶和绿茶contains measurable amounts of caffeine.含有不少的咖啡因This may be surprising to some people有些人也许会因此感到吃惊who may think that green tea is caffeine free.因为他们觉得绿茶中不含咖啡因Decaffeinated teas have very low amounts of caffeine不含咖啡因的茶含有极少量的咖啡因and are a good alternative if you are interested in这种茶是个不错的选择,如果你想limiting your caffeine intake.控制咖啡因的摄入量的话The caffeine content in brewed coffee averages每杯煮咖啡含有的咖啡因between 100 and 200 milligrams per cup介于100到200毫克while the amount in regular tea但普通茶中的咖啡因含量在ranges from 40 to 100 milligrams.40到100毫克之间This chart lists a variety of beverages, foods这个图表列出了一系列饮料,食物and medicine with their caffeine content.及药物的咖啡因含量Note that caffeine content is not required to请注意,咖啡因含量是不允许be included on the food label, so finding the amount注明在食品商标上的,因此要知晓of caffeine in a product may take some research.某个产品咖啡因的含量需要做一些研究There are several websites where this information有一些网站上能够找到这类信息can be found including those of the manufacturer包括食品生产商of the product and also the Mayo Clinic nutrition site.梅约诊所(美国一家医院)的营养网站Something that may be surprising令人吃惊的是is the amount of caffeine in 2 tablets两片特效止痛片中咖啡因的含量of extra strength Excedrin; this is about the amount因为含量差不多相当于一杯咖啡中的含量provided in a cup of coffee and is delivered in 2 pills.但两片药就含有这么多咖啡因Now that you have an idea of how much caffeine is既然大家已经对咖啡因在in some popular beverages and foods,一些饮料和食物中的含量有所了解了lets take a look at how caffeine affects the body;我们一起来看看咖啡因对身体的影响caffeine stimulates the central nervous system.咖啡因能够刺激中枢神经系统It makes you more alert and boosts energy.可以提高人的警觉性,增加体能For these reasons it is used in因此咖啡因经常用于many over the counter pain relievers许多非处方止痛药such as Excedrin Migraine.例如一种叫埃克塞德林的止痛药How much caffeine is considered safe?多少咖啡因才算安全剂量呢There is no standard for caffeine consumption没有固定的标准however a range of 500 to 600 milligrams per day但是每天摄入500到600毫克的咖啡因is considered to be safe.属于安全范畴This would be around 4 to 7 cups of strong coffee,这就相当于4到7杯浓咖啡3 to 4 grande Starbucks vanilla lattes,3到4大杯星巴克的香草味拿铁9 to 11 cans of mountain dew9到11听激浪or 6 to 8 small cans of red bull.或者6到8小听红牛201502/359310郴州东方医院包皮手术 Theres order in this chaos, a pattern behind the infinite variety乱中有序,一种模式存在于无限的变化背后an endless cycle of birth and death, creation and destruction无穷无尽的生死和兴衰循环Its a pattern woven through the vast fabric of space这种模式贯穿于结合这些星系的that binds each of these galaxies巨大太空结构中There are billions of galaxies宇宙中有数十亿个星系each with billions, even trillions of stars.每一个星系都有数十亿甚至数兆颗恒星Maybe more stars than there are grains of sand恒星的数量可能比地球上所有沙滩上的on all the beaches on Earth.沙粒的数量还多Were finally beginning to see the big picture我们终于开始看到and its grander than we ever imagined比我们想像中更宏大的全局This galaxy, the huge Pinwheel Galaxy这个巨大的风车星系距离地球非常遥远is so far from Earth that if we send a message home now如果我们现在给地球发个消息it will take 27 million years to get there.2700万年后才能到达Who knows whether our species, our planet谁知道那个时候我们人类will still be around to receive it?我们的地球是否还能收到它We travel on, back through time我们继续回溯时间的旅行Past the point where the dinosaurs were wiped out越过恐龙灭绝的时间点past the moment where the first creatures crawled onto land穿过生物最早爬上陆地的那一刻Two billion light years from home.距离地球20亿光年Closing in on the edge of the universe接近了宇宙的边缘Going back to the beginning of time正在回到时间的起点This isnt a galaxy. Its brighter than a hundred galaxies这不是星系,它比数百个星系加起来都亮A blinding beam of energy surging for trillions of miles.一束炫目的能量冲到数兆英里之外Something this big, this bright, must be incredibly powerful这么巨大、这么明亮的东西,必定具有不可思议的强大力量Experience tells us, out here, power equals danger经验告诉我们,宇宙中,力量等于危险It looks like a quasar, the deadliest thing in the universe它看起来像是宇宙中最致命的东西,类星体Our journey could be over如果是的,我们的旅程就要结束了201507/389573在TEDIndia,Pranav Mistry 展示了几项让实体世界和数字世界互动的工具,包括深入检视他的;第六感运算装置;,以及划时代的纸;计算机;。在问答中,Mistry 说,他要开放;第六感运算;背后的软件程序代码,让可能性无限延伸。201507/387053湖南省郴州男科最好的医院

资兴市有治疗前列腺炎吗l drove Michael, Marlon,我开车载着迈克尔 马龙Tommy Chong, who was in my band, from Cheech and Chong,我团里的汤米 也就是Cheech and Chongfrom Chicago to Detroit.从芝加哥一路开到底特律l take Michael directly to Motown.直接带迈克尔去城so l said, Berry, lve got these kids here我说 贝瑞 我这有一群孩子and theyre number one coming out of the block. 一上场就大受欢迎l said, The lead singers eight.我说 主唱8岁;He can out-dance anybody you ever saw.却是个舞棍;Jackie Willson, James BroWn.比杰基·威尔逊与詹姆斯·布郎还强lf you close your eyes and listen to him after l finish teaching him,你只要闭上眼听他唱歌 等我训练完他后the best singer you ever heard in your life. 一定是你此生听过最棒的歌手lt was not easy to get a childrens group signed to Motown.儿童乐团要进城不是件易事And Bobby Taylor knew that when he called Berry鲍比·泰勒很清楚 当他打给贝瑞and said, lve got something so special, you gotta see it, 并说 我挖到宝了 你一定要来看看that Berry would jump once he did.贝瑞看完一定会答应Because he would not have taken them to Berry to waste his time.不然他不会去浪费贝瑞的时间The next morning, Berry Gordy called me from Los Angeles, and he says,第二天早上贝瑞·戈迪从洛杉矶打给我说;l want you to bring them out here.;带他们过来Thats how they got to Motown.他们就这样进了城201508/394521郴州桂东县男科专家 郴州包皮环切的价格

湖南郴州治疗前列腺炎多少钱You should also be cautious of supplements同时,还应当对那些manufactured outside of the US,美国之外生产的补品谨慎些according to the Mayo clinic, toxic ingredients据梅约诊所说,一些有毒的成分and prescription medications have been found和处方类药物已经在in some supplements在一些中发现了that were manufactured internationally.而这些补品就产于国外Unlike drugs, supplements have no governmental和药物不同,补品没有官方standards for ensuring safety, effectiveness标准来规范其安全性,有效性and quality. They are also not approved以及质量,这些补品也未by the FDA. There has been获得FDA批准insufficient scientific research这方面的研究不足to demonstrate efficacy of ingredients,很难明营养成分的效力appropriate doses, potential side effects合适的剂量,可能的副作用and long term consequences of supplement use.以及长期用补品的后遗症In most cases the active ingredient is not known大多数情况下,活性成分是未知的and in fact several ingredients may function together事实上几种营养成分也许会同时起作用to generate a response. Because the complexity引发反应,因为这些问题非常复杂of these issues a scientific understanding要达到一种科学的理解of supplement mode of action and biological effects如了解补品的作用方式,生物效应is inadequate, therefore caution is recommended是很难做到的,因此给大家的建议就是谨慎when purchasing and using herbal supplements.购买和使用草药补品时一定要谨慎One mechanism through which many supplements许多补品会通过一种方式may impact health is by acting as antioxidants.影响健康,那就是充当抗氧化剂Oxidation is a natural event in the human body氧化是人体的一种自然现象in which oxygen interacts with other molecules氧化过程中氧气会和其他分子互相作用and in turn causes them to be damaged.但会使得这些分子受损Common targets for oxidation include lipids通常氧化的目标包括脂质and membranes, DNA molecule and proteins.细胞膜 DNA分子和蛋白质The body has many defense systems in place身体各部分有很多防御体系to protect from oxidative damage.来避免氧化性损伤These antioxidants include enzymes and kelaytors这些抗氧化剂包括酶that remove oxygen containing molecules它们可以去除含氧分子and repair damage.并且修复损伤Many plants contain natural antioxidants as well许多植物也含有自然的抗氧化物which do protect the plant cells.但这种抗氧化剂会保护植物细胞Heres a list of some supplements这个列表上的补品that are considered to be unsafe;一般认为是不安全的kava kava for instance can cause liver damage例如卡瓦药会引起肝损伤and comfrey can cause liver damage as well.紫草科植物也会引起肝损伤Lobelia is potentially toxic半边莲也许是有毒的and bonds to nicotine receptors in the body会凝固体内的尼古丁受体and can have a nicotine effect on its users.会对用者产生尼古丁影响Products derived from animal brain or nerve products来自动物大脑或者神经的产品may also contain preons that cause mad cow disease.也许含有一些会引发疯牛病的元素All the supplements listed here on the slide这儿列出的所有补品should be avoided.都不应该用Individuals taking various medications用各种药物的人should also avoid herbal supplements应当避免草药补品due to possible interactions因为补品中的活性成分与药物between the active ingredients and the medication.可能会相互作用According to the Mayo clinic if the medical treatment梅约诊所申明,如果患者is available for your condition有条件接受医疗then you should stick to the medical treatment那么患者应当坚持医治instead of turning to an herbal supplement而不是使用草药补品and its less likely to have adverse side effects.因为治疗很少会引起不良的副作用If youre pregnant or breast feeding如果是妇或者哺乳期妇女you should also avoid herbal supplements.也应避免使用草药补品This is because what is good for the mom因为对妈妈有益的may not be good for the fetus or the baby.不一定对胎儿或小宝宝有益You should also avoid any supplements另一种情况下也应当避免用补品if you are having surgery.那就是手术期间If you are younger than 18 years or older than 6518岁以下或者65岁以上的人you should avoid these supplements as well也不宜用补品due to the fact that older adults因为老年人metabolize medicines differently对药物的新陈代谢不同and because there has not been enough research而且没有足够的研究表明done for appropriate dose amounts应用多少剂量的补品and safety of herbal supplements on children.同时草药对未成年人的影响还不确定A supplement is intended to supplement the diet.补品是用来补充膳食的The main feature of a supplement补品的主要特征是is that it is very different from a food.它不同于食物It contains one or more ingredients它含有一种或多种养分such as a vitamin, mineral, botanical or herb例如维他命,矿物质,植物性药材或草药and is intended to be taken orally in pill,一般是口,有丸剂capsule, liquid or tablet form.胶囊剂,液体剂或片剂等形式Supplements are not regulated by the FDA补品不在FDA的管理之下and cannot be guaranteed safe.其安全性也没法保The best way to get vitamins and minerals摄取维他命和矿物质的最好方式是is to eat a healthy and balanced diet饮食健康均衡full of a variety of brightly colored foods.多食用颜色鲜艳的食物201502/359331 Were approaching 45,000 feet我们即将到达四万五千英尺高and were about to cross an invisible boundary in the atmosphere.我们将穿过大气层中无形的分界面Were leaving behind the first layer, the troposphere,我们将要离开第一个大气层,对流层and entering the stratosphere.进入对流层A very different place.一个完全不同的地方Here the air is stable and exceptionally dry,这的大气很稳定并且非常的干燥so theres virtually no weather.所以这几乎没有天气的变化The stratosphere is home to the ozone layer平流层是臭氧层的家which reduces the amount of lethal solar radiation reaching the Earth.臭氧可以削弱到达地球的来自太阳的致命的辐射Weve reached 50,000 feet我们已经到达5万英尺了Nearly 80% of the mass of gases that make up the atmosphere are below me.几乎组成大气的90%的气体都在我下面了But almost 50 years ago, one man went much, much higher than me,但是大概50年前有人比我去的地方高的多的多and he experienced the atmosphere in a completely different way.他以一种完全不同的方式体验了大气On August 16th, 1960,1960年8月16号long before man had set foot on the Moon,在人类踏上月球之前很长时间military pilot Joe Kittinger军事飞行员 乔.奇廷格took a solo journey to explore the heavens.独自一人到太空的边缘旅行了一次201509/397467郴州资兴市人民医院妇幼保健男科专家郴州医院男科包皮手术怎么样




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