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听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Vella would like to be a _______ .a) modelb) actress2) She talks about the ________ .a) clothes she would wearb) places she would visit3) She wants to do this ________ .a) right nowb) later in the future本期话题Topic:What is your dream job?Hey, my name is Vella from Indonesia and the question is what is your dream job? Well, my dream job is to become a famous actress. Since I was little, I always loved acting and I really want to have this kind of great environment where I#39;m surrounded by cameras and I can try on, you know, amazing dresses and just, you know, act as a different person in a movie. I think that would be a very good job so hopefully I can pursue my dream job and become an actress when I am older.听力b a b /201210/202497英语900句[英音版]第三册[1] Describing objects 形容物品 [00:07.78]301. What color is your book?[00:10.12]你的书是什么颜色的?[00:12.46]302. My book has a dark blue cover.[00:16.34]我的书是深蓝色封皮。[00:20.22]303. How much does that typewriter weigh?[00:23.60]那台打字机有多重?[00:26.98]304. It's not too heavy, but I don't know the exact weight.[00:31.71]不太重,但是我不知道确切的重量。[00:36.44]305. This round table weighs about forty-five pounds.[00:39.86]这张圆桌大约重四十五磅。[00:43.28]306. What size suitcase do you own?[00:47.11]你的手提包是多大规格的?[00:50.94]307. One of my suitcases is small, and the other one is medium size.[00:55.39]我的手提包,一只是小的,另一只是中号的。[00:59.85]308. I like the shape of that table.[01:03.33]我喜欢那张桌子的式样。[01:06.82]309. How long is Jones Boulevard?[01:06.82]琼斯大街有多长?[01:06.82]310. That street is only two miles long.[01:10.84]那条街只有两英里长。[01:14.87]311. Will you please measure this window to see how wide it is?[01:18.50]请你量一下这扇窗户,看看有多宽。[01:22.13]312. This window is just as wide as that one.[01:26.14]这扇窗户正好和那扇一样宽。[01:30.15]313. The walls are three inches thick.[01:33.66]这几堵墙有三英寸厚。[01:37.18]314. This material feels soft.[01:40.56]这种料子摸起来很柔软。[01:43.94]315. This pencil is longer than that one.[01:47.77]这枝铅笔比那枝长。 /200909/6114台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:We human beings have an average of 65,000 thoughts per day. Ninety-five percent of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had the day before and the day before that, and the day before that and so on and so forth.我们人类平均一天闪过65,000个念头,百分之九十五的想法都跟昨天、前天、大前天甚至是不久的过去一样 /201410/335612词汇热身Stand up for sb/sth: to support or defend sb/sth 持,维护She had learnt to stand up for herself.她学会了自我保护。Get on (with sb): 与某人和睦相处,关系良好She’s never really got on with her sister.她从未与真正和睦相处过。VICKI:So your upbringing - the way your parents brought you up, wasn’t too strict?CALLUM:Well, I was always told to be polite and have respect and so on, but they tried to let me make my own mistakes. I think it was because they wanted me to be able to stand up for myself. VICKI:Well, yes - being able to stand up for yourself, being independent and confident is important! CALLUM:Yeah, you need to stand up for yourself in this world.VICKI:Anyway, what about brothers and sisters? Do you have any? CALLUM:Yes I've got an older brother and a younger sister. VICKI:Do you get on with them? CALLUM:Yes, we get on well - we have a great time when we see each other. VICKI:So you get on well now, but what about when you were children? Didn't you ever use to fight? CALLUM:Well sometimes of course, but even as children we got on quite well - we used to play together a lot. VICKI:Well you were very lucky - I didn’t get on with my brother very well at all when we were children - we used to argue about everything! /200908/80263

Mom:Hi, excuse me Miss? I’m looking for a dress shoe. My usual pair that I’ve had for years have finally been stretched out of shape. They don’t provide anysupportanymore.Salesgirl:Sure, what kind of shoe are you looking for? We’ve gotstrappy sandals, sleek high heels, edgy pumps, or if you’re looking for something a little more practical, we’ve got Mary Janes, ballerinas.Mom:Show me some classic high heels,please.Salesgirl:Ok, right this way. What color did you have in mind?Mom:Black. Classic.Salesgirl:Of course. We’ve got this style here that is very popular. Because it’s anopen-toe shoe, you can wear it any time of the year. They look great on everyone.Mom:Umm. too shiny. And I wear pantyhose with my shoes so let’s look for aclosed-toe shoe.Salesgirl:OK, these are a very nice pair of leather shoes with atwo-inchheel so they are very comfortable.Mom:I don’t like thepointed toes. Let me take a look at what else you have. Too high. That one looks like the back would cut into my heel. I have a high instep so I doubt that one will fit properly. I don’t want bows. I find slingbacks very uncomfortable. Those might as well be stilettos. Too modern. Ah, finally, this is what I’m looking for.Salesgirl:What size?Mom:Seven-and-a-half.Salesgirl:Here we are. How does it fit?Mom:Hmmm.Not good. They’re too tight.The length is right, but the shoe is too narrow and it’spinchingmy toes. And there’d be no room for myinsoles. You know what? I don’t think I have the patience for this today. They just don’t make shoes like they used to. I’ll come back another time.Salesgirl:Have a nice day, Ma’am. /201107/143176

【常用短语】Part 1: Practice, listen and repeat(常用短语一)I am just getting dressed. 我正准备穿衣I am almost y. 我已经准备好了Are you dressed yet? 你衣穿好了没Does this shirt match this skirt ? 这个衬衫和这件裙子搭吗?Do these shoes go with this dress? 这鞋和这裙子搭配吗Part 2:Practice, listen and repeat(常用短语二)Just about. 马上I'm almost y. 就好I get stuck. 我卡住了Have you seen my tie? 看见我的领带了没I can't find my blue shirt 我找不到我那件蓝衬衣了I am looking for my new dress. 我在找我那件新买的裙子I did laundry last night 我昨晚洗衣了【编辑寄语】俗话说“熟能生巧”,“熟练”是与人会话的前提,只有熟练,在会话时才能流利。熟练的标准就是要达到不假思索地脱口而出。而英语口语要做到熟练,有两大步骤不能忽视:一是要学会模仿,二就是要学会复述。《14天搞定初级生活美语》每日给你一个最常见的生活话题,并提供原滋原味的美音,朗读相关词组,短语和对话,供大家模仿。相信只要坚持,14天之后,大家的口语都会有一定的提高。 /201006/105393

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