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China#39;s National Health and Family Planning Commission issued a new guideline allowing patients in poor rural areas to receive medical treatment without paying the treatment fees upfront.根据国家卫计委近日发布的最新方案,农村贫困患者将可享受;先诊疗,后付费;。Provincial health and family planning administrative departments are required to finish the official plan by the end of March, and the program will be implemented before the end of April.卫计委要求各省级卫生计生行政部门3月底前完成正式方案,4月底前启动实施该方案。According to the program#39;s description, only poor, rural patients who have basic medical insurance can take advantage of the favorable policy.根据方案说明,只有参加基本医保的农村贫困患者可享受这项优惠政策。Hospitalized patients must meet strict requirements.住院患者须符合严格的要求。They have to provide documents including a health insurance card, valid ID card and proof of their economic status before being admitted to any hospital. Patients can receive treatment after signing a ;pay after treatment; agreement.住院前,患者须提供医保卡、有效身份件和经济状况明等件;在签订;先诊疗,后付费;协议后,患者方可接受治疗。The program also offers flexible payment methods.方案还提供了灵活的费用结算办法。When a patient is discharged from the hospital, the designated medical institution immediately subtracts the portion of the treatment fee covered by insurance from the patient#39;s bill.当患者出院时,定点医疗机构即时从患者治疗费中扣除医保结算覆盖的部分。For those who cannot pay their treatment fees all at once, there is an option to pay in installments.无法一次性结清医疗费用的患者可选择分期还款。 /201703/497384

Starting point: Planning and subdivision起始点:计划和细分Start by planning your days, weeks and months. Find times between breakfast and work, or between meetings, before lunch or supper, or even just before bed time. All you need is five, ten or fifteen minutes a day. You can even subdivide these times.开始计划你的每天,每周和每个月。在你的早餐和工作之间,或者会议之间,或者午饭晚饭之前,甚至是睡前,抽出时间锻炼。你所需要的就是每天五分钟,十分钟或者十五分钟的时间。你甚至还可以将这些时间再细分。Planning will help you find the time and stay motivated. Take a brisk walk to work and home instead of driving, unless you live in another town or too far from work. Take a jog through the park before supper or a swim. Try jogging upstairs to run your bathwater. Small things can make a difference.计划能帮助你找到时间,并保持动力。漫步去上班和回家,而不是开车,除非你住在另一个城市或者距离工作的地方太远。在晚饭之前或者游泳之前,在公园慢跑一下。试着慢跑着上楼梯到你的浴室。小事情都可以有所影响。Positive thinking is the key积极思考是关键Think positively about exercising. Make it fun and break down the barriers you have built in your mind. Forming positive thought about exercises has been proven to assist in making changes to a person’s lifestyle.要以积极的态度对待运动。让运动变得有趣,打破你脑中已形成的障碍。对运动形成积极的思维,已被明可以帮助改变一个人的生活方式。Conditioning your mind with positive thought such as “I want to be healthy”, “This is for my health”, “I have time for myself” and so forth, allows your mind to empower you. In time, these thoughts will become a positive pattern.用积极的思维调节你的大脑,比如“我想要健康”,“这是为了我的健康”,“我有自己的时间”等等,可以让你的大脑让自己精力充沛。假以时日,这些思想就变成了一种积极的模式。Instead of going to dinner and a movie, take your date hiking or take dancing lessons together. Go swimming or ride bicycles through the park and have a picnic. Sharing activities also build healthy relationships.不带你的约会对象去吃晚饭或者看电影,可以带着他/她去徒步旅行或者一起学习舞蹈课程。去游泳或者在公园里骑自行车,还可以野餐。一起进行这些活动也能建立健康的恋爱关系。Fitting exercise into a busy schedule with your kid和你的孩子一起将健身运动安排到忙碌的日程中Having small kids and staying at home also leaves one with little time for exercises. Yet, it is not impossible. Instead of bending over to pick-up toys and more, do squats. Run around with the kids outside in the garden. Fitting in some form of exercise is easy.有小孩,待在家里,也给人留下很少锻炼的时间。然而,这并不是不可能。不弯腰捡玩具和其他东西,可以做蹲坐运动。在外面的园子里面追逐孩子玩耍。安排一些类型的运动也是很容易的。Do some family activities like after dinner walks, playing soccer in the backyard and take some hiking trips. Your kids need to see you value exercising and they will make it part of their lives. This will also make a difference in their lives.做一些家庭活动,比如晚餐后的散步,后院踢足球,以及一起去登山旅行。你的孩子需要看到你重视锻炼,他们也会将运动作为自己生活的一部分。这也会对他们的生活产生一定的影响。 /201702/491501

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