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Google has teamed up with GoPro to make its first big push into virtual reality, in the hope of turning the technology into a mass market product.谷歌已跟GoPro达成合作关系,这是为进军虚拟现实(VR)领域采取的第一项重大措施,希望把这项技术变成一种大众市场产品。Jump, a “spherical-” project, was unveiled at Thursday’s Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco and marks the first step of what the company promises will become a sustained investment in a sector that analysts predict could become the next battleground for large internet groups.周四在旧金山举行的谷歌 I/O开发者大会上,谷歌公布了Jump“环绕式视频拍摄”工具,这也是这家公司承诺对虚拟现实部门投资的第一步,分析师们预测,虚拟现实领域将变成各大互联网巨头的下一个战场。GoPro is developing a rig of 16 cameras, arranged in an outward-facing circle that ensures the is synchronised and combined in such a way that it can be processed into VR-y media.GoPro正在开发一种16个摄像头的相机阵列,摄像头面向外面排成一个圆圈,以确保录像内容的同步和拼接,再通过处理后进入具备VR功能的媒体。Once the footage from those cameras is uploaded to the cloud, Google will use its algorithms to stitch together the sound and images into 360-degree, 3D films.片段镜头上传到云后,谷歌将使用其算法把声音和图像整合成为360度的3D影像。This will allow the company to deliver the s to users of its Cardboard viewer, a low-cost headset it launched in January. Any recent smartphone can be inserted into the kit and used as the screen.这让该公司可以把录像内容发送给Cardboard观察镜——一款今年1月推出的低价头戴式视图器。任何一部近来的智能手机都可以接入该设备,充当屏幕。Analysts say that along with its close cousin, augmented reality, VR has the potential to broaden beyond gaming and entertainment to include communication and commerce.分析师表示,与其最相近的增强现实技术一道,虚拟现实技术有潜力把应用范围从游戏与延伸到通信与商业。 /201506/378106。

3 Free Apps to Make You More Productive三款免费的应用程序可以提高你的生产效率In the olden days, productivity tools were a bit bulkier: pen, paper, the occasional actual, physical clock. Now, you can have just about anything you need to improve your efficiency, right in your phone or tablet. These are some of the best apps for getting stuff done.过去的产能工具有点笨重:笔,纸和偶尔较为实际的生物钟。现在只要用手机或者平板电脑就可以获得你所需用来提高效率的东西。这些就是可以使事情做好的最棒的应用程序。1. HabitClock1.习惯钟(Free for Basic Version, .99 per Month for Premium, for iOS)(基本版本可免费使用,按照国际标准每月需交纳.99的保险费);HabitClock lets you make a list of habits you#39;d like to perform in the morning,; writes Walter Glenn at Lifehacker. ;If you#39;re looking for help thinking of suggestions, it even shows trends so you can see the kinds of habits other users are creating. When the built-in alarm clock goes off, HabitClock shows you the first habit in your list and starts a timer. When you#39;ve finished it, click Done to move on to the next habit.;沃尔特·格兰在Lifehacker 网站中写道“习惯钟可以帮你列出早上喜欢做的习惯清单。如果你想寻求建议,那么它就会展示出其他人创造出来的一些习惯。当内置钟表启动之后,习惯钟就会在你的列表中显示你的第一个习惯,并且开始计时。当你完成这一习惯之后,表针就会‘滴答’进入下一个习惯”。2. focus@will2.集中注意力音乐电台(Free for 100 Minutes, a Month, per Year, for iOS, Android, and Online)(在安卓系统或者联机情况下,可免费使用100分钟,国际收费标准为每月,每年)Like to listen to music while you work? Focus@will offers songs and playlists geared toward boosting your concentration. The developers worked with neuroscientists to pick music most likely to inspire workers to enter ;the zone.;喜欢边工作边听音乐吗?集中注意力音乐电台可以提供一些歌曲和播放列表,从而帮助你提高注意力。开发商和神经系统科学家合作,挑选出了最有可能激发工作者进入工作状态的音乐。3. ToDoist3.简洁日程(Free for Basic Version, per Year for Premium, for Android, iOS, Online, Etc.)(基本版本可免费使用,按国际标准每月需交纳.99的保险费,可在安卓系统、联机和其他情况下使用)Ordinarily to-do lists can help you cross off projects and get stuff done, but they can#39;t tell you how to be more productive in the future. ToDoist tracks your productivity, enabling you to become more efficient.普通的工作清单只能帮你划掉已完成的工作,但是却不能告诉你将来如何提高效率。简洁日程可以跟踪分析你的生产力,从而帮你提高效率。Tell Us What You Think告诉我们你的看法Which apps would you add to this list? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment!你会将哪个应用程序加入到应用列表中呢?我们想听听你的看法!写下! /201504/370242。

Chinese search engine giant Baidu announced on Friday that its driverless car has finished road tests and succeeded in automatic driving in mixed road conditions.本周五,中国的搜索引擎巨头百度宣布,百度无人驾驶汽车已完成路测,成功实现混合路况下的全自动驾驶。The test vehicle left the Baidu building in Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park and drove to the Olympic Forest Park via the G7 Beijing-Urumqi highway and the Fifth Ring Road before returning via the same route.百度无人驾驶车从中关村软件园百度大厦附近出发,驶入G7京新高速公路,经五环路,抵达奥林匹克森林公园,随后按原路线返回。The vehicle reached a top speed of 100km/hr during the test, according to the company.Baidu said the test was completed with a driver in the car who would take control of the vehicle in case of emergency.据百度公司称,无人驾驶车在测试中最高时速达100公里。百度还说测试时车上有一名驾驶员,以防有紧急情况发生时能操控车辆。Launched in 2013, the company#39;s driverless car project is based on the core ;Baidu car brain; technology, which includes high-precision electronic mapping, positioning and decision-making systems.百度无人驾驶车项目于2013年起步,其技术核心是“百度汽车大脑”,包括高精度地图、定位、感知、智能决策与控制四大模块。;Automatic driving faces challenges in a variety of driving conditions such as bad weather and congestion,; said Wang Jin, senior vice president of Baidu.“自动驾驶汽车面临驾驶路况多样化的巨大挑战,比如恶劣天气和交通拥堵。” 百度高级副总裁王劲说。;It is a great challenge to test in Beijing, a city with so many complicated road conditions, but luckily we made it,; said Wang.他还说,“在北京这种复杂的路况上完成全自动驾驶,挑战尤其巨大,但幸运的是我们成功了。”Baidu announced its plan to develop a driverless car in June. It has previously worked on ;semi-autonomous; cars with German automaker BMW.百度公司于今年6月公布了它的无人驾驶汽车研发计划。百度之前已与德国宝马汽车公司合作,开发“辅助自动”驾驶汽车。The driverless car is scheduled to make its debut at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen Township in east China#39;s Zhejiang Province from Dec.16 to 18.这款无人驾驶汽车计划在12月16日-18日在中国东部浙江乌镇的世界互联网大会上首次亮相。IT companies such as Google and Apple are working with auto manufacturers including Toyota and Tesla to develop their own driverless cars. In May 2014, Google presented a concept for a driverless car without a steering wheel or pedals and unveiled a fully functioning prototype in December of that year.像谷歌和苹果这样的互联网公司也正在与汽车制造商比如丰田、特斯拉合作,以研发他们自己的无人驾驶汽车。2014年5月,谷歌公司提出了一个无方向盘、无操作踏板的无人驾驶汽车概念,并于同年12月展示了一个完全自动驾驶汽车的原型。 /201512/416115。